Saturday, 31 October 2009


Full month celebration gifts are so innovative now. Look what Mummy got from her colleagues...
A cupcake that's too cute to be eaten!  
A bootie made of paper cup, with a red egg sitting in
Not sure why, 2009 seems to be a baby boom year. News of arrivals are everywhere, or are parents avoiding the year of tiger? We're aren't superstitious anyway.
Love these interesting ideas as gifts!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Insomnia no more

The best medication to curing insomnia is to have a baby. It gets you so occupied after each long day, such that there's nothing you think about except rest! Ever since I came, never once did she toss and turn on the bed because she couldn't sleep.

Yes, Mummy is so tired. Work is getting intense for her and school term is beginning in weeks to come. I wonder how my Mummy handles her time. Weekend isn't enough or rather it's never enough.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

My schedule

Weekends fly and weekdays drag. Life is sometimes a contradict, when we're jobless, we hope to be working, and when we're in a job, it seems better to stay out of job. So what do we conclude? We work for the money! At least for my Mummy.

She wishes to spend more time with me at home. Hmm... maybe in years to come, when I've more siblings and started school, she would probably stay home to watch us. It's another week before my entry to the infant care... I wonder how life will be for me. I hope the caregivers would adapt to my current schedule as below:

0800: Rise and Shine!
0815: Milk (150 - 180ml)
0830: Playtime
1000: Morning nap
1030: Wake up
1130: Solid food
1200: Bath time
1230: Atfternoon nap
1430: Wake up and Playtime
1500: Milk (150ml - 180ml)
1630: Evening nap
1830: Wakes up
1930: Solid food
2100: Milk (150ml - 180ml)
2200: In dreamland

I'm taking solid meals twice a day, this will gradually replace my milk feeds. However, it's still important for babies to stay on milk till the age of one or older. Mummy is now introducing formula to me... I need to drink up the samples these milk companies give.

Milk is good for me!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mummy thinks of Jazz

It's the first week Mummy began work. I guess it's much more of separation anxiety for her than for me. She's missing me so much when's at work. She would call Grandma every lunch to check on my behaviour. I had better be good.

Now, I'm mummy's motivation after each work day. She's ever excited to greet and cuddle me whenever she's home. Despite having to work, Mummy hopes to continue breastfeeding me for as long as possible. Hopefully, until I'm able to sleep through the night. Bottle feed and breastfeed, which is more convenient in the middle of the night? The latter of course! It's definitely a drag to zombie into the kitchen for my milk.

Daddy is also always excited to see me after each work day. So here's what keeps them coming back early, keep my photo on their handphone's wallpaper/screensaver to keep them thinking about the adorable baby at home!

My picture on their wall paper!

Me on Mummy's phone

Me on daddy's phone

Before a baby arrives, it's the spouse photo. Now, it's the child!

And you can't believe this. Daddy's ringstone has my laughter. Call him and you'll hear me laughing. On the other hand, my cry is mummy's ringtone. Daddy scolds her for having this ringtone on her phone, but she argues that it gives her the urgency to pick up a call.

Call them!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Resignation as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum)

Mummy to Jazz...

Baby! Mummy thank you for the quality time I had with you for the past 6 months. Next week, Mummy is going to work, though only a contracted job, it's a good trial to allow me decide if I prefer to help bring the bread and butter home or to be with you full time.

I had the privilege which most mummies didn't have, I could spend a full 6 months plus with you. I saw you grow from a tiny baby to a chubby girl. I'm excited at every moment of your new progresses. Now, you are able to sit upright to play on your own. How amazing time flies... soon, you'll be running towards us!

Grandma will be with you for the next 2 weeks before you begin your first day at the infant care next month. I know it's going to be a whole new environment with new faces, I predict the caretakers will be battling with you for the first few days. I know you'll cry badly, but it's a matter of time. Some day, we'll need to experience this separation anxiety, it just came earlier for you. Just remember, daddy and mummy will always come for you and be there for you.

Although I'm not feeling too good, and I thought of backing out from this job that I've previously promised to take on, I needed to begin somewhere. You're right, I couldn't bear to stop seeing you the whole day, reality sets in only when it's happening. I've been complaining about my schedule at home, which I think I'm gonna miss the chores.

Your infant care didn't come cheap and I thought it would be a better trade off for me to stay home with you. We worked out the sums, and thought it was still within our means. Less toys and clothes for you perhaps. Daddy has been discouraging me to work, he loves you so much that he believes you are only in the best hands with me. Somehow, daddy respected my decision, he gave me a choice. Thank you Daddy... which is why I'm pursuing my education.

Having your own income as a modern woman plays an important role in today's society. Mummy isn't selfish to realise my material needs, but it's for your future and your siblings along the way. It's our responsibilities to bring our children up, see them through the best education (which involves piles of money) and of course you should know how to repay us when you think of our sacrifices.

I'm going to miss you so badly when work begins. Just like when I started dating, daddy kept running in my mind... now, you are always on my mind. Kiss Kiss!

It's lesser of Mummy that I'm gonna see

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Baby and Dog

I've been living with Pillow for the past 5 months. Whether a dog and a baby can co-exist together depends on the individual. Many people think that when a baby comes along, the idea of getting a pup or continuing living with your dog is almost impossible.

Let me share my experience...

Mummy recalled reading an article in a pet's magazine which recommends couples to get a dog as a preparation to having baby. That's total nonsense and never true! A dog doesn't require 24hrs of one's attention, but a baby does. Just this is enough to highlight the difference.

Not to deny, when I came along, Pillow became less important to daddy and mummy. Time for him became lesser. Similarly, when you have more siblings along the way, my focus gets diverted too. It's reasonable to conclude this way. To quote an example, 2 weeks ago, when mummy felt tremor due to the Indonesia's earthquake, my terrified mummy was home alone with me, all she did was to grab me out of the house and to the void deck. Pillow was left barking home alone. Sob Sob. I know she didn't mean it and she was definite the building is safe. She's just panicky and short handed to bring pillow along. Hmm, this is tricky, what if there are 2 babies at home? She'll grab both I think. Human and dog... How do you rank?

Anyway, back to Pillow. He requires an average of 40mins of our time daily, this includes his walks and brushing of his fur. Sometimes longer time if he meets his friends at the void deck. Daddy always ask Mummy, "did you regret having Pillow?" Well, a matter of fact is that Pillow is my 'elder', he came into this home before me. To mum and dad, it's their responsibility and commitment to see him through as long as he lives. Dad always joke that I'll be sad when I'm about 12 years old, because that's when his life span would be near an end.

Living with Pillow is a definite yes for me. The only thing that frustrates mummy is the fur he sheds. It seemed never ending and the floor is always spotted with fur balls, sometimes even in the food we eat, and in mine too. Yes... that's how frustrating. But it isn't his fault, he can't control the shedding of his fur right? Housework became heavier, vacuuming and mopping becomes a daily affair. Tiring! Grandma has been of great help, she nags about Pillow, but still helps to keep the house clean. Love her!

Pillow used to roam around the living and our rooms, except onto our bed, which dad says is a, "No No!" Now that Grandma is staying with us, Pillow's being kept to a corner which mummy would sneakily let him out when Grandma's not home. It's isn't fair to take his freedom away because of me. But because Grandma is diligently keeping the house clean, she respected her decision.

Think twice before getting a pup. If you plan to have babies, think of life with a dog before and after baby arrives. It's sad to hear family give up dogs because of a baby. Few couples around our neighbourhood who are madly in love with dogs told mummy that they don't plan to have children. That's sad to hear, but yet a personal decision. Children are joy, though also a worry at times, but if filial, it's the best plan ever. 

It's sure hard to stay fervent about dogs when babies comes along. Pillow used to go beaches, dog gatherings... but not now, it's challenging to bring us both out together. In fact, Pillow is very obedient. He doesn't disturbs or provokes me. I love playing with him, but mummy scolds when I pull his fur. And this is cute, when Dad and Mum are playing with me, he'll bring his toys over to seek play too. Mummy doesn't like to mingle our toys so it's separate play time.

When I'm older, it'll be my turn to bring him for walks and we'll go to the beach together... Yipee!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nursing room @ City Square

We've finally visited the new mall, City Square, a few times in fact. It's huge and spacious, perfect to stroll and shop.

And here's how their nursing rooms look like:

It's comfy and allows 2 mothers to nurse at one time. Nice!

Seems like the mall is going to be our favourite hang out place, with it being so near our home.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Mummy says sorry

Jazz darling baby... Mummy says sorry... Like many say, 'Sorry brings no cure.' Indeed...

I've been complacent, I've been negligent and I've never thought I would allow you to fall from our bed. For the past few months, when you've yet to master the flipping, rolling and turning movements, it was safe for you to play on it. Now... I fell behind your progression, you've grown with vast and strong movements, like what we often nickname you, 'wormy worm.' Always wriggling in our arms and during diaper/clothes change.

It seemed like an unusual afternoon today when Mummy had to hurriedly shower because of an appointment with your potential infant care centre, and we didn't want to be late. I thought we should get ourselves ready for Daddy to pick and go. I'm not sure what got into me to allow you to play on our bed, which is about 3 feet high. While I took a quick shower.

It was when I'm done with the shower, reaching for the towel and I heard a loud thud. It's too horrifying to be true, let it be the dropping sound of your toy, but no, it didn't sound like toy, your cry followed immediate. Like never before, I ran out of the bathroom, yet to dry myself, water dripping on the floor, I picked you up... cuddled so tightly to my chest. You cried badly for about 2 minutes, I felt your pain and I cried with you, I kept apologizing and promising, "Mummy will not do it again, never." And I mean it, Never again ... I promise!

The sound and image of your fall haunted me the whole day, and probably in my memory for quite a while. I'm so filled with guilt, with tearing eyes whenever I think of it. How could I?!!! A search on the definition of complacent threw this at me, "pleased with oneself, often without awareness of some potential danger." Indeed, I've been slapped so hard with this painful lesson. Complacent is now a word that I'll learn to take it more seriously and with more thoughts. Mummy says, "Sorry baby!"

Thank God you're fine, I'm so glad that you're smiling, laughing and kicking like before. Thank you for being alright. You're always the darling of mummy's eyes... I love you!

Comfort note: I googled on baby fall and it seemed like most babies have such experience from beds or couches. All are well, mentioning babies have soft bones, bouncy body, which make them withstand falls. Sounds true, but now I remember complacency... 

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Infant Care - Where are you?

Mummy is in search for an infant care for me. To her frustrations, she only realised getting a place in an infant care is as popular as getting a place in a primary school. Goodness! So how do we begin voluntary work in order to get a place? (Infant care I meant)

The many infant care centres that mummy called up around our vincity are full, and waiting list is long till next mar/apr! Is there a loophole or an overlooked system that doesn't gel with the government's pro babies campaign? Mummy's utterly lost and is in need of an infant care. This is to prepare myself and herself if a job pops by. Perhaps, the culprit lies in the location we're staying at. Too centralised.

Getting a nanny would be our last resort, though Mummy much prefers an infant care because she thinks an upbringing of a baby have changed along the many years. Most nannies are not quite up to date, she feels. Of course, Grandma would be the perfect solution to our search, but she needed to work, despite our discouragements. Moreover, a child's burden and responsibilities belong to the parents, not the grandparents. It's just an added blessing if grandparents can afford the time and energy to care for the little ones.

Mountain of complains, still the search continues...

Monday, 5 October 2009

More on my foodie...

Starting on solid seems cumbersome, especially having to prepare and introduce new food. I'm being introduced to carrots, with more vegetables coming on the way. Mummy read that vegetable is a good start prior to fruits. Fruits are naturally sweet, and this reduces the chance of rejection to other non-sweet food.

Of course, nothing beats to home made food. Here's what mummy did. She steamed (retains nutrients) a whole carrot (cut into 2) and grind it to puree form. She divided the portion into 2, one for the afternoon feed and the other refrigerated for the evening feed. She would then add 20ml of breast milk to the puree, warm it and serve me. Simple and easy recipe for now. Broccoli and cauliflower should be next in line. I wonder how they taste.

There's also a convenient alternative which mummy tried. Baby bottled food can be purchased off shelves in supermarkets. Though mummy was initially skeptical about purchasing them, doubting its nutrients and freshness, she went ahead purchasing for me to try. I took them well.

A variety to try

How did food end up on my forehead?

Therefore, FOOD + DADDY = MESSY!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Successful Weaning

It's almost a month since intaking rice cereal. Indeed, patience rewards. I'm now opening my mouth for the spoon. Before that, Mummy had to persistently prepare my solids depsite wastage from the many failed attempts.

Though not perfected, because this can only be done with Baby Bright showing on the TV (Bad habit, I know) but to mummy, whatever that works! My solid feed is now twice a day, which mummy will gradually introduce new tastes to me as weeks go by. In fact, starting on solids seems like another milestone. It's added chore to mummy's already busy schedule. Bath time is twice now, once in the noon and once in the evening. It's just that messy and dirty after each feed, flying hands, spoon and food everywhere! Mummy wants a clean and huggable baby all time. If I'm dirty, no one will hug me... sob sob.

To mark the success of my weaning, Daddy got my high chair set up! I was so excited when Daddy put me on it. For the first time, I'm seated higher than mum and dad. I had so much fun tapping on my mini table. We got it for only $25 at ikea, cheap and so far, so good. Like many restaurants, they use ikea's baby high chair too.

You see my excitement

Sure excited

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm 6mths young!!!

It's Children's day! But I'll only enjoy this day when I'm older, a day when I can skip school. I'm officially half year young today (Get age by asking, "How young are you?") It marks my 6th vaccination too. Dad and Mum brought me to the clinic this the morning, to receive my Children's day 'present'.

I cried for awhile only. I'm still the little brave girl. It's been sometime since updating my blog. Mummy is so busy with this family and she's preparing to conquer an exam tomorrow. I pray that her memory doesn't fail her and that she'll do well.
We'll be back real soon ...