Friday, 30 April 2010

MBS - Marina Bay Sands

It's Friday! School's close today, so Daddy's on full day and Mummy's on half day leave to spend time caring for me. So where did we go? Lunch at Millenia walk, followed by Marina Bay Sands. As the name describes, it's really quite sandy, with construction ongoing, presenting a very raw view. And of all the time in the day, Daddy chose to go there in an afternoon. Weather was so hot! We walked from Marina Square, over the Helix bridge and then to the mall.

Walking over the bridge under the most imperfect weather

A threesome shot

With Mummy!

A very tired Mummy napping with me on a chair

With Jiu Jiu's idea, we had our dinner at Resorts World. I shared Dad and Mum's food because Mummy didn't prepare my porridge. I didn't take it too well though. That's when my biscuits and sachet cereal came in handy.

It has been a long day walking and travelling between places. The verdict is out - MBS is very business oriented, whereas Resorts World is very family friendly. Both are great hang outs though.  

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Goodbye playroom!

Today marks my final day in the infant class. Tomorrow is a school closure day and so next monday, I'll be in my new class, the mobile infant class. That's where lessons begin and a new set of routine evolves. Teachers told Mummy that I participated well during the class sessions, when I was brought to the new class occasionally. Of all, I love outdoors the most, always enthusiastically bringing my shoes to the teacher for put on. A fond farewell to my teachers, classmates and toys. Oh, my classmate, Jer will be joining me in the new class together! One familiar face added...

The photo boards outside my classroom

The shelves at the bottom for our schoolbags

This staircase that Mum and Dad race up to 'deposit' and 'collect' me

Running excitedly towards Mummy!

So this is our playroom! Little baby on the toy mat

Another part of our playroom

Humpty Dumpty is always sitting on that wall... did it ever fall?

Goodbye my lovely playroom! And this is what progression is, saying goodbye to a comfortable place that doesn't suit anymore.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fingers sucking

Mummy is exasperated whenever I suck my fingers, yet there is no wonder to it, because I don't use a pacifier. I would finger suck whenever I'm sleepy or getting to sleep in my bed. It sees like a sleep habit, a signal that tells everyone I need my sleep. Even teachers in school can testify to that. Mummy dislikes when I do it, a few times, she attempted to remove my fingers from my mouth while I was asleep, but on unsuccessful occasions, I would get annoyed and wake up. That's when Mummy starts to back off, a half asleep baby is a terror...

That's the price to pay for not using a pacifier I guess... Never mind, I'll outgrow this habit some day. This habit provokes Mummy so much more now than before because I'm touching almost everything and even seen 'mopping' the floor with my hands. It's dirty isn't it... But that's a toddler's life, curious about everything, touches almost everything.
Someone told Mummy this:
thumb sucking = closer to dad
Index and middle fingers sucking = closer to Mum

Seems like there's some relevance to it. I'm closer to Mummy, ever clingy to her. Don't get jealous Daddy!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sundays are Fundays!

My Sunday was another Fun day. Dad and Mum brought me to downtown east again, another exploration trip at explorer kid! This time, the staff said child above 12 months requires an entrance fee of $11, which is upon my membership discount. And last week, I entered for free, their staff said 13 months and below play free. So Mummy told today's duty staff about the inconsistency and she got me in for free! 

It's really a blessed week for us, whatever Mummy ask of... they were given. She wanted a $100 starhub voucher to get a new phone, she got it. She tried her luck to get Food Republic's discount card, she got it. She asked not to pay for her pizzas, because they came very late, she got it. Today, she asked why not free and she got it!!! Mummy merely tried her requests without pushing too hard, and the replies caught her surprise. It made her week. Money savings you know.

For the fun that came free, of course we all enjoyed. See...

The bubble balls again

The little slide

Big spotty mushroom

I tried the carousel, but cried when Mummy put me on the horse. I prefer to sit in this 'little cup.'

Ride ended

Now the train ride

With Daddy! I think he's too big for the fun

And there... My explorer kid membership

Mummy wonders why do I not enjoy carousel and kiddy rides, when most kids do. That's a good indication too - I'm not ready for another Universal Studio trip. To think Mummy was so adventurous with the roller coaster rides she took in the States, when I was swimming in her womb. Yet I'm the opposite, fearing the movements of these mechanics. Well, I'm sure I'll grow to love them soon. 

Fun days are easy nights for Mummy, it means an easy bedtime for me. I was so exhausted that I missed my last milk feed of the day.


I was out for dinner and shopping at vivo last evening. It was so crowded! There was a Samsung road show, Daddy was keen to try out the new 3D TV, and while they were catching a glimpse of the TV, look what I was doing...
Add caption

Sitting right in the middle of the 'huge-est' TV screen... I love attention!
  Even though I'm walking now, I'm still being carried most of the times. That's because I'll stray off in any direction.Whatever catches my eyes, I'll be walking towards it. When we're in shops, I'll touch almost everything that's within my reach. Hmm, it really seems easier to manage when walking hasn't begin.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Housework - Part II

I'm helping out in the home again! This time learning to mop...

Wanted to put my hand into the pail of water...
Wah... mop is so heavy!

After housework's done, my reward comes.... yipee! I can go out for play.

Friday, 23 April 2010

My first Jersey

Mummy's delighted! Remember the Spain jersey she talked about, which Dad and herself got as presents for their birthdays? Auntie Esther found one for me in HK!!! Although it wasn't the authentic, Mum was so excited to see it! She thought it was almost impossible to find the kid's version, but the impossible became possible. Haha... Thank you so much Auntie Esther!!! We can now watch the World Cup in our jerseys... If only Singapore gets the bid to watch here.
It looks big, but actually quite mini...

Mine with Torres' name

I shall wear it soon, and we can all pose for a good photo for upload... Stay tune!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Disturbed sleep

Someone disturbed me while I was alseep. It's Pillow! He's on the loose, roaming all over the house and sniffing me all over. It was cute to picture us together though. 

Pillow in admiration of my comfortable nest
Sniffing me... I smell nice!
He licked my ear... I felt ticklish, so I got it covered

We're two cute little ones!

Monday, 19 April 2010

More yummies!

I can now chew on larger pieces of food. This increases my choices of food too, I'm eating much more yummy food than before. But there's still restricted access to ice cream, sweets and chocolates. In my new class next month, I'll be having a whole new food experience in school. I'll be exposed to different tastes and texture of food like pasta and rice.
Teachers brought me to the new class for sit in last week. That's where they started me on spaghetti. And so Mum bought alphabets pasta to add onto her recipe. 
Pasta with minced beef and carrot... Daddy says no spaghetti sauce for me, too salty.

Fruits are now diced for me. I love each fruity time...
So far, I've tried apple, banana, grape, mango, papaya, persimmon, pear and watermelon. I'm quite a greedy baby. Whenever I see people eating at home, I'll just walk towards and say,"Mummm Mummm."
And I can eat this top grade steak too... If you believe. Haha. 
Medium done steak is not suitable for babies...

  Food glorious Food... I like the beginning of this exploration.

Explorer Kid

We explored 'Explorer Kid' at Downtown East today! I was there with Mum, Dad and Grandma. For being below 13 months, my entrance was free. Adults are at $1.50. Dad and Mum are a couple, so it's $1.50 for both. Know what, I had a blasting time of Fun in there. If only I could stay a little longer, but we had to go for a dinner date with great grandparents.

I somehow knew it was a kids' paradise... smiling so widely as I walked in.

was thrown into this beautiful pool of bubble balls... I love it here!
A shot with Daddy!
Daddy buried me with the balls... Help!

I screamed a little when Daddy carried me out of this pool for other activities. I haven't got enough of it. But it was fun into another place of fun! 
Now the coloured ones...

Obstacle course

Got cubed in... No idea what I was doing

The mini slide... I love it!

How do you know if all was fun?

An immediate sleep after the whole fun...

It was fun, despite the many other play stations that were not suitable for my age. There were many older children in the place too, Mum and Dad got a little worried when they played too excitedly. They are less mindful of the little wobbly children walking around, I've to be closely watched by Mum and Grandma to prevent being knocked.

Oh, remember to bring a pair of socks for the fun, the adults too!

Sunday, 18 April 2010


I'm of some help at home too! Look what I'm helping out with... 

Helping to hold the vacuum pipe
Housework training begins from now
Are we done? I'm tired!
Housework's done. Can we go out now?!!! Not in my diapers!    
Mummy had a hard time getting me to wear my bottom. Shoes are no problem for me when Mummy calls, because it means going out! Shoes = Outing. I love outings!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

An RC event

This evening, we went for an RC event near our home. It was very crowded and Mummy was helping out in the committee. Yes, she joined the RC committee. There were many activities in the event, but it was just too crowded.
Woah, I'm afraid of that golden python!
In the crowd with Grandma

Spotted the guest of honour? Mr LKY!!!

Clapping for Mr LKY

The dough cow. Mummy dropped its left eye while walking... ops!

I think the highlight of this evening was nothing but this dough cow which Daddy queued one hour for. Things parents do for kids!