Sunday, 28 February 2010

Water splashing

I had a round of water splashing activity at Great Grandma's place today. Mum thinks I won't like swimming, but they'll keep bringing me to the pool for some water splashing fun until I'm comfortable with the pool.

Early Evening is good for swim, while Mr Sun still shines
More water fun on the way....

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Visitation Continues

I'm still collecting ang bao. This evening, Daddy and Mummy had a wonderful time of fellowship with their friends. We began by visiting auntie and uncle Ray's new home. It's very beautiful!

Movie date with Leoric, "Kung Fu Panda". I think Leoric is trying to peek at me instead...

The swimming pool at Leoric's house was beautiful. I didn't bring my gear... sob sob.

After this, we attended Sarah's birthday party at Aloha, and Her Mummy is pregnant with baby number 2, that's fast! Sarah is only about 1.5 months older than me. Mummy's still thinking about her addition... 2011, 2012, 2013 or ???? Haha. Time tells.

With Mummy's friends

In the night, Daddy's friends came over for soccer and beer. The typical men's lifestyle. Baby Lucas was here too. I had a great time playing and sleeping. Shy shy, I shared my bed with another boy.

Lucas loves my playpen

Lucas is the longest occupant in the playpen. For me, I only want to get out.

After fun and milk, was bedtime for us...

And after our bedtime, Mum and Dad sneaked out of home to continue drinks session elsewhere!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Peek at my school

School celebrated 'yuan xiao jie' today. It also dictated the school's open house for new intakes. Activities were fun filled, there were lantern making session, tang yuan making, face and hand painting and food of course! Mummy and me turned up in our favourite colour, blue! There were so many children and parents. I felt like I'm in an international school with children of so many races, and a higher proportion of Caucasians.

This was how I spent my morning with Dad and Mum:

I got my right arm painted with flowers!

Aren't they beautiful?

The playground is too sunny for play

"Daddy, why is 'fu' upside down?"

May we have a smooth sailing year

I love the drum!

Lion head!

I can only eat the watermelon. The rest are Mum and Dad's.

Mum didn't know that the popiah was spicy, and she gave it to me. I gave an undesirable expression, and spat it out. Training came early huh. After that, Mum gave me an egg mayo sandwich. As usual, Daddy is complaining about the different food she introduced to me. He alerted that I've just recovered from diarrhoea and egg mayo contains egg white. Hey Daddy, Asian babies aren't too prone to food allergy, please don't be overly cautious and deprive me of the many food out there.

Look at the number of shoes outside the door!

Mummy spotted how I climbed onto the chair to sit... She don't recall teaching me that. It's just amazing how infants pick up these skills on their own.

Of course, a good brand of chair helps (Kidsburg). It doesn't topple when I climbed my way to sit on the chair. It's strong and sturdy!

After all the fun... it's back to class. This was where I bid goodbye to Mum and Dad...

School is really fun, especially when learning is through play. Mum and Dad is paying costly fees to the school. There are frequent thoughts of wanting me to go to a cheaper school once I turn older, a toddler. And comparing the fees with different schools, the amount is really drastic, Mummy could use the money for more shopping. Haha. But well well, Mum and Dad are so comfortable with me in this school. The problem is, once it gets comfortable, it's just hard to go for the other option. What a great monetary sacrifice!

Oh, noted mummy's new hairstyle? I couldn't recognise her after her salon trip early this week. It took me half a minute to realise she's my mama!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Another Eeyore added

I think I'm obsessed with Eeyore. I've one that I need to hug and sleep with every night. This evening, Mum and Dad were out dining with their friends. Dad brought me for a walk while Mum continues her dinner. I came back with a new Eeyore! Mummy gave Daddy the blank look and said, " Another toy added? She has one already." Daddy was quick to reply, "She didn't want to let go, she chose that of all the plushes." And that defines my Daddy... never fails to buy me toys!

Maybe Mummy should try this method when she shops, hold on to her desires and not let go. Then Daddy will have no choice but to buy it! Haha. Begin with diamonds Mum.

Holding tight to my new collection

Group hug for Eeyore... welcome to the family

Bedtime with Eeyores

Watching over my bum... Haha...

Daddy explains that they're in different outfit, so there's a reason to buy.

Sometimes I would love to carry Eeyore whenever I go. If Grandma is carrying me, she would say she has no strength to carry both, it's either me or Eeyore. What a tough choice. And when my teeth gets itchy, I would chew on any parts of Eeyore. Grandma would say that Eeyore feels painful, and asked me to not bite on him. Grandma is so funny!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

With one hand

I'm able to hold my bottle during milk time. It's a matter of laziness. Sometimes I'll just hold for awhile before letting go for Mummy to feed. This morning, mummy discovered that I could actually do this with just one hand. Again, the lazy me is only willing to do it for awhile. Haha. I just prefer to be fed by Mummy.

I guess I'm gonna be a right hander (Mummy's follower). Daddy is a left hander.

Not failing to 'Love Love' my little Eeyore

Mummy's looking forward to the day when I can be left alone during milk feeds...

Monday, 22 February 2010

Mummy's busy...

Just hours ago, I was crusing my way to mummy, where she was sitting on her armchair with focus set on her laptop screen. As usual, I was being very sticky to her, I reached out both my hands, whined a little and wanted her to carry me. She turned to me and said,"Mummy's busy now, Jazzelle." She then paused a moment for some thoughts...

How many times will she be saying this as I grow by? Busy - An excuse or reason that's simple to give, yet gives her guilt. She doesn't want to keep brushing me off with busy as a reason or maybe that was an excuse. It's startling when she soon realizes she has time for me some day, I won't need her to carry me anymore. Life sometimes work this way, tomorrow, another day, next time and then it might not be needed anymore.

Anyway, after that short moment of thought, she did carry me and allowed me to randomly tap on her keyboard for my play. That's my favourite activity for now... tapping the keyboard!

Thank you Mummy for your love!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Nose is running

My nose is running like a tap. I don't like it when Mummy cleans my nose, it has to stop leaking real soon! Get well quickly!

Mucus... Eeeei Eeeww

All onto Mummy's shoulder... Yucky!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Books collection Growing

Mummy packed all my books into a box, this made it my book 'shelf'. There are also new addition to my collection, Mummy got them at $3. Good deal!

Some books are too big to fit in

New addition

Thursday, 18 February 2010

I visited Universal Studio!

I'm down with a fever, cold, cough and diarrhoea. It's irritating to have them back on me, I feel so unwell. Sigh! I skipped school today because Dad wants to bring me to the doctor and we had also pre-planned a trip to Universal Studio, Yes! The one at Sentosa! We had some complimentary tickets from our kind neighbour and these tickets were fully redeemable on meals as well. It was a cashless day! Except for a shirt Mummy bought... for herself and the exuberant parking fees!

I may be sick, but I'm not missing out the fun. We went ahead with the plan. I think I wasn't enjoying as much as I think I could. Apart from being sick, I was very sleepy too. We arrived at about 5p.m and strolled the place till 9p.m. That's lots of walking! Not for me of course, I was being carried on rotated duties. Using the pram only for nap, naughty me.

The place is fun! We met many interesting movie characters like the kung fu panda, Beetle Juice, Ms Bo Beep etc. The rides and shows were not open to our 10 bucks tickets of course, but we had good fun with just this entry. It's surprising to find most of the crews and staff as pure bred Singaporeans, and this is what we call Home! Unlike the many retail shops out there, invaded with foreign employments... ok, not a need to elaborate further here. If you know it, you know it. Back to the staff and crews, they are very friendly and speak relatively good English, which is highly crucial for being a local representation. For being new, the place is very clean!

Here are some pictures for sharing. Mummy thinks I'm not in the mood for anything, she didn't catch my smile at all. Or maybe, I'm just a cool baby when it comes to camera.

Sun kissing our faces

Don't want to be eaten... Nooooo!

It's Madagascar

The Kung Fu Panda!

Jelly beans! Yummy!

We emerged from dino egg

Practice walking with the huge space around

The Queen, Princess and their palace...

It's Adam and Even behind... don't think they were overweight

Mr Frankenstein

One final picture before departure

Wow! Though just an evening, it felt like a whole long day. Our legs are so sore from all the walking, except mine. It was a good work out indeed. Thank you neighbour for blessing us with the tickets. Though daddy kept comparing this Universal to that in Los Angeles we visited, Mum feels it's the companion, much more than the sights. I went with Mum and Dad to the Universal in LA too, when I was in Mum's womb. Haha.
It's so much fun this festive season! And now, fun aside, I need more sleep to get my good health back soon ...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Where's my double lid?

Mummy has, Daddy has, so I thought I'll have those double eyelids too. Mummy wonders where are mine... I recalled having them at birth... but they're lost now. Hmm... never mind, I'm an still an Asian beauty!

Me at 0 month... spot the lids

Me at 'Now.' My eyes are still beautiful!

Well, Daddy says those lids will develop as I grow.... He's so confident of me!

Visit to River Hong Bao

How true is it when we say, "time flies when you're having fun." I had so much fun from the days of celebration, and tomorrow, it's back to school. Never mind, Mummy always say, school is fun!

Yesterday was a long and tiring day. I began visitation in the afternoon and then hung out with grandparents till late. We had dinner at Raffles City, then strolled over to River Hong Bao. I enjoyed the crowd, lights and atmosphere. We stayed out so late that I slept while everyone was still enjoying the place. I was pramless, Mum's afraid of the crowd and paths that are pram unfriendly.

Here are my moments of fun:

Sliding fun while grandparents are having dinner

Come closer Mummy...


Xiao Jiu and Berry Jie jie...

With Grandpa!

On a tiger with Grandpa and Grandma

"Fainted" on Grandma's shoulder

It was a great time of bonding with everyone! Everyone took turns to carry me, and of all, Xiao jiu is the strongest. He could carry me for long without complaining arm ache. It's so 'useful' to ask him for outings.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Double celebration

Chinese new year seems to have overshadowed Valentines day this year. Everyone's too focus on visitation, food and ang bao. Mummy didn't receive her flowers, but she didn't prepare Dad's gift either... Opps! Instead, I did... See!

I made this in school early this week. My toes made up the flower petals...

To Daddy and Mummy with love!

Valentines day is the opposite of CNY, whereby celebration is between 2 person. CNY is celebration with many people. This night, Mum and Dad were steamboating and alcohol-ing with Grandpa, Grandma, Xiao Jiu, Da Jiu and their girlfriends. Daddy took out the long kept alcohol for this occassion. Mum couldn't drink when she was pregnant and breastfeeding, now she can! In the midst of these, I am so soundly asleep. Even the mahjong and karaoke noise kept me still in bed. Daddy subscribed to Starhub's ktv channel, and we all had fun singing. I enjoyed the children's songs too!

Here are some photo journal the first day of CNY:

Putting an unwrapped Ferero into my mouth

Too tired, slept on Great Grandparent's sofa

At Mummy cousins' house

Gong Xi Fa Cai to Grandpa with 'baby' oranges. Fit my hands size!

Now to Grandma

Mission accomplished, got my ang baos!!!

To Mum and Dad now... exchange for my cash!

Okie, do the sums. My collection for today!

Oh, Pillow got ang bao from granparents too!

I love holidays...