Sunday 31 January 2010

Weekend at Flea...

You've no idea what mummy is up to this weekend. She's holding a garage sale at the Big Splash flea market! It is just so iring. She wakes up early to set up her 'stall', and ends late so that she can sell more of her junks. It feels kind of good when others would pay for something you don't want. The rental wasn't cheap, even after sharing with Berry Jie jie and Auntie sha. They are running it till this Sunday night. Do visit them! It was tough to bring me along, so Daddy baby sits me today and tomorrow. I'll only join Mummy in the evening, when the weather's cooler. 

The first day... simple set up
The second day
Too many clothes within a tiny space

Buying used items is not a bad idea. Although not for clothes, mummy's perfectly fine with buying used books. She bought some story books for me last weekend, when she went to recce the flea market's venue. 
Books at 50 cents each! Saw the pop up book? Good grab!

 And while mummy's earning some cash, Daddy brought a grumpy me for a nearby walk. It was a crowded neighbourhood because of Thaipusiam.

So many people along the road
A passerby helped with picture

 Yawn! I'm not getting my early nights for being at mummy's garage sale. Hope this doesn't disrupt my routine.

Tuesday 26 January 2010

More time with Mummy!

Woah hoo... Mummy's exhilarated, she's over the mountains and the hills! Yesterday marks her last lecture in shcool. One final assignment to conquer, and she's done with her role as a student. It's really an acheivement because this was what she had always wanted to accomplished. It's even more relieved to know that she can now have more time with me than before. 
Studying will now be something she'll put off for a long long time. The time spent behind books is extremely dreadful. This is true for her - she is no smart woman, but she makes it up with lots of hard work. Success doesn't come with any shortcut, it's a long and hardworking journey. Now, it's daddy's turn to consider furthering his studies. Make up your mind Daddy! 
On milestone, Mum and Dad spotted me standing unassisted for a few seconds last week! They're anticipating me to take the first step soon. Dad says 10 months, Mum says 11 months and Jiu jiu says 12 months, or maybe more. And Mummy found this real cute too. The other day, when she picked me from school, there somehow wasn't enough teacher around when a baby was crying badly. Mummy handed me to daddy, and picked the crying baby. She was amazed that I wriggled my way out of his arms, crawled quickly to Mummy, tapped her arms, signalling her to carry me instead. She thought this was an interesting sight. As young as one can be, jealousy sets in. This moment brings her smile whenever she thinks of it. 
More cheeky moments with Mummy!

Sunday 24 January 2010

Diarrhoea me

Antibiotics has side effects, it leads up to diarrhoea. An interesting discovery for Dad and Mum this morning. I had disturbed sleeps because of bad diarrhoea. Poor me, going through a rough week. The doctor didn't alert Daddy that antibiotics may cause diarrhoea until he did some search online and confirmed it with his friend who's a doctor. Daddy's friend advised me to stop on the antibiotics since I'm almost upon its completion, and then get an anti diarrhoea medication from the pharmacy. 
My day was bad. Being cranky described me today. My anus is so sore from the frequent poos and cleaning. The poos were 'massive', so much so that my diapers couldn't hold, it overflowed on most occasions. Although, Grandma did sometimes try to clean me with water instead of wet wipes, my bum is still sore. Pains mummy to see this... 
Last night, I pooed at 3 a.m. After which, I didn't sleep well. Mummy's so touched that Grandma came to bunk in with me. It's Sunday, and Mummy could be there for me because it's a no work day. Mums never stop worrying, once for their children and another time for their grandchildren. They are amazing! 
"Dear God, please let me get well real soon." Everyone's hoping I'll get on the recovery path quickly. I need to be well in order for them to worry less.

Saturday 23 January 2010

I was sick again

Mummy has been battling the busy weeks. To add on to her stress, I fell sick last sun. Came down and up with a fever, because of a throat infection. Being sick worries everyone and they don't sleep well, I keep waking up in the nights. Grandma had been nice to keep me in her room, so that I won't disturb Mum and Dad. They have to work the next day, and Grandma wasn't working this week.
Medication was tough for me, I have to be on antibiotics for a week. Getting the syrup into my mouth wasn't easy, it's lots of tricks for Dad. Mummy's classes was so intensive, she could hardly spend time with me despite being sick. She feels kind of guilty for not being able to care for me and she really appreciates Grandma for handling me so well.
I got better now, sleeping through the night again. Viruses are everywhere, it's hard to avoid and there's just as much as we can do. Stay virus free! 
Cool pad to bring my fever downe

Sunday 17 January 2010

I love books!

I've been so hooked onto books recently. Teachers in school second that too! I recalled mummy introducing story books to me when I was 3 months old! Since then, I've love them. Mummy has been buying English story books for me, until Grandpa and Grandma warned her to introduce Chinese language to me. That was when mummy starting conversing more in mandarin to me and starting buying Chinese books for me. It's really important to be a master of at both languages in our country. Whatever the language, I love all the books Mummy bought. The colourful pictures are always catching my attention. Story telling session is fun for me, I will really pay attention! Some days, reading is dreadful for Mummy when she's lazy and tired. 
My Chinese story collection
Chinese story and educational books are not easy to choose. Some are from China and some Taiwan. In China, modern chinese writing (简体字) is used. Whereas, it's traditional (繁体字) in Taiwan. We use the modern writing here, so Mummy has to be careful with the books she chooses. Some books even have the wrong translation of Chinese to English words. Faint!!!
Flipping my early reader book
I'm trying to read

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Daddy's Birthday

We held a mini birthday celebration for Daddy last Sunday. We had a sumptuous dinner at Zen with Small Jiu and Berry Jie jie, Big jiu was also there with his girlfriend and friend. Mummy thought this costly meal will burn a hole her pocket, because birthday boy doesn't foot the bill. At the end, the bill was taken care by Big Jiu. How nice of him buying dinner for the 4 of us! Haha. We then headed home for a cake cutting 'ceremony'. Simple evening! This is Daddy's first birthday with me around.
Playing with my utensils
Birthday Man and his daughter

Daddy's chocolaty cake

Less of Daddy and Mummy

I had less of Daddy and Mummy this week, especially Daddy. He will only be out from camp on Thurs. I miss him! Daddy had to spend his birthday in camp on Monday. Glad that we had it pre-celebrated on Sunday, pictures will be uploaded soon. Mummy is also occupied with her night classes, it's intensive lessons for her this and next week, 4 times a week! Poor her! Well, she had a light-hearted lesson today, Mr Brown came to 'lecture' the class. She likes his jokes. 
It's been assignments after assignments. She's looking forward to spending more quality time with me on those days without classes.Mummy is one who will put off the idea of working late in offices. Working late is sometimes a choice. While having night classes, she realises how little time was spent on me. She could only grab time while sending me to and fro school. This left her committed to having a work life balance. She doesn't want to be too engaged in something, before she realised I've outgrown some stages of my babyhood. Mummy's tired! Pat pat...

Sunday 10 January 2010


January's hot for birthday celebrations in our family. It was Pillow's birthday yesterday, followed by daddy's on Mon and Big Jiu's on Tuesday. We just got back from Big Jiu's surprise birthday party. We BBQ, and the smell is still lingering on my clothes and hair, so stinky. At the party, I had a taste of chocolate cake. I love it! While eating the cake, i bit off the tip of a plastic fork, this freaked Mummy. She tried searching my mouth for the chipped fork, but to no avail. Though I look fine, she's really worried. Daddy said Mummy's careless. Well, hopefully, I'll poo it out tomorrow.

Ready with party hats for Big Jiu's arrival

Pillow's birthday cake, Berry Jie jie bought it!

Blew the candles and attacked the cake!

His best meal I guess

Daddy wishing him

This night, I finally got to play with Daddy! Reservist kept him so occupied, he only got a Sunday off. The first thing daddy attacked when home were the newspapers and the "rectangular box" for soccer. Men are men, they never seemed to know a family needs quality time. Mummy's glad that SingTel won the EPL bid, because we're on SCV! Which means, no more soccer and there's no intention for switch of provider.

It was a fun filled night!

Friday 8 January 2010

Filial Piety

Mummy's been so unwell the past 2 days, fever with a splitting headache. It's been so tough on her. This is especially tedious when I'm waking up at 6am on most days! Goodness, is that the price to pay for sleeping too early? Poor Mummy! 
At least, she's feeling well today. It was a busy week for her, and today her department took a break from work by visiting an old folks home. It was heart-wrenching visit with 2 things on her mind:
1. Will her parents end up there?
2. Will she end up there? 
To her first question, she's affirmed to give a "NO". But to question 2? Hmm... she won't know. 
Back to the home visit, Mummy was so filled with emotions. Seeing old uncles and aunties dazing on their wheelchair with some bed ridden, she felt that life is so unpredictable, "you never know". For now, honour our parents! There was this particular auntie which left mummy a deep impression. She would always be holding onto a dolly very tightly. Nurses said it was like a 'granddaughter' to her, Mummy wonders why? It could be her past experience that deprived her of carrying her granddaughter or maybe waiting for a visit from her. Much stories within... 
Well, Mummy wants me to honour her, Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma! Or rather, she hopes for a filial me. Future is unknown, so pray and hope. Mummy's prepared to sow diligently into my life, yet managing her expectations on my returns. Having seen the aged folks on diapers, wailing like a baby, and always assisted, Mummy felt that it should be some pay back time by their children. But I guess it could really be choice-less for the families, things are always easier said than done. Staying fit and healthy is a bonus for you and your family! 
Oh, and they sang this song to the aged folks:
When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother, what will I be
Will I be pretty, will I be rich
Here's what she said to me
Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be.
The future's not ours, to see
Que sera sera
What will be, will be
When I was young, I fell in love
I asked my sweetheart what lies ahead
Will we have rainbows, day after day
Here's what my sweetheart said
Now I have children of my own
They asked their mother, what will I be
Will I be handsome, will I be rich
I tell them tenderly
Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be.
The future's not ours, to see
This song touched her, it felt like her life! The first part singing her childhood, the second part on dating with Daddy, and the final part of her being a mother! What a beautiful song.
And what a blessed trip to the old aged home since her last visit. Oh, and thank you auntie sha for coming to fetch me with Mummy, and for playing with me after the long tiring home visit.

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Daddy's in camp again

Why is Daddy called back to the army again? Another 2 weeks of battle for Mummy. What's not too good is that classes are starting next Monday for her, it's sure tough because no one can take care of me when she's in school. She's hoping Grandma can take some time off work to help next week. It will be final lap of Mummy's course, and then the end! It had been a dreadful journey. 
Mummy aside, I'm gonna start missing Daddy, hardly able to see him when he's in camp. Mummy told him, "the house needs a man," Daddy replied, "No man, no country, no home." Haha. Ok, he's positive, happy training! 
Daddy! I miss your hokkien stories

Sunday 3 January 2010

Getting Mischievous

I hit a record late of sleeping at 1a.m. last night, and a record late of waking up at 11a.m.! This worries Mummy because she's afraid that my bed time will be delayed gradually. The culprit is the long weekend. We'll go out more often, and go home late. Although we went out around evening time yesterday, we felt like it's a whole long day. We went Tampines Mall for some shopping and food, then to Ikea, and to the airport to fetch Jiu Jiu's girlfriend and her family. They just got back from their holiday and needed help with their luggage and transport. 
Still smiling wide despite the late night
Love playing the pram, but not being strapped to it
Bringing me out now is not as easy as before. I refuse the pram, I refuse the car seat and I refuse food! Mummy is exasperated. Dad and Mum ended up walking the mall with rotating schedule to carry me. Now, their arms and backs are aching. In the car, Dad and Mum tried to ignore my cry from the car seat, but their persistency failed. I won the battle! Meal time was as bad, I'm picky about what goes into my mouth. If I don't like it, I won't eat. Mum is so upset, not only does it take time to cook but wastage is undesirable. Huge sigh!
Crying in my car seat
What's with me now? Having turned 9 months in this new year posed new challenges to Mummy. I'm getting more difficult to please. For misbehaving, Mum and Dad have started raising their voice at me. I'll cry when they get too stern. I've also learnt to understand the word, "No". If I ignore the first few warnings, Mummy will smack my palm. Actually, she knows I'm still too young to understand what's right and wrong, she knows when I'm being smacked and scolded, I am probably not sure what I've done wrong. Anger must have drove her mad. Disciplining is another new level of parenthood.
You can't believe this, Mummy told Daddy, "I think one is enough". And mummy is an all time baby lover! Oh no, I want siblings, I ought to behave. Anyway, I'm sure she was kidding. 

Saturday 2 January 2010

It's My Calender

To welcome 2010, Mummy has been working creatively on our personalised calender. She also did another one for Grandpa and Grandma! They're so beautiful, especially when you see my different faces throughout the year.
Getting this set of calendar done is Mummy's greatest worth of time over the long weekend.