Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Halloween Family Night Out

Join the biggest family friendly Halloween event this October and November 2017 at KidZania Singapore!! 

We always get a tad excited when we hear of Family Friendly Halloween event. Friendly is the key word. And yes! Trick or treat fun is coming up on:

Dates: 27, 28 Oct, 3, 4, 5 Nov 2017
Time: 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Venue: KidZania @ Sentosa
Tickets: $45 (Adult / Child)

Here's what to expect on FUN:

It will be a night out filled with loads of activities that are children safe, entertaining, fun and full of free candies!

Take part in Interactive game, Vampi the Vampire's Candy Forest Hunt, go Under the Sea or Into The Volcano for immersive storytelling experiences, knock on spooky doors to Trick or Treat and Search for the buried treasures of  Magic Mummy. There are also carnival games (additional cost), spooky snack-bites (addtional cost), 4 magic shows and mysterious bubble shows throughout the night, and not forgetting attractive prizes that await the top 3 families in the best dressed costumes!

Tip: Costume rental ideas can be found at My Mini-Me. Quote 'MUM'S CALLING' upon order for a $5 discount per costume. 

We know, it is looking very much immense with fun! Get your tickets here. 28 Oct is already sold out, so hurry! Each purchased ticket is entitled to a GOODIE BAG which includes a limited edition trick or treat popcorn bucket, a halloweenFNO Cape and the secret treasure map of magic mummy! Children below 2 enter free, but not entitled to goodie bag.   

Halloween Fun Pack Collection has to be pre-collected:
Location: Plaza Singapura
Time: 11am - 8pm
More information at here

Looking forward to the Friendly Halloween FUN!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Pigmentation Lightening with Dr Calvin Chan

Since junior days, freckles and pigmentation have found their places on my face. I was a rather outdoor person and had never really bother too much about skin care. It could also be my genetic misfortune that I became an easy victim for pigmentation. Sunscreen was never in my routine until I discovered vanity, which was probably in my early twenties. By then, pigmentation has invaded quite a bit and it became so annoying especially after embracing Motherhood. Having gone through 3 pregnancies and riding on hormonal changes, I greeted even more pigmentation.

Youth is gone and beauty is passing. No more waiting game, I was determined to rid them. I embarked on a couple of laser toning sessions with Dr Chan at Dr Calvin Chan Aesthetic and Laser Clinic to lighten them. Laser was my first choice of treatment for it being quick and effective. It does take a couple of sessions to clear them almost completely, even though it was significantly lightened after the first session.

Before on left and After on right

Laser-ing may not be a permanent solution and it can make a come back if you do not stay rigorous in your skin protection regime, especially during and after pregnancy. That's a big part of reason on why I chose to act upon it only after I'm done with childbirths.

My first session was IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), followed by Medlite (Q-switched Nd:YAG laser) 4 weeks later. Dr Chan recommended 10 sessions of treatment to lighten my pigmentation. Though I'm no where near the 10th, I must testify that I am already very much impressed and satisfied with the results this far. IPL may be more for diffused spots while Medlite seems more for targeted spots. I must have given him a hard time with my very diffused spots. 

Having said that, different faces require a tailored treatment plan. You do need to swing into his clinic for a Free consultation on the best treatment plan.

Photo credit: Dr Calvin Chan Aesthetic and Laser clinic

Before every session, a photo of your front and side profiles will be taken for results comparison. It is a good track of the treatment progression. IPL is done by Dr Chan's clinic assistant and Medlite is done by Dr Chan personally. Medlite is an FDA approved procedure for skin rejuvenation that does not thin your skin. It offers a no-downtime option to treat problems like active breakouts, acne scarring, oily skin, large pores, fine wrinkles and pigmentation. I love the many overlapping problems it covers for my face. Medlite works by delivering thermal energy into the skin and breaks down the pigments into mini-pigments, which is absorbed by the skin, and then destroyed by the body’s lymphatic system. 

In short it is one clinically safe procedure to go through with no side effects.

The procedure is rather swift, about 15 minutes. The laser energy feels like many tiny hot dots on your skin, similar to the discomfort of rubberband snaps at each spot. It is however very tolerable. I opted to do it without numbing cream just so I can relate my experience here. Heh. Alright, I teared a little. Numbing cream can be opted for a charge of $20 and applied 30 minutes before the procedure. If not, it really is tolerable. The pain is reduced by a stream of cold air directed at the spots during the procedure.

Procedure of Medlite

After the Medlite procedure, my face felt burning and there was some red flush on my face, seemingly like mossie bites. It went off within an hour. Subsequently, the spots darken to become crust-like scabs, and the best part was witnessing these scabs fall off within the next 3 to 5 days. Pigments get lighter! It is therefore wiser to schedule a major date or function 5 days after your treatment. Where your face glows and probably presents its best.

If you have very diffused pigmentation like mine, the initial days after treatment may not look appealing with darkened scabs sitting significantly. It is most crucial that you continue your skin protection routine faithfully and stay away from the sun. Gear up with hats, umbrella and sunscreen wherever you go. I know, it's tough to avoid the outdoor when you have kids. I do school runs with hats, shades and even a cardigan to protect my arms. It's crazy how pigments get onto my arms too!

All geared up!

I am loving my skin and embracing my identity with more confidence. Motherhood is never an end to looking good.

And the best part about walking into an aesthetic clinics is that they do not hard sell like beauty salons, you are at ease of having full trust in the hands of a professional doctor. No frills. Dr Chan has been in the practice of aesthetic medicine since 2002. That's a whopping 15 years of experience! I say experience counts when it comes to the essence of face!

501 Orchard Rd #05-11
Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880 

Telephone: +65 6732 4981 
After Hours: +65 9456 7113 
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 10am - 9pm 
Saturday: 9am to 4pm 

Dr Chan has no consultation charges. Mark your appointment soon!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Sensory Play Ideas - Week 1

The littlest in our family is turning 18 months old next month. He is now extremely exploitative and always wanting to be engaged. As much as I can, I'll challenge myself weekly, to keep up with his growth, engaging him in sensory activities that taps on his basic senses of sight, smell, touch, hear and taste.

Sensory play is one activity that stimulates a child's most familiar and basic ways to explore and perceive new information. Here are 5 sensory play ideas we did in a week, sparing Saturday and Sunday, as they are good days to venture outdoor.

1. Colour cubes
Freeze coloured watered to make coloured ice cubes! Use them for play and drawing. Juboy loves that coldness and masterpiece he got from those cubes.

Items need:
  • ice cube tray
  • food colouring
  • drawing paper
  • water 
Various colours of cubes

Drawing on paper

2. Webbed basket
After emptying his laundry basket, web it with yarn and put some of your child's toys in for him to navigate out. He will choose either patience or frustration while trying to retrieve them. I witnessed a mix of both emotions.

Items needed:
  • Toys of various sizes
  • Basket with holes for webbing
  • Yarn

Various sizes of toys

Trying to get his toy out

3. Squishy Bag
This squishy bag is really easy fun for write and erase. We wrote letters and did shapes on it. You may even put small toys in it! Mix the flour, water and drops of colouring together. Pour it into the zip lock and seal tight. 

You may use your finger or a cotton bud to do writing on it. 

Items needed:
  • Small square zip lock bag
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 3 tbsp water
  • colouring

Letter learning

Printing shapes on it

4. Ball into Box 
Use a small box and cut out some circles, good enough size for your ball to pop in. I manged to cut three circles out of my box.

Items needed:
  • Small box
  • ball
  • penknife/scisscors 
  • Tape for sealing the box

This is so fun that even the older kids joined in for play. They stood from a distance and challenged themselves to aim the ball in.  

Aim the ball in

5. Finger a line
Draw coloured lines and prepare colour paint matching those lines. I guided Juboy to finger paint the  colours on the respective coloured line. Which eventually, he decided to paint everywhere and anywhere. Even on the floor!

Whichever way, as long as they are having fun with colours.

Items needed:
  • Colour paint
  • Colour markers
  • Palette
  • Drawing paper

Finger painting on line

Red on red, green on green and blue on blue

I sure took a long break from such sensory activities. It is so wonderful to be starting school with the youngest of the family. Sensory play opportunities are great for teaching and guiding a child's learning journey! It is true when we say kids learn most from play.

Aiming to share another week of sensory fun!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

POSB Smart Buddy

Going cashless isn't very much new in our century, but moving swiftly to the different and new modes of payments is one we need to quickly comprehend. Considering our Smart Nation push, more ideas will come.  

Being a parent, what are your thoughts when you read of primary school pupils using smart watches to manage their spending? Very honestly, I didn't digest the idea well when I first hear of it. What is happening to the opportunities of being able to count physical cash?!! 

The Smart Buddy Programme is an initiative by POSB. It is the world’s first in-school savings and payments wearable on your child’s wrist. It allows your child tap to pay in school and at selected merchants (Popular, KFC, Pizzahut, Sheng Shiong etc.), check on balances, and track fitness levels (health steps and calories counter). All with a tap on the terminal or a simple push of a button.

Smart Buddy

Paired with a mobile app, parents can instantly allocate allowances, check on savings or spending, and be informed of your child’s whereabouts with the bus tracker and in-school locator feature. You will know what they had for lunch - tuckshop or bookshop! It is linked to the parent's bank account with a one time set up of daily allowance up to $100. You may reduce daily limit accordingly. It's $2 daily for Jazz. And no, there's no overdraft, what you limit is what your child gets to spend daily. Being able to set allowance up to a week reduces the probability of forgetting to give allowances. 

Weekly allowance

It is also a good track of their monthly spending and savings. If your child has an ePOSBKids account, you may also opt to auto transfer the savings in.

Monthly tracking

While some schools have already embarked on this programme, some are more hesistant. When I received the invitation to know more about this programme, I was hesitant about turning up even though there was much curiosity within. I was firmed that doing the physical practice of counting cash daily is a good virtue. But I knew, it's just a matter of time how this programme will eventually kick in to all schools. Smart Nation, remember. Regardless of little and big citizens.

For trial only. 1 cent trade is extinct!

So yes, I attended. And what spurred my attendance to it? That very week, Jazz recounted her incident of not having enough money for lunch during her CCA day. A kind friend had to loan her 70 cents. I queried and ensured she had the correct amount of allowance. She then related that she walked off without her change during recess! Her food was $1.50 and she gave the stall aunty $5. That was an additional $3.50 that went into blessing the store aunty. 

I did think deep and wondered why didn't aunty call out or attempt to locate her? Oh well, it's her carelessness to begin with. And ahem, she is always so overwhelmed by food that it was her third incident of walking off without change! I'm losing quite some money at the expense of her forgetfulness. Staying positive, such forgetfulness does happen to adults at times too. 

I was then more convinced that it isn't too bad for kids to move on and tap on technology for the ease of convenience and reduced hiccups. There will always be other opportunities for money counting. Play monopoly more often! 

If your child's school is not one of the participating schools, you may send your principal a kind request with his/her email found here. And I think the best part about this programme is that, it works on an opt-in basis. There's no obligation or pressure to participate at all. If your school is participating and you chose to opt in, the smart buddy will be issued to every participating child Free. Or if not, it may be a good idea to start with the older level kids, like P2 onward. Just so the P1s have got some feel and sense of physical payout in their first school year.

I do think this is one system that will give our kids longer recess time due to shorter queue time. No money sorting, simply tap and go!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

OmieBox by Grouphunt

Together is better than alone. A quote highly applicable and true when it comes to shopping! When buyers come together with a big quantity of purchase, there is power in negotiation. Buyers pay lesser and sellers make more sales. It is a win-win for both. 

It will never be alone when you need buying power. Gathering interests and buyers can be done through Grouphunt. Grouphunt is Singapore's largest group buying platform for enthusiasts. Everyday, the community comes together to discover, discuss and buy the latest products with the belief that buying together is better than buying alone. Every product within is suggested, created and chosen by their enthusiast communities. A browse through it and you will know that they are some interesting and cool products around. Not the usual ones you see in our local shelves.

It has a simple mechanism. If you have a product that you love and would like to hunt it below the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), you may start and share the hunt with friends who are high likely to support that product too. Once that product reaches 25 requests, the buying team enters negotiations by calling manufacturers to negotiate on behalf of the group.

Image credit: Grouphunt

Once negotiations are complete, the Hunt is made LIVE, and you may make your PURCHASE. Payment is captured immediately so just sit back and wait for the item to arrive. Occasionally, there are also hunts with multiple tiers. More orders equals lower prices for everyone! So get sharing even after you have made your order!

To sum, it really is easy! Simply:
1. start a hunt with your product url
2. Gather interest by sharing with your friends
3. Grouphunt negotiates
4. Deal goes live!

If the live hunt doesn't go through, you get your money back and the hunt goes back interest gathering mode. Don't give up! 

Treasure hunted
Heap Thanks to a parent who had previously started a hunt for OmieBox, that I was able to get hold of one. The hunt is already on its second run and currently collecting pre-orders for the next 2 weeks. Grouphunt would usually order a few extra units to make up for case sizes, or to account for lost shipments, missed payments, or late cancellations. They make these products available to us through the Grouphunt Marketplace. All products found in the Marketplace will have no minimum group size, and will be shipped out the next day. So if you have just missed out on a hunt, or would rather not wait to receive a product, the Marketplace is for you.

OmieBox in Pink!

I was on a search for lunchboxes for Jazz, and a friend showed me an OmieBox, I was sold! I love it and I knew it was something I had been searching for. Js love soupy food and this was perfect to combine both wet and dry food, cold and warm in a single box. Only thing, it is bulky and may not be very ideal for school go. I used it most for Jazz's lunches in the car. Judge me not. I just feel that we are spending too much idling time while joining the car line to exit her school's carpark. It is definitely some good use of time settling lunch in car with home cooked food. 

Pasta again!

The box is working well this far with no leak. The lid is extremely kid friendly and easy to open. Best part Mums love is that the insulated container, which looks like a potential place to breed mold is extremely easy to wash and clean. The connecting parts of it are all removable! It may also be totally removed if you prefer to use the space for food that doesn't need to keep warm. A winning lunchbox, isn't it?!!

So here's a deal on how you can get one. Grouphunt has started live hunt for OmieBox here, where all lovely readers will be given a $5 credit upon sign up via the same link. The box is running live and taking in orders (for 2 weeks) at $62.90. After the $5 credit, you may get hold of it at $57.90. It gets auto deducted upon payment. You are most welcome!

Lovely choice of colours! Image credit: Grouphunt

Plonk in your order now! And get more friends who genuinely want this lunchbox to plonk in their love too.

Kids' meals just got more exciting!

Disclaimer: A pink OmieBox was given for the purpose of this sharing.