Monday, 31 October 2011

Little Halloween Girl

Halloween celebration is known to be eerie and horrifying, but with children involved, it will be mild and cute. Here's how Jazz went to school this morning.

Please excuse those shoes
Halloween hat made in school. Jazz beneath the hat

Most of her classmates were dressed in black and orange except for a few, perhaps a late notice from school. Black are orange are colours that aren't common in kids' wardrobe. It just happened that Jazz has a black dress, and that orange cloak complemented. Whatever Halloween's for, Happy Halloween! 

Zoo again

Zoo again! That's an opportunity we must grab whenever you've successfully balloted for a corporate pass. So off we went, with the Js, my mum and Grace to the zoo on a Saturday morning. Packing for two on a whole day trip is no easy, I lugged two big bags of clothes, bottles, food, snacks and diapers for them.
It was Jareth's first visit to the zoo! He napped twice during our excursion, and wasn't much appreciating the animals. Maybe some animals camouflage so well that he probably saw nothing. He was timid when I brought him near a pony, but bold when it came to touching the baby goats, kids you call them.

The weather was great, except for a short shower in between. That was when we hurried to take shelter in the lions' 'den'. It's actually a sheltered viewing gallery of the lions. While waiting for the rain to cease, I fed Jareth there. He had lunch with the lions. 

Jazz asked for her hat and sunglass

My kids playing with the kid
Jareth was so frightened that he almost ripped my face apart
Prince Jareth - Ever waiting to be served

Water Play at zoo is a never miss
Jazz on the carousel

The kids had so much fun, so did we. Jazz seemed to have lost interest in the water play, she was afraid of the water sprouts and wasn't adventurous. Perhaps it's a playmate she's lacking - "Jareth, jie jie is waiting to have more fun with you."

I wouldn't mind going to the zoo again, next time we'll plan our time well, so that we can feed some animals and ride on the elephant! Our Zoo has never ending fun.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Eve of Deepavali

It's definitely a crazy idea to stroll Little India on the eve of Deepavali, but that's what we did. It was my mum's suggestion to appreciate the lightnings and decorations along the road. We strolled from home to the pasar malam, and then to city square's MacDonald for rest and drinks.

 Mum and daughter can't stop acting cute

While on our way home, Jazz saw the stage performance and didn't want to go home. Jareth was near fussing for his milk and sleep, so I proceeded home with him and Grace. Jazz stayed on with my mum and her Daddy for the show. A show with no understanding because everything was in Tamil. My funny little girl.

Part of the crowd

Every year, on this day, it will never be a quiet night for us. It was so noisy outside despite my doors and windows being tightly closed. I was so afraid that the kids would wake up any moment, but glad that they slept well.

Welcome to Little India!

Despite these, we are loving our home for it's location. Minutes to city areas.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tourist for a day

We went on the Captain Explorer, DUKW tour last Sun. Coupon deals are everywhere these day, I saw this deal online and decided to bring the kids for a land and water tour, followed by a Fun Vee bus ride. Kids below 3, tour for free. Jazz has been asking to go on boat and bus, so we made it happen.

That morning, we took a cab to the Singapore flyer and got home by the Fun Vee bus, since it stops somewhere near our home.  Barely 10 minutes onto the amphibian vehicle, Jareth fell asleep. I guess the land breeze blew him to sleep. Jazz was excitedly looking around when we were on land and on water. I must say view from water is different from land, it made me realised how fast and how vast our country has changed. It's beautiful! Just like how we sing, "Sunny Island, bloom for you and me."  

The guide commentated about the different places of interest as we passed by them, and we were the only locals on board, so nothing amused us. Then he commented that Singapore has more than 4 national languages, I began to ponder, what was the fifth? We've English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil, what else? It's Tagalog, he joked. Not true, yet so right! Think about the fast food we buy over the counter, the salesperson in boutiques, the restaurant managers, the call centers that handle our queries, the telemarketers who call us, and the endless places they're working in. Even when I redeemed these coupon deals, it's also of that country men, I've them as colleagues and I've one at home! I wonder when will the genuine Singaporeans be outnumbered. Not surprised if Tagalog would be offered in schools as second or third language. 

On the amphibian vehicle

Walking home on a Sunday afternoon

Well, it was a really warm day, but at least it wasn't raining. Thankful enough. We had great fun and the kids were all exhausted on the way back. Being a tourist can be very tiring even though it means holiday.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

What is this?

Not sure if you've seen this advert lying Islandwide. We drive past it frequently, as it was placed at a location near Jazz's school. On the first day of seeing it, Jazz asked me, "Mummy, what is this?" I looked at it and couldn't come out with a definite answer. One thing about kids, they always think the adults have answers to everything. The endless whys, whats, wheres, whens and hows! In any case, I said, "It looks like a pig, or maybe a bird since it's on a tree." Jazz impressed us, she said, "It looks like a crocodile, but crocodile cannot climb trees. Only monkeys."

This weird looking 'animal'

In the world of children, you never know what you're gonna get. Soon, this little girl of mine will outsmart me.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

What is Daddy talking about - III

In the Car
Jazz: Mummy, where are we going?
Mum: We're going to a baby shower
Dad: Then you must take water to pour on the baby ok?
Jazz: Yes, take water to pour on the baby
(Goodness! What is daddy educating?)

Jazz was crying frantically
Dad: Jazzelle, why you cry until like that? Your father and mother die issit?
(Can't believe he cursed us!)

Out from the car
Jazz: Daddy you knocked my head
Dad: Haha. Ya.
Jazz: Daddy, can you say sorry to me?
Dad: Oh, sorry!
(My girl is teaching my man manners)

Showing Jareth his sister's name
Mum: Jareth, this is your jie jie's name. Jazzelle T, see, same surname as you.
Dad: Ya, this is the only thing she will share with you.
(Dad was right, Jazz hardly shares her toys)

Kite Flying

Last weekend, we brought the Js to fly kite, the real kite flying activity I meant. It was what we've been telling Jazz and putting on hold because of the frequent unpredictable wet weather. 

The man drove us to Marina Boulevard to explore our first attempt of kite flying. Getting the kite up high isn't as easy as one thought. It took the man quite some patient to finally get it up, even though it was barely a minute before the kite touched the ground. 

Jazz was having much fun running around the space than showing interest in the kite. No wonder about that, kite flying can be boring when it takes much time to get it up and a little tot can't get too much involve. Glad that I've brought snacks for her to munch on, and that kept her quite occupied. It was like a mini picnic for us.
Trying to be of helping hand to Dad

A moment of pride for the kite
Jareth loves nature, he was smiley throughout
The acheivement of the day, a good family smile!

I would love to bring the kids to big open space like this more often, to appreciate the nature, the fresher air and great view. It was time well spent!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Growth is fast

Jareth is growing so fast, I thought I just delivered him yesterday! Time flies once you have kids. In days time, he'll be an 8 month-er. He's a little fast crawler now, pulling himself up on any support he can find. He's a mummy's boy, ever sticky to me. If I were to walk past him without carrying him, he'll protest by crying out loud. My little boy is torturing me because he's still waking up for snacks! Only on rare occasions did he fast through the night. "Little boy, won't you be nice to mummy please?"

 Pulling himself up at any support

Enjoying moments of peekaboo

Soon, he'll be One, soon he's going to defend himself if sister bullies him and soon he'll outgrow his cuteness. I wished babies don't outgrow, I'll be sad for not having a baby to cuddle. I need to touch babies!  

Zouk Out

Can't believe I brought my kids to Zouk! It was a unique occasion when entrance was allowed for the under 18. Jazz loves music and dance, so I thought this was her show time. I ordered tickets for the family. It was pricey, $30 for each adult, $10 for Jazz and non-walker, Jareth is FOC. It was an expensive event, which Jazz didn't make my money worth. She wanted to be carried throughout and not hit the dance floor. She was extremely curious, kept looking around, watched other kids dance instead of participating. Jareth was all curious too. After awhile, he fell asleep despite the loud music.

Some kids are really cute, they danced and grooved on the stage, I admire their courage. I was hoping Jazz would join them, but she just clung on to her Dad. The music was unfamiliar to the kids, but they could still groove to it. Songs of the 70s and 80s were played, it was just like mambo night on Wednesdays. Well, I used to date there with my then boyfriend, and now husband. We are mambo fans!  

Bubbles and balloon signifies for the below 18 party

 Flower Balloon

Art and Craft corner
 Tattoo for little zouk ah lian

Yes, the babies love disco!

Now Jazz would say, "Mummy, I want to go ZOO again." Hmm, I think zoo is better. I hope when she grows, I won't be worrying about her telling me she'll be home late, because she's going zouk tonight.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Royce Playgym

We brought Jazz to Royce on children's day. Royce is an indoor play area located at level 2 of Liang court. The place is really extensive with wide range of toys! It's children's world. The rates are pricey and for babies above 6 months old, they'll have to pay. Even though they have an area and toys for the crawlers, I find it expensive to pay. So Jare was home on children's day. 

Jazz loves the place very much and she didn't want to leave when time was up. She was very much into the soft toys in there, she held on to a Barney which she could hardly let go. I like the place pretty much too and I don't have to perspire all out. It's different from other indoor playgrounds because it's not about climbing up and down slides, but toys! I'm sure any kids will fall in love with the place. One bad, only an accompanying adult is allowed for each child, additional adult would be charged at $10! That's unfriendly and sounds like ransom. My man had to wait outside with magazines, while I bonded with the girl at play. Thankful for his patience.

Cubes of toys!
I hope Jazz won't like Barbie. They're expensive collection. 
Having kitchen fun with Little Justin
Trains for girls too
The slightly adventurous

I guess such pampering treat comes only with occasions like children's day, or any day as long as you think it's worth bringing smile across the faces of the little ones.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Cowgirl in school

The long awaited children's day performance was over. The morning was perfect, the parents were excited and so was the grandparent. My mum joined in her school's celebration too. I was the earliest riser that morning, I got everything prep, including Jareth. He was joining us too. We were on the dot for her performance, Jazz was suppose to report at 815am, but we arrived at 830am. At least we made it in time for her to perform. 

That morning, my little girl was moody. She had a late night and I've to wake her up at 745am. Having not enough sleep was enough to get her mood grouchy. As I dressed her, she told me, "I don't want to wear this, I don't want to wear that!" I was like, "what!" All my money and efforts to get your themed outfit, and you're doing this to me. I had to bribe her with a packet of m&m, which finally worked. We rushed everything through and left for school. Her teacher gave me a call when we were at the entrance, Jazz was missing during the row call. Phew! We were on time. 

The highlight of the day began - the kids performed. The little ones were all so adorable! Jazz performed well for the first few seconds of the 2 minute show, after which stage fright began to set in, she walked around and stood in the center of the stage till everything ends. My goodness! What happened to my little girl. Was she frightened, shy or what? And when we were home, she could do her steps so well. So you see why children are just full or surprises, you never know what you're in for.

After performances, we went round her school for activities and games. It was planned to leave Jazz in school after celebration, as the man and woman wanted some time to lunch as a couple. When we sounded out to her about going back to class, she violently objected and insisted to go home. Thinking it was such a happy occasion that day, we brought her home.

My star who froze on stage... 

Blazing "fire"

Jareth took the stage 

Loving his expression!

My checkered kids

It seemed like a busy morning. Although I wished she could have done it better, just for my video effect. But well, with kids, expect the unexpected, even if it's just that one chance to showcase.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

All ready!

It was a long long search, high and low and everywhere! All efforts just to find the appropriate wear for Jazz's children's day celebration, to the wild wild west theme. Besides clothing, I'm also counting down excitedly to her performance, hours from now!

Here's what I've gotten for her to be a day of cowgirl:
Matching well

Damage done:
1. Checkered top/dress from mothercare - $36
2. Vest from H&M - $24.90
3. Boots from H and M - $59.90 (Can't believe I bought it!)
Total - $120.80!!!

Excitement drove me to buy that vest with sizing that states ' 12 to 18 mths'. I've no idea what I was up to, I only knew that vest was Wild! Jazz has to fit. Ideas and suggestions made my search quicker. My neighbour suggested I explore H and M, my colleagues chose the checkered top and recommended me those boots. Thanks ladies! 

While I was trying these on for Jazz last night, my mum said, "为什么把她打扮成 cowboy?" That was when I knew I was on the right track. Bingo! I hope all turns out well tomorrow, no rain, perfect weather please.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

New Helper

My dad got a helper when his house isn't ready! She arrived at my door step yesterday. My house is already as cluttered as it can be, as occupied as it can be, by big and small humans and a dog. Where's space to accommodate her?!!! Anyway, I sorted things out a little, gave a some space for her belongings and sorry for her, she has to bunk in, at a part of my living room.

Introducing my new helper from Philippines, Grace. She's new and inexperience, first time in Singapore. My weekend was spent training her. I've her to help around till my dad's house is ready. I'm loving her contributions. She's helping us with meals and household chores. I'm still pretty much involve with the kids though. Perhaps, not too comfortable in allowing a newbie handle them.

Jazz was little curious about her stay in, she started asking about her. I just said Auntie Grace will be staying with us, and asked her if it's okay. She nodded. I was worried about Jazz knowing too much of her roles, and start 'commanding' her for whatever she wants. I prefer Jazz to be hands on and work a little.

On her first day, I taught her to whip up the kids and adults meals. After which, I brought her to groceries shop with me. Her second day, she did most of the housework, and we went out. When home, the floor was speckless clean! A better job than any of us. Everything was cleaned, neat and tidy. I hope her standard maintains. That night, Jazz even allowed Grace to read her a book. I must say, I was impressed that she could read. Not being rude, I thought they were maids because of low education. I was so wrong.

Grace is alert and wise to me, she has good memory, I don't have to keep repeating myself to get things done. I hope she'll continue to be nice not just because she's new or trying to impress, but because it's her habit. I'm not used to having a helper around. Sometimes, I'll feel shy about asking her to help and I can't believe I left my plates and bowls unwashed in the basin and walk off. This feels shiok! It means less cream needed to moisturized my hands.

I'm usually occupied in the kitchen cooking weekend meals. Now, I can just tell her what and how to cook, and I can free up that time to do other stuff. I'm gonna bake real soon! A reason why I dislike baking is because of the many utensils and tools I've to wash after the batter goes into the oven. Maybe, I'll just be a little extra nice to her on the days I plan to bake.

I'm enjoying my next few months of luxury before she starts to 'serve' more people in a bigger place.

Bye diapers

It was rather late for Jazz to be finally toilet train. She's been off diapers for about a month plus, except for night sleeps. She's getting perfect scores for her toilet training at home, but not in school. I've no idea why? Either teachers are not diligently helping or she's just too shy to express her urge. In any case, they have to learn it the hard way, I've since cut down the number of diapers in her bag from 6 to 2. Giving allowance for her to be on diapers only during nap. My every evening question to the teachers is always, "Any 'accidents' today?"

Finally some cost savings
My man was relaxed about her toilet training programme, but I was anxious. I felt that she's extremely well in expressing herself and this 'project' has to begin now, even though most of her classmates are still on diappy. It's difficult for me to accept if my little tot is speaking and expressing well, but not her toilet needs.

I began taking her off diapers on weekends, whenever we're home. When we're out, I'll put her on diapers. Gradually, I put her off diapers regardless of where we were. I became toilet conscious whenever we're out, to eat or to shop. When Jazz expresses her needs to pee or poo, I'll race to the nearest toilet to release her. And for being a girl, I am so uncomfortable about her sitting on public toilet bowls, but there's always a start.

Things are going on well so far, and I'm looking forward to put her off diapers for nights too.

Saturday, 1 October 2011


I took some time away from home today, for my cupcakes lesson. An interest that I've been wanting to explore further, and I've finally realised it. It was an expensive lesson! I've learnt about fondant, icing, buttercream and of course a cupcake recipe to bring home with. I'm ever inspired to do nice cuppies for the kids on special occasions.

Bugs and Garden Cupcakes class

I made these cuppies, everything is edible! But fondant isn't something yummy, it's more for the eyes. This lady teaches classes in her home, her fees aren't cheap, but they are good tips that I've brought home with. Search on facebook for sugar pie gourmet, that's her.