Friday 8 December 2017

Doctor for a Day 2017

Doctor For A Day is back with a clever twist. Unlike the ones ran previously, Doctor for a day 2017 is bringing you the first ever escape room experience in both Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. Tag line - "Speed Saves Lives", this escape room is formatted where children and parents work hand in hand in a race against a countdown timer to solve medical puzzles, crack codes and piece everything together before finding the solution to save a patient's life.

Simply form a team of 8 (4 adults and 4 children) with your family and friends for a maximum fun experience. If not, a minimum of 6 to participate (out of which, 3 should be children). This event is designed strictly for children aged 6 to 14. It is one family challenge filled with intense brainwork and interactive elements. 

There are 2 parts to this challenge, the first being played off at Mount Elizabeth and the second continuation at Mount Elizabeth Novena. Transportation will be provided to Novena and back to where you started.

The whole experience will last for approximately 90 minutes.

We were most happy to get a go on this thrill together with Olimomok and Life is in the small things.  With ours kids, we formed a team of 9, 3 Mamas and 6 children. We definitely can solve puzzles and crack codes without the men too! You'll be surprised at how our kids can outdo us.

We started off with putting on our scrubs, listening to instructions and getting to work by placing all the organ parts of a dummy back into its body. We were also given an ipad for retrieving instructions throughout the play. Upon completing the body parts, we retrieved a key to the escape room! Where we were welcomed by a surge of mist, it feels a tad spooky but that's the kind of signal it sends to get us crack codes seriously fast. No foul play.

In this room, we managed to cracked the codes within the time given. We had to track symbols, get on a virtual reality tour and gather clues to diagnosing our patient. There was only a set of virtual reality headset for view, it's good that the group is kept small so it can be passed around for different user experience. We were glad to have some left over time for viewing too.

The game doesn't end upon escaping this room. After escaping, we got on a 'space shuttle' and got 'teleported' to Mount Elizabeth Novena. It was another room where we had to solve puzzle to get the key to another room. Clues upon clues, we found our patient in the toilet and managed to get the right diagnosis for him. And yes, we did it within the allocated time!

You can tell, it's a very much different spin from the previous Doctor for a day and Hospital Land. This edition inputs lesser medical element compared to the past. There is more thrill factor this round, and by allowing parents to participate, it takes that family teamwork to a whole new level. I could further observe the personality of my kids when working with other children. They were more of a follower than leader, and they knew teamwork was the key process things quicker. 

Photo credit: Life is in the small things

I would say it really is more fun to get into this game with family and friends. It was nice that our team is completed with people we are familiar with. 

This series of escape room concept is not one shabby planning to tease adults and children, but one that is professionally designed and catered to really work the brain. We felt that the first room was more challenging than the second, but it really wasn't too difficult. It only needs a little more thinking amidst of squealing children. It's just too exciting to keep children calm. 

Not to worry, there are co-coordinators in the room to assist. Which I think they give hints a little too quickly. Our kids may have to beat them in speed.

So yeap, Doctor for a day is up for registration here. As as now, slots have been sold out for 16 and 17 Dec. More slots will be opening up, so stay tune!

Registration Fee: $50 per team

Disclaimer: We were invited to experience Doctor for a day at no monetary compensation. All photos and opinions are solely ours.

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