Monday, 3 August 2020

Pizza Delivery Singapore - Review

Long weekend always rejuvenates us well. We had friends over for BBQ last Friday, and it's always wonderful to complement food with friends.

Apart from the usual BBQ food prepared, I ordered 2 large pizzas from Pizza Delivery Singapore. Including that of our friends, we had 6 kids, I was sure they welcome pizza anytime. There's a current promotion of buy 1, free 1 medium or large pizza. And all pizzas are handmade upon ordering, with 1 hour delivery islandwide. It's probably the freshest you can get! 

Hawaiian and Margherita pizzas

There is no minimum order required, but a flat rate of $5.90 will be charged if your order is below $60. Free delivery for orders above $60. Pizza Delivery Singapore's pizza prices range from $9 to $39, depending on flavours and sizes. Pizza sizes are available in:

Small 6′ inches (4 slices)
Medium 9′ inches (6 slices)
Large 12′ inches (8 slices)

There's always something for all party sizes, a great option for your next pizza craving or party hosting.

We ordered the Hawaiian and Margherita pizza which were both great tasting. The smoky taste and soft chewy crust were made special by baking them in a masonry oven, also commonly known as a wood-fired brick oven or a stone oven. It is a baking chamber made of bricks, stone or clay and traditionally fired with wood.

Photo credit: Owari Photography
Hawaiian Pizza. Photo Credit: Owari Photography

Margherita Pizza. Photo credit: Owari Photography

A perfect pizza is cooked simultaneously from the top and bottom. The bricks or stones absorb hot air from firewood and starts to release heat slowly for hours. Thus, a pizza in the masonry oven will be cooked not only by hot air but also by radiant heat. This heat is conducted directly into the food and seals steam produced by water in cooking food. A cooking process and taste that one cannot replicate from home.

You can definitely taste the difference with Pizza Delivery Singapore. They are also listed in Best of Singapore as one of the 13 best food delivery deals in Singapore. Considering we got 2 large pizzas at about $35, I attest that this is definitely an awesome food delivery deal.

Who stole the pizza from the pizza box?

The only downside was that there wasn't a confirmation email or message upon order. That made me wondered if my order was taken in, and a tad worried if the pizzas will arrive to feed hungry kids. And of course, it didn't mattered as long as it came, and on time! If they are late, you will be offered a $10 discount voucher instantly. So don't be shy to take it on if that rare event occurs.

Another long weekend ahead, what's your food plan? We've got your pizza option covered.

Pizza Delivery:

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Best in Singapore:

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Best in Singapore and Pizza Delivery Singapore. Opinions and photos unaccredited are solely mine.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

22 Chinese idioms and phrases Mr Ong Ye Kung used during The Political Debate

It's wonderful that our children are able to do bilingualism, here in Singapore. More often than always, we are proficient in English than Chinese. Quite naturally, watching the GE2020 Political Debate in Chinese was not quite our style of absorption.

Nonetheless, I carved out some time out of my Korean drama to catch The Political Debate on mewatch. It sounded too attractive after hearing and reading praises about how our education minister, Mr Ong Ye Kung (PAP) pulled off his Chinese debate impressively with Leong Mun Wai (PSP) and Bryan Lim (SDP).

It was a blow away for me! I'm convinced that he's the education minister for a firm reason. Great exemplary model for our students. So kids, anyone can master bilingualism.

Screengrab from mewatch

The debate was a well-worth trade for an episode of my Korean drama. And now, I'm trading another episode or more to gather my learning and takeaways from the debate. Which I'm now ashamed of the 'A2' Chinese scored during my 'O' level. Never too late to learn, I'm listing the idioms and phrases Mr Ong used during the debate. 

Are we having PSLE oral next week? These may come in as supplementary, PSLE mamas. 

22 Idioms and phrases used in The GE2020 Political Debate - Chinese
1. 挨家挨户 (āi jiā āi hù)
Definition: to go from house to house/house-to-house (search)

2. 在职训练(zài zhí xùn liàn)
Definition: on-the-job training

3. 息息相关( xiāng guān)
Definition: closely bound up (idiom); intimately related

4. 腐败无能( bài néng)
Definition: Corruption and incompetence

5.  数一数二 shǔ shǔ èr)
Definition: reckoned to be first or second best (idiom); one of the very best
造句: 他的成绩在学校里是数一数二

6. 斩草除根 (zhǎn cǎo chú gēn)
Definition: to cut weeds and eliminate the roots (idiom); to destroy root and branch/to eliminate completely
7. 卷土重来(juǎn chóng lái)
Definition: to return in a swirl of dust/to make a stage comeback (idiom)
 造句: 失败一次并不可怕,可怕的是我们连卷土重来的勇气都没有。

8. 与时俱进(yǔ shí jù jìn
Definition: abreast of modern developments/to keep up with the times/progressive/timely

9. 燃眉之急(rán méi zhī jí)
Definition: fire burns one's eyebrows (idiom); desperate situation/extreme emergency

10. 门可罗雀 (mén luó què)
Definition: you can net sparrows at the door (idiom); completely deserted
造句: 所有的大型商场都将变得门可罗雀

11. 于事无补( shì bǔ)
Definition: unhelpful/useless 

12. 出人头地(chū rén tóu dì)
Definition: outstanding (idiom); a pinnacle of virtue and ability

13. 任人唯贤(rèn rén wéi xián)
Definition: to appoint people according to their merits (idiom); appointment on the basis of ability and integrity

14. 背道而驰 (bèi dào ér chí)
Definition: to run in the opposite direction (idiom); to run counter to

15. 行行出状元(háng háng chū zhuàng yuán)
Definition: in every trade, a master appears (idiom); produce outstanding achievements in any task with enough love and diligence
造句:行业没有高低之分, 只要自己努力, 行行出状元

16. 知足常乐 (zhī zú cháng lè)
Definition: Satisfied with what one has (idiom)

17. 水火不容(shuǐ huǒ róng)
Definition: completely incompatible; incompatible as fire and water

18. 才华出众(cái huá chū zhòng)
Definition: outstanding talent (idiom); incomparable artistic merit

19. 勇往直前 (yǒng wǎng zhí qián)
Definition: To advance bravely

20. 马不停蹄( tíng tí)
Definition: unrelenting/without stopping to rest

21. 牛头不对马嘴(niú tóu duì zuǐ)
Definition: inconsistent; inappropriate

22. 保底不封顶 (bǎo fēng dǐng)
Definition: don’t cap the top, but uplift the bottom

Excerpt from MOE website

The final one is my favourite - which he meant about not capping achievements and limiting opportunities, but to uplift those who are at the bottom in order to close achievement gap. No one is intended to be left behind. I don't think our kids need back to back tuition to fit the society. Till this day, we are still holding back on academic enrichment, even though teaching my own kids erodes the good parts of motherhood in me. That will be another story to tell.

So yeap, above are 22 out of the many idioms and phrases Mr Ong used during the GE2020 Chinese Political Debate. There were lots more impressive vocabularies used, but I'll just list these for keepsake, for my learning and teaching journey. Hopefully, the kids will throw in 1 or 2 of these into their Chinese oral and composition.
Mr Ong grew up in a Chinese speaking family and read only Chinese comics when young. I'll look at Chinese comics differently from today.

Oh, the last time I checked, our education minster doesn't set the PSLE or 'O' level Chinese paper. Phew! 一天学一点,have fun learning and re-learning!

P.S: 造句 is adapted from various sites, with most adapted from The looking up of words and definition were from Chinese dictionary app, Bravolol. An app I use often to help the kids with Chinese.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

One Hour Florist - Review

I sent a bouquet of flowers from One Hour Florist to the daughter! When it arrived at the door, I alerted her that she has flowers. Ignorant and in disbelief, she continued to be engage in her task. I had to bring the flowers to her. After checking out the greeting card, she released a smile like she had been pranked. It was definitely no prank, I had wanted to be the first person in her life to send her flowers.

Deluxe Surprise Hand Bouquet

Her weeks had been busy with work from school and home based learning. On top of these, she had some tough time adapting to the new elements she's learning from her online gym sessions. The idea of sending her blooms as an encouragement came to me and I was confident that the flowers will lift her mood.

I choose her bouquet from One Hour Florist, a local online florist. As its name spells, it promises to send your flowers within an hour. But, I selected a choice from the hourly time slots for next day delivery. The online ordering process was breezy, and I was pleasantly glad that there didn't seem to have a limit on the words I wanted to send across with the flowers. The message came printed on two postcards size of cardstock paper. I am sure one wordy Mama.

Lovely on her desk

It's definitely wonderful to know of a local florist that covers both your last minute and planned decisions! Delivery for all orders are Free with no minimum spending needed. With this express promise, there is definitely more value compared to what you are already paying.

One Hour Florist also promises 100% freshness with flowers air flown in daily, where only the best flowers are sent out for delivery. Their flowers are kept lasting with advanced technological solutions to sort orders in a way that each outlet would only receive orders that are within the vicinity of the delivery location. Having to deal with a decent volume of orders, they are able to fly in flowers on a daily basis without having to deal with leftover flowers. Their fast growth has also allowed them to create multiple operational outlets across Singapore, so that flowers can reach you in 60 minutes or less. In midst of the current covid situation, do give them some buffer time for safety and health checks at delivery premises.

Admiring her flowers

Do you have someone in mind to send flowers to? I think it's a wonderful idea to send flowers to a little girl today. Apart from the smiles, with gifts coming from a child's parents, it surely creates great memory with it. I'm glad I just did! Flowers aren't bloomed just for occasions, but any day.

Facebook: One Hour Florist
Instagram: @onehourflorist

Sales and Order enquiries: +65 9618 3746

Delivery Operating Hours: 11 am to 8 pm,
Delivery Operating Days: Mondays to Saturdays
No delivery on Sundays and Public Holidays

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Whyzee cake delivery - Review

How was Father's day celebration in your household? I thought it was really wonderful that families could dine out with their heroes. A drastic opposite when Mother's day fell during circuit breaker with many home delivery orders clogged up. Regardless, it was still home staying for us. Cakes and tea were perfect incentives for us to stay home.

Father's day tea and cakes

We celebrated Father's Day with cakes from Whyzee. The kind people from Whyzee, a local online cake store sent us three wonderful flavours to savour - Mango Mousse, Chocolate Desire and Tiramisu. The cakes were great tasting, spongy and soft. The daughter sliced and commented that they do not crumble easily. Good stuff in there.

Mango Mousse

Chocolate Desire


I am not sure if the tiramisu is alcohol free, but it did seemed like it was when we tasted. Kids safe I guess. 

These express cakes along with other choices listed on their website promise to deliver to your table, should you have an urgent or last minute request of cake. Just give them 60 minutes. It's a great save to your impromptu plan! Same day delivery islandwide is at a fee of $10. Urgent/last minute delivery fee at $25. Free delivery for orders above $80. There is no minimum order. It is best to contact them via call or Whatsapp to place any urgent order. For seasonal products, the earliest arrival will be 2 days after purchasing on their website.

In addition to an online store, Whyzee owns a humble bakery at Clementi too. They specialise in freshly baked Artisanal Birthday Cakes, eggless and vegan cakes. Eggless cakes are always great options when celebrating a child's birthday at preschool. You never know who has an egg allergy within the class, and that little child may not sound it out. 

All ingredients used in Whyzee are of premium quality and they guarantee not only the freshness of your cakes, but their delicious taste as well. I love their focus of providing healthier cake options that are preservatives free, with less sugar and cream used. Another great choice for eaters of all ages! And I find that local taste buds are not very much skewed to extremely sweet cakes too.

Check out their website for their range of birthday to customised cakes, seasonal and non-seasonal cakes. Oh, they have cupcakes, swiss rolls, banana bread and muffins too!

This little guy has testified its goodness.


Website: Whyzee
Facebook: whyzee

Enquiries: 9773 2434 (9am to 9pm daily)

Address: 352 Clementi Ave 2, #01-109, S120352
Operating hours
10am – 6pm (weekdays) 
10am – 4pm (weekends)

Delivery Time Slots
12 pm to 3pm
3pm to 6pm
6pm to 9pm
Last minute/Urgent delivery slots
Cut off time at 6pm  (Mon to Sat)

Thursday, 18 June 2020

More Home Activities for Your Preschooler

We are into phase two of circuit breaker! Mumsy roles are pretty much the same for me as I've the youngest still nesting with me 24/7. Preschool is in plan, but we're unsure of when exactly. Meanwhile, it's keep clam, and keep on homeschooling for me.

Here are another FIVE fun and easy home activities in addition to what we shared previously on 5 simple activities for your preschooler during circuit breaker.

1. Mystery box
Cut a circle the the middle of an empty box, big enough for his hand to move in and out. Put random items into the box and get your child to make a guess of what they are. One item at a time. Range your items with different texture from toys to fruits! Allow his sense of touch lead him. 

Before that, you may get your child to paint the 'mystery box' too.

Mystery box fun

2. Face on glass
Reach for the window markers! Press your face against a glass panel and get your child to draw your face features. Change roles after that. Ta-da! You've got a portrait of each other.

Pressing his face for big bro to draw

Lovely portrait

3. Math Box
Yes, we have too many boxes sitting around waiting to be used. I cut two holes on top of the box, fix on with the covers of wet wipes as entry points for the items we want to add up. I used hot glue gun to fix this. And poms poms for our addition. Stick a plastic tape across the 2 covers for the writing of equations. Use erasable marker!

That explains our 3+3 = 6

Math fun

4. Baking soda paint
Mix paint colours with vinegar and drip them over baking soda with a dropper. Spoon drip is fine too if you do not have a dropper. Watch the foaming reaction as your child creates art with it. If you think your child can comprehend, explain the science behind. Baking soda and vinegar react with each other because of an acid-base reaction. One of the products this reaction creates is carbon dioxide.

Baking soda and vinegar

5. Ocean rescue
Make jelly using instant jelly mix. I don't have to chill to solidify if I'm using instant jelly mix. Add blue colouring to the liquid for an ocean effect. Submerge small toy animals in, before the jelly solidifies. Then get your child to rescue them with chopsticks!

Spot the ocean animals

Have fun with these home activities for your preschooler!

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Farm Florist - Review

Fresh flowers are not quite my thing because its existence is not enduring. But, who minds receiving them, even if beauty is short-termed? Surely I don't. Flowers are undeniably one of the most beautiful variation of nature that captivates one's soul. Their appearances and colours are always pleasing to one's eyes. As a Mum, I like to often remind myself how kids are sometimes like flowers, blooming at their own pace. With no regard of competing with the flowers next to it. Life breathes easier with no hurry.

Surprise bloom box

Fresh blooms make a day. I was delighted to receive a surprise bloom box from FARM Florist, a local online florist. Uniquely different from the usual bouquets received, I love that this bloom box sits beautifully arranged and upright from its box.

Sending a Bouquet?
FARM florist allows you to make an order within 5 minutes and have your flowers delivered on the same day within 60 minutes. Only farm fresh flowers are used, and flowers that do not make the cut to leave their premises get thrown into the rubbish bin. With advanced and streamlined operational structure, Farm florist takes in up to 200 orders a day and promise that it all gets delivered on time. They would refund the full order so long as they are late for the delivery. It seems like one that not any local florists would ever commit.

Along with my bake

No idea what to send?
If your can't decide what to get for your loved one, FARM Florist has a special innovation called the Surprise Bouquet that starts from 34 SGD with free delivery. How it works is that you can just fill in the drop down boxes with some details such as the age and gender of the recipient, along with the type of occasion, and they will use their creative sense to curate the most applicable arrangement. Probably the best and most fun part about this local online florist. 

In tough times like we are in today, the power of smiles can be on our hands. Express your thoughts through beautiful blooms. 

Facebook: Farm Florist
Instagram: @farmflorist

Sales and Order enquiries: +65 9384 4885

All days (Mondays to Sundays) including Public Holidays
Except Chinese New Year (Day 1 and 2) and Christmas Day (25 December)

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Soy bean curd recipe (Smiliar to Lao Ban style)

If you enjoy Lao Ban beancurd, this recipe is somewhat similar to it. Not exactly close, but in my opinion, good enough. I've included the brand choices used, with most being found in NTUC Fairprice. Instant jelly powder was purchased from Phoon Huat. Soya bean curd powder is recommended to be Polleney brand, but I can't find it anywhere. Bought another brand instead, Happy Grass which comes in 80g pack.


This recipe yields 3 full Lao Ban bowls.

60g soybean powder (Happy Grass brand)
30g Instant organic soya milk powder (Unisoy)
20g sugar 
30g Coffee creamer (Nestle coffeemate)
13g Instant jelly powder (Red man)
700ml of water

1. Mix soybean powder and soya milk powder into a pot. 
2. Pour in 700ml of water.
3. Place the pot on the stove over low fire. 
4. Whisk the mixture to ensure that the powder mix is fully dissolved. Do Not bring to boil. 
5. Add in sugar and coffee creamer. Keep whisking and keep the mixture hot without bringing to boil. Move to the next step once you see steam.
6. Add in the instant jelly powder, and stir quickly without whisking. Stir for about a minute or two. Turn off the fire.
7. Sieve/strain the mixture into in large cup/jug.
8. Use an oil sieve (hot pot usage) to sieve another round when pouring into smaller cups/containers.
9. Allow them to cool before refrigerating about 2 to 3 hours. 

This is a reduced sugar recipe. You may up sugar to 30g if you like it sweet to Lao Ban's style. It is also possible to double the portion to make more bowls, just be careful in maintaining the right consistency and controlling the heat.

If you didn't fill the bowl to near brim, you will be able to make more bowls.

Whisking the powder mixture

Almost ready for set

Dessert is ready!

Friday, 15 May 2020

Tiramisu Recipe

I find sharing recipes on blog seem more organised than on Instagram, so here we are sharing some makes and bakes we've been using to keep our home time relatively occupied. First up, Tiramisu. A long time recipe our neighbour, shared with us. Our kids' all time favourite! Alcohol is optional of course.

This is one recipe that requires no flour and no bake. Just need more patience to savour it, as it needs to sit at least 4 hours (or overnight) in the refrigerator. 

4 eggs (separate the whites and yolks)
500g mascarpone cheese
5 tbs fine sugar
60ml rum (or kahlua)
1 cup espresso (room temperature with a little sugar) 
Ladyfinger biscuit (200g per pack)
Cocoa for dusting

1. Whisk egg whites till stiff peak. Set aside.
2. In another large bowl, whisk egg yolk and sugar till pale yellow
3. Add mascarpone cheese. Whisk till incorporated.
4. Mix in rum.
5. Add the whisked egg white into the yolk mixture. Set aside.
6. Pour espresso onto a plate, wide enough to half dip the ladyfinger biscuits.
7. Half dip the non-sugar side of the ladyfingers and assemble the ladyfingers as base in a transparent casserole, about 6 to 7cm deep. Sugared side upwards.
8. Pour in a layer of the liquid mixture (about 1 to 1.5cm) over the assembled ladyfingers. Depending how deep and wide your casserole is.
9. Dust off with cocoa powder.
10. Repeat steps 7 to 9. You should be able to repeat 2 cycles of the same layers. The top layer ends with the dusting of cocoa powder.
11.  Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

This portion fits well for a 17 by 8cm rectangular casserole. You may also cut the ladyfingers biscuits to fit the size of dessert cups/containers you are using.

You may portion the liquid mixture into half, for alcohol and non-alcohol. And have them poured into smaller casseroles to set.


Here's the lovely part about spending kitchen time with kids. We can use these baking moments to connect with our child. I schedule individual bake and cook duties with each child throughout the week. It is a strategy to spark more conversations between each child and me. Children are more likely to share and talk when we are doing something together. It can be a play session, a ride in a car, building something or even through baking. Be sure that no one is rushing, but only enjoying the process of baking and connecting.

Best conversations can actually take place while something else is happening. Instead of the usual sit down sessions.

Have a wonderful time bonding through food creation.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

5 Simple Activities for Your Preschooler this Circuit Breaker

We hope the home bound days have been kind to you this far, mamas. It's not an easy time being so stuck with little kids in the house, who need to be constantly fed and played with. Hope these activities will add a some fun to your little one during this circuit breaker.

Here are 5 fun and easy activities for your little one to explore.

1. Ladle and Soup
Just ladle. No hands of course, soup is ‘hot!’ Challenge your child to be really careful with scooping and not make a spill on the table. And the pot, is one that's used in the real kitchen.

Ladle and soup

2. Trace the shadow 
A sunny day activity by the window, where the sun shines upon. Place some animals or any small standing figurines on a paper and trace their shadows. If your child is older, you may even explain how different time of the day give form to the different heights of shadows. 

Animals shadow

3. Egg drawing
Save the egg shells used from cooking and baking for this drawing purpose. Poke a hole with chopsticks at the bottom of the shell, to release its content. Wash, dry and the shells are good for art fun. We used permanent markers for drawing. Put on an art apron if your child needs one. 

Egg drawing

4. Chopsticks skills
Chopsticks and poms poms make great fun. And if your child is really good with chopsticks, try the small beans. Pick away!

Chopsticks and pom poms

5. Roads and cars
Draw roads, tracks and traffic lights on a flattened box, then bring in the toy cars to play away. You may even bring in blocks and lego to spice up the fun as buildings, petrol kiosks or attractions.

Road works in progress

Have a great time of play!

Friday, 8 May 2020

8 Crabs - Food Review

It's lots of cooking and food takeaways during this circuit breaker. How are meals settled in your home? Though we do lots of home cooking, we take occasional kitchen breaks with food deliveries too. Mums need their well deserved break.

Just this week, we had a hearty feast with 8 crabs during one of my lazy to cook days. 8 crabs' fast and convenient delivery is certainly an option to curb crab craving without having to leave home. It promises to deliver within an hour.

Not happy with bro snitching a bun

Too much food!

Here's what you need to know about crabs:
Crabs naturally travel about 500m every night and prefer to live alone. However, crab farmers breed many crabs in a confined space in order to be profitable. This causes the crabs to get stressed very easily in captivity as many farms cannot replicate their natural habitat. When stressed, crabs produce ammonia, which is a sign of decomposition of seafood.

Here's what you need to know about crabs from 8 Crabs: 
1. 8 Crabs is the only company in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs. This is graded by the most experienced crab graders in the trade
2. This means that their crabs are meatier, tastier, bigger and less watery.
3. To ensure freshness, these crabs are caught, flown, prepared and delivered to us within 12 hours.
4. Their award-winning chefs prepare and cook these fresh crabs daily to guarantee the best flavour and taste.
5. They also have a one driver to an order policy across their 12 kitchens island-wide so that they may uphold the promise of one hour crab delivery.

Not a crab eater? There are other dish choices if there are non-crab eaters among the family. Here's what we ordered for our meal:

Black pepper crab - Large ($68)
Chilli crab - Large ($68)
Prawn paste chicken - Large ($22)
Gravy Hor Fun - Large ($18)
Mee Goreng -Large ($18)
Fried Man Tou - 5 pcs ($6)


Their 'L' sized crab weighs about 750g while alive, and about 500g after cleaning, gutting and cooking. 'XXL' crab weighs about 1.2kg, and 800g after cleaning, gutting and cooking. I'm sure there's bigger satisfaction in larger crabs, but we happily settled with crabs 'L.' 

There are 3 cooking styles for their crabs - Black pepper, chilli and the non-spicy, salted egg crab. It's wonderful that there's a non-spicy option for the spice adverse taste buds. Though I think more cooking variations would be perfect. The crabs were fresh with meaty and firm flesh. Well cooked and coated in tasty sauce and gravy too. Truly Singapore's black pepper and chilli crab taste.

Remember to get man tou to go with the generous amount of chilli gravy!

The large dish portion feeds 6 to 8 people fairly well. It was definitely more than enough for us. Hor fun was good too, but definitely needs more gravy for takeaway. The man likes chilli Mee Goreng, which I ordered specaially for him. He enjoyed it! 

And so did we, with the rest of the dishes. Burp...

Here are their delivery charges:
Express one hour delivery: $ 18.00
Same or next day delivery: $ 8.00
FREE DELIVERY if you spend $120 and above.

Mother's day is only a day away. 8 crabs is definitely one feast option for consideration.

WhatsApp: +65 8725 0725 (No calls)
Facebook: @8crabs
Instagram: @8crabs

Order online through website

Disclaimer: Sponsored food. All photos and opinions are solely ours.

Friday, 27 March 2020

4 takeaways from covid

In just weeks, the newly conceived covid-19 had created much havoc in our livelihood locally and across countries. To some families, it's down to devastation. This unseen and formidable virus deemed as highly contagious spreads real quick like fire. It is a true silent creeper that respects no boundaries.

New measure on safe distancing kicked in the day before, and just the night before, news on the closure of entertainment businesses for a month. Reading news on how some courageous people went 'farewell' party one last night at these venues before businesses go silent, I realised how much of a weakling I am. I cringe at the thought of it. 

Every new day is now an uncertainty, students have halted their CCAs in school, competitions which Jazz had been training for are also put on hold. Indefinitely. Js' out of school activities - gym, badminton and music lessons are also on suspension. These kids of mine are keeping their eyes and ears glued to news, awaiting for school closure *face palm*. Oh well, one day closure per week, how about that?

These being said, the kids really enjoy more home time now, doing the things they love and enjoy. There's always a positive on the other side of negative. Such days are rare in the culture of busyness. It's quite worth a treasure too.

Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle quite a little. I took chance to talk to the kids about what we can learn out of this pandemic onset .

4 takeaways from covid-19

1. Domestic tolerance
During this period of time when most families are staying indoor, it proves a time of domestic tolerance. We are home with each other more often than before and cooping in does no wonders to the soul. While I appreciate spending more moments with the kids, I won't speak the same when squabbling occurs. Apart from family friction, staying home with home-bound activities is definitely a test of sanity. And not all families are cut to be home all time. In some places, domestic violence can actually happen when everyone is home 24/7. Try to find time for sanity boundary, even from home.

Thankfully, we are not in a lock down state. Staying home is advised, but we are still free to get out for play based on social responsibility trust, so don't take freedom for granted.

2. Early intervention
Early intervention is always a good save to an even more dire circumstances. It allows us to think ahead, mitigate the situation and keep it under control. Doctors were told to put non-emergency operations on hold, contact tracing is done urgently after each confirmed and quarantine venues were readily identified. Pandemic is not patient, its rapid spread prompted local healthcare system to be strengthened.

Likewise in life, if we intervene early and anticipate various scenarios, we can be better prepared in terms of readiness and expectations. Think of a juvenile who's on the wayward path, early intervention saves! And now think of preparing for an examination early, that's half the battle conquered.

3.  Save up for rainy days
The pumping of resilience fund into the economy is a very fine example of saving up for rainy days. The future is always uncertain, it's not quite right to say we should live in the now or live like there's no tomorrow, and splurging all money on good days. Saving up is a lifestyle we should cultivate. Good days are best days to create a security float that will keep us going through tough times. We should always encourage our kids to think of saving up.

This virus is an impactful one, livelihoods are affected and to some, it literally means bread and butter. Geography lessons have explained the detrimental impact of a society with increased unemployment. We don't want to get there.

4. Strong and wise leadership
Good or bad leadership is very much put to trial during challenging moments. Strong leaders are not led solely by speaking words from the pulpit, but with wise actions to back words up. Words that are clearly and frequently communicated to assure worrying and panicky public is essential in distraught moment like this. There will definitely be imperfect decisions, and society will never be balanced in comfort.

Though I feel that more measures can be done from a citizen point of view, like testing every patient that comes into the clinic with similar symptoms. Reason being, my kids took turns to fall sick just before the school holiday, testing for covid-19 was ruled out, but what if it really was?! Imagine the places they've been and the people they could have possibly infect after the 5 days of sick leave.

And of course, I do believe there must be some good underlying reason for decisions to happen. In times like this, there's nowhere to flee. You may have realised home is better than what the world is battling. When you are living on the bright side of a contrasting situation, you'll be grateful.

The resilience fund has something for everyone and we have done nothing to deserve this. We were however given and taken care of. Gratitude is remembering the storm when we are enjoying the sunshine. No doubt, the financial impact has to be mended with time. GST will not stay fixed and inflation will surface when economy booms again. But let's focus on containing and emerging out of this pandemic. I know this sounds like some PAP propaganda, but no, I had really want my kids to remember this brutal battle between a senseless virus and the human population that happened in their generation. To stay thankful, innovative, adaptable and not be a whiner and complainer.  

Let's protect the community like it's our family. Let's learn the lessons of today for tomorrow's history. We’ll never know exactly when a new disease outbreak will emerge. Let's stand united, not only during national day, but in tough moment like this. This time of hard moment is for all, regardless of our differences.