Monday, 11 December 2017

Catch the Transformers at City Square Mall!

From now till 17 Dec, transformer fans may catch Transformers live on stage at City Square Mall! It's Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to be exact, alongside with other delightful characters. This Singapore-first's transformers live on stage is sure to send any boy squealing over the show. Plotted to transport the audience to Cybertron to witness the transformers' bid to save humanity, the 20 minutes action-packed show is worth a watch for any fan.

We were most glad with the opportunity to come up close and personal with the autobots. And your chance to redeem a meet and greet pass is to simply spend a minimum of $50 at City Square Mall. Redeem pass 1 hour prior to the show. Limited to 50 passes per show.

1. Transformers on Stage Show
Date: 2 -17 December 2017 (Daily except Monday)
Time: Tuesday to Friday: 2pm and 7pm
           Saturday and Sunday: 1pm, 4pm and 7pm
Venue: Level 1 Stage

2. Mask Making Workshop
Together with the meet and greet redemption, you may also bring your child for a time of mask decorating after every Transformers on stage show! Alongside with photo opportunity in Optimus Prime and Bumblebee children's costumes. 

Time: After every Transformers on stage show 
Venue: Basement 2, beside the travellator  

After much fun indoor fun, we preoceeded outdoor for some carnival dun. It will be a good time to visit the outdoor carnival in the evening when the sun in not scorching hot and when the Stellar Light show comes on.

3. Stellar Light Show
A 10 minute light show and music under a tunnel of star like lights! 

Date: 17 November - 31 December 2017
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm (Every 30 minutes)
Venue: Level 1 City Green Park

4. Cyber Galaxy
Experience a time of fun carnival like bumper cars, inflatable slides and shooting game. There are a total of 5 activities and activity pass is available for redemption with a minimum of $40 spent at the mall. Redemption at Level Customer service counter.

Date: 17 November - 31 December 2017
Time: 1 pm to 10 pm
Venue: Level 1 City Green Park

5. Snowy Playtime 
The magic of Christmas is in snow! Machine made foam included.

Date: 17 November - 31 December 2017
Time: 8.10 pm
Venue: Level 1 City Green Park

6. Christmas Carolling by Emmanuel Choir 
Christmas simply is not Chirstmas without carols!

Date: 16 and 17 December 2017
Time: 8pm to 8.45pm
Venue: Level 1 Stage City

City Square Mall sounds like a definite place for dining and shopping this season. After getting each dining and shopping receipt, redeem your meet and greet, as well as activity pass for the kids! Nice deal we thought.

Disclaimer: Media Invite. No moneteray compensation given.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Doctor for a Day 2017

Doctor For A Day is back with a clever twist. Unlike the ones ran previously, Doctor for a day 2017 is bringing you the first ever escape room experience in both Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Tag line - "Speed Saves Lives", this escape room is formatted where children and parents work hand in hand in a race against a countdown timer to solve medical puzzles, crack codes and piece everything together before finding the solution to save a patient's life.

Simply form a team of 8 (4 adults and 4 children) with your family and friends for a maximum fun experience. If not, a minimum of 6 to participate (out of which, 3 should be children). This event is designed strictly for children aged 6 to 14. It is one family challenge filled with intense brainwork and interactive elements. 

There are 2 parts to this challenge, the first being played off at Mount Elizabeth and the second continuation at Mount Elizabeth Novena. Transportation will be provided to Novena and back to where you started.

The whole experience will last for approximately 90 minutes.

We were most happy to get a go on this thrill together with Olimomok and Life is in the small things.  With ours kids, we formed a team of 9, 3 Mamas and 6 children. We definitely can solve puzzles and crack codes without the men too! You'll be surprised at how our kids can outdo us.

We started off with putting on our scrubs, listening to instructions and getting to work by placing all the organ parts of a dummy back into its body. We were also given an ipad for retrieving instructions throughout the play. Upon completing the body parts, we retrieved a key to the escape room! Where we were welcomed by a surge of mist, it feels a tad spooky but that's the kind of signal it sends to get us crack codes seriously fast. No foul play.

In this room, we managed to cracked the codes within the time given. We had to track symbols, get on a virtual reality tour and gather clues to diagnosing our patient. There was only a set of virtual reality headset for view, it's good that the group is kept small so it can be passed around for different user experience. We were glad to have some left over time for viewing too.

The game doesn't end upon escaping this room. After escaping, we got on a 'space shuttle' and got 'teleported' to Mount Elizabeth Novena. It was another room where we had to solve puzzle to get the key to another room. Clues upon clues, we found our patient in the toilet and managed to get the right diagnosis for him. And yes, we did it within the allocated time!

You can tell, it's a very much different spin from the previous Doctor for a day and Hospital Land. This edition inputs lesser medical element compared to the past. There is more thrill factor this round, and by allowing parents to participate, it takes that family teamwork to a whole new level. I could further observe the personality of my kids when working with other children. They were more of a follower than leader, and they knew teamwork was the key process things quicker. 

Photo credit: Life is in the small things

I would say it really is more fun to get into this game with family and friends. It was nice that our team is completed with people we are familiar with. 

This series of escape room concept is not one shabby planning to tease adults and children, but one that is professionally designed and catered to really work the brain. We felt that the first room was more challenging than the second, but it really wasn't too difficult. It only needs a little more thinking amidst of squealing children. It's just too exciting to keep children calm. 

Not to worry, there are co-coordinators in the room to assist. Which I think they give hints a little too quickly. Our kids may have to beat them in speed.

So yeap, Doctor for a day is up for registration here. As as now, slots have been sold out for 16 and 17 Dec. More slots will be opening up, so stay tune!

Registration Fee: $50 per team

Disclaimer: We were invited to experience Doctor for a day at no monetary compensation. All photos and opinions are solely ours.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Bright Nights at Sentosa

Bright Nights at Sentosa is a series of exhilarating after-dark activities that brings the island's diverse array of offerings to life at night. Taking place from now till 01 Jan 2018, this pop up night 2 (The first run was in September this year) showcases some UV neon art installations by local artists at Imbiah Lookout. Just some flights of escalators up from the Merlion.

These neon light installations and activities sprawled across the Imbiah lookout include some gazing unicorns, house of Gnomes and Glow Yarn art. The clever optical installation partnered with other DIY glow activities like face painting are bound to send kids crazy. At least mine were crazily painting to make themselves glow!


The bright night doesn't end here, continue to follow the glow with the Merlion Magic lights at Merlion Plaza! Where the 37 meter tall mythical creature comes to life with groovy themed projections.

Timings of shows are: 7:45pm, 8:15pm, 8:45pm, 9:15pm (weekdays)
Additional shows on weekends, PH and PH eve: 9:45pm and 10:15pm


While these FREE activities happen only after sundown, we've got a perfect itinerary that starts in the evening when the weather is not irritatingly hot. Here's what we did last weekend at Sentosa:

5pm: 4D Adventureland. Where we caught three interactive rides - Journey 2, Extreme log ride and Desperados, where we all hopped on to individual motion-based saddle seats and be equipped with a motion-sensor gun for some competitive shoot-out video game action. And yes! I could get on all rides with Juboy in tow.

6pm: We moved over to Skyline Luge! Yay to fast and short queue on Sunday, and yay to two newly added trails - Expedition and Kupu Kupu. Only problem, I am not quite liking the skyride, it sends my legs to shiver. Great view nonetheless. And this round, Jare is tall enough to go on his solo ride. We did 3 rides before proceeding for dinner.

7:30pm: Dinner at Good old days.  Familiar and comforting taste of local fare. It was a convenient stop after Luge.

8.45pm: We caught the Merlion Magic Lights. A short light show with stunning animations.

9pm: We moved up to enjoy the neon light installations, took a drink by its 'bar' while kids painted themselves with glow paint.

Here's a view of before and after sunset. 

9.15pm: Hopped onto the last cable car ride and ended our night!
It was a light and easy evening at Sentosa! There is more than what you think you can explore in #thestateoffun. These neon lights give a nice wrap to the day at Sentosa!

You've got a date sorted out this holiday!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Taichung - Flower Market, Carton King and Earthquake Museum

Day 5 at Taichung was really exciting for us! We covered 4 attractions within a day. It was quite well paced though.

We hired a driver for a full day tour to 中杜花市,纸皮王, 921 Earthquake venue and 官原眼科。

1.  中杜花市 (ZhongShe Flower Market)
If you love flowers and photography, this is a must go! It is a very colourful place for sightseeing. A place where we get to appreciate beautiful structures and figurines blended with nature and flowers. However, if it rains, this may be one you want to scrape off your itinerary. It will get you all wet and muddy while navigating this place on a rainy day. Slippers is then a good attire. It was slight rain on us, which we decided to proceed.

Not only does rainy days wreck good photos, it makes photography inconvenient. Spot the extremely muddy ground. I had to disregard it to take my desired pictures.


You can tell, I was the only model available for photography. The kids were too fussy about getting soiled. The only family picture was taken because there were raised steps, and there was an agreed deal to carry them without touching mud. Pampered kids, I know! But I will do anything to get good family pictures.

So yes, there were beautiful sunflower blooms in the month we visited, June. It didn't take us long in there, and while making our way out, we bought honey. It tasted really good, which we had to lug 2 bottles home. Samples will be given for tasting.

421, Taichung City, Houli District, 三豐路五段333號
Tel︰ 04-2557-6926
Operating hours:
9:00am to 6:00pm

2. 紙箱王 (Carton King Creativity Park)
This is one place that will be fun for kids. As the name spells, everything in there is made of cardboard! It really is like a cardboard museum. Upon entry, we were given play cards to collect stamps at various stations within. Upon completion, a little gift will be given.


And then there's a slide within for play. It was wet, but the boy brilliantly got on to play because he knew he was on a raincoat. In this outdoor garden is also where you can spot some extremely well fed squirrels. Caged up.

If it isn't raining, you have to get on their train for a ride. Additional fee applies. It really is a surprise to find that the train is made of cardboard too! Train service was not operating on us. Big miss for the kids!

A tour within their restaurant impressed us much. You will spot tables and chairs made of cardboard, even baby high chairs too! They do look as sturdy as wood. And this Darth Vader did bring some delight to the boy.

Waiting bench in cardboard too! Only thing, their toilet can't get into that of a cardboard form.

Their gift shop is a different kind of place to shop too. Mostly and impressively cardboard related. It is a great place to find novelty gifts. This whole place is full of fun and surprises, it is one that will be enjoyed much by both kids and adults. There is also a restaurant and snack area within, where we tried fried mushrooms at the mushroom hut. It was great tasting.

It may be a good place to lunch within with their interesting range of cutlery and utensils, but we researched that their food was rather average. We moved out for lunch instead. We had lunch at Bamboo-Country Restaurant, which was some good rice serve in a bamboo bowl with very affordably priced dishes.

It was a very sumptuous spread without damaging the pockets. And that bamboo bowl that they served our rice in can be brought home as souvenir! It is serving as a good pencil holder for us.

I find that their seafood isn't as good as our local restaurants, the non-seafood dishes will be a safer choice.

紙箱王 (Carton King Creativity Park)
Address: 台中市北屯區東山路二段2巷2號
No. 1, Lane 281, Section 3, Xitun Rd, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407
Tel: 04-22398868
Operating hours: 9:00am to 21:00pm (Throughout the year)

Bamboo-Country Restaurant
Address: 台中市北屯區東山路二段1號
No.1, Sec2, Tung-Shan Rd.,
Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel: 04-22394321
Operating hours: 11:00am - 2:00pm  5:00pm to 8:00pm

3.  921 Earthquake Museum
Our original plan of doing Cingjing farm didn't workout. No thanks to the rain. If weather has been unkind, it will be good to check if it's open on the day you visit. We think it will be one interesting place to go if you have kids along. Great place to view farm animals and agricultural farming.

We then adjusted our itinerary to visit the 921 Earthquake Museum instead. It was with consideration to get the kids know more about Geography. Learning gets better with sights and evidence right. So yeap, the museum was an eye opener for us. 921 came about when a massive earthquake struck the central part of Taiwan on 21 September 1999. Many lives were lost, with properties and schools badly destructed in this worst natural disaster recorded. Their government preserved the aftermath and turned it into an educational museum to inform on disaster readiness.

The place is mostly sheltered with some parts outdoor. A perfect fir for any rainy day. Most readings and sharing in the museum were written in Chinese and English, but some were barely good enough for kids to read, even after translation.

On site was a school, Guangfu Junior High that was severely damaged by the quake, and here's an aftermath of their field track that raised up to 1.2 meters high. If I recalled correctly.

We had many opportunities to talk to the kids about fault lines, raised river beds, construction foundation and ethics. Yes, we witnessed some buildings built with oil tins as foundation. So unethical! It all helps much when you have a civil engineering trained husband to do the talking.

We love it that there were some hands on experiments within for kids to explore. They learnt and experimented on building the most stable building, experimented on the impact of mud slide as well as a few other fun stations.

It was also interesting that they have a Quake Experience Theater. There are limited seating to it, so be early! The theater allows us to know what it feels like in a strong earthquake. It was not extremely intense and I had Juboy with me, so it was actually mild and manageable. Audiences will all be seated. And it was a good, like real experience for us to go through.

There was also a 3D theater show which was rather slow moving for us. I took opportunity to nap. Heh. The kids enjoyed it though.
After the end of the tour, we felt extremely blessed and thankful to be staying at where we are!

921 Earthquake Museum
Addrress: 1 Guancian Rd., Taichung, TW
Tel: +886-4-23226940
Operating hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

By the time we covered 3 locations, it was already near evening. We made use of some before dinner time to visit 宮原眼科 Miyahara. Nope, it's not an eye clinic, but a beautiful embellished place (Harry Potter feel) where you can find Taiwanese gourmet snacks and food, a place for souvenir, scoop of ice cream, high tea or even dinner. Reservation may be required if you visit on a weekend.


A good place to taste their snacks will be at the restaurant on the upper level. As a patron of course. While we intended to have only snacks and ice cream, we ended up with a slightly heavier meal because there was a minimum spending per person.

Good food nonetheless. Their pineapples cakes and butter bear cookies are really good! A place where I would go back just to get cookies, if I ever come by again.

Their gift snacks are beautifully packed with novelty and some, with a nostalgic feel. It is a great place to get souvenirs for families and friends.

After moving from place to place, it was nice to finally sit and rest our bodies with some good food. Which also naturally became an early dinner for us. 

宮原眼科 (Miyahara) 
No. 20, Zhongshan Rd, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan 400
Opening hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

That ended our day and we made our way back to the hotel. The man and I sneaked out for more food at the night market. Thankful for my Mum who stayed with the kids.

After 2 nights in Tai chung, we moved on to Leofoo resort and 三峡。Next and final post!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Kids In Wonderland theatre play [GIVEAWAY]

This holiday, come embark on a magical journey with Kids in Wonderland, a children’s play based off Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. This 45 minutes play presented by Qiren Organisation in collaboration with Andsoforth is an interactive theatrical play with the immersive whimsical world of Alice and friends. Expect to find eclectic guests such as Alice, the Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and many more!

Go through 5 uniquely designed areas and explore the wonderful world of Wonderland. Go down the rabbit hole, decode riddles and play Hide and Seek with The Cheshire Cat, have tea with the Hatter, March hare and Alice, learn to Waltz with The Queen of Hearts, and enjoy vivid storytelling by The Caterpillar.  

Set in a world of fantasy and enchantment, Kids in Wonderland creates an immersive experience filled with activities for children two years and up. This play teaches children the importance of friendship and getting them to work together as a team. Join Alice and friends today, for a world of fun and surprises!

Here's one we reviewed when we caught it last year. 

Do arrive 30 minutes before show time for some interactive moments with the characters. There will also be photo taking opportunity with the characters after showtime.

Dates of shows: 
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
24, 25 and 26 Nov
1, 2 and 3 Dec
8, 9 and 10 Dec 
15, 16 and 17 Dec
22, 23 and 24 Dec
29, 30 and 31 Dec

Time of shows:
11am, 2pm and 4pm  

Location: 9 Tampines Grande, Level 2 Hitachi Square, S(528735) Singapore, a Site Specific space transformed for interactive, immersive theater.

Ticket Price: $28
Get tickets here!

We have a set of 4 family tickets for giveaway to ONE lucky winner. Winner will be able to choose any show time on 24 to 26 Nov, 01 or 02 Dec (only 11am left on 02 Dec). To participate in this giveaway, simply:
1. Like Andsoforth on Facebook
2. Like Mum's calling on Facebook
3. Tag 3 friends on this Facebook post whom you think will love this play!

This flash giveaway will end on Wednesday 22 Nov 17, 2359hrs.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Winner will be picked by
  • Winner will be announced on Facebook and this blog post
  • Winner will have 24 hours to respond, failing which a new winner will be drawn.
  • Show date and time selection is subjected to availability 
  • All incomplete entries will be disqualified. 
  • All entries will be verified before the winners are announced 
  • To be fair to our sponsors, social media accounts set up purely to take part in contests will be deemed ineligible to win.
  • Giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Facebook or Instagram.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Xmas pop up store - Liliewoods and Friends [WITH GIVEAWAY]

November and December are always the months for geared up shopping. This season of giving, we bring you the best place to shop for babies, kids and Mums! Dads, sometimes they don't really get what shopping is all about.

Head down to Xmas pop up, Liliewoods and Friends at Katong I12. This 2 months pop up store will be one great place to get us all set for this season of gift giving.

Liliewoods along with 13 other merchants can be found in this pop up: 

1. Liliewoods 
Liliewoods furniture is an artisan line of solid wood furniture meant for the most important people in the world, children. Incorporating real parenting experience and taking into consideration children development and parenting needs, the design process is beyond just an aesthetic process. Liliewoods furniture are all designed in Singapore, built in an Indonesian factory with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience. 

Here's one we reviewed on its Mikelle trolley.

Facebook: @liliewoods
Instagram: @evielilie

2. Boys By Mark
Boys By Mark is a homegrown brand started in 2016 and have been designing shirts that are versatile, easy to handle and stylish for little boys. They are very careful in selecting the materials and fabric used for the making of the shirts, ensuring that they are in good quality and unique at the same time.

Facebook: @boysbymark
Instagram: @boysbymark

3. Chair-ish the Moments 阿嬷一家親
Chair-ish the Moments brings a throwback to a past where we don’t just embrace the good old days, but also the look and the lifestyle inspiring us to bring back timeless designs but in new age version! Founders, Fiona and Justina spend a good amount of effort sourcing for treasures like hand picked vintage furniture and furnishings, from time to time some odds and ends household items, which they hunt them down in every nook and cranny at every small, out-of-the-way place or places where something might be hidden.

At the store, you will be able to find a variety of their educational wall poster, which is an easy blend in to any home.    

Facebook: @chairishthemoments 
Instagram: @chairish_the_moments

4. Jambu beads
Jambu beads creates beautiful, safe and functional silicone jewellery and teething accessories. Made from 100% non toxic, BPA and heavy metal free food grade silicone and natural, untreated maple and beech wood, all their products are safe for babies to chew on. Available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, their jewellery and teething accessories are designed to stimulate your baby's sensory exploration and aid motor development. Safe for babies and fashionable for mums!

Here's a discount code to share, enter 'MUMSCALLING' upon checkout for a 20% discount. Expires 31 Dec 2017.

Facebook: @jambubeads
Instagram: @jambubeads

5. Play 乐学
Play 乐学 is founded by Joey, a former primary school Chinese language teacher. She brings creative fun through games and activities to help children learn. During her years as a stay at home Mum, she started a website of learning ideas which evolved to a shop and workshops. She believes in helping promote an effective bilingual education in Singapore. Her busy bags, learning kits and workshops are all lovingly crafted to make any child's learning fun and easy. 

Do keep a lookout for her tech workshops based on the products of Tinkercademy
, at Liliewoods and Friends!

Facebook: @playlexue
Instagram: @playlexuechinese

6. Poppies 'n' Rainbows 
Started by Mingying, Poppies 'n' Rainbows is a curated store of delightful items for your sweet cherubs, sourced from around the world (with the help of her 2 munchkins). They take great pride in being the harbinger of trends and purveyor of unique finds in childrenswear, nursery decor and playthings. Many of the brands they carry are brands created by mothers themselves, tried and tested by their own children. Expect to find beautiful products, lovingly handcrafted or manufactured in small, meaningful quantities by awesome brands. 

Here's one we reviewed on their wee Fairy Door.

Facebook: @poppiesnrainbows
Instagram: @poppies_n_rainbows

7. Sensational Play
Founded by parents of two young and energetic boys, they realised that there is a lack of awareness about how important sensory play is to the development and growth of children. Their products aim to meet a wide range of customers' needs, from educators, parents and children, to therapists and counsellors; from children with special needs such as ADHD, ADD, ASD/Autism, dyslexia, visual/ hearing impairments, cerebral palsy, or developmental delays, to neurotypical and gifted children.

They aim to bring in quality games, toys, and special needs resources from countries such as the US (Fun and Function, LIttle Kids Inc, Playability Toys, Sensory University, Tangle Creations, Fat Brain Toys), Belgium (Smart Games), and Australia (Innovative Resources).

Facebook: @SensationalPlayShoppe
Instagram: @sensationalplay

8. StickieMail
StickieMail is founded by Diana, who has great passion for stickers and snailmail. Along with her 2 children, they love stickers and use them everyday, from story-telling to learning ABCs and 123s, as well as embellishing snailmail. Diana is the official Xyron Distributor in Singapore, importing Sticker Makers to Singapore. Their suite of makers and machines will help you easily create original stickers (magnets, laminated projects and more) to embellish your mail, be it letters, invitations, greeting cards or parcels. 

They offer private and public bonding sessions and workshops to show you how to DIY stickers or throw a Pen-Pal Party. Here's an upcoming Christmas Craft workshop on 25 Nov. Book your space soon!

Facebook: @stickiemail
Instagram: @stickiemail

9. Three + two kids
Three + Two Kids, is a nursery pitstop based in Singapore, but they welcome everyone worldwide. They hope their items cater to not only kids, but also for the young-at-hearts! Their range of nursery, home and lifestyle products include brands like Bloomingville, A Little Lovely Company, Smiling Tree toys and many more.

Facebook: @threeplustwokids
Instagram: @threeplustwokids

10. Tickle Your Senses
Founded by two Mothers who are educators at heart and want to share their love for learning through play. They create toolkits for children to learn through play. It is always after months of brainwork and heartwork that they present their parent-approved and child-endorsed Sensory Play toolkits. Check out their range of, made with love playdough and sensory toolkits! 

Book in too, their Small World Play workshop this Saturday, 18 Nov at Liliewoords and Friends.

Instagram: @tickleyoursenses

Tinkercademy are coders and tinkerers who teach coding and tinkering to schools, corporations, and the public in Singapore. They bring an unparallelled depth of experience in education and technology to their classes and curriculum. Some of their curated tools and toys for learning and tinkering can be found in the shop.

Facebook: @tinkercademy
Instagram: @tinkercademy

12. Nursing ponchos by ubermums
Founded by Edwina, a Mummy of 2 wonderful daughters. During her early nursing days, she was gifted a nursing cover which she felt was not ideal in fabric and sizing. She then took to task to source for the softest and breathable fabric and created comfortable and practical nursing covers. Today, she is happy to present a wide range of designs that comes in two thoughtful sizes. It is truly a local brand with all ponchos Singapore made!

Facebook: @UbermumsShop
Instagram:  @ubermumsmaternity

13. Squiggle Doodle
I am the one Mama behind Squiggle Doodle. Sometimes, with the help of the 8 year old daughter. Squiggle Doodle is all about wearable fabric art! With little and big designers in mind, it is a crafted space to inspire kids and parents in creating their own fashion statement on plain canvas shoes, tees, pencil cases, bags and even baby bodysuits! It is not all about beautiful or impressive drawings, it is simply about enjoying the journey of fabric drawing. There are no mistakes in drawing, it simply means an opportunity to turn that squiggle into a beautiful doodle!

We have stocked our Pencil case set, Petite bag set, Baby onesies set and Shoes gems set at Liliewoods and Friends. Good chance to try out sizes of the shoes in store!

Here is our story that evolved into reality.

Facebook: @squiggledoodlesg
Instagram: @squiggledoodle

So yeap, these are the brands that Liliewoods have housed and hosted. And these are stories behind our locally built brands. Largely by parents, for parents and kids! Some are even single handedly run by one Mum! I met, I saw and I'm inspired. Christmas is only about 6 weeks away, how about shopping local this Christmas? Every purchase made from a small business sends the owner into a happy dance. True Story.

Come on by to shop at Liliewoods and Friends! We are certain it has what you need as gifts in this one store.

Liliewoods and Friends
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802

Opening hours: 10 am to 10pm

Here's one giveaway to sweeten up Christmas, a bundle gift set brought together by seven merchants. And it's all to ONE lucky winner! Giveaway gift set includes:

1. A World map wall poster by Chair-ish the Moments 阿嬷一家親
2. A Miranda Necklace and Marble Bangle set by Jambu beads
3. An organ sticker book set by Play 乐学  
4. A Brikkon Ninja Temple by Poppies 'n' Rainbows 
5. A Xyron sticker maker by StickieMail
6. A pair of snowmen bendable by Sensational Play
7. A doodle bag set by Squiggle Doodle 

Above links are linked to respective giver's Facebook accounts. You don't have to, but these givers can be appreciated with a little gesture of 'like' on their pages.

And all you had need to do, to participate in this giveaway is to simply:
1. Like Mum's calling on Facebook.
2. Tag 3 friends in the comment section of this Facebook post, whom you think will love shopping at Liliewoods and Friends!

That's it! Simplicity at its best.

Best of luck. Giveaway ends on 21 Nov 17, Tuesday 2359hrs.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Winner will be picked by
  • Winner will be announced on Facebook and this blog post
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond, failing which a new winner will be drawn
  • All incomplete entries will be disqualified. 
  • All entries will be verified before the winner is announced 
  • To be fair to our sponsors, social media accounts set up purely to take part in contests will be deemed ineligible to win.
  • Giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Facebook or Instagram.