Thursday, 31 December 2009

31st Dec 2009

I've recovered! All ready to welcome a whole new year ahead. Hmm, the last blog post of the year, what shall it be? Let's do a mini evaluation on Mum and Dad's first time parenthood.

To Mummy:
1. Did you think I've brought much inconvenience to you and Dad?
"Jazzelle, inconvenient isn't the word to use. It's part and parcel of growing a family, a baby is either now or later. I'm glad that you came early, it takes so much energy to take care of you, which I'm glad I still have. I've learnt to include you in almost whatever activities we could, such that I think I'm an expert in bringing you almost everywhere now."

3. Did you think Dad was a great Dad?
"He's good in making you smile and laugh. Other than that, he probably needs more involvement in my daily activities. Ops!"

To Daddy:

1. Did you think Mum was a great Mum?
"Off course! She beared the labour pain, gone through 9 months of motherhood conversion, and is still doing a good job. Good training ground for the 2nd one. Ops!"

Some flash back, I guess 2009 wasn't an easy year for Mummy. No doubt, my arrival was the greatest miracle in her life. In just a year, she felt like she has learnt through and experience much. Still lacking some courage to talk about her encounters, but she knows life goes ahead. Last year, she left her job without knowing I was in her womb, and since then she hadn't been able to get a job. Even meeting a disgusted employer who contracted her till I was birthed, not wanting to bear the maternity cost and abscence. How does it feel? Ask a mum working mum and you'll know how helpless it was to not be paid for the 4 months maternity.

Pregnancy wasn't easy for her too, with me in her womb, Mum and Dad went ahead with their holiday plan to USA. And there she didn't enjoy the entire trip because of bad nausea. From these, a very discouraged mummy picked herself up gradually and found joy upon my arrival.

Well, it's sore, but she has moved on.

Looking ahead and not looking back, life is still beautiful. Hereby, wishing everyone a happy 2010! May you be properous in every aspects of your life - health, wealth, career and family!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Go Fever Go

School's closed today, Dad and Mum are on leave to be with me and also to end the year well with some family bonding. They've also arranged for my vacination today, this time I came down with fever after the jab. Sob sob. I must get well soon.

It's a sleeping marathon for me today, after the jab, Dad and Mum did some shopping. I behaved by napping long hours in the pram. Mum even asked Dad if I was alright, it's quite unusual for me to take such long nap. We headed home when they found out I was down with fever.

Back home, I continued my sleep journey, waking up at 7:30pm for dinner. Mummy prepared my favourite brown rice cereal with banana, hoping to stir up my mood a little. Though my favourite food, my appetite wasn't quite there. Daddy tried reading me a book so that I could eat, but I don't like it when he reads to me, it's so funny - An English story in 3 different ways, English (the broken kind), Chinese and Hokkien! Mum was laughing at his poor story telling style. After meal, she sponged me, read me some books (the correct style) and ended my night with milk at 9pm. Rest must be partnered with sick, which is why I'm sleeping so much today. I'll be well soon...

And daddy is naughty, he video-ed my 'painful' experience again:

Mummy's kiss comforted my pain...

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Diapers Madness

Last week, Daddy stocked up my diapers again. It's bargain madness... Look at my trolley of goods! Thank God, uncle Jack was with us to transport the stuff.

Spot the 4 boxes of pampers!

Monday, 28 December 2009

My Fringe

Few weeks ago, Mummy trimmed my fringe. It was so long that it poked my eyes. The cut was tough, I was constantly moving my head despite being confined to my high chair. It was difficult for her to give a neat cut. She settled for a round tipped scissors instead of the usual sharp one, she's fearful of 'accident'.

My fringe before the cut

Now, don't laugh... this is after the cut

We can tell that the cut doesn't seem too neat, but mum isn't a hairstylist by profession, that's understandable. I still look cute ya...!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas is over

A fond farewell to Christmas, it'll be another long wait for the next one. So what's Christmas all about? I'm probably too young to know, but Mummy told me it's the day Jesus was birthed - The reason for the season. She said it's a season of love, gifts and Thanksgiving. This is the time when love is showered even more abundantly, gifts are given and received and with thanks given to our family! Mummy had very much wanted to attend the Christmas service with Auntie sha, but it's really inconvenient to bring me along and she's worried about leaving me in the creche room. Thank God for webcast!

Well, I think Christmas was rather well spent. Just that Dad and Mum couldn't set for a good and peaceful dinner like the past years. I've joined them this year, so it's a threesome celebration! On Christmas eve, I skipped school to join Daddy for his corporate Christmas party. Mummy couldn't join because she had to work. Again, I was being carried around by many uncles and aunties. And within this week, I've been to Orchard twice, including Christmas day. Photo taking seemed to be never ending for us. I enjoyed the lightings, but not the crowd. Shopping was out for Mum, she has spent a bomb on gifts, so she has to thrift on herself. Still, it's a joy to be giving.

Opening my Christmas pressie from Jiu jiu and Jie jie

Fascinated with the huge Chritmas deco

Mummy and me with the tree of bears

Daddy's not missing out a shot with me

We need an accompanying photographer for better family shot

Ho Ho Ho! That's 2009 Christmas, a few more days and we'll be leaping into a new year. Time for reflections and resolutions...

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My Beanie

We've been so upset the past few days, Beanie is lost! Mummy's so sad that she couldn't sleep well that night. The last time we saw it was as Suntec, Carrefour. I was playing with it in my pram and didn't realise it was missing till we were home and time for bed. Sigh! Grandma reminded mummy that it has been with me since birth, it carries my smell. Precisely! Which is why mummy is so sad over it. She was so desperate to search it back, so Daddy called Carrefour to help search for it, but to no outcome.

It's just a bean bag, but yet it's of great significance to me, it means sleep time. Mummy wanted to sew one for me, but Daddy acted fast, he bought me a similar beanie. He got one closest to the design I previously had. Still, it's never a replacement.

Today, teacher told Mummy, "She was trying to snatch some other child's bean bag." Mummy told teacher my beanie's story and said that I'll bring a new one to school tomorrow. Here's my new beanie, say, "Hi!"

Similar to my previous one - Polka Dots

Still giving me the comfort of sleep

I was the one who lost beanie, but Mummy gets the blame. Daddy said that she was too engrossed with her shopping such that she didn't realised beanie fell off the pram. Hmm, why the Mother gets blamed?

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Playtime with Dad and Mum

Mummy always thinks that Daddy is soooo good at making me laugh. She labels Daddy as the Entertainment department and mummy the Disciplinary cum Food department. No wonder I love playing with Daddy. Hmm, but food is important to me too, I better smile more to mummy. I've been so sticky to her these days, so much so that Daddy calls me, "Sticky Chewy Chocolate!". A flavoured ice-cream at Swensens. We are all labelled with nicks. Haha.

Here are some playtime moments with Dad and Mum:

Laughing hilariously when I uncovered Daddy's face from my beanie

Mummy's turn. When her forehead touches my forehead, it's instant that I'll shake my head from left to right and right to left. This has become my trademark, even school teachers are telling Mummy that I love doing this with them. Mummy wonders who taught me this. It's probably Grandma, she would say,"头碰头" when it's time for this play. I can do this with anyone, try me!

Playtime with Mummy!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

My teeth

Christmas is just a week away, it's marking an end of the year again. What have we acheived? Jazzelle was birthed in 2009! Every year, Mummy would put up the Christmas tree at home, seeing it every day brings joy. This year, the house is too cluttered to have a tree around. No space! Sob sob, no present under the tree?

Anyway, Mummy is thinking of what present to get for me. Christmas is just another 'excuse' for her to pamper me with toys. Hmm, but I think I've got what I needed for Christmas. My two front teeth! It came to me 2 months ago. In total, I've 4 teeth, 2 upper and 2 bottom.

Daddy insists in getting me a toothbrush to begin an early routine. Isn't that way too early? Mummy thinks it's almost difficult to get the brush into my mouth. She pre-warned Daddy that she's keeping her hands off this teeth brushing routine. How do you brush an 'always wriggling' baby's teeth? True enough, I wasn't receptive about it. The toothbrush looked like a toy to me.

What is this daddy?

The brush in my mouth after a few attempts

Touching to feel if I really had teeth

My toothbrush set. Different brush for different stages.

And all I want for Christmas and New Year is teeth and more teeth!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Birthday Party

Last weekend, Dad and Mum brought me to a birthday party! It was fun and I've enjoyed myself throughout the party. It was Russell's first birthday. Mum thought such parties are fun for the young and old.

Hmm, but there's always a little problem when I meet new uncles and aunties... They don't know how to pronounce my name. Actually, it's not difficult, just say, "Jazz-Elle', then say it fast, and you've got my name - Jazzelle! My chinese name is tricky too, I'm 张韶恩, the middle character is of “第二声", which most people couldn't get it right. Hope you've figured my name. I didn't choose my names, Dad and Mum gave them to me. World is evolving, so are names. Seldom do we find easy read names like before. Parents are now giving interesting and beautiful names to their babies, or rather hard to pronounce names. Haha.

Corner for the children's sweet tooth

My first gaze at Russell

I was shy when Russell laid his hand on my shoulders

Enjoying my horse ride

The cake was yummy and beautiful! Will I get something like this for my 1st birthday?

All babies and children in for a shot

Parties are great fun for everyone!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Pillow is Botak!

My doggie just enrolled for 'BMT', we got him shedded! His fur is short, short, short and he's so much more mangeable now. Although not as majestic looking as before, he's still cute. Hee hee.

Daddy thinks he looks like a bear now. Children at the void deck ask Mummy if he's a fox. Mummy will say it's a dog that looks like a fox. Haha.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Daddy is good with Finance

My daddy's in-charge of stocking up my supplies - Diapers, Milk, Wet wipes, laundry and liquid detergent. When my diapers and milk supply runs low, it would be the time daddy start flipping the papers for diapers and milk promotion! Just a month ago, I weaned off mummy's milk. Mummy stopped breastfeeding me, and formula milk doesn't come cheap! At least, we saved on the 7 months of milk.

The 'Baby Expenses' spreadsheet

Updating the diapers discount at different supermarket!

Daddy is indeed a good steward of money. He tracks it, spends it wisely and ensures that each cent is spent to its worth. Mummy does laugh at him at times. But well, a good and healthy account keeps the family strong and uphold.

Disclaimer: Daddy isn't a miser, he's just prudent with the expenditures. He does splurge on us when we ask for.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

My Week in school

Babies are active and bouncy little ones. To many, scratches, bumps and falls seem inevitable or rather it's just common. But still, most can be prevented if we exercise a little more caution to them.

When mummy picked me on Monday this week, teacher showed her a scratch slightly below my left eye, explaining that it came about because I fell forward to hit a hard covered book. On Tuesday, two scratch marks on my left hand. Teacher explained some other kid's teeth brushed through my arms, probably in the midst of toys snatching. And on Wednesday, I had a small bump on my left forehead! Teacher explained, I hit the floor while reaching for some toy.

Okay, enough explanations on the 'injuries'. They are 3 incidents in consecutive days, in a week! Mum had been perfectly cool about the 1st and 2nd instances, she knew I'm getting adventurous and curious about anything at this stage. It's really not of a big deal to her. The trigger came at the 3rd instance, which Grandma came for me at school. She was so upset that she blew the matter big to the teacher.

Mum was still at work that day, she got a call from Jiu Jiu saying that I've got a bump on my forehead. Mum thought it was a scare joke, how is it possible to happen within 3 consecutive days? It wasn't a joke, he sounded serious. Mum called the school to find out, sounding quite unhappy on the phone. The teacher explained that it's part and parcel of learning and growing and that it's inevitable to encounter them. It's not that Mum doesn't agree, but 'hey there', the fees that we are paying is exuberantly high! Real high! We're paying for a ratio of 1:3 infants compared to 1:5 infants elsewhere. So, shouldn't the risk of 'injuries' be lesser? Of course, these incidents are really minor and almost nothing after a cry. However, to accept it 3 times is a week, seems abit too much.

My school has a huge percentage of caucasian kids, with due respect, the Asians have a different upbringing from them. No doubt, most Asian mummies are protective about their child, being careful in where they walk and what's ahead. The western children are probably given more freedom to run around, frequent hits and bumps is lifestyle to them. As far as mummy is concerned, it's a local school that I'm in, whatever the culture, adapt!

Well, enough of the steam letting, it's a long-term relationship with the school. I've still got months or maybe years in that school, it's only best to put the whole episode behind and look forward. The school ended the phone conversation with an apology and I guess we've solved it in an amicable manner.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Some baby's recipes

Mummy's getting better at preparing my meals. Although meal time is still a struggle for us, I see improvements. I can take porridge better in school and in home now.

Mummy tried the following recipes with the slow cooker.

1. Diced pumpkin + bean curd + rice
Outcome is soft enough for mashing

2. Diced Apple + lean pork slices + rice
Pork stock is to enhance the taste of the porridge only. Apples can be mashed.

3. Carrots + Broccoli + Sweet Corn + lean pork slices + rice
Grind broccoli and sweeet corn. Carrots will be soft enough to mash if cooked long. Pork stock to enhance taste.

Hmm, think that's about my meals for now. Playing around with the food, mixing and matching.
Slow cooker is a good way to give baby food the softness. Just 'dump' eveything in and check back hours later. Of course, remember to add ample and water.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Sleep Through

I've been on the best behaviour, learning to sleep through the night, and I did it! See my schedule:

Sun: 9:30pm to 7am
Mon: 9 pm to 4 am
Tues: 9 pm to 7 am
Wed: 8:30 pm to 6 am
Thur: 8:30pm to 7 am

Mummy's so thankful for these days. She wonders if this is really the end of those disrupted nights? Mummy does hope so. It seemed like a long journey to be always waking up for me, and you never know when it'll ends until it happens. I think there isn't much one can do to get babies sleep through the night. Waiting seems like the only way out... haha.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Daddy is in camp

Miracle happened on Sunday, I slept through the night! Sounds like 'chey', but to a Mummy who has been tirelessly waking up to babies call, it's light after a tunnel. She couldn't believe me, she woke up to check on me and even sought affirmation from Daddy the next morning. Indeed, I slept through that night. Mummy's crossing her fingers for more such nights and hopefully I won't have to wake up for midnight snacks as days go by. I'm 8 months young today, I should be old enough to sleep on my own and sleep through.

I have to be good this week, it's one woman's show for mummy. Daddy is in camp, he leaves home before the sky breaks and comes home after dark. Which means leaving and coming home when I'm asleep. Daddy wonders if I'll still remember him after a week. I dislike the army for occupying my Daddy. But, thank God for grandparents and jiu jiu, they send me to and fro infant care on behalf of Daddy. Mummy wouldn't have to walk the long distance to send and pick me.

It's one manpower down when daddy is not around, mummy has to prepare my dinner, shower me, walk the dog and get me to sleep after her long work day. After which, she gets some time to her own and finally head for bed. What a typical Mum's day. No wonder, mummies capacity is so elastic, always stretched without snapping. Of course, Daddy has always been of great assistant to us at home too!
Daddy on xbox with me!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

My little weekend

It's the end of the mini long weekend. At least, I think I had a fruitful weekend. Mum did some shopping and feasted on some good food. It's been a while since she shopped.

Oh, we visited the 'Hello Kitty' Lab at expo too. Frankly, it's mainly for kids, not a place for the adults, it's quite nothing at that place. We went from station to station for some simple games and considered complete when we've visited all stations. In fact, it's nothing fantastic... sympathize those who had to pay to get in, thank God our entrance came free, and so are babies'. We had quite a long wait at the entrance before getting started on the 'tour'. Mum was worried that I'll get too cranky from the long wait, but I took it well. When we were in, I quietly enjoyed the 'tour', and made no noise.

Photo taking was not allowed in the place, but we took some discretely. Opps! Just wanted to store some memory.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

My new bed

I've got a new bed! Hmm, not so new, about a month ago. However, it's lightly used. Mum and Dad still love sleeping with me. They can't sleep without me on their even more comfy bed! I'm so irresistible.

Now that I've started to crawl, Mummy decided to buy a bed that's of the floor level. Such that, falls and anxieties can be avoided. When they're out in the living room during my sleeps, they wouldn't have to worry about me rolling off their high bed.

This seemed like a good investment, I can sleep in there for quite some years, there's ample space for my growth. It's so spacious and comfy!

Looking mini on it
We bought it from kiddy palace.

Monday, 16 November 2009

First day at Infant Care

It's my first day at School! I work up slightly later than before today. Grandma joked that I must have did it deliberately knowing it's my first infant care day. Mum couldn't wait, she gently woke me up by changing my diapers. It was a rush morning, but thank God we had my bag packed the previous night. I had my diapers and clothes changed, drank some milk and headed to school. Even my appetite for milk this morning dropped, maybe I could sense some separation from this familiar home. No mood...

We arrived school, a petite and friendly 'teacher' welcomed us. We went through some feeding schedule and administrative process. Mummy told 'teacher' to call her if I cried badly. Mum and Dad had never intended to introduce me gradually to school until Auntie M advised them to begin from a few hours to a full day care in a week. Well, they must have had great confidence in me!

When it was time to part, guess who cried? It's mummy!!! She walked out the school with tears in her eyes. She couldn't believe her baby is going to spend a full day at a whole new environment. What an immediate change.

Then at 11 plus in the morning, the school called mummy. When the caller said, "Hi, this is calling from Jazz's schoolhouse...." Mummy's heart stopped a beat, she thought it must be time to bring me home because of bad crying. It was however, a call to notify parents of HFMD cases in the school. There was a confirmed case last Friday, but I wasn't around yet. Hopefully, the school is still safe for fun and play. Mummy took the opportunity to asked if I cried and what I was doing. The teacher who called said that I cried a little after bath and was taking my nap during their conversation call.

Mummy was at work, but her heart wasn't. She couldn't wait for the day to end before seeing me again. Every moment at work had images of my face crying in her mind, it was a helpless feel. Then after lunch, she decided that she needed to leave work a little earlier for me. She took some time off, got a cab and headed to school at 3.30pm.

Upon arriving, it was raining, it was impossible for us to walk home, mummy got the cabby to wait for her. She ran to the door, pressed the bell for my 'teacher' and requested to peep at what I was doing. Mummy ran up to the infant's room, searched for my face, and spotted me. I was slightly away from where the rest of the babies were, some were in for story time, but I was focused on a little toy I was playing with. It was a sign of relief for Mummy, she's comforted and assured that I've enjoyed my new found place.

'Teacher' packed my bag and went through my schedule with Mummy, before carrying me out to her. As I was carried past the babies, they waved goodbye to me, I spotted myself trying to wave goodbye too. It was another comforting moment for mummy, she saw me trying to wave goodbye to my playmates. I'm sure I'll learn something out of school's everyday play. This had changed mummy's mind Totally. Life at infant care isn't as bad as she thought.

Hmm, but getting sick frequently will be an unavoidable problem. This will be another issue they'll have to tackle. For now, I'll just enjoy my play at school.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Family is Joy

Mummy's a little upset today. She stepped into home with a heavy heart. I smiled so widely when I saw her and gave out a shout of excitement. This moment lifted her mood, she was so blessed. I guess I'm mummy's little inspiration. Looking at me, her perfect creation, she knew nothing else was impossible and nothing else matters.

Sometimes, the people or environment around us make paths uneven... we trip, fall and get hurt. Still we gotta get up and move ahead. Mummy tells herself, however bad a day is, nothing beats coming home to cuddle and watch me smile. Her comfort note - "It's family that awaits at the end of each path". Bosses, Colleagues, Classmates and Friends are sometimes passerby of our lives. We may or may not get to meet them again. Family is her to stay and never leaves in times of need. So be sure who is more worthy of our sacrifices and be sure who to include or exclude in our lives. We don't have time for everyone. That's true! Commitment grows as we age. Maybe declines when we become slow in our movements.

What an emotional mummy. I had better be good and smile more to her. Babies smile the most genuine and sincere. Pat pat mummy... Love you!

Monday, 2 November 2009

What I've tasted

It has been a month plus since I started solids. Mummy's running out of ideas on what to prepare for my meals. Rice cereal is now an occasional food, once or twice a week. These are what my little taste bud has tried so far:

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Papaya
  • Potato
  • Sweet potato (Yellow ones are more tasty)
  • Pumpkin
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower &
  • Water (Yes... only tried it when I started weaning)

Mummy would introduce each food few days apart. This helps to single out the culprit if allergy occurs. Though I think the chances are low, we play safe. Moreover, there isn't much food I can try at my tender age.

Along the days, mummy would try to mix and match the ingredients. She searched online for ideas and pieced them here:

  1. Pear + Apple (Steam and blend)
  2. Banana + Rice cereal + Milk
  3. Potato + Carrot
  4. Broccoli + Cauliflower
  5. Sweet Potato + carrot
  6. papaya + Milk

These are some 'equations' that Mummy can recall on how she prepares my meals. She would adjust the pureed food with milk or rice cereal to make it comfortable for me. Usually, Mummy would prepare my food in the night and refrgerate it. Next day, Grandma will warm it up for my little tummy. The refrigerated food must be consumed within 24hrs. For her easy preparation, my lunch and dinner are always the same... so how should I respond?

Meal time again? Boring...

Well, as my age catches up, I'll get to try more food. For now, milk is still my primary food, I'll work for it. Haha!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mark my 7th month

It's the first of the month again. Today, I'm 7 months 'young'. According to a baby's milestone chart, I've completed most actions that a 7 months can do. Let me share some, I'm able to:

1. Sit without support
2. Drag objects to myself
3. Lunge forward, learning to crawl
4. Experience stranger anxiety
5. Jabbers
6. Stand while holding on to something
7. Bang objects together

Still, I'm unable to wave goodbye. Maybe that would be the last action I would want to pick up, it's always sad for me to watch daddy and mummy leave for work in the morning.

Interestingly, I've spotted myself clapping hands together. Other than shaking my head from left to right whenever I don't want to eat, Mummy loves to watch me clap my hands.

Having done this milestone checklist, she told herself that these are just references. She wouldn't be worried if I'm behind time, there isn't a perfect timing after all. Babies learn best on their own, which is why I determine my timetable, adults have to suit me. Haha! There's nothing mummy can teach or do to expedite slow progresses. It's just a matter of time when I can catch up. When it comes to slow learners, Patience is the word.

However, one thing that really challenges her patient is my inability to sleep through the night. I would still wake up for snacks. Sometimes once, sometimes twice and umpteen times when I need extra comfort. So who wakes up for me? It's Mummy! How does one stay patient with having to wake up in between sleeps? She's a working mummy now, sleep is so precious to her, as of before. Haha. She always share that sleep is the toughest activity to forgo. Truely...

Every night, she would pray that I can sleep through it, giving her a good, well deserved sleep. There was a period when I could do from 9p.m. to 5a.m, not sure what happened along the way though. I do hope I can sleep through without snacking too... Mummy bear with me a little longer more.

Now, see this... in the midst of having to wake up early for my breakfast, Mummy lost her Sunday sleep. Spot who are still sleeping!!!

Me and daddy always on the same side... tact team.

Don't deny this... Mothers work and scarifice the most. Indeed!

Saturday, 31 October 2009


Full month celebration gifts are so innovative now. Look what Mummy got from her colleagues...

A cupcake that's too cute to be eaten!

A bootie made of paper cup, with a red egg sitting in

Not sure why, 2009 seems to be a baby boom year... not boomz. News of arrivals are everywhere, or are parents avoiding the year of tiger? I guess not... we're aren't superstitious anyway.

Interesting ideas as gifts!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Insomnia no more

The best medication to curing insomnia is to have a baby. It gets you so occupied after each long day, such that there's nothing you think about except rest! Ever since I came, never once did she toss and turn on the bed because she couldn't sleep.

Yes, Mummy is so so tired. Work is getting intensive for her and school term is beginning in weeks to come. I wonder how my Mummy handles her time. Weekend isn't enough or rather it's never enough.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

My schedule

Weekends fly and weekdays drag. Life is sometimes a contradict, when we're jobless, we hope to be working, and when we're in a job, it seems better to stay out of job. So what do we conclude? We work for the money! At least for my Mummy. Haha.

She wishes to spend more time with me at home. Hmm... maybe in years to come, when I've more siblings and started school, she would probably stay home to watch us. It's another week before my entry to the infant care... I wonder how life will be for me. I hope the caregivers would adapt to my current schedule as below:

0800: Rise and Shine!
0815: Milk Milk (150 - 180ml)
0830: Playtime
1000: Morning nap
1030: Wake up
1130: Solid food
1200: Bath time
1230: Atfternoon nap
1430: Wake up and Playtime
1500: Milk Milk (150ml - 180ml)
1630: Evening nap
1830: Wakes up
1930: Solid food
2100: Milk Milk (150ml - 180ml)
2200: In dreamland

I'm taking solid meal twice a day, this will gradually replace my milk feeds. However, it's still important for babies to stay on milk till the age of one or even older. Mummy is now introducing formula to me... I need to drink up the samples these milk companies give.

Milk is good for me. Grow grow grow!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mummy thinks of Jazzelle

It's the first week Mummy began work. I guess it's much more of separation anxiety for her than for me. Haha. She's missing me so much when's she at work. She would call Grandma every lunch to check on my behaviour. I had better be good.

Now, I'm mummy's motivation after each work day. She's ever excited to greet and cuddle me whenever she's home. Despite having to work, Mummy hopes to continue breastfeeding me for as long as possible. Hopefully, until I'm able to sleep through the night. Bottle feed and breastfeed, which is more convenient in the middle of the night? The latter of course! It's definitely a drag to zombie into the kitchen for my milk.

Daddy is also always excited to see me after each work day. So here's what keeps them coming back early... keep my photo on their handphone's wallpaper/screensaver to keep them thinking about the adorable baby at home!

My picture on their wall paper!

Me on Mummy's phone...

Me on daddy's phone...

Before a baby arrives, it's the spouse photo. Now, it's the child. Oops!
And you can't believe this. Daddy's ringstone has my laughter... call him and you'll hear me laughing. On the other hand, my cry is mummy's ringtone. Haha. Daddy scolds her for having this ringtone on her phone, but she argues that it gives her the urgency to pick up a call.

Call them!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Resignation as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum)

Mummy to Jazzelle...

Baby! Mummy thank you for the quality time I had with you for the past 6 months. Next week, Mummy is going to work, though only a contracted job, it's a good trial to allow me decide if I prefer to help bring the bread and butter home or to be with you full time.

I had the privilege which most mummies didn't have, I could spend a full 6 months plus with you. I saw you grow from a tiny baby to a chubby girl. I'm excited at every moment when you have new progresses. Now, you are able to sit upright to play on your own. How amazing time flies... soon, you'll be running towards us!

Grandma will be with you for the next 2 weeks before you begin your first day at the infant care next month. I know it's going to be a whole new environment with new faces, I predict the caretakers will be battling with you for the first few days. I know you'll cry badly, but it's a matter of time. Some day, we'll need to experience this separation anxiety, it just came earlier for you. Just remember, daddy and mummy will always come for you and be there for you.

Although I'm not feeling too good, and I thought of backing out from this job that I've previously promised to take on, but I needed to begin somewhere. You're right, I couldn't bear to stop seeing you the whole day, reality sets in only when it's happening. I've been complaining about my schedule at home, which I think I'm gonna miss the chores.

Your infant care didn't come cheap and I thought it would be a better trade off for me to stay home with you (Thanks to the government for a "comprehensive" childcare system). Anyway, we've worked out the sums, and thought it was still within our means. Less toys and clothes for you perhaps. Daddy has been discouraging me to work, he loves you so much that he believes you are only in the best hands with me. Somehow, daddy respected my decision, he gave me a choice. Thank you Daddy... which is why I'm pursuing my education.

Having your own income as a modern woman plays an important role in today's society. Mummy isn't selfish to realise my material needs, but it's for your future and your siblings along the way. It's our responsibilities to bring our children up, see them through the best education (which involves piles of money) and of course you should know how to repay us when you think of our sacrifices. Hahaha...

I'm going to miss you so badly when work begins. Just like when I started dating, daddy kept running in my mind... now, you are always on my mind. Kiss Kiss!

I'm sad... It's lesser of Mummy that I'm gonna see

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nursing room @ City Square

We've finally visited the new mall, City Square, a few times in fact. It's huge and spacious, perfect to stroll and shop.

And here's how their nursing rooms look like:

It's comfy and allows 2 mothers to nurse at one time. Nice!

Seems like the mall is going to be our favourite hang out place, with it being so near our home.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Mummy says sorry

Jazzelle darling baby... Mummy says sorry... Like many say, 'Sorry brings no cure.' Indeed...

I've been complacent, I've been negligent and I've never thought I would allow you to fall from our bed. For the past few months, when you've yet to master the flipping, rolling and turning movements, it was safe for you to play on it. Now... I fell behind your progression, you've grown with vast and strong movements, like what we often nickname you, 'wormy worm.' Always wriggling in our arms and during diaper/clothes change.

It seemed like an unusual afternoon today when Mummy had to hurriedly shower because of an appointment with your potential infant care centre, and we didn't want to be late. I thought we should get ourselves ready for Daddy to pick and go. I'm not sure what got onto me to allow you to play on our bed, which is about 3 feet high, while I took a quick shower.

It was when I'm done with the shower, reaching for the towel and I heard a loud thud. It's too horrifying to be true, let it be the dropping sound of your toy, but no, it didn't sound like toy, your cry followed immediate. Like never before, I ran out of the bathroom, yet to dry myself, water dripping on the floor, I picked you up... cuddled so tightly to my chest. You cried badly for about 2 minutes, I felt your pain and I cried with you, I kept apologizing and promising, "Mummy will not do it again, never." And I mean it, Never again ... I promise!

The sound and image of your fall haunted me the whole day, and probably in my memory for quite a while. I'm so filled with guilt, with tearing eyes whenever I think of it. How could I?!!! A search on the definition of complacent threw this at me, "pleased with oneself, often without awareness of some potential danger." Indeed, I've been slapped so hard with this painful lesson. Complacent is now a word that I'll learn to take it more seriously and with more thoughts. Mummy says, "Sorry Jazzelle."

Thank God you're fine, I'm so glad that you're smiling, laughing and kicking like before. Thank you for being alright. You're always the darling of mummy's eyes... I love you!

Comfort note: I googled on baby fall and it seemed like most babies have such experience from beds or couches. All are well, mentioning babies have soft bones, bouncy body, which make them withstand falls. Sounds true, but now I remember complacency... 

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Infant Care - Where are you?

Mummy is in search for an infant care for me. To her frustrations, she only realised getting a place in an infant care is as popular as getting a place in a primary school. Goodness! So how do we begin voluntary work in order to get a place? (Infant care I meant)

The many infant care centres that mummy called up around our vincity are full, and waiting list is long till next mar/apr! Is there a loophole or an overlooked system that doesn't gel with the government's pro babies campaign? Mummy's utterly lost and is in need of an infant care. This is to prepare myself and herself if a job pops by. Perhaps, the culprit lies in the location we're staying at. Too centralised.

Getting a nanny would be our last resort, though Mummy much prefers an infant care because she thinks an upbringing of a baby have changed along the many years. Most nannies are not quite up to date, she feels. Of course, Grandma would be the perfect solution to our search, but she needed to work, despite our discouragements. Moreover, a child's burden and responsibilities belong to the parents, not the grandparents. It's just an added blessing if grandparents can afford the time and energy to care for the little ones.

Mountains of complains, still the search continues...

Monday, 5 October 2009

More on my foodie...

Starting on solid seems cumbersome, especially mummy having to prepare and introduce new food. Currently, I'm being introduced to carrots, with more vegetables coming on the way. She read that vegetables is a good start prior to fruits. Fruits are naturally sweet, this reduces the chance of rejection to other non-sweet food.

Of course, nothing beats to home made food. Here's what mummy did. She steamed (for retaining nutrients?) a whole carrot (cut into 2) and grind it to puree form. She divided the portion into 2, one for the afternoon feed and the other refrigerated for the evening feed. She would then add 20ml of breastmilk to the puree, warm it and serve me. Simple and easy recipe for now. Broccoli and cauliflower should be next in line. I wonder how they taste.

There's also a convenient alternative which mummy tried. Baby bottled food can be purchased off shelves in supermarkets. Though mummy was initially skeptical about purchasing them, doubting its nutrients and freshness, she went ahead purchasing for me to try. I took them well.

Bought a variety to try...

How did food end up on my forehead?
Therefore, FOOD + DADDY = MESSY!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm 6mths young!!!

It's Children's day! But I'll only enjoy this day when I'm older, a day when I can skip school. Haha. I'm officially half year young today (Get age by asking, "How young are you?") It marks my 6th vacination too... Dad and Mum brought me to the clinic this the morning, to receive my Children's day 'present'.

My painful 'present'

I cried for awhile only... I'm still the little brave girl. Haha.
It's been sometime since updating my blog. Mummy is so busy with this family and she's preparing to conquer an exam tomorrow. I pray that her memory doesn't fail her and that she'll do well.
We'll be back real soon ...

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nursing rooms

Mum and Dad's favourite hang out place would usually be vivocity. It's a mega mall with most brand labels and great variety of food. Recently, this is what they've spotted... a huge and comfy baby's room! Was it new or just not noted, we only saw this recently. It's near Mothercare.

A peek into vivo baby's room... Saw the many changing stations?
Further in, are a few nursing rooms. You can say 'bye' to long waiting time.

Not many malls in Singapore has friendly nursing rooms. So far, vivocity and united square are Mummy's favourites. Heard from other mummies, Taka's not bad, but we've yet to try. Even ION and Iluma, being new, doesn't seem stand out in their baby's room. Hmm, perhaps, we're the minority... but if shopping malls aren't family friendly, where else could we go? Singapore isn't too big eh...

Baby's room at ION: Spacious with a cold/hot water dispenser. A tap too.

However, only a chair for one nursing Mum... none for the dad or other mums, if they're sharing the room. And that's my dad changing my diapers.

Iluma: Not liking the transparent glass panel. And the room is cramp, cramp, crampy....!

It seems like there's a sudden boom of shopping malls locally. City Square Mall is also opened! The one linked to Farrer Park MRT. Even before exploring it, we've heard raves about how huge and exciting it is. The Mall is within walking distance from our home, we'll be checking it out this weekend, and of course, will check out their baby's room too!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Best Behaviour - Sleep

Sleeping seems like the best behaviour you can get from a baby. When I'm asleep Mummy would be admiring how adorable I am, sometimes saying a little prayer for me. Occassionally, she wished I was awake for her to cuddle.

When we are out, Mummy would always be hoping that I'm asleep when they're having meals, especially when they're feasting!

Show you what I meant by adorable ...

Sleeping in daddy's arms... Kissing the moon goodnight

Too bright, cover my eye..... Dreaming in pram

Big bolster... and the 'I surrender' pose

Hugging my little beanie

Too noisy and smelly... haha