Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nursing rooms

Mum and Dad's favourite hang out place would usually be vivocity. It's a mega mall with most brand labels and great variety of food. Recently, this is what they've spotted, a huge and comfy baby's room! Was it new or just not noted, we only saw this recently. It's near Mothercare.

A peek into vivo baby's room... Saw the many changing stations?
Further in, are a few nursing rooms.

Not many malls in Singapore have friendly nursing rooms. So far, vivocity and united square are Mummy's favourites. Heard from other mummies, Taka's not bad, but we've yet to try. Even ION and Iluma, being new, don't seem stand out in their baby's room.

Baby's room at ION: Spacious with a cold/hot water dispenser. A tap too.

However, only a chair for one nursing Mum... none for the dad or other mums, if they're sharing the room. And that's my dad changing my diapers.

Iluma: Not liking the transparent glass panel. And the room is cramp

It seems like there's a sudden boom of shopping malls locally. City Square Mall is also opened! The one linked to Farrer Park MRT. Even before exploring it, we've heard raves about how huge and exciting it is. The Mall is within walking distance from our home, we'll be checking it out this weekend, and of course, will check out their baby's room too!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Best Behaviour - Sleep

Sleeping seems like the best behaviour you can get from a baby. When I'm asleep Mummy would be admiring how adorable I am. Sometimes saying a little prayer for me. Occasionally, she wished I was awake for her to cuddle.

When we are out, Mummy would always be hoping that I'm asleep when they're having meals, especially when they're feasting!

Show you what I meant by adorable ...

Sleeping in daddy's arms... Kissing the moon goodnight

Too bright, cover my eye..... Dreaming in pram

Big bolster... and the 'I surrender' pose


Hugging my little beanie

Too noisy and smelly... haha

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Second week to semi-solids

It's the second week to my intaking of semi-solid, but still, I'm not mastering it well. Frankly, mummy felt like giving ourselves a break and try again next week. It's not easy. Not only is it messy, I'm keeping my lips tight sealed whenever the spoon touches them. Daddy thought trying a different spoon might help. Even though mummy assured him that the problem doesn't lies with the spoon, it lies in me. Still, daddy bought me a new set of cutlery. 
My spoon changes colour when the food's hot

Today, mummy and Grandma tried again, they did all they could to open my pursed lips. They shook my rattles, sang and danced for me, but I'm just not opening. Then, mummy decided to on the TV, play my favourite Baby Bright DVD, and there, it caught my attention. Certain moments, I'll be too engrossed to realised that the food was already in my mouth. What a method! More training is still needed. Mummy's really hoping this will get better along the days.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Jazz caught a cold

Little Jazz caught a cold. I probably got infected from Grandma as she has been handling me the past few days, and she's down with a cold.

Mummy and jiu jiu brought me to the doctor yesterday. Doctor said it's a common cold. For the past 2 days and nights, I've been coughing real bad and my nose is running like an uncontrolled tap. It pains daddy and mummy to see their 5 month old girl going through this. Taking medication wasn't easy either, every syringe that mummy inserts into my mouth, I would spit it out. Sigh! Although the syrup tasted sweet (mummy curiously tried), I didn't like it.

Grandma feels so guilty for infecting me, she kept apologizing when she carried me. Well, Grandma, it's ok.

Now mummy is especially tender to me, when I wake up even more frequent in the night, probably due to my blocked nose. She would cuddle and comfort me, till I sleep again. Mummy, Daddy and Grandma prays for my recovery every day, I will be well soon! So breast milk has the antibodies but still doesn't fully protect, proven in my case. 

My cough and running nose syrup and nose drop

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Introduction to semi-solids

Last week was my 5th jab, this time I put up no brave act, I cried loud after the needle poked my bum. Mum and Dad were not sympathetic, they were laughing... I'm angry. They laughed because they find it so adorable and comical. Mum will try to video my next jab for sharing. Being curious, Mum asked why I didn't cry for the previous jabs. Doctor said that's because I'm becoming more sensitive and attentive.

Another month moved on, doctor said my weight gain is still slow, he suggested to introduce rice cereal. Mummy asked if breastfeeding babies should begin weaning only after 6 months, he said only if there is food allergy history in the family. With this comforting advise, mummy decided to start me on semi-solids yesterday since Grandma wasn't working, there are more hands around to help. This was what she prepared:

1. 80 ml of warm breast milk with 2 tablespoon of nestle rice cereal.
2. Incline rocker to 45 degrees, laid with towel
3. Put a bib around my neck
4. Standby hand towel and wet wipes
5. Begin

The first few feeds went well. I took them in without much struggle until after the 6th spoon, I started to reject and fuss throughout. Today, Mummy tried again, like yesterday, I'm refusing the spoon. It takes time, but I'm sure with more practice, I'll master spoon feeding well.

From now on, rice cereal will be included in my meals until my appetite changes. For the past 2 times, the portion mummy prepared was too much, being too ambitious that I could finish it. She's gonna get smart by preparing little portions until I can take it well. She'll use 50ml of breast milk mixed with 1 tablespoon of rice cereal. This reduces wastage. Breast milk is like mummy's blood, so precious you know. 

The frozen breast milk in my freezer now is packed in large amount, mummy will need to express and pack them in 50ml for the feeds. Thereby increasing the portion week by week.

Frankly, Mummy is not sure how to start me on weaning. She's learning it day by day, responding to my cues each time. She's only doing this once a day, probably increasing the number of times next week.

It's now another stage of my babyhood... 

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Back home

Woah... we're back from KL! We were there to attend a birthday dinner, Grandma's sister is 80 years old! Their age gap is really wide. I behaved relatively well on most occasions. Except on the first night, when we were at the dinner, I cried so loud that all eyes set on me. It was a dinner that ended late, I was sleeping in my pram when I woke up and gave a loud cry. Mum could not pacify me, she walked me out of the crowd, tried distracting me, but to no avail. The only solution was to let me cry till I'm tired. It was probably waking up to a different environment that startled me.

Even the car ride to and fro wasn't as bad, I was sleeping most of the time and enjoying the scenery. My car seat takes up quite some space, mummy had to squeeze and sit uncomfortably throughout the trip. Back at the hotel, I had a hard time getting to sleep too. It only got better at the second night, I was so tired that I fell asleep almost instantly when mummy rocked me. The aircon was freezing cold, even though in long sleeves and pants, my hands were cold. 
The trip was quite alright, not as bad as Mum and Dad thought. They could manage me, largely because Grandma helped us out. When we visited Chinatown, it was almost impossible to push a pram through, Grandma volunteered to carry me. Mum kept asking her to hand me over to her, but she insisted on carrying me so that Mum could shop. Mums are always the best! Grandma's arm is now aching.
Travelling with a baby seems alright after all, don't worry too much. Just do it!

I've got the best seat in the car... ample space!

At the birthday dinner

Oops, playing with Grandpa's head

With Daddy in picture

To Grandma sister's house, sleeping in this position!

Looking forward to more trips now. It's always wise to bring grandparents along, they can help entertain babies.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

My passport

This weekend is gonna be exciting for us! We're heading to KL for a mini getaway. My passport is ready for collection and here's the photo I used... please don't laugh. My daddy and Mummy kept laughing over this pose of mine.

Tough to grab baby's attention

Coming Saturday, before the day breaks, we'll be driving off to KL. Grandpa will be driving, and we'll all squeeze at the back of his car. Mummy is praying that I'll behave and sleep well in the car. She dislikes my nonsense whenever we are in the car. It's gonna be 5 hours drive. Goodness! 

Going on this trip was a tough decision, we're not sure how troublesome it is to bring me along until we've tried. Well, it's all in your mind, if you can handle, you can... we'll just have to be extra careful since we're away from home. I pray that we'll have a safe and enjoyable trip. It's bonding time with Grandpa and Grandma too. I will behave...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tired mummy

Tired tired tired... Mummy's tired! It's always about housework and me that keeps her so occupied. She's doing the washing, ironing and cooking for the whole big family, Grandpa, Grandma, jiu jiu, daddy and me. It's payback time, a once little girl who does no housework is now rewarding her parents with comfort stay, accompanied by good food. Although Grandma is always on her feet, helping to keep the house neat, Mummy prefers her to rest as she needs to work. She doesn't want to tire Grandma. Daughters' the best after all, and we're one.

Last night, Mummy threw daddy a tricky question, he asked daddy, "Shall we get a helper?" Daddy replied, "No money." Mummy felt so disturbed by the not so tactful reply. Why can't Daddy reply in the roundabout manner? One that makes her feel good and appreciated since domestic helper is definitely out of mind, she's doing all the work of a maid? But that's my daddy, never good with honeyed words. Getting a helper is an added expense, and Mummy knows that's impossible. Since she still can't get a job, she's the maid. A 'salve' to the husband and to me. A free maid that does everything out of Love.

She recalled, on the day when they exchanged their vows in church, pastor shared a joke, he said that getting a wife is all about - Washing, Ironing, Food and Entertainment (W.I.F.E), so true huh... Mummy was warned, but she went ahead with the wedding. Too late, she's fallen in love with this family. What about some acronyms for HUSBAND? House, Utilities, Sex, Beer, Automobiles, Nonsense, Dog? Mummy has been showering Pillow weekly!

Maybe, that is what wedding pictures are for, to remind you of the reason for getting together - Commitment and Love.

Daddy, remember to be always loving and tender even as time moves on, before and after wedding.

Anyway, Mummy is on an active search for a job now, I'm approaching 6 months and it's time for her to bring some income home. She won't have to feel bad about asking Daddy's permission for getting her needs and wants. Hmm, or is daddy secretly praying that Mummy doesn't get a job so that there can be a full time caretaker of the home and me? God must be confused by their prayers now. I'm sure He knows what's best for them.

Erm... so when is Sabbath day for a mother?

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Mahjong for weekend

Mahjong is an addiction. Mum and Dad spent their weekend with it, and sometimes weekday nights too. They played with neigbours at a very small stake - friendly game. They are not in for big stakes. At home, it's only cashless game with jiu jiu and his girlfriend. That's the problem when too many people live together, you're tempted to play anytime because it's so easy to call for players. Playing the many games with me awake is tough. Mummy had to play because there were not enough players at uncle's house, which is a few storeys below ours. It's challenging, but still she made up the players. She played the games with me on her lap and kept me in various positions to handle my ever fidgety body. Auntie and her daughter helped entertain me too.
At home, when we played with jiu jiu and his girlfriend, the winner will have to hold me until the next winner takes over. Was that a reward or punishment? Mummy loves playing cashless mahjong, because she's not good at it. For the excitement, a tiny bit of stake is fine. Just a little, not too much. Can't afford to lose too much diapers money.