Thursday, 21 September 2017

OmieBox by Grouphunt

Together is better than alone. A quote highly applicable and true when it comes to shopping! When buyers come together with a big quantity of purchase, there is power in negotiation. Buyers pay lesser and sellers make more sales. It is a win-win for both. 

It will never be alone when you need buying power. Gathering interests and buyers can be done through Grouphunt. Grouphunt is Singapore's largest group buying platform for enthusiasts. Everyday, the community comes together to discover, discuss and buy the latest products with the belief that buying together is better than buying alone. Every product within is suggested, created and chosen by their enthusiast communities. A browse through it and you will know that they are some interesting and cool products around. Not the usual ones you see in our local shelves.

It has a simple mechanism. If you have a product that you love and would like to hunt it below the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), you may start and share the hunt with friends who are high likely to support that product too. Once that product reaches 25 requests, the buying team enters negotiations by calling manufacturers to negotiate on behalf of the group.

Image credit: Grouphunt

Once negotiations are complete, the Hunt is made LIVE, and you may make your PURCHASE. Payment is captured immediately so just sit back and wait for the item to arrive. Occasionally, there are also hunts with multiple tiers. More orders equals lower prices for everyone! So get sharing even after you have made your order!

To sum, it really is easy! Simply:
1. start a hunt with your product url
2. Gather interest by sharing with your friends
3. Grouphunt negotiates
4. Deal goes live!

If the live hunt doesn't go through, you get your money back and the hunt goes back interest gathering mode. Don't give up! 

Treasure hunted
Heap Thanks to a parent who had previously started a hunt for OmieBox, that I was able to get hold of one. The hunt is already on its second run and currently collecting pre-orders for the next 2 weeks. Grouphunt would usually order a few extra units to make up for case sizes, or to account for lost shipments, missed payments, or late cancellations. They make these products available to us through the Grouphunt Marketplace. All products found in the Marketplace will have no minimum group size, and will be shipped out the next day. So if you have just missed out on a hunt, or would rather not wait to receive a product, the Marketplace is for you.

OmieBox in Pink!

I was on a search for lunchboxes for Jazz, and a friend showed me an OmieBox, I was sold! I love it and I knew it was something I had been searching for. Js love soupy food and this was perfect to combine both wet and dry food, cold and warm in a single box. Only thing, it is bulky and may not be very ideal for school go. I used it most for Jazz's lunches in the car. Judge me not. I just feel that we are spending too much idling time while joining the car line to exit her school's carpark. It is definitely some good use of time settling lunch in car with home cooked food. 

Pasta again!

The box is working well this far with no leak. The lid is extremely kid friendly and easy to open. Best part Mums love is that the insulated container, which looks like a potential place to breed mold is extremely easy to wash and clean. The connecting parts of it are all removable! It may also be totally removed if you prefer to use the space for food that doesn't need to keep warm. A winning lunchbox, isn't it?!!

So here's a deal on how you can get one. Grouphunt has started live hunt for OmieBox here, where all lovely readers will be given a $5 credit upon sign up via the same link. The box is running live and taking in orders (for 2 weeks) at $62.90. After the $5 credit, you may get hold of it at $57.90. It gets auto deducted upon payment. You are most welcome!

Lovely choice of colours! Image credit: Grouphunt

Plonk in your order now! And get more friends who genuinely want this lunchbox to plonk in their love too.

Kids' meals just got more exciting!

Disclaimer: A pink OmieBox was given for the purpose of this sharing.

Monday, 18 September 2017

West Side Story [Review]

Inspired by William Shakespeare's tragic love story Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story is about a girl, a boy, two rival gangs and one fatal love affair that concluded from the crossed battle feud. Set in 1950s at New York, it spoke about race relations in the olden times of America, with their trying effort to make peace with governed aid. Between the two ethnic gangs - Americans and PR (originally written as Jets and Sharks), Tony and Maria sparked love which was not accepted by the people around them.

The opening scene was introduced with a high energy dance by both gangs on street where audiences were led on to witness the rivalry between two teenage street gangs as Tony and Maria found themselves caught on opposite sides of this dangerous turf war. The initial scenes were a little more slow moving as it led us into the main of the story. Scenes after intermission were more forward looking where the tragedy unfolds. It was a good hold to our suspense.

Some parts were made real with conversations in Spanish.
This easy to enjoy musical adapted from Arthur Laurents' book is directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins. It has cleverly weaved drama, music, songs and dance into a timeless classic musical on stage. The crisp clear and high pitched vocals partnered with intended dance moves were simply astounding. It was rhythmic beauty on stage! If you love the classic and nostalgic, you will find familiar songs like Maria, Tonight, Somewhere, America and I Feel Pretty. 

Is feud and hatred ever over? Only after a tragedy, when Tony breathed his final breath. Both gangs assembled next to his body, indicating an end. Next scene was followed by both gangs dancing in white, which very much indicated peace and unison.

This musical is a good catch for couple date night, but may not be appropriate for children as there are mature content and scenes. We did enjoy our night treat, without kids.

Night out with the man

Great catching fellow Mums!

The musical is about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Get tickets from sistic.
Show details
Wed, 13 - Sat, 30 Sep 2017
Tue - Fri: 8pm
Sat (23 Sep): 2pm and 8pm
Sun: 1pm and 6pm
Venue: Grand Theatre
Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)
VIP Reserve : S$185
A Reserve : S$155
B Reserve : S$135
C Reserve : S$105
D Reserve : S$85
E Reserve : S$55
VIP Box (For 4 seats): S$740

Disclaimer: A pair of tickets were given the purpose of this review. 

Friday, 8 September 2017

Friday Book Feature 2: Fortunately, The Milk

Had my co-writer in again! Jazz did up her second book review.  

My Book Review

The book I would like to recommend is Fortunately, The milk. This wonderful story is about a father who went out to buy some milk, because his children ran out if it. When coming back with the milk, he encountered a dangerous, yet adventurous journey. He almost got eaten by vampires and almost got sacrificed to a volcano god. He was kidnapped by aliens and met some pirates. The pirates asked him to walk a plank, where there were piranhas and sharks circling in the water. He also time travelled back with his newly found friend, a professor stegosaurus.

I enjoyed following his journey in meeting pirates, aliens, vampires and dinosaurs. Come join him as he saves the world from being redecorated by aliens! I bet you want to know how the aliens redecorate the world. Well, the aliens plan to change the landmark of the world by replacing with a picture of the landmark on a plate. He managed to save the world and tell this story to his children, but his children did not believe him.

I think this book is very special not only for its content, but because of its title. It is inspired by something simple, that is milk. Do read this book! It is creative and fun!

This book was written by Neil Gaiman. Illustrated by Skottie Young.

Amazon has it at  USD 5.60
Book Depository has it at SGD 7.41
Popular online has it at  SGD 8.45
Prices are for paperback copies
National Library Board, call number: English GAI

You may also read about my other book review here:
Friday Book Feature 1: World's Worst Children 1 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Paying for water at restaurants, would you?

Do you have a concern paying for drinking water when dining at restaurants or cafes? I find it a disturbing trend.

It is almost ubiquitous for restaurants to charge customers drinking water. And most times, they serve water from tap which doesn't quite make sense to me. Maybe it makes a little more sense now due to the water hike.

When restaurants don't serve or charge for water, I deem them as being unfriendly to our little diners and elderly grandparents who do prefer a healthier drink option. How inconvenient is it to serve water in a restaurant, one that taxes and imposes service charge especially?

For this, I'm quite certain the number of non-water option have risen among diners. Did we just hear about a healthier drink option at the National Day Rally?

Recently, I was out lunching with Jazz when it was one of the rare incident that we left our water bottle home. We requested for water and was turned down. I was so dumbfounded that I didn't bother asking if there was even an option to purchase bottled water. If there are options, I am not inclined to purchasing bottled water. It's totally environmental unfriendly. So then, when I requested for a cup of ice, they gave! On a wise note, we can simply wait for the ice to melt at the expense of hoarding onto their seats. That was however not my intention. I had Juboy's hot water in a vacuum flask and I thought I could cool it with ice for Jazz.

Water is the best and healthiest option, isn't it? That's what Health Promotion Board tells us! Alright, I know I'm sounding sore and whiny, but I just can't make sense out of this, especially when:
  1. I have ordered a good spread of food and will be paying for my fancy drink. I just need water for the kids.
  2. food is overly dry that I need water to wash it down my throat. In case I create a choking saga at the restaurant. Which means, food is bad tasting! 
  3.  our tap water, which is also our pride, is safe for drinking.
  4.  served water is not boiled or filtered, but off the tap.
  5. I need to help the planet by not purchasing bottled water.
  6. we want to promote healthy drink choice among the kids.
  7. service charge is levied.
  8. food is msg laden,
  9. overly spicy and
  10. overly sweet
Yes, 10 solid reasons that consumers should not pay for water when dining at restaurants.

FOC Iced Water. Menu from Sinpopo

It is embarrassing that charging water or choosing not to serve water has become a dominant trend. How did our cost of living get this calculative?!! With that ability to set up cafes, restaurants and even mega chain of restaurants, what is the cost of serving water from Public Utilities Board? If I can request for additional plates and cutlery without the restaurant being mindful about the cost of washing them, why not serving water? It's probably about the same amount of water used to wash another plate.

Coming to dessert joints, it is absolutely unkind that water comes at a cost. How often have you encountered being desperately in thirst after sinking your teeth into sweet tasting dessert? Water should be freely available! And I've one kind soul in mind. Kudos to Udders who offers free flow water from its cooler and even with tissues available conveniently! Though it's self help, it's highly appreciated. Shall leave you the brain work of listing the misers.

I cope being a whiner by bringing our water along for meals. There are just some days when our water runs dry after a long day out. So yes, I do give in to purchasing water. Most importantly, I want to advocate the kids that water is always the best option.

Dear Consumer Association of Singapore, I think this is worth a serious thought. Even though Singaporeans love eating out, our interest and trade should be considerately protected.

And since I am on this, may I add that food or items that require a charge shouldn't be left on consumer's table for double guess if they are complimentary or not. Talking about nuts, crackers and wet towels that you have to reject upfront, if not it goes into the bill. Automatically. Such can be a rude shock to tourists.

To the minority of restaurants with that gesture of serving free flow water, Thank You for breeding such good will among customers. Much is appreciated from families with kids and elderly.

But seriously, can we impose some regulation on this? Like if you want to run a restaurant or cafe with service charge, especially if selling alcohol, serve complimentary drinking water!

Friday, 18 August 2017

Friday Book Feature 1: The World's Worst Children

It has been a bugging thought to ask if Jazz would like to recommend and review books that made it into her favourite list. She reads a wide range of books. More than me. I am glad that she agreed to do a recommendation, and I am more than happy to share this online space with her love for books! So here's her first post of book review. All on her own, with very minor editing from Mummy. In case you start wondering on the grammar, structure and flow. Good effort from an eight year old, I thought.


The book I would like to recommend is 'The World's Worst Children.' This book tells the tales of the world's 10 worst children. The author is David Walliams. I am a big fan of his books.

The first child in this book is Dribbling Drew, a boy who dribbles drool. He causes disaster wherever he goes. On an adventure in the Natural History Museum, he fell asleep and created a sea of drool. He loves sleeping so much that he had heavy consequence of not being able to sleep for the next 10 years.

The next story is Bertha The Blubberer. Anything and everything would set her off. Bertha has a brother called William. She hated him the moment he was born. One day she had a wonderful idea, she would cry and cry and blame it all on her brother. She is a very dishonest girl. A lie will always be found out, and she got an extremely bad punishment. 

The third story we have, Nigel Nit-Boy. Nigel loved nits. What is so interesting is that this ordinary boy became the most evil villain who causes trouble wherever he goes, stealing toy and spelling rude words. In the end he was over. Now he is a new super villain. 

Fourth, we have Miss Petula Perpetual-motion. This is a story of a girl who could not stay still. She creates pandemonium wherever she goes. She goes to a posh boarding school, Modesty Place. On a trip to a porcelain museum, Petual got the head mistress into a lot of trouble. This always manage to get away. 

The fifth next revolting child is Peter Picker. He picks his nose to find snot. He wants to make it into the world's record of the biggest bogey, his gigantic ball of snot causes mayhem all around the globe. His giant ball breaks free and rolls around the globe with various land marks including Buckingham Palace, exposing Her Majesty The Queen sitting on the loo! The queen ordered her guards to fire at the giant ball of snot. Everyone returned to their normal places except one small boy.

Peter Picker Booger

Our sixth child is Grubby Gertrude, this girl loves being dirty if you entered her room you would see a rubbish dump. Her mother is a very clean and neat lady who wanted to clean up her room, but failed. Some thing had broken her vacuum cleaner, which in the end, that thing ate Gertrude up. 

Seventh, we have a really clever boy, Brian Wong who was never ever wrong. Wong feared that one day he might be proven wrong. His Math teacher was telling the class that nobody can count to infinity and Wong thinks that it can be done. He didn't want to be proven wrong, so he kept counting and forgot about his family and friends.

Eighth, Windy Mindy. She discovered she could break wind and had a list of things that would make her bottom burp. She is a very mischievous child. One day she discovered a new talent, she could use her wind to play the tuba. While playing at a concert at The Royal Albert Hall, it accidentally sent mindy flying into space.Never to be seen again.

Playing the Tuba

Ninth, we have Earnest Ernest. Ernest had made it to twelve years without cracking a smile. He had super boring hobbies such as collecting pencil, sharpeners and photographing traffic lights. His favourite hobby was guessing what type of metal objects were made of. His clothes and everything was grey as it was the colour of metal. His diet is cold peas. His mother brought him to see a professor. They succeeded in getting Ernest smile, but he laughed at the misfortune of others. 

Last but not least, we have Sofia Sofa. This girl glued to the TV. She would watch it no matter what was on. For watching it everyday, she soon became wedged with the sofa. She is now a half girl half sofa and half TV.

If you enjoyed this introduction, you should read this book! Followed by 'The World's Worst Children 2!'

Amazon doesn't offer free shipping for this book
Book Depository offers it at $19.12 (Free delivery worldwide)
Popular online at $34.36
National Library Board, Call number: English WAL