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Deer Placenta

Like placenta from other mammals, is the organ that develops during pregnancy to provide oxygen and nutrients to the growing fetus and remove waste products. It is expelled from the mother's body after birth. In some cultures, particularly in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and alternative health practices, deer placenta has been used for various purposes, including its purported medicinal benefits. 

Interestingly enough, deer placenta has become a delicacy that most people want to try out. But the real question is, why? The deer placenta is coupled with several health benefits, making it a craved nutrient. Some benefits include:

1. Nutrient Content: Deer placenta contains various nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which could potentially provide nutritional support.

2. Hormonal Support: Some proponents claim that deer placenta may help balance hormones, particularly in women, which could potentially aid in reproductive health and menopausal symptoms.

3. Skin Health: Some cosmetic products incorporate deer placenta extract, suggesting benefits for skin health, such as reducing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, and promoting a more youthful appearance.

4. Immune Support: There are claims that deer placenta might support the immune system.

5. Anti-aging Properties: Similar to claims about skin health, some proponents suggest that deer placenta may have anti-aging properties, potentially due to its purported ability to promote cell regeneration and repair.

6. General Health and Vitality: Advocates of deer placenta claim that it can enhance overall health and vitality, potentially improving energy levels and reducing fatigue.


Deer Placenta

Look out for this Deer Placenta Prestige, placenta of deer when you buy supplements online at Nano Singapore. Other than deer placenta extract, it comes with

1. Grape Seed Extract
An antioxidant powerhouse, Grape Seed Extract is the guardian of your natural beauty. 

Protective Antioxidant: Helps defend against environmental stressors that affect skin health. 
Youthful Radiance: Supports the maintenance of skin elasticity and vibrancy.
Circulatory Ally: Promotes healthy blood flow, essential for energized and vibrant living.
2. Vitamin C
The quintessential supporter of immune and skin health, Vitamin Cis a cornerstone of vitality.

Immune Optimizer: Essential for a robust immune response, keeping you resilient

Collagen Companion: Plays a pivotal role in collagen synthesis for supple, youthful skin

Antioxidant Proficiency: Offers protection against oxidative stress, enhancing skin and overall health


3. Vitamin B2

A catalyst for energy, Vitamin B2 is the spark that ignites your inner vitality

Energy Metabolism: Crucial for breaking down nutrients into energy, fueling your day

Skin Nourishment: Contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin, complementing its natural radiance

Cellular Function: Supports cellular energy production, vital for overall health and vigor



The mineral that maintains your body's perfect balance, Potassium is essential for holistic well-being

Electrolyte Balance: Helps regulate fluid balance, a key factor in cellular function and health

Muscle Function: Supports normal muscle function, crucial for daily activity and energy

Heart Health Ally: Plays a role in maintaining a healthy heart rhythm, supporting your active lifestyle

So, would you try deer placenta? I gave it a go!


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