Friday, 31 July 2009


Most evenings, mummy would bring me down to stroll at the common playground, with me in her arms of course. At the same time, we would be waiting for daddy to come home. Before I arrived, mummy made many friends around the neighbourhood because Pillow drew her to many dog owners who were also walking their dogs. Gradually, she made friends with the many dog owners. The number of households with doggies at our neghbourhood is surprisingly many.

Now that I've arrived, I drew her to make friends with the many mummies she meets at the void deck. Wow... it's fun! Every evening, many maids and mummies will bring their babies, toddlers and children down to socialize. A mummy would even bring her baby down daily in a pram. Then, a mummy chatted with my mummy, they talked about the nearby childcares and our sleeping habits. Making friends and exchanging ideas/tips are fun. We conclude that the number of babies and children in this neighbourhood is surprisingly many too, even though this was a rather new estate.

So mummies, a little getaway to relax and break a child's crankiness is perhaps a walk around the playground with other children around. For me, it kinda divert my attention and calm me. Mummy does feel kind of 'auntie', but hey, mummies at the void deck are hippy these days.

We love walking around the windy void deck, it refreshes us!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

My wardrobe

No no... These are not for sale. They are the favourites in my wardrobe! I'm pampered by the many choices of clothes to wear everyday. No wonder many say baby girls burn a big hole in daddy and mummy's pocket... so true. Some of my clothes were given by daddy and mummy's friends, some are new and some were worn by their daughter before, we didn't mind. Daddy is also a big fan of fox baby clothes, we would always get something out when we were in the shop. Their baby clothes are pretty and prices are reasonable, an even greater bargain during sale!

Mummy tidies my clothes every month. Each month, there'll be clothes that I've outgrown, and clothes that I can start wearing because I have grown to fit that size. What a growing process...

Babies have fashion trends too...

If I have a little sister next time, she can wear them too!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

For the rainy days

Yesterday, jiu jiu visited me. He opened my cupboard and this shocked him!

Not to be extravagant, but the rate I consume them is speedily fast. Daddy stocks them up whenever there's diapers sale at NTUC, carrefour or wherever. That's my Dad! 


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Salary of a SAHM

SAHM = Stay At Home Mum 
A mother who stays home can be cost saving for the family, although it's a lost of one sided income, the roles a mother performs is beyond monetary valuation. In Korea, most mothers do not work because the cost of getting maids to care for their children is as expensive as one's income. So in Singapore, how much should a mother's income be? 

Maid from Philippines: $400
Childcare with rebate: $500
Maid/Mummy's Insurance: $150
Groceries: $200
and on...
and on... 
Total: Endless

Daddy, where's mummy's pay? You saved on a maid, on childcare and her insurance. Great that you are paying for the groceries. Hmm, so it isn't cheap to get external help, that is why mummy is doing the chores for free! With the extra Tender Loving Care that no one can replace. And of course, if both parents are working, paying for help is not a matter of money, but a matter of quality time with the child. Mummy feels fortunate to watch me grow every moment. Treasuring it before she goes to work.

A SAHM comes with many pros and cons. For my Mummy, she hasn't got herself soaked well enough in the corporate world, there's so much more to explore and earn. The greatest sacrifice for her is actually the income lost, that's because it really isn't easy to stretch her hands out and ask daddy for money to buy stuff or cultivate hobbies. Although, I'm sure Daddy would willingly get them for Mummy, but its just not easy. Or rather, she doesn't want to burden Daddy. In short, it feels better if she's spending the money she earns. For now, daddy please bear with her cooking and baking interests.
Ok, summary here:
Pros of a SAHM
  • Quality time with baby
  • Save money on external help
  • No boss eyeing on you
  • Plan your own schedule or baby plans your schedule
  • Spends less (No need for clothes, makeup or entertainment)
Cons of a SAHM
  • No income
  • No increment and bonuses
  • Stress when baby is cranky
  • No employee benefits
  • Home alone = boredom

And the worst for mummy is the non-aircon environment at home, it's so warm. Utility bill shoots up if we on the air-con, so as much as we can, we'll tolerate with the perspiration.


Monday, 27 July 2009

Irregular sleeps

This morning, I woke up at 6:30am because I poo-ed! Mummy attempted to turn a deaf ear to my cry, but of course, it didn't work. Daddy heard me too, and in mummy's sleep mode, she hoped daddy will attend to me. Naughty mummy, daddy needs to work! Hmm, but indeed, the toughest part of life is to get disturbed sleeps. And for me, it's a problem getting me back to sleep on my own, so it's as good as starting Mummy's day.

In any case, Daddy changed my diapers and mummy took over to rock me for 10mins, before giving me up to Daddy. She had always tried to handle me all by herself, so that daddy can rest after a day's work and have a good sleep before going to work. Which is why she does almost everything on her own. And frankly, Mummy would be lying if she told you, there was never once she broke down mad and cried. It happened many times, especially having to attend to my fussiness in the middle of the nights. It's both physically and mentally draining!

That is when daddy steps in to rescue us. Which is why he would always jokingly tell mummy, "I'll come in when you go mad." Well, things do go crazy, and it's always good to take a rest and put aside the stress, but how does that applies to a Mummy who's on duty round the clock? And you know my muumy is secretly desiring for a good massage, a nice spa and a carefree breakaway. A baby truly requires the ultimate sacrifices of the parents time!

As much as mummy will try to control her emotions, I will also try as much to cooperate. Mummy's becoming fearful of my irregular sleep patterns recently. It must be the frequent poos... Shall ask doctor this weekend. Sigh! 

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Poo and Poo

I'm starting to poo more often these days. Previously, I could poo once every 2 or 3 days, which is perfectly normal for breastfed babies. But now, even during midnight and feed. I can poo being half awake! Something adults can't achieve huh..

This brought mummy trouble again, she'll need to clean me after feed. Moreover, diapers don't come cheap these days, I'm using them like tissues! Ok, back to story... diaper change will wake me up fully and it'll be tough getting me back to dream again. That explains why she couldn't get back to bed now, after patting and singing me to sleep. She's wide awake and hungry, but lazy to search for foodie. Well, at least she didn't have to walk and rock me to sleep this time. I fell asleep in my playpen just by listening to her sing, with her hand constantly patting to rhythm on my right thigh. I guess she sings well, that's why I didn't fuss about it. Wahahaha.

Ok, the day is breaking... Good morning!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Mummy baked!

The mornings have been cool and cozy, it's so perfect to snug in bed, but little Jazz wakes up so early as usual. Yawn yawn!

Some day this week, Mummy managed to bake a cake while I was sleeping. It took her about 2hrs to prepare, bake and clear the kitchen mess. To her surprise, I slept for 3.5hrs that afternoon! See... I'm cooperative! I must have been awoken by the aroma of the cake when it was ready. So what Mummy did? A light cheese cake - She thinks it's yummy, but too bad, my teeth are not ready to try it.

Here's her outcome for the light cheesecake, it doesn't look presentable after much effort of transferring the cake to a container, but that's just the 'cover'... the taste is great!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Mummy's Little Reward

For every hard work, comes a reward. Mummy got a surprising reward from daddy yesterday. It wasn't her birthday, wasn't Christmas or their wedding anniversary, it was simply a surprise reward. Each time, Mum and Dad give presents, they would hide it under each other's pillow.

When mummy was ready for bed yesterday, she didn't realise the present underneath until daddy said, "there's something under your pillow." Puzzled Mummy try to recall what occasion it was yesterday. Memory didn't fail, it wasn't any special occasion. Hmm, but it is sometimes fishy when man starts having weird behaviour like this. "Did he do something wrong?" 

No No... Mummy assuredly believes it's an appreciated love gesture of Daddy. He wants to reward Mummy for handling me and the home. After that night of babysitting, when Mummy was out with her friends, he realised it was tough. It made him knocked out on bed that evening without showering.

Oh, here's what mummy got - SKII Miracle water! 

Hmm, but why that? Is her complexion deteriorating each day? Whatever, just use! Excited Mummy started using it last night, seems good! She asked Daddy why miracle water, Daddy said because his colleague has got 'lobang' to get it at a good deal. Mummy went... "Chey". Wahahaha. But still, she loves it... everytime she watches the commercial on this, the celebrity would go saying that she has been using it for decades, from single to married and to being a Mummy. My Mummy thought that's identical to her life now, but never thought of using, because it doesn't come cheap. So the commercial should target the husbands too!

Daddy... Mummy says "Thank you!"... and "More please..." 


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mum's and My typical day

My Mummy's everyday...  

8:00am: Jazz wakes up and play on bed (Mummy's last few minutes to catch her sleep)  
9:00am: Bathe time   
9:15am: Sit on my rocker and watch Baby Bright DVD (While mummy clears my bathing mess) 10:00am: Milk then Morning nap. Mummy does my laundry, some ironing or goes online.  
12:00pm: Wake up and sit on mummy's lap.  
12:15pm: Rocker and TV. Mummy watches TV too. 
12:45pm: Play my toys - Fish fish or butterfly. Mummy takes her lunch.  
1.15pm: Get a little bored, starts making noise for attention. Mummy sings and play with me.  
1:30pm: Back to playing fish fish or play on my rocker.   
2:00pm: Milk and afternoon nap. Mummy continues to iron, shower or catch some sleep if possible.  
4:30pm: Wake up and sit on mummy's lap. 
4:45pm: Play fish fish or butterfly.  
5:15pm: Get bored. Mummy shows me flash cards and read me stories.  
5:45pm: Tummy time. A little exercise by lying on my tummy (I dislike this). 
6:00pm: Milk and laze around on whatever works to keep me silent.  
7:00pm: Short evening nap. Daddy's home! Mummy hurries dinner with Daddy.  
7:30pm: Wake up and TV time. While Mummy clears the dinner mess, Daddy plays with me.
8:00pm: Fish fish or butterfly time. Or Mummy reads me a story.  
9:00pm: Warm towel bath and milk.  
9:15pm: Lights off and Mummy rocks me to sleep.  
10:00pm: Usually in deep sleep. Freedom for mummy!!! 
That's how I occupy my mummy's day! Making her breathless almost every moment. In fact, routine goes on 24hrs, not forgetting the night feed. I take no note of weekends and public holidays, so my routine is the same everyday. Which means, the same early call for mummy to wake up daily. Hmm, but these weeks, mummy seems to get an off day on Saturday. She could sleep a little longer, because daddy takes the morning routine. He bathes me while Mummy continues to snuggle in bed. 
So that's the typical routine of a 3 to 6 months baby. We take 3 naps in the day - morning, noon and evening. Clocking a total average, 15 hrs of sleep (day and night). Staying awake a maximum of 2 or 2.5hrs before the next nap, gets bored after 30 to 45mins of each activity. In short, I bathe, eat, sleep, play and grow! Mummy always ask, "When can I sleep the many hours like before?" and I cried replying, "I've no answer Mummy!" 

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Hair is falling...

It's Saturday, but it's not exciting at all. I'm home alone with mummy, we're bored bored bored! Daddy is out to attend a wedding dinner, Grandma and Grandpa are out of town also to attend a relative's wedding too. Sigh! Guess we'll just have to spend our evening with Harry Potter on Channel 5.

These days, mummy has been noticing her many strands of hair on our white homogeneous floor, her fear of post pregnancy hair fall is happening! When she washes her hair, she'll see a pile of 'seaweed' at the drainer. scary. Thank God, it's not a permanent fall.

The funny thing is, I'm losing my baby hair too. The mum and daughter pair are losing their hair. Mummy would find much fine hair on my pillow. Do babies change hair? Hmm...

Friday, 17 July 2009

No need maid

Grandma would call mummy almost everyday to check on our updates, during their conversation, she suggested mummy to get a domestic helper. Mummy thinks she's still coping the house chores and me well, so she didn't entertain that idea. Of course life does get better with that extra help, but not forgetting the extra money spent and the extra space the domestic helper occupies. The house is rather cluttered already. Mummy's touched by Grandma's suggestion though, Grandma didn't want mummy to get to stress up over me and the household chores. Although, the initial was tough, but everything is mundane and a routine now. Mummy hasn't got a job anyway.

Maybe daddy should give mummy some 'maid' fees for being the caretaker at home. She's such an excellent 'maid', converses well in our local language, solid services and works to the extra mile. That's because she's my mummy and daddy's wife! No one else takes these roles better. Anyway, not for now... maybe when things starts to get tougher or when daddy's income gets fatter. Or maybe when didi and meimei comes along!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Things that change

Here are some interesting things that change when you have a baby, if you're a mummy, you'll strongly identify with the points:

1. You respect your parents and love them in a new way.
2. You find that your baby's pain feels much worse than your own.
3. Your heart breaks much more easily.
4. Every day is a surprise.
5. You look at your baby in the mirror instead of yourself (So true for this vain mummy!).
6. You become a morning person.
7. Your love becomes limitless, a superhuman power.
8. "Silence? What's that?"
9. You learn that taking a shower is a luxury ("Do Not Disturb").
10. You finally find out the real reason you have those breasts! 

Interesting truths...

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Shirt painting

In midst of my sleeps, mummy did these! She bought some white bodysuits and thought they looked real plain. She took out her acrylic colours and brush to draw on my clothes. Aren't they interesting and personalised? But the wordings are not too well written because it's so difficult to paint on cloth and the brush she used was bad. What an experiment for mummy, she thought it was fun! Her second design must have been inspired by a song, familiar huh... Anyway, I love it and I'll wear them.

Diapers Challenge

We had a chance to try out different brands of diapers, Mr Pampers, Mr Mamy Poko and Mr Drypers. Of all, Mummy loves Pampers the best... why? Because it's the most expensive of all, you have to deny even if it's not good. Haha. What a conclusion. Hmm, but seriously, both Pampers and Mamy Poko are our favourites, not only are they designed creatively with cartoons, they hold my pee well. For Mr Drypers, Mummy didn't quite like it, because of the very adhesive tapes at the sides, it always sticks to my butt when changing.

At my little age, I'm starting to sleep longer hours in the night and Mummy doesn't want to change my diapers after the night feed. Therefore, a diapers that hold a few rounds of pees is important. Of course, not forgetting the thick application of nappy rash cream before bed.

See... the cartoons are beautiful right? Anyway, who cares, they're worn inside...

From Left: Pampers, Mamy Poko and Drypers

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Maddening Mummy

I drove mummy crazy, I didn't get back to sleep after the 4a.m. feed. She is so so so upset, not knowing what went wrong. It's been like that for the past few days. When she raises her voice at me, I'll smile, not knowing that I've been scolded. She felt like she's giving up on me each time it happens.  
Mummy's prayer
Baby, it's maddening when you do this to me. I'm your mummy, and also a human with feel. I've sacrificed many things for you, especially my precious sleep. Won't you be like before when you could sleep through the night and soothe to sleep after feed and diaper change? I care for you day in and day out, without a pause. Please help mummy feel complete and happy taking care of you everyday. It's like learning to crawl, if I were to carry you all the time, you're not going to discover how to crawl, since you'll never be on the floor long enough to learn. Similarly, if I were to always rock you to sleep, you're not going to learn how to soothe yourself to sleep. Baby, please help mummy by helping yourself. Mummy loves you!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Mummy's night out

Mummy was out to dine with her friends yesterday evening, I was left in Daddy's care again. When Mummy was back at 11 plus, I was wide eye opened on my bed, not asleep. Goodness! It was way past my daily bedtime. Mummy hopes that I can sleep by 10pm everyday, to cultivate a consistent routine. Well well well, getting daddy to take over mummy's role is just like asking mummy to go work on Daddy's behalf. As tough! All Daddy could reach for when he couldn't figure out my cries was the pacifier. Which till now, I still do not know how to use it without anyone holding for me. Sigh! That's why mummy gave up on using it. 
Then, Mummy picked and rocked me to sleep, 15 mins got the task completed. When Mummy turned to Daddy, he was already snoring away on the bed, without even taking his bath! Was that few hours without Mummy around so draining? Hmm... Daddy, you better appreciate mummy since you know it isn't an easy job to handle me even for that few hours. Or maybe Mummy has gradually become a master of her job.
In any case, Mummy really enjoyed her night out yesterday. It's been a long time since she met Auntie Kong and Jo, Uncle Amos and Ben. Being home ridden can be real sore at times, an occasional breather is good. Which means putting Daddy into more practice! And practice creates perfection. 

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Since younger days, mummy have a strong love for babies, toddlers and children. Each time she comes across a baby, it's hard to keep her hands from touching them. Now that she has got me, she can cuddle, hug and kiss me any time she wants. Every news that reports an abandon baby, Mummy wonders why didn't she get to come across one, so she could help care till an adopter comes. Anyway, this year seems to be a year of babies popping, almost every month, she hears of daddy and her friends popping babies or got pregnant. Nice!

Babies are adorable no matter what shapes, sizes or colour. Everyone is unique to their mummy and daddy. Many relates baby to cries, it's their identity, but that's how they communicate their needs. Yesterday, I had a good loud laugh when daddy was playing with me by simply doing some clown actions, that moment melted mummy's heart. Daddy commented that when babies laugh, they are truly happy. It's true. As one grows, life gets complicated. We may be laughing for the sake of laughing or laugh to make others happy. A baby is different, her laughter and language are genuine expressions of her mood. How sincere... or maybe that's what we call a Pure Life.

Chubby, chubby chubby, I'm so chubby! So Mummy, remember if I've naughty moments, they are innocently naughty, don't get angry. Hmm... but I'll outgrow baby-hood, got to face the music some day.

Ok, here are some universal characteristics of a baby:
  • Cries loudly for you to guess her needs
  • Burps loudly without saying 'excuse me'
  • Farts loudly even with many people around
  • Poos loudly to tell you it's time for diapers change

See, babies are cute... so am I. 


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Home cooked meals

We spent most time over the previous 2 weekends vegetating at home. Daddy on his Xbox, Mummy on catching her deprived sleep and me playing my toys and sleeping. Under one roof with different activities. The get together will be during meal times, and here's what dad and mum whipped up over a few meals, to name a few, sweet and sour pork, macaroni chicken soup, minced meat tofu and not forgetting vegetables. Cooking can be fun and exploring, especially satisfying if the outcome tastes perfect. But one thing for sure, its real tiring. 
Mummy has been procrastinating about having a blog just for recipes, so that she can refer to whenever her cooking mood swings in. Hmm, soon soon... recipes collating in process. And by the time I'm ready to wean, I'll be in for a great variety of dishes. Here are some meals prepared by mum and dad:
Spinach with mushroom and gou zi, minced meat tofu and corn soup

Broccoli, Mushrooms and Carrots, oyster chicken and Sze Chuan soup
Macaroni Mushroom Chicken Soup (Mum's admits, the broth was not boiled thorough enough)
By Dad: Fried egg with white ikan billis, yong tau foo soup and sweet and sour pork (mum's favourite!)
Daddy made this abalone porridge for mummy, her appetite has been down because of the silent, pain and irritating monster - sore throat. For being unwell, Dad made this for her, the only home made authentic stuff with generous portions of thick abalone slices. Yum Yum... but actually daddy, the taste needs to be enhanced a little more. Oops!
By Dad: Abalone porridge
So men are made good for the kitchen too! Ok, that's all foodie for now, enough to salivate I guess. Oh, some of mummy's friends are coming over this weekend for dinner, maybe it's a good time to practice her culinary skills for all the guinea pigs. Evil grin... hee hee hee

Monday, 6 July 2009

My sleep habits

It's the start of the week again, but actually everyday seems to be the same for mummy. There's no break from caring for me, except that Daddy is around over the weekends to help out.

For the past week, I have been giving mum tough nights. I would wake up twice in the middle of the night, when usually I could just wake up once for a feed. Mummy wonders what caused the change to this sleeping habit of mine. Some read up online, shed light that babies sleeping with parents on the same bed tend to wake up more often, how true can that be? In any case, Mummy decided to put me back on my own bed from now on. It's separation anxiety for Dad and Mum, they're always so excited to watch me sleep and wake up beside them, especially daddy, he would always ask mummy, "Is she sleeping with us tonight?" Smile smile.

Mummy on my left and Daddy on my right... Nice!

Coming to an age of 3 months, there are much things that I should start learning. Firstly, I'll need to learn soothing myself to bed and sleep longer hours over the night. My current bedtime routine includes a warm towel bath, after which I'll be left to play for half an hour and then arms rocking time. I still can't do away with mummy rocking me in her arms before bed, its just too habitual. Mummy is now trying to introduce a bedtime story so that I can associate story to sleep.

Well, Mummy always tell Daddy, the toughest part of her life now is getting me to bed. That's because, it requires much time to rock me to sleep and if I'm not yet in total dream land, I'll cry when Mummy puts me down. It takes many attempts. Oh, pediatrician told Mummy, I'll start to dream from this month onwards. How interesting. Mummy wonders what babies dream of.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Early Learning

Exam is over for mummy, she's so so so relieved. It's real tense when projects and exam are cramping together. Now when I'm asleep, she doesn't need to mug on her notes anymore. Which means, she has more time for other stuff like her dramas! Oh, need to iron the clothes too, she's been postponing this chore for weeks.

I'm starting to feel how time flies, the growth and changes in me every month amuse Dad and Mum everyday. The 1st of each month is an added month to my age, I'm 3months old now, I was born on April's fool day. No joke. This stage, I'm starting to sleep less in the day, smile and laugh more, learning to roll and putting almost anything into my mouth.

The 1st of each month also means my vaccination day, cry cry! Dr Keoy always smile and talk to me, when suddenly there's a sharp pain on my bum, pain pain. Shall not smile at him anymore.

After vaccination that day, we went United Square for lunch and mummy loves the nursing room there, so spacious and comfy. Thumbs up! And you can't believe what Dad and Mum bought for me... storybooks and educational books. Isn't that too early? A baby's suppose to eat, sleep and cry. Ok ok Mummy, never too early to start, you're just adding colours to my life.

My books for now...

Starting with numbers...