Saturday 27 June 2009

I drank from the bottle!

Mummy just got back from the market, spent 30 bucks on vegetables, poultry and fruits. That's expensive to cook for two, but for a few meals. We are minimizing outdoors because of the flu pandemic. Worry worry, I'm just a baby after all. Perhaps, cooking for more people is cheaper, economies of scale. Anyway, Daddy said he's going to whip up lunch today, crossing our fingers.

An update on my bottle feed after a hectic week of battle, I gradually drank from bottle the past 2 days. Daddy had to try different tactics just to make me drink. And yesterday, Daddy bought me a new bottle with a NUK teat, it worked! I drank without much struggle, but still not finishing the milk. Hopefully, this is the perfect solution for all my bottle feeds. This has to be done daily now.

Drinking from the rocker method... "Call me Queen Jazz"

The new bottle and teat method, with a little of the TV...

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Bottle Feed - Help

After stopping bottle feed for a week, I start rejecting it again. Daddy put up a battle with me for the past 2 days. On Monday, I won the battle, Mummy threw her expressed milk and yesterday, Daddy won half the battle, I drank half the milk.

Each time the battle begins, I'll start crying when the bottle teat touches my lips, and I'll stubbornly not open my mouth. It's really challenging for Daddy, he'll sweat big time and his arms will ache from all the coaxing. Mummy was all quiet and made sure she wasn't seen by me, she wants me to learn bottle drinking when she's not home. With me knowing her presence, I'll definitely prefer her bosoms, it's my good comfort.

Mummy desperately needs help and tips on getting me to drink from the bottle. It pains her seeing me cry face red during each battle. Believe her, you'll never want to be caught in such situation where you see your child cry so madly, yet not being able to help. If mummy comes to my rescue each time her mind fails all efforts will go to waste. It's impossible to turn a deaf ear to my cries, so while it was war in the living room, mummy calmed herself by praying and playing worship songs in the bedroom. For better days ahead, she decided she will persevere. Especially when Mum starts working, I'll be probably in the care of Grandma or in a childcare centre, so we'll have to work this out for them.

Ok, back to searching online on bottle rejection... do share tips with mummy if you've any.

Monday 22 June 2009

One is Not enough

Yesterday was like a parents gathering at uncle Les house. We had so much fun eating and laughing at all the babies. Leo is the oldest among all, he is already running, while Luc and myself have yet to even start crawling. It's the first time I met Luc since our births, he popped 2 days ahead of me.

While lunching, the mummies were discussing about how many children they would want. Auntie mich and auntie ker said they would stop at one because of various reasons like labour pain or diverted attention from baby number 1. Mummy responded, "One is not enough." Its no doubt, pregnancy and labour are horrible processes to go through, but when you see the 'product', you'll say it's worth while. Once birthed, the before was absolutely nothing. Mummy said if she and daddy could afford, 4 would be good, but considering the best providence for all, 2 to 3 sounds comfortable. Yipee, I'll have siblings!

I think the government does need more mummies who thinks like this to salvage the aging population. But well, talking is easy, and walking the talk could be tough. At least, with the thoughts perceived, it will become mummy's action plan one day. One thing for sure, she is a 100% baby lover, simply can't get her hands of them. Of course babies will outgrow their adorable stage and other challenges will follow as they grow. So what? Just do the best in parenting and leave the rest to God.

To know the outcome of mummy's thoughts, check in 5 years later...

The daddies with their babies (From left: Baby Luc, Leo and me!)
And the mummies with babies

Sunday 21 June 2009

Father's Day

It's my Daddy's day! I must admit there's no Big plan for execution, but of course a simple dine out is already on my mind. Mummy will absorb the bill, and I'll pay her - "Take from the baby bonus Mum."

Actually, today is filled with activities, we'll be going to Auntie G's house for her housewarming, then head towards my friend, L's house for lunch and then out for dinner. Mummy is praying that I'll behave real good, it's going to be a long day.

Well, since it's Father's day, I'll prepare for my academic days by writing composition on my Daddy...

"My Dad is a simple man. He's never pressured by the ever challenging society, he lives up to his own way of life, that is simplicity. He's not just my good Daddy, he's a good husband, good son, good son-in-law, good worker and a good friend to all. Everyone loves him! To many, Daddy appears to be a peaceful and quiet man, but in the home, he can be real chatty. Even Grandma asked why Daddy and Mummy have so much to talk about over a dinner.

If you know my Daddy, you'll say he's a good man. Family and friends around Mummy would always talk and rave about how good a husband he is. No doubt, he is. He makes sure he heads the family well, especially in the area of finance, since he is the sole breadwinner for now. You might laugh if I tell you he has an excel spreadsheet that keeps track of every expenditure, even for pillow (our doggy). He never fails to update it after each grocery, shopping and petrol pump, even if the amount is minimal. And when mummy always ask if his account is healthy, he would always joke, "I've nothing but money." He knows money secures a family.

Oh, my dad also an avid Xbox and Internet fan, when he's home in the evenings, you'll never fail to see him bond with the laptop before anything else. Mummy dislikes this, they take away the quality time that could be spent with us. Again, you might laugh if I tell you, the things Daddy reads online are no value added stuff like gossipy forums and news. So alike the aunties in the market. I'm fair in giving both the positive and negative stories.

Well, there's just so much to write about my Daddy. Overall, I think he has played his roles well. He never fails to help out the household chores and never fails to make Mummy and I smile. Most importantly, he is ever enthusiastic about this FAMILY - Father And Mother I Love You! Daddy, Grandpa and Great Grandpa, Happy Father's Day! Oh, did I mention Grandpa and his siblings bought an iphone for Great Grandpa. How nice!"

P.S.: Daddy, I know that image of my fall must have hunted you badly. I just wana tell you I'm really fine, you see me smiling, cooing and playing like before... I'm fine. It was a mere accident, don't feel bad. I love you!

Thursday 18 June 2009

My Fall

Mummy was away for school again, I was left in daddy's care that night. While she was in a project discussion, she got a sms from daddy that shocked and pained her. Daddy text-ed that I had a fall from the sofa, mummy was so worried that she almost cried and wanted to rush home immediately. Her discussion has not ended so she calmed herself since Daddy mentioned that I've stopped crying and seemed alright.

After discussion, mummy rushed off and drove like never before, over taking cars after cars just to be home at the soonest possible. Grandma was also home as she brought something over for Mummy, Grandma was so worried that she kept reminding not to leave me on the sofa unattended. My movements have got stronger throughout the months. When mummy reached home, she was glad to see my responsive expressions, she hugged and kissed me.

Upon seeing Daddy's shocked and guilt stricken face, Mummy told him not to worry and that I looked fine. Daddy felt so bad that he took leave the next day just to monitor me. When 'misfortune' happens, the best action is to encourage and comfort each other, blaming brings no correction, it only furthers the guilt. Of course, women are naggy, she just reminded daddy never to leave me unattended when I'm off floor level, anything can happen in a split second. In fact, when a baby falls, it really is the carelessness of the caregiver, sounds harsh but true. But when a toddler falls, it's the process of learning to explore.

Mummy heard of many stories on how babies fell from the bed or couch, so since birth, she's committed not to let that happen to me. All this while, she's been real careful with me. Now daddy is getting my play mat ready, so that I'll be playing on the floor most of the time. This reduces my chances of falls, doesn't it?!

Well, glad that I'm ok... smiling, kicking, playing, cooing and crying as usual.


Monday 15 June 2009

The Line!

We celebrated uncle bear's birthday at Shangri la, The Line. It was a heavenly! There were 5 of us, Daddy, Mummy, Uncle bear, Auntie sha and me. We were warmly welcomed by the server who then ushered us to our seats, while walking to the designated table, Mummy was amazed at the ambience. The place was beautifully embellished, its tables and seats, together with well combined colours created a soothing and comforting dining experience. It makes you want to stay long even if you had have your fill.

Mummy was impressed by the food spread and its presentation, 'perfect' seemed like the word for it. Each and every of their dishes is worth a try, the seafood was fresh and even the oysters were pried open, before your eyes! How fresh. After the main, Mummy attacked the desserts, its variety is equally huge, and mind you, its only desserts. Their durian cake and tiramisu is a 'must try.' In fact, everything is worth a try.

At the end, Uncle bear thought he would have to bear the bill, which is our usual birthday culture, but actually we were all ready to treat him. Initially, he agreed to dine there because he heard Mummy told him there is a 50% discount for using UOB card, but mummy mentioned 15%. He misheard her. I guess he must have felt painful throughout the meal. And throughout their meal, I was so well-behaved till milk time, the server even told mummy, "your baby is so well behaved".

Well, it's not cheap to indulge there, but it's really worth the dollars and cents. No regrets! Mummy will look forward to her next visit. Oh, did I mention her slogan for every buffet is "A little of everything" - This helps maximize the variety of food you can taste.

Friday 12 June 2009

I reject the pacifier

Aren't babies suppose to love the pacifier? Mummy's taken aback with my rejection, for 4 days, she's been trying to introduce this new 'toy' to me but I kept spitting it out. Goodness me, I can't be left to sleep alone and I don't know how to use the pacifier, it's sure tough on pa and ma.

For the first 2 months, mummy didn't introduce the pacifier because she's afraid I'll be confused and reject her breasts. Also, she thought it wasn't necessary to use a pacifier yet, she could still handle my nonsense. However, recently I've been sucking my fist and fingers, so frequent that it seemed like my past time. Mummy worries that I'll start thumb sucking, which doctor told her it will be harder to wean off than a pacifier. It was then that mummy gave it a deep thought and sought advice from Auntie Vi.

Poor mummy struggling to make me love it, but still I could only use the pacifier with her help when she slightly push it towards my mouth. Once her hand leaves the pacifier, I won't hold, it falls off. She wonders why. She even tried 2 different brand of pacifiers! Someone help...

Thursday 11 June 2009

Classic pictures

I can't contain my smile anymore, these two are mummy and my favourite photos!

Daddy took the pictures, and now he's considering to get a SLR camera, but no no... mummy forbids. Stay prudent... 

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Mama's hands

Someone bought mummy's book on ebay. And she must guiltily admit that the book was hardly read. Only when you know it's going away, will you start appreciating it. The same goes to this book. Mummy picked up the book and ran through the chapters. This one poem really touched her heart and made tears welled up in her eyes. She can't wait to share:

I saw you hide your hands in line,
behind the fair lady,
I noticed too, hers soft and white -
immaculate from care.
But ma, I say, it's no disgrace
to have working hands like you,
and had she lived the life you have,
she'd have hands just like it too.

But her hands have never touched a young
or caressed a fevered head,
with hands so gently folded,
all night beside his bed

They've never scrubbed the kitchen floor,
or done dishes every day.
They've never guided with those hands
a child who's lost the way.

They've never made a Chirstmas gift,
shaped by a loving hand.
They've never peeled apples,
nor vegetables they've canned
They've never worn a blister,
or had calluses to show,
for all they've done for others,
and the kindnesses I know.

So you see, my dearest Mama -
yours are hands of love.
And I bet the Lord will notice
when he greets you from above.

Tommi Jo Casteel

My mummy's hands got really busy since I arrived. For the past weeks, her right hand had been aching numb, so painful that she would wake up in the middle of her sleep. Not sure why and what happened, but I'm sure this poem melted her heart, she must have been a working mum who exhausted her hands.

Thank you mama for your hands of love!

Mid week thoughts

It's mid week! I gave dad and mum a very 'warm greeting' this morning, I woke them at 5.30am. Mummy thought I wanted milk though it wasn't time yet, but still she fed me. I had my fill and burped, when mummy put me back to bed, I cried. On any other days, I would go back to sleep almost immediately after each feed. I really misbehaved, went back to sleep only after an hour of nonsense. Daddy couldn't go back to sleep after that, he began his day early, made cereal for mum and himself, read the papers, watched the news and off to work. Exhausted mummy went back to dreamland with me. Our day began again at 9am.

The usual routine for mummy was to bathe me, and today she managed to do my laundry, washed the toilets and iron the clothes. That's a typical housewife, even mummy's cousin in-law joked that she had unknowingly signed on this job. Well, not true... Mummy will step out to work once I can be independent on her during feeds. A step at a time.

Today is mummy's last lecture for the current module, after which she needs to prepare for a presentation, report and an exam. The project works are really stressing mummy, she hopes her group mates will be more enthusiastic about the discussion. It's quite draining when she always end up doing the bulk of the work if there isn't an initiator among. Being a stay home mum is not an idling occupation, many people who are childless often make this remark, so mummy reserve her comments till they become a mother one day. Whether or not she is employed, she shows the same amount of attitude and interest in her school work. This is because, a degree is so common these days, what probably differentiates them is the holder's attitude and results. Which is why she hopes to work doubly hard to earn distinctive results. And most importantly, this course don't come cheap, so why not get the best knowledge out of it.

Hmm... I want to hold the same attitude like mummy, inherit the brain of my daddy and there, I will become a genius!

Monday 8 June 2009

'Fund' raising

Mummy is exhilarated! She did some clean up in the store and the book shelves, found many items that were no more in use yet took up much space. She thought it was a waste to throw the them away especially if they're still usable. The idea came - instead of trying a flea market, she decided to sell these used or new items on ebay! There's remarkable outcome! She sold a book, some board and card games, new and used electrical appliances which she volunteered to help Grandma get rid off. Grandma is in the midst of packing for their new home, there are so many good stuff to sell.

Some of the stuff, almost new were bought on impulse, and they ended up sitting in the shelves untouched. It was some good sale. Before dumping, do think of its resale value.

Thursday 4 June 2009

I don't like the bottle

Yesterday night, daddy put up a struggle with me. It's been some time since I've been bottle-fed. Most of the times, mummy will latch me. This became my comfort. I rejected Daddy's bottle milk last night and for half an hour, I cried like I could tear the walls down. Mummy was out home for her night class and Daddy was so helpless that she called mummy to come home. Coincidentally, mummy left early for her lecture as she knew feeding time is war for daddy, that's mother's instinct. So when mummy received dad's call, she had just stepped out of the home's lift.

Mummy wanted to stay outside till Daddy could comfort and feed me, but my pathetic and loud cries nudged her, she rushed to my rescue. She wants me to begin drinking from bottle again, as she can't be with me 24/7. She has classes and sometimes social gatherings to attend. So Daddy, let's overcome this together. Daddy even teased that he will bring me to mummy's school and when it's feeding time.

In any case, after an hour's battle, some quick search on mother's forum, mummy tried inserting a pacifier into my mouth. I rejected it a few times until I realised it could silent me. Only then, mummy took out the pacifier and quickly change it to the bottle, and there... I drank a good 90ml milk.

It was a challenging experience that made Mummy decide to practice bottle feeding every alternate days or at least 3 days a week. It's good for all!

Breastfeed = Bonding with Mummy
Bottle feed = Bonding with Daddy

So Daddy, don't give up on me. I know it's tiring, but we will work something out. Success to our cooperation!

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Mummy's worry

My mummy is worried about her weight! Though 2kg more to lose to her pre-pregnancy weight, she's afraid of putting on even more. God forbid that to happen! You can't imagine how much mummy's appetite have increased after popping me. From 1/4 bowl of rice each meal to 1/2 a bowl and now gradually a full bowl. Oh no! Mummy's probably seeking revenge on the food she couldn't eat during pregnancy. Ha ha.

Not sure why, but her appetite is really great. She's even eating more than daddy at times. Is this why most mummies find it hard to go slim after birth? Sad sad. That day, daddy even reminded mummy about her food intake when she was slurping her starbucks frappachino. First time daddy ever talked about it, and it was like a wake up call for mummy. If the husband begins to talk about it, it can be frightening. Then mummy teased daddy, asking if he's afraid that she'll ask for slimming allowance. Hmm, maybe that's what daddy is anxious about or maybe concerned about walking beside a not so slim wife.

It is said that breastfeeding allows mummies to take in an extra of 500 calories daily, this fact brings some comfort, but still mummy will be more cautious about the food she's taking. But just yesterday, mummy went all out just to buy bubble tea and durians to satisfy her cravings. Goodness, these are sinful indulges. And when it comes to weekend dinners, daddy would usually bring us out, the temptation of food out there is simply irresistible. See...

Jap food! Sashimi was mummy's pregnancy forbidden food, but not now...

Mummy is determined to begin her exercise routine soon, and I'll need to give her some time off.


Tuesday 2 June 2009


I had my 2nd vacination yesterday. Let me boast, I was so brave, cried only for a few seconds when the needle hit my bum. After that, doctor gave me a dose of oral medication, for rotavirus, prevention from severe diarrhea and vomiting, which is common among infants and children. Anyway, after the jab and medication, I fell asleep comfortably in daddy's arms.

Before heading to the clinic, mummy was so worried that it will be painful for me. I'm a small baby after all. Well mummy, I bore the pain easily, don't worry.

Awaiting another month for the next jab. Hmm... actually mummy, it's quite painful.