Friday, 23 June 2017

Red Riding Hood 小红帽 [GIVEAWAY]

After successfully staging it in English, SRT’s The Little Company now presents Red Riding Hood in Mandarin. Red Riding Hood is an uplifting story about a brave girl named Red who must journey through the forest to reunite her family and save Mother's bakery from closing down.

Will she reach Grandma's house in time? Or will the charming Big Bad Wolf distract her from her quest? Join Red on her adventure into the woods, where no one is what they seem!

Filled with humour and packed with original music, this is a fantastic show to be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.

This show is recommended for children 5 years old and above. 


Show Dates
Thu, 20 Jul - Fri, 1 Sep 2017 Weekdays: 10am
Weekend and Public Holiday: 11am and 2pm

KC Arts Centre Home of Singapore Repertory Theatre
20 Merbau Road
Robertson Quay
Singapore 239035 

Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
Standard: S$28, S$25
Family Package of 4: S$95 for Cat 1 tickets
Family Package of 4 (with TLC CD Vol.2): S$107 for Cat 1 tickets

We have one family set of FOUR tickets for giveaway to 1 lucky reader! The winning tickets are to the show on 29 July, 11am. To participate, simply:

1. Like SRT on Facebook
2. Like Mum's Calling on Facebook
3. Tag 3 or more friends on the comment section of this post, whom you think will be keen in this show!

Giveaway closes on 07 July 2017, 2359hrs. 

Terms and Conditions:

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  • Date and Time of show is firm
  • All incomplete entries will be disqualified. 
  • All entries will be verified before the winners are announced 
  • To be fair to our sponsors, social media accounts set up purely to take part in contests will be deemed ineligible to win.
  • Giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Facebook or Instagram.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Wonderland [Review]

“What! Mummy?” 

That was what the kids exclaimed when I told them to wear a pair of mis-matched socks to the show Wonderland by Andsoforth. Wonderland is a children’s play based off Lewis Carroll’s Alice Adventures in Wonderland. A play that is different from the usual stage and chair seats setting, but one that invites free floor space for little audience to sit and interact with the casts. 

 photo D19AE74F-1B77-49DF-82E8-C48584C158AE_zpscgr0r2nx.jpg

Upon arriving, we were kept on suspense to wait outside for some moments before the door opened. We loved that the welcome was really secretive and surprised. We didn’t know we would be warmly welcomed by the casts when the door opened! And there, they do check on those mis-matched socks! Making sure you wore a pair. No idea why mis-matched socks, but I wasn’t on a pair. And oops, I became their target for entertainment. So yeap, parents should slip in those mis-matched socks too.

 photo BA4D72D8-E02F-4AE3-8A73-03D4259FB66F_zpsd4hl80zu.jpg 

 photo FD23054B-0EFC-47F6-97AE-00571EC93FDB_zpsdgpeicl0.jpg

There's no way to escape forgetting those socks because a friendly reminder comes through your phone on the day of the show.

And from here, the adults entered through the little door, while the children through the big door to where the show will be. The stage set was beautifully drawn with arts on its walls, all round the room. It felt like we entered an enchanted world.

Wonderland not one play with much singing and dancing like the usual, but one that's extremely close up and interactive. It is one with a small and cosy audience size. For being early, we had some fun and photo taking moments with the casts. Pre-show begins 30 minutes before the actual show begins. Do arrive early! 

 photo 42F51AF0-AF31-46C6-9B19-F73247EC6C7E_zpscllgo4nn.jpg

During the show, kids were welcomed to dance, sing and play games with the casts like Alice, the Chesire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the white rabbit and many more! We love the costumes and makeup of these casts! 

With the teaching element of promoting the importance of friendship, there were other learning points like telling the difference between a rabbit and a hare, as well as using rhyming words in a poem. In between, there were nuggets of humour exchanged between the casts which really cracked the kids up.

 photo 6660852E-E909-4DB5-8663-C330AA9EC116_zpsv2fsrytb.jpg

 photo 1DB18A45-8978-45EA-B9AC-EB6C185AF647_zps0gddwvdi.jpg

This 45 minutes show will be fun for little kids above 2 years old and even more fun if they love being spontaneous to the call of playing games, singing and dancing. Js were relatively shy beings, so they were less spontaneous in rising to the call of actions. Nonetheless, they enjoyed themselves. Though I will say this is a play that may be more suitable for preschoolers.

And yes, there will be photo taking session with the casts after the show. Hang around! This is a different kind of show with a different kind of experience your little ones. Our little ones felt pleasantly surprised!

 photo 1B095D9D-7366-4232-84F1-47BDC66118F3_zpsncu13zp0.jpg

Get your tickets here

Ticket price: $28 
Dates: 16 to 18 June, 23 to 25 June
1 and 2, 8 and 9, 15 and 16, 22 and 23, 29 and 30 July 
Time: 11am, 2pm and 5pm 
Venue: 9 Tampines Grande, Level 2 Hitachi Square, Singapore 528735

Disclaimer: Tickets were given for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are solely ours. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Squiggle Doodle - Wearable Art

How adventurous would you and your kids get, in doodling on wearable? 

It's not often, and most times, it requires much boldness and confidence to work with permanent fabric markers. Recent months, we had much exploration with fabric markers and wearables. We share some easy ways to designing and personalising your own tshirt, bags and shoes:

 photo DB6A6E66-BD99-4E81-854D-4AE1EAC899CE_zpsnlh1pdxl.jpg
Print your child's favourite character and draw!


 photo C46700E4-E36E-4787-864A-37AA9D8853F9_zpsla9cmjg1.jpg
Not true when we say leopard doesn't change its spots


 photo D5EA135B-A246-465A-A3D2-0D6E2D5485AD_zpsyeht7aqx.jpg
Shoes uniquely drawn by Mother and daughter team from lil Blue Bottle

Activities like these can be fun and of great bonding within the family! Most times the fear is not in the child, but parents not confident enough to allow their kids draw on tees, shoes or bags. It may be after all, one that they will wear and walk around with.

Some time ago while embarking on this idea, I recalled I had an argument with Jazz who was over confident that she could draw Juboy's onesie without any planning or drafting. I merely wanted her to be extra careful, given the fact that we were using permanent fabric markers, where no erasing or washing will correct any error. Oh well, I trusted she could and left it all to her.

Against our better judgement, she spelt a word wrongly on his onesie! I'm like, didn't Mama tell you to plan, draft and use a pencil first?! I felt overly angry but I thought to myself, it was just an onesie and the goal was to get the older siblings draw something for their baby sibling to wear. It was one great way to get them involve and welcome a new family member. It was more than just an outcome, but the journey. Moreover, how often do we put our kids to the challenge of using permanent ink on fabric?!

Cooled off and told her, the only remedy was to turn that wrong squiggle into a beautiful doodle! And she did! That sparked the idea of my new venture, Squiggle Doodle! Yes, I'm a little Mumprenuer now. It is no easy start up, no easy road and definitely lots of bumpers too.

 photo 51a52d7b-d1f7-4ce7-ba51-54f93b6792c8_zps3fqftgr7.jpg
Big sis and big bro's artwork

That was a scene picture they drew for their little brother. The wrong squiggle was within the blue cloud, which they covered up with colouring. It was a project they enjoyed very much and always squealing in excitement whenever Juboy dons on it.  

I knew I fell in love with this kind of family projects.

I put the idea to tasks, in hope to bring fun to many families who will eventually buy my idea. From the beginning, I saw through the manufacturing of these fabric markers just so it can give doodlers the quality ink that we think is best. After which, I sourced for appropriate fabric suppliers to go with the markers! So there, it became ideas that evolved into a physical idea.

Many friends and parents complimented, "Wow, that's a great idea!" But the greatest hurdle was also them telling me, "My kids can't draw!" "He will mess up the shirt!" Oh well, sometimes, it's not till we give them that opportunity. We can always doodle as a team! There's much bonding in coming together as a family for planning and drawing. Which is why each set is thoughtfully sold with 2 tees or 2 onesies for share. Or some say, another room for error.

 photo DSC09500_Snapseed_zpso0grgftg.jpg
Doodle tees set at $23.90

 photo 0C3751EC-536B-43E8-8518-CD958E73316C_zpsi4n7a8lp.jpg
Doodle Baby set at $21.90

I know, there sometimes is really much resistant to buying an idea like such. Doodling on something wearable may not be a widely acceptable idea among parents, but it allows kids the opportunity to hone on that planning and confidence skill.

Some parents would tell me upfront, that they can always gather these materials separately for doodle. Love that honesty, but we have sourced and put in only quality for every doodler. It doesn't make sense if I were to manufacture and sell only fabric markers without materials. And good fabric markers may be a tough find here.

 photo 8CC39325-364D-4D5D-B753-897408FCB207_zpslr13v0ad.jpg
Doodle shoes set at $22.90

 photo 2EF8DB6C-25AC-4910-AB5B-800872B32B7C_zpsxeavqyij.jpg
Doodle bag set, small at $12.90

 photo BD8FD9BA-BEF7-4646-9096-331E0BE2CF53_zpsag1uttjo.jpg
Doodle case set at $9.90. Perfect as party favours!

That leap of faith is sometimes more essential in parents than kids. We've seen some beautiful doodles of little children whom their parents have shared with us. It is amazing! And among them are many parents who were resistant about plunging their kids to work freely with it. I kid you not at how much I worry at every customer's purchase too! I genuinely want them to create confident works out of it. Which is why every purchase kit comes with ideas and  draw tips, as well as the option to purchase stencils. Or if not, self create a stencil out of cardboard! It's much of free play on how parents and kids would like to doodle with it. 

Obviously being a Stay Home Mum doesn't give much financial satisfaction or maybe I really am thinking what I should be doing when the kids are released into teen-hood and adult-hood. Is this why most stay home Mums are often spurred with the conceptualising of ideas? Well, no one knows best For Mums, By Mums.

So yeap, a little of your love and support goes very much appreciated to local businesses. Garner some likes and follow over at our social media accounts:
Instagram: @squiggledoodle
Facebook: @squiggledoodlesg

These are platforms too, where we share and admire beautiful works of the little doodlers. With some drawn by parents!

 photo 9E10FC53-3FF4-482B-A7B4-25ABF23B8BD3_zpsp4wbfvhi.png

Leaving you, especially Mumpreneurs with this message that deeply impressed me, by Jack Ma. I didn't start this out to depend only on friends and families' support, but everyone! Including strangers whom I've not met.

Jack Ma once shared,

"When Selling to close friends and family, no matter how much you're selling to them, they will always feel you're earning their money, no matter how cheap you sell to them, they still wouldn't appreciate it."

There will always be people who do not care about your Costs, Time, Effort, they rather let other people cheat them, allowing others to earn, than supporting someone they know. Cause in their heart, they will always be thinking, "How much did he earn from me?" instead of "How much did he SAVE/MAKE for me?"

This is a classic example of a poor person's mentality!

How did the rich people become rich? One of the main reason is because they are willing to SUPPORT their associates business, taking care of one another's interests thus naturally they get back more.

Your Friends will in turn support you, thus the circle of wealth continues to grow and grow! 

Simple Logic, you will start to get rich once you understand it.

Jack Ma on Sales: 'When doing Sales, the first people who will trust you will be Strangers, Friends will be shielding against you, fair-weather friends will distance from you. Family will look down upon you.'

The day you finally succeed, paying the bill for every get-together dinner, entertainment, you will realized: Everyone else is present except the Strangers.

Do you get the meaning of this?

We need to treat our dear Strangers better! And even more so to Friends who know what you are doing and yet still SUPPORT you!

Let us treat STRANGERS who buys from us better from today. They are your BEST customers!

So here's for all, friends, families and strangers. A 20% discount code off all items on Squiggle Doodle. A discount unlikely to run down the road again, and only for a week. After which we will be out doing fairs and workshops. Yes, do consider our workshops for your birthday parties and play dates! Updating more online soon.

Use code, "MUMSCALLING20" upon check out. Code is only valid from 18 to 26 May 17. Whilst stocks last.

A sincere Thank You to those who believe and support my vision!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Our Spartan Junior Race!

06 May - The Spartan Junior Race!

Being adventurous was not quite a definition of us, when our friends nudged us about joining the Spartan Junior Race, I was ready to conveniently let it pass. That was the usual parenting protocol of sifting out kids' decision. But wait, they might be keen. And they were!

With much excitement and anticipation, the day arrived. We arrived about an hour earlier than our race time to familiar ourselves with the ground. We were welcomed by the Muddy ground after a morning rain. Having pre-collected our race packs, we skipped registration and headed straight to the junior race area.

 photo c9f7e2f0-76c4-4205-925c-061e3552b535_zps2gmfm5vt.jpg
Little Spartans!

Jazz and Jare were registered in the same race slot, mixed 5 to 10 years old, 1km race. Parents may run in the race lane with your child if he is between 5 to 7 years old. So yeap, I was official allowed in race lane. Be around the start point 15 minutes before race time. If you miss your race time, no worries, the kind organisers will put your child on the next race.

So here's what Js did during their 1km adventure obstacle, as much as I can remember, in chronological order. There were a total of 11 obstacles for the kids to hurdle through, but apparently, they did more. It looked like they did a discourse and followed whatever the herd did. No complains because it was fun! Some were height challenging and some were strength challenging.

 photo 6339371d-9d66-4f96-9373-8aac9378c41a_zpstfrqanxe.jpg

Get up and slide or jump down. Easy!

 photo 54f7a4bc-4067-47b9-b6f8-b5968ade0913_zpshixo48dm.jpg

This bag weighed quite a load! We spotted how different kids use various methods to carry their bag. Some dragged, some did it over their shoulders and some cradled it. Whatever that worked, was a good idea! All they had needed to do was to carry it across a short distance, deposit it and run to the next station.

 photo 41c4b186-d7bb-4c2a-8945-bf8e81bd8289_zpsuun8wqqq.jpg

Another short distance of putting their whole self into the gunny sack and hop. Her smile tells that it was all fun.

 photo 595e73e7-8ec0-4484-91b3-c30ce35a735d_zps7et4ffko.jpg

4. OUT
Leap over an approximately 1m high barrier. An easy peasy task for Jare, who has the moves of a monkey in him.

 photo a58e959d-19d2-4089-b80c-8d47c82525fa_zps606fq7pr.jpg

Crawl through the yellow tunnel, go up and down that high A frame. This is a big challenge on height! I'm not sure about the kids, but I will definitely get shaky legs up there.

 photo c42af9b7-7b77-454c-87d1-a1ec05fe7d16_zpsyobthh2p.jpg 

 photo debfc596-fc38-4fa7-b12f-0e6a0dec9dca_zpspx6x04vu.jpg 

Another station for the test of strength. This was tough, so said the kids!

 photo ca252c79-f6da-48b3-8630-e99946fa987e_zpslbactnx9.jpg

All they had need to do was to crawl, duck, roll or maneuver in whatever manner that gets them across without standing higher than the cord.

 photo 1183b075-3ce8-4848-a5ae-ffceaeb47034_zpsat1nedqn.jpg 

A test of how fast those little feet can react.

 photo 08ce322f-033e-4d09-996f-9c50cb8af314_zpsgim0dzdw.jpg

This was really easy. A well thought station for little ones to catch their breath. Simply throw the spear and aim that Spartan.

 photo b5c2e19e-292f-4534-8cb1-762420d1a287_zpsqdh6sbm5.jpg

The tire is heavy! And when you can't do it alone, you do the teamwork. Get help from a friend. You go, Girls! 

 photo f038d47b-f1ee-4033-b7b0-27abfe67d074_zpsnytiwzxz.jpg

This is where they put their trust in that rope.

 photo bea5826b-759a-4fe6-87ff-48765a5f76e1_zpss2sss9tk.jpg

12. 4FT WALL
Invent your own way of getting over! 

 photo dcc17229-f9b3-453f-8806-e211d930641b_zpsaeni9hob.jpg

Crawl like a caterpillar under the black sheet, and emerge gloriously like a butterfly!

 photo b00867ce-0662-4d4d-ab45-5f486f3ab79a_zpskw0jzbdt.jpg

That's where they see the finishing line with medal awaiting for them!

 photo 7c3dc9ea-521a-4f70-914e-84f72ca286dc_zpsixkvbueu.jpg

These were more or less what the kids did. I may have gotten some station names wrong, but I did my best in matching the closest.

Are these too looking easy or tough for your child? It was our first time attempt and we thought it was a very good experience for the kids. It wasn't a mere race on the different levels of challenges, but a race of perseverance and endurance. A race about an attitude that determines where the finish line is.

Js are not exactly outdoor individuals, and I thought it was very commendable that they completed the race. I saw determination in every step they took! Giving up can be a choice, but I'm glad no one did. Though I witnessed some very young kids wanting to give up at various stations, I was heartened to watched them running on, as their families and friends cheered on them. The power of encouragement is real! 

Spartan race is series of obstacles, it is a race of its kind. It mimics the obstacles we face in real life and we learn to conquer them with confidence like whatever life throws in our way.  It is not about a competition or taking it too seriously. It is an opportunity to teach our kids the valuable traits of determination and perseverance. It is not the outcome of the race, but how it was played.

 photo c0b8cb1d-ba1e-45fa-9c86-98c66ceb77db_zpskwuyatz1.jpg

It was a race well fought for us! They were extremely happy to bag home a medal each. The medal which tells a series of success and marks a memorable event. I've honestly never seen Js sink their clean knees and hands in mud. I mean how often will we want to be this closely associated with mud?! All these only in the name of Spartan.

Our princess and prince turned warriors!

Here are some tips if you are new to the race:
  1. Don't take too long to register your race slots. Good time slots get sell out fast!
  2. Long bottoms are good. There's at least a layer of protection against scrapes and scratches.
  3. Use shoes that's not on the child's favourite list. There's a high chance of un-washable dirt.
  4. Slap on good amount of sunscreen.
  5. Bring new set of clothes for change after race.
  6. Load up a good breakfast and stay hydrated. 
  7. Arrive early at venue. Parking may be at a distance and walking takes time.
  8. Take part with friends! It makes the race more enjoyable.
  9. Wear covered shoes, even if you are just the photographer. Untrimmed grass blades and short wild plants can cut.
  10. Get your child to wear bright bottom or bright shoes. Makes it easy to spot if you lose sight of your child. That explained Jare in orange shorts!
  11. Since this was organised by Mediacorp, look out for celebrities. We spotted Unlce Ben. We were Star struck! 

     photo 4bb429d5-9f57-4460-852a-ba19af8504be_zpsfg7j5w5k.jpg

    And Yes! We will want to do it again next year. Get your child in too, Aroo! Aroo is a calling for the crowds and the Spartans to work themselves up! It is to be used liberally at the race.

    Disclaimer: Race slots were given for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photos are solely ours.  

    Friday, 12 May 2017

    Wonderland [GIVEAWAY]

    “Just a little further” said Alice to the herself as she plunged deeper into the depths of the cake. “How is it that it never ends? And how will I ever find the plate? By this time the Mad Hatter had arrived to see a pair of legs sticking out of a very large cake.

    Welcome to Wonderland, where the gobbledygook never ends! Join Alice and friends as they invite the Queen of Hearts to tea and learn that it is completely acceptable to be yourself.

    Andsoforth Junior presents "Wonderland", a children's play based off Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

    This play teaches children the importance of friendship and personality. Personality is important as it distinguishes him/her from other individuals and inspires others to follow him/her as a leader.

    This 45 minutes interactive show is a play, first of its kind. Instead of watching a stage from afar, children will be seated around the casts, with characters engaging and interacting with them. This creates a unique and exciting setting that engrosses the children in the set of Wonderland, where they will see the storybook come to life and, at the same time, be part of the story!

    We have no idea what to be expecting, as it's our first time with Andsoforth. We are very much looking forward to it, and here's a video peek that got us even more excited! 


    Looking good?! Get your tickets soon, as tickets are selling fast! This show is suitable for children aged 2 to 12. There will not be any meals served this time, but we may check out their Queen's cafe for munchies after the show.

    1st to 3rd June
    8th to 9th June
    11am, 2pm and 4pm
    16D Lorong Ampas (GS Building)
    A site specific warehouse transformed for interactive, immersive theater.
    Ticket Price: $28
    Get tickets here!

    Heap Thanks to Andsoforth, we have 1 pair of Wonderland tickets for giveaway to 1 lucky reader! The winning tickets are to the show on 01 June, 4pm. To participate, simply:
    1. Like Andsoforth on Facebook
    2. Like Mum's Calling on Facebook
    3. Tag 3 or more friends on the comment section of this post, whom you think will be keen in this play!

    Giveaway closes on 19 May 2017, 2359hrs. 

    Terms and Conditions:
    • Winners will be picked by
    • Winners will be announced on Facebook and this blog post
    • Winners will have 24 hours to respond, failing which a new winner will be drawn
    • Date and Time of show is firm
    • All incomplete entries will be disqualified. 
    • All entries will be verified before the winners are announced 
    • To be fair to our sponsors, social media accounts set up purely to take part in contests will be deemed ineligible to win.
    • Giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Facebook or Instagram.