Sunday 5 April 2009

April 2009

Little Jazz arrived on 01 April 2009, with a little weight of 2.785kg! She was birthed at a gestation period of 40 weeks, 2 days! Simply wonderful!!!

What her mummy, I went through:
3.30am: Awaken by some cramps in my tummy, which I didn't really bother as I was always waking up in the middle of nights. It seemed like part of my insomnia routine. I took walks in the living room and in my bedroom thinking if Jazz might be coming out.

4.30 am: The man was awaken by my movements, and I felt the pain getting more intense. He suggested going to the hospital, but I thought it might not be a need to go yet, as the pain was still bearable. I tried to sleep again. Can't believe I was so relaxed!

5:15am: The pain was really more intense, I woke up and crouched on the bed. Told the man that we got to go. I hurried to change, brush up, wash face and took a quick shower. Ed got himself ready, gel his hair and dressed up real smart. I said, "We're going to the hospital, are you going to work?". He replied, "Later must take photo with baby!" Oh well, he wins. First time Dad after all. Anyway, while waiting for me to pack up, I told him to feed pillow (our fur kid) and walk him as it might be a long day. 

5.30am: My water bag leaked, and it was like a sure sign. I hurriedly clear up the mess.

5.40am: We left home, gave pillow my goodbye hug as I knew he'll be away for a month before I'll next see him.

5.55am: Arrived at hospital, pain was unbearable at every 5-10mins interval. I was directed to the labour ward and changed into their ward gown. I was 3cm dilated upon admission.

6:30am: The man did the administration, I was put on CTG to monitor contractions. Nurse came and asked if I could still clear my bowels, I wanted a mess free delivery, so I said I could. Despite the pain.

8:30am: The pain was mad!!! Asked for laughing gas, as Epidural wasn't on my mind (wanted to save money... really!). The laughing gas didn't help and I contemplated on Epidural after some struggle with pain. The Anesthetist was around, I was asked to sign the form, but changed my mind to hang on again. With some bad attitude, he went "It's Ok if you don't one, just that when you need it later, you'll have to wait for some time". Then he proceeded to tell the nurse loudly "I'll be back at 1.30pm". My mind was like, "It's ok, go! Stop provoking a woman in labour pain! Men seriously don't understand!" But in my heart, I doubted I could bear till 1.30pm! I was in great pain.

 9:45am: Contractions got more intense! Really painful!!! And it's real scary when you hear women screaming in other wards. And, Ok, I gave up, I needed Epidural. Told the nurse and she called for an Anesthetist. While waiting, I crouched and moved and held on tightly to the bed rail, till the nurse asked me not to move, as CTG is not monitoring my contractions. I tried to figure out about staying still during the journey of pain.

10am: Had my Epidural!!! Oh, even this process was excruciating! But thank God, it was a different anesthetist, an angelic looking lady administered the Jab for me. It was 'happy-dural!' I slept after the jab. It was a life-saver!

1:30pm: Pushed to delivery suite, waited for gynae to come. And am fully dilated. Watched TV, rested and waited.

2.15pm: Nurses came in to help with the pushing. This part was tough because of the epidural. It doesn't prompt me to push appropriately. At a point, the nurse asked if I needed doctor's help, in my heart, I was thinking, "Of course, I'm getting tired and breathless.", so I asked "how is the doctor going to help?" She replied "vacuum or forceps." I said, "It's Ok, I'll try again". I recalled there are charges for using these equipment. Amazed at myself on how frugality comes into my mind during a time like this. When Jazz's head was quite visible, they called for the gynae to come. And pushing continues...

3:15pm: Jazz arrived!!! Tears flowed and now I'm a MOTHER...

The precious prize to a long labour
A beautiful addition to the family


The parenting journey begins...

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