Thursday 28 April 2016

Birth story of our newest member

We welcomed the birth of our third addition last week, on 21st April 2016. 

I am so thankful to be fulfilling the call of Mothering another beautiful miracle. 1 day shy of 39 weeks, littlest J boy decided to make his way to meet us.

Here's our BIRTH STORY to share:

I woke up at 5:30am with some bad cramps and thought I might be in labour. It however got more manageable, but the man insisted on checking into the hospital. One anxious Dad he was. I know.

6.15am: Admitted to hospital with dilation of 3cm. Contractions were mild and slow. I knew we could have waited longer.

11.30am: Broke the water bag, but contractions were still not ideal.

1pm: Put on drip to quicken labour. And that was when the ultimate pain started to kick in gradually. I depended on laughing gas which became unhelpful as the pain got intense.

2.30pm: Yelling, crying and groaning in pain! I knew the option for epidural was out, so I asked for pethidine (pain relieve jab). At 5cm dilated, doctor decided it wasn't a safe option for me.

WHAT?!!! Ok, my bad, I should have decided on a pain relieve option much earlier. Oh well, I did Jazz with epidural, Jare with pethidine and I thought I could handle this boy totally natural. 

3pm: I was one hysterical woman in the delivery suite. Whether or not I was ready, I declared the urge to push at 5cm. Apparatus were ready, doctor and nurses came in, I pushed with all my might or with whatever energy left. I did feel like giving up after some tough pushes, but I pressed on for the fear of any emergencies.

Gosh! The pain was indescribable and it was mad!

Then out came the head, which I thought all's over, but I needed another tough push for those shoulders and then, he was completely out! It was an immediate relieve, and I realized I could breathe like normal again.

My newborn was placed on me. I looked at him with much joy and at the same time bewildered over the agonizing pain this birth brought upon. I did a noble exchange and I am still amazed at how I did it!

Nonetheless, I was soaked in the beauty of miracle and cried buckets over the victory we celebrate!

Welcome to the World, baby!

Welcome to the world!

When my doctor congratulated and praised my bravery, I could only say, "I should have...!" I should have opted a pain reliever for a less dramatic episode. How did I not realize epidural was the best medical invention?!!

Even without any pain relieve, I shivered badly, threw up and ran a temperature that very instance after birth. I was extremely exhausted after all the drama. And yes, my throat hurts badly from all the yelling.

On the bright side, I'm glad to have a lower hospital bill for going minimal.

Thankful for a smooth and safe delivery and I am all so ready to battle the parenting of 3 wonderful children. Truly a Mum's calling.

We are complete!

We spent 2 nights at Thomson Medical Centre and I've to say, comparing to staycation-ing there 7 years ago, service and environment got a lot better. I think there were some renovations done. Nurses were angelic, stay was comfy and for being 3rd time loyal, they presented a lovely hamper to us.

Thank you for the hospitality!

If you are giving birth at TMC this year, check out the Mummy's Pampering Luggage they are giving to all Mums as gift. This is not a sponsored post, but one to appreciate the medical people in the industry. Good things must share!

Photo credit: Thomson Medical

And of course, we are thankful for our families and friends who stood by and took time off to visit us and leave us kind greetings. Heartfelt thanks for your love and gifts.

To all preggies out there, wishing you a safe and smooth delivery.

To the newly minted parents, a Big Congrats! Welcome to parenthood.

To the being parents again, congrats too! On giving our children the best gift in life, another sibling!

Precious milk

Today, a week later, I celebrate the achievement of 100ml!

Breastfeeding may not be an easy journey, but I know Mothers are amazing overcomers! Let's preserve on.

Stay calm, birth on, nurse on and Mother on...

Monday 18 April 2016

Little lessons Iearnt as my daughter turned 7

Dear Jazz

You turned magically seven early this month. It's now mid month and I know this has to be a milestone to document for. 

Your birth day also marks the birth of our blog! It was your birth that inspired me to start our milestones and memories in here. Together with you, it has grown to be seven years. 

I often do random read back and looking at you and your brother, I'm assured that you both are happy little beings, enjoying childhood to the fullest! That makes my Motherhood journey as fulfilling too.

On your birthday...

I packed a box of your favourite snacks to school. It was unusual to pack gummies and your favourite junkies snacks for school. But, it was your birthday! 

When I got you after school that day, you were upset that you gave up your all gummies to the classmates sitting near you. You said you couldn't say, "No."

For that kindness you shared, I brought abundance to you. I gave you a pack of gummies!

Thank you for that sacrifice to show kindness!  

Birthday snack box
I asked where you would like to go? You asked for the theme park. I declined because it would be a pity that I can't go on rides with you. Daddy has to be at work, and you understood us readily.

You gave an alternative of going to the beach with your favourite buddy, Pillow. I was more than happy to fulfill that simple request.

Thank you for teaching me simple joy! 

I asked if you would like to bring little brother along, you said, "Yes! He's my play funner." I'm amused at the love hate relationship you both hold.

Thank you for loving your family! 

Siblings joy

Then I asked about the cake you would like. I threw you all the fanciful options, but you only wanted the cake we always ordered from my childhood baker. It was usually plainly designed, but she made it special for you. For the love of dogs you have.

Thank you for making it easy! 

Lovely Dog

I asked again, what was your birthday wish, you said a game of Monopoly with your family! I'm impressed at how you gathered everyone for an amazing game of 3 hours!

Thank you for teaching me contentment!

Oh, I am getting all soooo emotional marveling at the simplicity and thoughtfulness in you. You even understood that we don't do anymore parties upon entering primary-hood. You never whined a single bit when we were doing so much for your little bro's 5th party this year. 

Thank you for the many little lessons you teach along our walk. You teach me what life is all about! And it's our blessing to have you as our daughter.

As you stepped into the world of massive academics, I often tell you, success is never a coincidence. Work hard with that strong hunger of knowledge burning in you. You will be one great achiever.

We love you and always believe in you!

Keep in check too, that a beautiful person isn't just about the achievements outside, but the nature of our inner core. Stay beautiful!

I hope you had yet another memorable birthday.


Wednesday 13 April 2016

Peek into my week as a Mum blogger

Blogging is very much a hobby, love and passion to me. It isn't so much about Work, because really, there's no livelihood out of it! I would be overjoyed if it does help get some load off my groceries bill, but nope!

Monetary gain had never been substantial and Sponsorship are bonuses which are mostly settled like that of a barter trade.

This blog birthed in 2009, based on a simple physiological need, the need of self actualization to document the milestones of our parenting and kids' growing journey. It grew vastly along the years and I have to say, it's consuming a bigger part of my schedule now than when it just started.

My workstation

The nuclear in our family multiplies, so does blogging. It's after all, because of the kids, that my blogging inspirations come. And of course, we dealt more with sponsored posts too.

How do I find time to blog?
If you have a hobby, it's most natural that you find time for it. And I know, parenting doesn't come with that frequent freedom to groom a hobby. With passion and love, it'll be easier to nurture. Many blogs have sprouted along the decades, and without constant nourishing, they wither quickly. 

It's all about seeking time for it. For me, above and beyond the Motherly duties.  
Some weeks I get the peak and some weeks the trough. It largely depends on what comes through the email, and what events or products have been covered that requires a post up. I'll try not to over commit in order to still get some breather in between. And of course, I had love to keep my focus of putting up my own content, the non-sponsored posts.

To date, I'm also trying to find an auspicious time to embark on, 'Descendants of the sun.' Tell me it will be an awesome indulge!

These are good days for me get onto my blog to update, write and share inspirations. Content is much created and published at my own pace. Flexible schedule. Sponsored posts are usually more time sensitive. So the priority and scheduling comes in here.

My day begins at 6am

Whip breakfast and get the kids ready for school. The man takes Jazz to school at 6.45am and that's when I have some time to myself till the boy wakes up at 8am for breakfast and school.

My official 'Me' time begins between 9:30am to 1pm. This crucial time is much appreciated for handling other matters:
  • Groceries 
  • Meals preparation (Lunch for Jazz and dinner for all) 
  • Household chores
  • Blogging 
  • Others - read, chat up with friends, bake etc.
  • Nap (If I've spare! Preggy you know)

Listed first is of the highest priority to lowest. I mean my boss will definitely be unhappy if I over blog without putting food on the table for the family.

I do the groceries twice to thrice a week, after sending Jare to school. Meals preparation come in everyday, except Wednesday, when we will dinner over at my Grands. Preparing the meals during this time helps me shorten kitchen duration when the kids are home. All I had needed to do is to toss everything into the wok.


Household chores are usually on hold if I'm competing with time. It will be an eyesore, but at least it sits where it is quietly. Best part, if it sits too long, the man will do the laundry! Yay or Nay? I keep my job.

After 1pm
When my official 'me' time is over, I do not come back to blog as I commit the rest of my day to the kids. The chauffeuring from school to home and to classes, the school work that I need to see through with Jazz, the cooking of lunch and dinner and the little chores or quality time with kids I can squeeze out will be during this time.

If I have unaccomplished work on blog, I'll log on after the kids turn in or when Jazz is independent on her school work. I do however use some in between time to update Instagram or push out a ready content.

Snippets of a week

Some nights, when their bedtime overrun, I'll catch my missed drama on Toggle. Oh. So. Aunty! I know.

So these the snippets of my typical weekday, which is really much about Work - Home matters and Online matters.

The laptop's shut. Only Instagram and Facebook posts. I set time to be with the family since weekends are precious get together time. Being a stay home Mum, I chauffeur and work hard on weekdays for their enrichment just so weekends are very much freed up for any activities we have in mind.

I don't really step into the kitchen and I keep house chores away. I look forward too, to the time I can snug longer in bed. Recuperate I meant.

Js do their swimming lesson on Sundays, which is also a time we are all gathered together by the pool as a family and with our friends.

Weekend fun

Stay home Mum gets excited about weekends too! Not having to rise and shine at 6am is a great deal to me.

How often do I blog?
Consistency is always a good frequency. If inspiration comes and time permits, I get onto writing and probably keep it in draft for a couple of days of editing. So yeap, I do keep some in draft for the drought season or till I think it's ready for publish. 

Love to have something out at least once or twice a week. I'll try to spread out sponsored posts, which most allow the flexibility in doing so.

And some days, blogging and house chores can be like this too...

Just too tired

What blogging involves?
We very much know what's in the scope of a stay home Mum. Or more accurately, it takes a Mum to understand a Mum. A blogger to understand a blogger.

There's just much coordination and effort behind every post.

I reply emails during the pockets of time I have when doing the Mummy Taxi duty. While waiting for the kids to end their enrichment or while waiting for Jazz to end school. Or sometimes, when I'm waiting for my pot of pasta to get cooked.

Those in between time.

If there's more I need to read up or find out on an event or product, I'll reply when I get hold of a better time. There's always some analysis behind each collaboration. Just to ensure that every opportunity is beneficial to our family and readers, as well as worth the reviewing effort. 

Sometimes, our availability or suitability just don't fit certain events. Decisions and commitments are more manageable if we learn to sieve and say, 'No.'

Pictures complements blogging. After which, there's just so much editing behind every picture. The cropping, brightening and watermarking do take some time. I'm not a pro, but I appreciate great pictures.

Js used to be so camera trained, till recently they went, "stop taking pictures of me, Mama!" Oh well... I still have to. Even though it's quite a fret to get great photos of them now.

Sometimes, with bribery involved. 

The little 'ah beng' speaks

The other platforms that I've embarked on are our Facebook page, Instagram (@mumscalling) and Pinterest (Mum's calling). Welcome you to like and follow! Instagram, which I sometimes link up to Facebook allows me to share the less wordy inspirations, and sometimes hunts of fun places that we can shout out without getting on blog.

I prefer not to be seen diving into the phone too frequent whenever I'm with family or friends. I post feeds during any freed time.

Treasure precious moments first.

Pinterest on the other hand gets very rare updates. I use it more of a platform for me to gather ideas and insights of other creative Mums and users. You will find great parenting, parties, food and other great ideas in there.

So yeap, you can tell I'm not adventurous with other new platforms and I don't think I have the resources and time to manage more than these.

Blogging should never precede the priority of my family. After all, it's because of my calling as a Mum, that I got inspired to start this blog.

While many often say, "Oh, so nice, you get to go on this and that for Free!" My heart speaks much for this, we know there's no free lunch and it's all about trade. The much work behind a content is vague to readers but significant to writers.

You can never guess how much hard work is behind each content. Writing had never been my finest quality, it does take me some longer time to get chunks of words out. Days of accumulated hours for certain content.

Glad though, I am often a better voice in writing than in speaking.

As Js grow older, this is one that is unlikely to sustain. They need their privacy and I'll just run out of stories and pictures to tell. Parenting is a permanent journey, whereas blogging has an expiry on us.

With J3 coming along, my schedule definitely gets more complicated. But I guess, we can hang in here a little longer, for the new joy and milestones to add!

Even if it's just one reader

Over the years, I often ask myself if I would continue blogging even if there's only 1, 2 or maybe 3 readers?

I will! Because, it's all about you, and for you, Js.

So, you want to be a parent blogger? Welcome on board!

This post is part of a link-up with other Singapore Parent Bloggers to share a week in the life of a blogging mum or dad. You can peek into the life of 30 families over at Week In Life of Blogging Mum and Dad linkup here.

Next up is Michelle Hon from The Chill Mom. Find out how this busy SAHM balances between her family, running her consultancy business, blogging and everything else in between, tomorrow.

Friday 8 April 2016

The Rainbow Fish Musical

There are many valuable lessons we can learn from a person or an experience. For the little ones of ours, it’s most meaningful that they have every opportunity and with an open heart, learn good moral values from characters and stories in books or plays. 

Making a comeback on 26th April is ‘The Rainbow Fish,’ brought to us by itheatre. This award winning storybook by Marcus Pfister is one modern classic tale about a shoal of beautiful fish in the entire ocean. Their scales are every shade of blue, green or purple, and ONE has a sparkling silver scale. Meet proud and pretty rainbow fish, and her friends, Starfish, Small Blue, Big Violet and Little Green.

It sure is one exciting and colourful musical coming up!

Get on an adventure with Rainbow Fish as she learns some very valuable lessons about her attitude to others, some hard lessons about pride and selfishness, and some valuable truths about the power of generosity and humility. Her friends find out how teamwork helps everyone, and how gossip and rumour can cause damage to friendships!

Photo credit: itheatre

After a 5 year absence from stage, this incarnation had been completely refreshed, reworked and re-imagined. It promises a time of bright, shiny and cute musical extravaganza! Expect colourful puppets characters and a wonderful black light underwater world in a hilarious comedy for every young and old.    

itheatre has come a long way. Be sure not to miss this musical as it returns to be part of its 15th Anniversary season special! Join in the fun and valuable lessons we can receive from The Rainbow Fish and friends!

Tickets purchase available over at sistic.

Event Details
Date: 26 April to 15 May
Time: 10am (Mon to Fri), 10.30am and 2.30pm (Sat and Sun)
Venue: Drama Centre
100 Victoria Street Level 3
National Library Building
Singapore 188064
Ticket pricing: $32 (Excluding booking fee)

Heap Thanks to itheatre, we have 2 pairs of tickets for 2 lucky readers to the 30 April, 2.30pm show. All you had need to do is:
1. Like Mum's calling on Facebook
2. Like itheatre on Facebook
3. Leave a comment on this Facebook post, telling us one value we can learn from this Musical

Best of luck!

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Thursday 7 April 2016

10 Confessions of a third time pregnancy

It's my third pregnancy, and I am still in daze of, 'why am I doing this?' My kids are so manageable now, almost independent in many of the tasks in school and at home. Am I ready to start babyhood all over again?

I knew, I had always wanted 3. 

In the anytime zone, we'll be welcoming a new addition to our family. I've significantly noticed how a third time pregnancy feels just so indifferent.

1. You've got it all
Knowing we might still be expanding our family, I handed most baby essentials to my cousin with hint that we might need them back. So yeap, most essentials will be recycled. And I love it that way because babyhood is one speeding phase. Before you sink into reality, they'll outgrow that phase. It's relatively true that we'll spend lesser on the third. It's not unequal sacrifice, it's being economical. 

Since we have a girl and a boy, clothes for either gender were covered for too. Though I've given quite a fair bit away, we kept a little of both. So J3, "you will be using big brother's wear. I assure you, he's quite a fashionista!"

I did buy some new baby wears though. With open arms, we welcomed hands down too! Thanks Mama J.    

2. Maternity wear
Nah, I really dislike them. I was most eager to get my up sizes from the maternity store when I had J1, but I realized maternity wears aren't very much to my liking and it bogs down my image. I find most maternity wears boring, dull and untrendy.

What I had realized was investing in a pair of good stretchable or maternity jeans, skirt or shorts for matching any loose and baggy tops. My wardrobe has got my favourite stretchable leggings, jeans and skirts which can sit comfortably beneath my huge belly. And of course, dresses that cover me up comfortably are my favourites too.

Huge savings if you can find fit in your current loose wardrobe. 

3. Looking good - What's that?
I am one who finds the lowest mood and energy when pregnant. I don't enjoy being pregnant. Since the initial weeks, morning sickness is one that's near to taking my soul away. Crawling into the third doesn't help much either. So yes, I confess, the upkeep of an image I used to highly focus on took a back seat. I wasn't so much keen in looking good. As a Mum who does school runs, the sunglasses became my best accessory ever. Groceries run doesn't really bother me either.

4. Chill
We are about 3 weeks away from EDD, but newborn clothes have not been washed, cot has not been set up, nothing seemed prepared. Or am I just so ready to welcome J3 anytime? Maybe. Oh, and we do need diapers, have we bought? Ok, chill. My cot is still sitting in my cousin's home. I'm not quite done with shopping.

5. The juggling
I am a little apprehensive if I can manage this expanded role with little or no help. The baby, the school runs, the school work, the milk and the diaper schedule that will be creeping in. It's getting too real now!

Well, A will a way. I believe Mums are supernatural beings.

6. Visiting the gynae
As the man got busier, some visits to the doctor are unaccompanied as compared to the first 2 where he would be there for every visit. Daddy still loves you, J3! And now that most gyanes do not offer packages, we tried as much as we can to delay appointments for the time and cost savings involved.

7. Emotions
With one in the tum, and 2 in my world to look after, I do feel bad that J3 has to go through all the rollercoaster rides of my parenting journey. The peaks of my anger when his siblings hit my nerve and that part of yelling that I wasn't intending to impart send me feeling so bad. I believe in staying happy and positive when growing a baby.

Oh well, I hope the real cultivation begins when J3 greets the world. I will make peace at home.  

8. Trump card
Being pregnant now is completely different when I birthed J1 7 years ago. Energy level goes down as age goes up. I don't really want to bring in this linear relationship, but it's evident! I know, being lazy is sometimes a big part of me, but that bump is my trump card to help get out of things. I often tell the man, "I need my nap. Thanks Dear!"

But you know, I've been really hardworking almost every other day, for the kids! 

9. Fear
I confess that fear of delivery. Still. The pain, process, hours and uncertainties are keeping me too occupied these days. The thoughts of labour, trading night sleeps and boobs for milk are already sending some chills down my spine and making me tired.

It doesn't help when my gynae warns on quicker labour for third birth. I don't want to handle labour while driving!

10. Confinement
I dislike being bounded by myths and rules, but I need to tell you, I'm rather excited about the help and rest I can get during that 1 month. The man will up his roles to cover my chauffeur duties. Meals and chores will be covered by the confinement lady we are engaging! It's like a welcoming break from routines. Probably the best stay-in-cation I can ever have. Yes, I'm excited to be confined!

Of course, it will be another set of new routine coming by. Changes are good, and I'm looking forward to more cries in our nest.

Confessions upon confessions. I need to exclaim, "I am excited to meet you, J3! I can't wait to feel the love your siblings will shower upon you and the joy you will bring to us. I've told them repeatedly since the day you conceived, that they will up their roles in expanding their love and sharing their toys with you. You will be one blessed baby brother! Continue to grow well in, birth healthy and we'll meet soon!"

Oh, and Pillow is excited to meet you too... Woof....!

Eager to meet

What other slacks does subsequent pregnancies do to you?!! I think I've also got more rebellious in eating and doing anything I want. I'm just going all the way to the end, instead of just sitting around for labour. There isn't quite a replacement in that role of a Mum.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Art Camp with Artify Studio

During the recent March holiday, I had the opportunity of a longer 'me' time when Js were exploring and spending a day with Art and Mother nature over at Artify Studio. 

It was a drop off programme that got me initially worried, as Jare rarely does drop off programmes. I know he has a big heart for Art, but I'm not sure how well he will take this almost full day programme without Mama around. It was a bonus that big sister was there with him. 

I stayed in for the first half hour, wanting to make sure he was adapting well before I left. While in there, I really explored the place. Visually. It was a simple studio made out of an office space, but once in, you know you are in for a colourful time.
 photo 4e2f3e99-ac1b-412d-9558-53ddc846f069_zps6y8ycuwo.jpg
Well equipped studio!

The place was very bright and well lit, which I really love. A well lit place with natural light gives the truest colour of a colour. As in, you don't have to debate if it's a green or turquoise while painting. What's next best is that there is a washroom within the studio, washing and cleaning don't have to take any distance. Answering a child's urgent nature call will just be nearby.

Love too, how thoughtful the set up is. Younger  kids on a lower chair and older kids on the higher stool. Posture is one essential point too!

 photo IMG_2781_zpsztxgjzyu.jpg
Photo credit: Artify Studio

The theme of the Art camp was, 'Into the Wild.' You guessed it, it was art centered around Mother nature. I love it that a theme gives them a focus and direction.

The kids started their day with a mini adventure outdoor to collect leaves. All sorts of fallen browns leaves that come in different sizes and patterns were adopted into their plastic container.

 photo 017089b7-cb57-4a6b-8cd5-5c8bd8e3ba01_zpsxn8s7arw.jpg
Collecting leaves

It assured me when I saw Js warmed up well to their new found friends and instructors, Jae and Gloria. There were about 8 kids and 2 instructors, which I thought was a good ratio pegged to.

Artify was birthed in 2014. Jae was the main instructor and here's little background about her. She graduated from Raffles Design with a Degree in Graphic Design and Diploma in Environment design. With great love and passion, she is a self taught artist.

Her philosophy is drawn strongly from the Reggio Emilia approach, a teaching structure based on exploration and discovery where one doesn't set up rigid structures. It allows each child to experiment and from there, tailor how to connect and teach each individual child.

I love how art releases the expression of freedom in every child. A great way to learn and flow without being bounded by rules and regulations. Our kids of today simply need that freedom of creativity!

This was their programme lined up:
1. Canvas Painting – Js painted their leaves onto canvas. Looking very much like some masterpieces for auction. Except that, I'm the only bidder. 

They explored not just brushes but with varying mediums like sponges and utensils. Just so the kids can express themselves creatively on the blank canvases by giving them the liberty to choose the colours and ways in which they want to tell their own stories.

 photo IMG_2782_zpsz1le6kie.jpg
Photo credit: Artify studio

 photo 4d2e5a8e-972f-44ca-a773-eea026321aa9_zps8hk0icea.jpg

2. Folding techniques and optical illusions – watch a short shrub grow into a tall tree in a matter of seconds! It was like a now you see it, and now you don't kind of artwork. I love how interesting this idea was. Their paintings were literally growing when Js showed them to me. 

 photo 85f4afc3-5201-41ad-91b4-7de3528465f4_zpsrkiomu4k.jpg
Growing shrubs and snakes

3. Terrarium building - where their green fingers came in and built their own mini garden in glass bottles. I can only say, it's a beautiful addition in their room.

Nature does make one happy! 

 photo c27962a1-b3d7-4b80-b411-34bde723d0b4_zpstmbwsozt.jpg
 Photo credit: Artify studio

These creations are very much sitting pretty and comfortably in their room. Terrariums are beautiful eye sweeteners that are easy to handle and maintain. Great for budding gardeners.

 photo ddc61355-ab4d-4dd3-b617-9a7b2a994f1b_zpsubiacqzf.jpg
Their self built terrarium

These much were accomplished within their day! When it was time for pick up, their delightful and excited expressions convinced me that they had a blasting time exploring art with nature. I was dragged in by Js for a closing storytime, where I saw beaming smiles on every child's face.

You can tell each child enjoyed their art camp tremendously. If you think only chocolates make one happy, try doodling with art and painting! Art is simply therapeutic.

Do check out Artify Studio for other creatives. They have got short courses and art jamming for both kids and adults.

Artify Studio
Instagram: @artifystudio
9798 0403 (Jae)
200 Jalan Sultan, #09-03
Textile Centre S(199018)

For now, Artify Studio has kindly extended 2 sessions of Parent and Child painting to 2 lucky readers. Session will either be on 24 April or 22 May (Sun), 12:30pm. This hands-on art jam will be a blast for both parent and child, with personalized canvas to take home! To participate, simply:

1. Tell us what your child loves to draw on this Facebook page

Yes, just ONE simple step. Best of luck!

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