Saturday 15 October 2011

What is Daddy talking about - III

In the Car
Jazz: Mummy, where are we going?
Mum: We're going to a baby shower
Dad: Then you must take water to pour on the baby ok?
Jazz: Yes, take water to pour on the baby
(Goodness! What is daddy educating?)

Jazz was crying frantically
Dad: Jazzelle, why you cry until like that? Your father and mother die issit?
(Can't believe he cursed us!)

Out from the car
Jazz: Daddy you knocked my head
Dad: Haha. Ya.
Jazz: Daddy, can you say sorry to me?
Dad: Oh, sorry!
(My girl is teaching my man manners)

Showing Jare his sister's name
Mum: Jareth, this is your jie jie's name. Jazzelle Teo, see, same surname as you.
Dad: Ya, this is the only thing she will share with you.
(Dad was right, Jazz hardly shares her toys)

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