Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Trick Eye Museum {Review and Giveaway}

This is a tricky post *wink* Yeap, we visited the trick eye museum last weekend! A different and interesting kind of museum:
  • It's please touch: Touch anything and everything. Leave the emergency buttons alone though.
  • Interactive: The displays and paintings require your active participation!
  • Trick eye: features approximately 100 oversized optical illusion paintings and installations that trick both your eyes and the camera lens. 

Through the use of optical illusions, 3D paintings on the surfaces of the museum walls, floors and ceilings came alive. The museum offered various themed galleries for visitors to take part and explore with their eyes, hands and cameras too. The moment we entered, Js started getting creative with the displays, and just couldn't keep their hands to themselves. Phew, no restrictions.

 photo DSC01376_zps316b29aa.jpg
Love her blend in expression
 photo DSC01420_zps22bd89f8.jpg
Sure a great poser!
 photo DSC01477_zps63fa73ed.jpg
His 'second' skydiving experience

You would have probably realised good acts and poses are needed for great photo effects. Not that we were excellent, but it was creatively fun staging these with the kids. Directors we become, while I discovered my little actor and actress.

 photo edbcbc61-4d8e-43e9-9681-8853424697a3_zps9d83167b.jpg
Tough stunt for us
 photo DSC01482_zpsc69240be.jpg
Our little actors don't look worried enough
 photo DSC01531_zps9cb37c8c.jpg
A stream of fire between us!
 photo DSC01568_zpsb683a0cf.jpg
He fits the basket! Off we go heavenly cycling.
 photo DSC01587_zpscdace77e.jpg
In their world of globe
 photo DSC01595_zps9f4916e5.jpg
Outstanding young ballerina

I know pictures speak louder than words, but stay on...

Step inside the paintings, and an act or pose will come into you to complete the picture. It's all naturally easy. Through the lens of your camera a surprisingly tricky story will unfold. There are picture aids at every points to help you with poses and positions, as well as markings on the ground to assist in capturing great angle shots. Just relax and enjoy!

Dress casual. Ladies and little sweeties, leave those dresses and skirts home. Get geared for some work out stunts. Besides doing photography, you might wana consider doing videography too! There will definitely be opportunities for moving acts. After about an hour in the place, we left like we did a great photography work out. It was much exercise within.

We visited on a weekend, and there was a relatively long line outside the museum. It could be a worrying sign for families with little children, but phew! Coming this weekend, they will implement a new queue system whereby time slots will be allocated when the waiting time exceeds 45 minutes. You will just need to arrive at the designated time allocated. This sounds like a great time and energy saver. I very much appreciate their staggered flow of crowd as it gives visitors a manageable and fuss free experience inside. No shoulders to shoulders rub with strangers. It really is some crazy photography fun, for all ages.

Trick Eye Museum Singapore is open all year around.
Mon-Sun: 10AM - 9PM
Tickets price (One-Day pass)
Adult (13 to 59): $25
Child (4 to 12): $20
Senior (60 above): $20
Book online to enjoy a 10% discount

Now the reward for staying on this far, our giveaway! The kind people from Trick Eye are giving a set of 3 tickets to the Trick Eye Museum, to a lucky reader of Mum's calling. Simply follow the steps in rafflescopter below:

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Details of giveaway:
  • Giveaway is open for Singapore residents
  • Only valid entries qualify
  • Contest ends Monday, 09 September 2014, 2359hrs. 
  • Winner will be notified by email
  • Sponsor reserves the right to amend any changes
Disclaimer: We were given free entries to visit the museum. All opinions and photos are solely our own.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Building vocabulary

What would be your ways of enhancing a child's vocabulary? Building their dictionary can be done in various ways, through reading or reading to your child, through conversations, songs, show and tell or through educational TV shows.

Vocabulary is more than a list of words. It's one essential thing to know a new word, but another matter when it comes to knowing how to use it. As parents, you would have realised our child's size of vocab is very much directly related to our parental practices. Children in the advantage families would probably learn and know more words than the less advantage. I'm must confess, we are not a family who uses elaborated or fanciful words at home, but we make use of every opportunity to teach new knowledge. Learning is also in my almost daily journey.

I've been very keen in introducing more words to the kids, searched around for ideas to building vocabs, and viola! It simply begin with synonyms. Then start serving scoops of ice cream:

 photo IMG_0916_zpsb766004a.jpg
Build the ice cream
 photo 4f2404f3-3213-4552-a9db-c2884ca86643_zpsb778fe8a.jpg
Flavourful learning
 photo 42bea063-38af-45ea-9a77-66fdb195d5d4_zps57434935.jpg
Learning is fun!

 photo 1bc5f1ec-858e-4240-998f-587805e79668_zps5fc73f77.jpg

I did rhyming words with Jare too. These dessert cards are of multiple usage, I'm considering Chinese characters too.

 photo IMG_0909_zpsab3671ef.jpg
Learning 'at' 'ed' and 'ell'

Thanks to the availability of wide learning resources, I copied ideas from homeschool@sg and found some printable at kaylee's education studio. Colour, cut and laminate the ice cream. Write and re-use!

Am targeting to do this about twice or thrice a week, giving us spaced out time to learn and practice new words. Learning sure got more flavourful and cooler this way, just that they can't lick it off the cones.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Waterplay at Tampines 1

It's always wonderful to get some thrift out of free fun. Having had some waterplay fun at Gardens by the bay, we recently discovered a rooftop waterplay area at Tampines 1 over a playdate with Mummies E and Dotz. Ok, I know it's been there for a while, but we only had a chance to visit it last Friday. A spacious area, with small little sections, for different play. It was wildlife-themed, allowing kids to have fun while learning more about wildlife conservation. Little residents nearby are sure in for a treat.

 photo 2014-08-22112957_zps5a84ac5d.jpg
The 'dry' play area
 photo 2014-08-22114515_zpsc9602f6a.jpg
For the more adventurous
Being there near the hottest time of the day, 11.30am We were almost burnt. The dry floor area was really hot for the barefooted, but the wet area was cool for fun. A pity that the icy polar bear slide and ice bergs didn't help relieve the heat mentally. 

It was some good opportunity for vitamin D though.

 photo 2014-08-22113625-2_zps079d3e49.jpg
Water sprouts

 photo 071ad0b1-2b99-4189-94c7-87edebc94181_zps769d384f.jpg
That hippo he found love in
 photo 8ac19e5b-fedc-4399-b084-5c7db691bd6d_zpse568c257.jpg
Running in rhythm
The place was clean and new. I could smell chlorine in the water, which probably meant it's regularly maintained. Shower area is enclosed, giving the little people of all ages some privacy. weekday play seemed fine. It might be a little crowded on weekends. 

It did trigger Js with some excitement, but fun meter went down after 20 minutes of play, before they decided to call it quits. It was then, I realised they have outgrown those shorty slide fun and seemingly impressive water sprouts. Maybe not so much for Jare, just that he's quite a follower when it comes to play.

They had a great time, nonetheless. I knew because they both zonked out, on our way home.

The playground is open from 10am to 9.30pm daily (except Mondays 4pm to 9.30pm) and it is FREE admission. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

"Hurry up" is situational

Like any other days, we would stroll home after getting Jazz from school. There's always a two way traffic road that we have to cross to get home. At the pavement, I would grab those little hands, struggle to balance an umbrella in midst and look out for the safest moment to get across. Traffic lights are planted as two very far ends of the street, which I decided they're more for vehicles than pedestrians. I wasn't jaywalking. 

One of the days, while I firmly held those hands to get across. Jazz crossed over at her very snail pace, eyes engrossed on some stuff she got from school and fiddling it with the other free hand. We were dragged slow by her eventually. I got worried and said, "Come on, Jazz, we are crossing the road, don't take your own sweet time."

When we got onto the safe zone, she got upset and went, "Why can't I take my own sweet time? When can I take my own sweet time? Why do I always have to rush?" Woah, Darling daughter, that's alot of questions and in one breath.

I know about limiting our hurries. And being home bounded most times, our schedule is rather flexible, I tried not to hurry the kids. If I need a rush, we'll talk about the actions to focus on and consequences of being late. I'll go for alternatives like, "Time is running out on us" "Bring your breakfast into the car" "Class is starting" "We shouldn't let our friends wait too long" or "If you take too long, Daddy will be late for work too." We have situations to look out for, and if we didn't talk about time at this tender age, taking their own sweet time will probably become a dominant habit. Realised how lateness is a grown habit? The world doesn't wait on us. There's a time and place for everything.

 photo TIME_zpsdfa35dac.jpg
There's no pause in time
Time waits no men and lesson starts promptly in school. It's true you can't have your breakfast all day long, you can't take forever to put on your clothes and shoes or not pack your bag till the last minute. I need to remind you that time is ticking away, till the day you manage time well. 

On my response to Jazz question that day,  I gazed at her and said, "I gave you plenty of time to play when we were home or out, but there's always a time to end everything. We were crossing the road, we can't take too long to get across. Cars zoom fast and we need to think of our safety. We need to hurry across." 

I evaluated. As much as I would love the kids to lullaby through childhood, we need to set priorities right. It's almost impossible not to rush our child, and realistically, I know there are such days.  When we have more time, sure! Go ahead and play with that mimosa you always stop by to touch, while I patiently waited till you're ready to go. Go ahead and chase that pigeon, while I watched and captured your joy. Go ahead and negotiate for more time, if we are not in a rush. We need to get the value of time right, as young as possible, when reasoning begins.

Rushing the kids too often can strike me with guilt. I've learnt  that it should not be a habit instilled in me, but executed appropriately on situations. I've learnt to allocate more time for my little slow people on certain activities. A matter of fact in our rat race society, rushing is not a total ignorance for our little citizens too.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bubble Magic [Giveaway]

 photo Bubblemagic_zps8c2e97ae.jpg
Photo credit: Lunchbox Theatrical Production

Js are ever mesmerised and creative with bubbles! Though bubbles are short lived, their journey can be beautifully exciting. Have you heard of the upcoming Bubble Magic show? We are excited that it is coming to town, and performing for the first time in Singapore at the Raffles Hotel, from 10th to 14th September 2014. Definitely one that Js are looking forward to. Me too! 

Designed to stimulate the imagination, the show manipulates the daily elements of reality: the use of water, soap, tubes, circles and smoke machines. This brand new show is the fruit of years of experimentation using the language of soap bubbles. It's sure some heavy training behind the scene, for this spectacular show.

Bubble Magic is a show from the producers at Lunchbox Theatrical Productions who have brought to Singapore some of the best shows around the world. Direct from a Europe-wide tour, the joyful two-man show combines the fleeting beauty of bubbles with clowning, ingenious lighting, colourful music and crazy costumes. The two turn everyday elements into a magical, wonder-filled world. Simply sophisticated, I would say.

The show has been created and directed by the master of bubbles, Pep Bou. The Spanish-born artiste has been playing with bubbles for more than three decades, an adventure that has taken him onto the stages of theatres and festivals around the world, delighting audiences of all ages and cultures. He has been honoured with an array of prestigious awards.

I'm very much looking forward for this great treat. I do hope it will be an awesome show. If this stirred you up a little, get into the act of getting your tickets from sistic today! And of course, you shouldn't leave Mum's Calling without joining our giveaway! The kind people from Lunchbox are giving a pair of Bubble magic tickets to one lucky reader of Mum's Calling. Giveaway tickets will be for the following date: 10 Sep 2014 (Wednesday), 1pm  3.30pm (change of time by sponsor). Simply follow the simple steps in rafflescopter widget below.

Event Date
10 sep (wed) to 14 sep (sun) 2014
Wed: 1pm and 3.30pm
Thu to Sun: 11am and 1.30pm
Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Standard: S$85, S$70 (Children below 2 admits for free)

Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes

a Rafflecopter giveaway
  • Giveaway is open for Singapore residents
  • Only valid entries qualify
  • Contest ends Monday, 01 September 2014, 2359hrs. 
  • Winner will be notified by email
  • Date and show time for tickets are fixed