Wednesday 30 June 2010

New Toy

I'm well after a 2 days of fever battle. Back to playing the new toy daddy got for me. My toy collection is getting huge. Space is running out to hold them. Still, Daddy loves to buy me toys. I love it when we walk through Toys R Us, that's when I would wander off to my own exploration trip.

Daddy got me this mini cooking set. I love playing with them! Or maybe that's the girly stuff for princesses like me. I have them in school, now I have them at home. It's fun!

Mummy made me wait while she took a picture of us

I was getting fidgety as I can't wait to play it. I kept saying 'open open', while Mummy was trying to capture a good shot of us. I look forward to play them when I wake up every morning.

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Still sickie

Fever is still with me, it surged specially high in the night. I got specially irritated when daddy tries to sponge me, not only is it cold, it is also disturbing my sleep. I was given paracetamol in the midst of my sleep. My cries invited everyone in the household to my room.

Today, Mummy had to be back at work to rush some stuff, so did Daddy. I cried when Mummy parted with me in the morning, it was heart aching for her. Woes of a working Mum. She decided to take half day leave and came home in the afternoon for me, so did Daddy. Appetite was still bad, but I'm feeling better along the hours.

This evening, my temperature seemed to have gotten better. I hope to make it for school tomorrow because leaves are precious to Dad and Mum. A sick child easily burns up the leaves of their parents. Imagine a kid down with HFMD, that's 5 days of leaves gone!

Mum caught Mr Moon shining at me. A shot taken from my bed.

I will get well soon. I want to be in school with teacher, friends and toys!

Monday 28 June 2010

Fever is monster

World cup FEVER - I'm down with a fever, hit a record high of 40 deg last night. Everyone was so worried for me, even contemplated in bringing me to the A&E. All these in the middle of the night, during the England vs Germany match. I kept Dad and Mum up the whole night, Daddy was busy sponging me every few minutes and even camped beside my bed. The thermometer became the frequent used object of the night. Sigh of relief came only after my temperature dropped to 38 deg. 
I couldn't make it to school, so dad and mum are on leave to care for me. It was tiring for them, brought me to the PD and brought Grandma to the TCM for her sprained back. Appetite was zero for me, I have no interest in any food or milk. Taking only mini bites of them.
Doctor said fever will be back, and medication is my forced food for now... I need to get well soon!

Saturday 26 June 2010

World Cup fever

We did an opening ceremony for our Spain jerseys. Daddy is a number one soccer fan, he was hit crazy by the recent World Cup fever. He had been on midnight watch for the matches. This means heavy duty on Mummy.

Here's how united we are in the jerseys:
Looking at daddy, not the camera
Great team!

Thank you unlce bear, uncle jack and auntie sha for the gifts. We love them to bits.

Disclaimer: I'm not a boy.

Friday 18 June 2010

Fathers' Day Weekend

It's Fathers' day this weekend! Dinners lined up on Sat and Sun with both Grandfathers. That's when Dad and Mum show their appreciation to their Daddies. For my Dad, I've made this tie shaped card for him... Hmm, ok, it was made by my teacher. But my foot prints did the finishing. It's looks beautiful!
Happy Fathers' Day!!!
Nice poem 

I love you Daddy! 

Thank you for your generous love and care 
Thank you for taking my side when Mummy's careless with me 
Thank you for chauffeuring me, to and fro school everyday 
Thank you for always wanting to buy me toys 
Thank you for working so hard for this family 
Thank you for washing my laundry without fail 
Thank you for stocking up my diapers and milk. They never once ran out. 
Thank you for accommodating my nonsense and misbehaviour 
Thank you for being there for me... Thank you and Thank you... 

Jazz loves you!

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Early Potty

It was an interesting sight for Mummy this evening. I was walking around the living room, when suddenly, I took my diapers off. There was never such an instance when I could remove my diapers without any help. This was easy because I was left walking around without my pants on. Before Mummy could put it on again, I pee-ed on the floor. That moment stunned Mummy, she thought I was ready for potty time. 
Yet, it could be coincidental that my diapers fell off while I was playing with it, and even more coincidental that I pee-ed just after that. Perhaps, it wasn't what Mummy thought. Moreover, teachers did not mention that they've began potty training in school.
Nonetheless, Mummy took out my pink potty and introduced it to me. I was scared when she showed me, I backed off and cuddle her tight. To curb my fear, she took my little care bear to show how the potty should be used. Still, I was apprehensive about going near it. I need to be using it real soon, and the appropriate time for potty training would be at about 18 months. Another 3 months before teachers from another class will train me to it. Hmm... I wonder how long it's gonna take for me to stop using those 'mobile toilet', and Daddy just stocked up another 3 boxes of pampers. Woah!!!
My pinky potty
This potty was bought when I was less than a month old. A traditional method that the confinement nanny got me to pee in before bath time. It was discontinued when confinement ends. Lazy mummy.

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Kitchen Mess

Whenever Mummy is in the kitchen, be it cooking or baking, I would seek her out. I need to be with her, and this is what happens when I'm left in the kitchen with an occupied Mummy... MESS!

These are my eating and drinking utensils. I can play them for quite a while.

The mess that Mummy could hardly stop because she was busy

I tore up the whole roll of kitchen towel and ransacked everything I could, before finding Mummy to cling on. So you see, how tough it means to handle me now. At least I proved that girls love the kitchen and love playing with kitchen wares. Girls being girls!

Monday 14 June 2010

An unpleasant meal time

Mummy has been feeling bad since Saturday, her heart sinking with guilt. I had a terrible meal time that day, and this triggered Mummy’s temper. I spat almost every spoonful of porridge that I was fed with. After a few times, Mummy got angry, she smacked my cheeks with her fingers each time I did it, Ouch! And despite every painful smack, I continued with the spitting. What a rebellious me. Then, I started walking around my table and chair, played with my toys and had diverse attention every minute. Again, I got spanked on the thighs for not making use of the chair during meal. Mummy knew my diaper would cushion the pain if she spanked my buttocks, so she went for my juicy thighs, Ouch! For each smack, I cried for only short moments. I drove her to great anger. 
The DVD was played for me and she did all she could to make me sit and eat well. Still, to no avail. Mummy even contemplated about getting a cane! Daddy could even joked, he asked me which type of cane I prefer. A flash back to the scene today, made her realized she could have done it with more patience and understanding. She exerted too much negative energy which could have inflicted fear in me. There was a moment between the outrage, when she paused and reflected on her lost of temper. She realized she had a bad day and prior that, she received a call from someone, who dampened her mood a little. That’s huge mistake for not being impartial. Which is why, she is filled with so much guilt now. She did a little to redeem herself towards the end, talked calmly to me and praised me well. It worked a little, but still I didn’t want to eat. Mummy then decided on the consequence approach. Don’t want to eat, no more food and hunger is what I’ll probably experience later on. 
As much as she could try to avoid spanks and time out (my most dreadful punishment), she will allow me to realize the cause and effect of my actions. Although quite a believer of healthy doses of punishments and reprimands, Mummy wants to be focus and not allow her bad days to affect the disciplinary process. Family is not a ‘bin’ for us to throw our anger and unhappiness created by others. And the best thing about kids, they hold no grudges. They hug and kiss you like nothing happened. How wonderful…

Saturday 12 June 2010

Paws Party!

This evening was the Paws Party which Mummy and her committee organised. Everyone in the neighbourhood had fun. It was a unique moment where many neighbours and their doggies gathered. I had my share of fun too, walking here and there, playing with the many dogs. And of course, not forgetting about being a sticky chewy chocolate, following Mummy wherever she goes. Mummy was so busy with the programme schedule, yet she has to carry me around. 
jie jie receiving prize on behalf of Pillow...
Anyway, the proudest moment for us was Pillow. He won the best dressed award!!! Mummy sacrificed her France jersey for him to parade around. A worthy sacrifice after all. Disclaimer, decision was made by external parties. 
In line with the world cup season

Pillow looks awesome in this outfit... so is he

Pillow is a very well liked dog within the neighbourhood. Many praised him for his looks, he's handsome! Beautiful owners breed beautiful dog. Haha.

Well, it was a long day for Mummy. After the event wrapped up, she had to rushed through the cooking of my dinner. She got me showered and got me to bed before sneaking out with Daddy to Auntie Kong's house for steamboat. Her day ended at 3am, beginning another day upon the call of my cry. A Mother's capacity is so commendable, in need for a rest, but forced to keep working with the child. Moreover, taking care of me gets tougher each day. Go Mummy Go! 

Backdating - Last Weekend

It had been a busy week for Mummy. So much so that she could only pick me twice from school this week. It was suppose to be a faithful daily affair. Time with me seemed to have drifted for Mummy, coming home to only kiss me in my sleep. It made her realised the importance of quality time too. Within days, I seemed to have gotten closer to Grandma. And that's how fast changes occur in the little ones, but that's ok, because it's Grandma! 
Getting busy means giving less priority to my little blog, updates become infrequent with lots of backdating to do. That's a test of memory too. Blogging is really a good update of my progresses and activities. Every now and then, Mummy would back read the posts when she needs a smile on her face. That's the power of me in her life. 
So to backdate... last weekend, I was as occupied as Dad and Mum. We attended Kayden's birthday party on Saturday and Uncle Evan's wedding on Sunday. I thought I behaved really well on these two occasions. Phew! I had fun with balloons at the party and people in the wedding crowd. 
Loving this beautiful cake of Kayden's
I had a wonderful time with balloons!
I got extremely jealous when Mummy carried Kayden...
Alrighty, Mummy is just done with her stuff and done with this post. Not sure to say good night and good morning, but for sure, it's time for sleep. Another long day for us tomorrow, or rather, for her... but, writing about me will always be on her mind.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Say 'No'

It doesn't seem difficult for me to say 'No'. I've learnt to say it together with my left to right and right to left head movements. It seemed easier to learn than 'Yes'. The adults taught me - When I touch fobidden objects, Mummy says 'No'. When I put fingers in my mouth, Mummy says 'No'. So you see the frequency of 'No' versus 'Yes'. Don't blame the kiddos. Mummy thinks I sound real cute saying 'No'. She sounded me out:  

Mummy: Do you want milk?   

Me: No  

Mummy: Daddy 抱抱? 

Me: No  

Mummy: Do you want mum mum (food)?  

Me: No

Mummy is fainting! I'm saying 'No' to the essentials. But my responses were ignored, I still got my milk and food.
Kids don't hesitate to say 'No'. The adults sometimes find it difficult to say 'No' to people around them. Rejection is sometimes hard to bring across. Maybe this is something they can learn from the kiddos. Bring out some child likeness in them.

Thursday 3 June 2010


I've been coughing for close to a month and my nose has been on the run too. Viruses attack one after another. Sigh! I cough specially bad in the night. Daddy decided to bring me to the doctor this evening. Enough of medicating me from the cough and cold syrup bought from the clinic without consultation.
Every visit to the clinic costs a sum, which is why mummy prefers to self medicate, if possible. This visit, doctor recommended me to take some vitamins to boost my immunity as well as speed up recovery. If only I had a choice, I prefer chocolates. 
Endless medications

For now, no citrus fruits until I've recovered. Daddy would always say I'm placed at the infant care to collect data, i.e. collect viruses. The more collected now, the less will be collected as I grow. 

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Back to Home

A Big Hello!!! We're back from our holiday, and I'm back to school. Fun is what I describe the trip, but Mummy would probably have a different definition. She is tired, and I guess she didn't much enjoy with me around. When everyone was having meals and enjoying shopping, Mummy is stuck to troubleshooting me. I rejected most food, and survived only on milk and biscuits. Poor Mummy! Still, she managed to shop a little...

I slept on most occasions when we were travelling on trains, buses and plane. Except for the coming back flight, I cried big time when the plane was about to descend. Everyone was looking at us, and frankly their stares are so annoying, much more than my cries. My commotion frustrated Mum and Dad, Mummy ignored me after we landed. Grandma came to my rescue...

Overall, it was really a great time of family bonding. The places that we visited, like the night markets were not baby friendly. We went around without my stroller, and had my naps in mummy's arms. So you see how my stroller became a white elephant and how Mummy wasn't quite enjoying herself. It was also agreed that carrying me will be on rotated duties, but I was a 'sticky chewy chocolate," only wanting Mummy. 

For my quarter of price fare paid, I have a bassinet to sleep in

My post weaning meal, which I left it untouched. Picky eater!

My corner for play on flight
Meal time with mummy as my baby chair

Yes, we climbed the Yangmingshan, with me sleeping on Mummy's arms!

No nursery room? Make do with a rock

This is how Mummy shopped... with me!

Clothes Mummy bought for me. Only $5 each!

Modern Toilet restaurant - I enjoyed exploring it

The nicest and most decent nursery room ever. Found in Taiwan's airport, departure hall.

Furnished with cots!

Where are we heading to for the next trip? Daddy says Europe or Japan, but know what, Mummy says without me. Sob! Actually, travelling with me wasn't that bad, I adapt well to the environment. Except for the hotel, I woke up on some nights just to cry. I want to travel with Mummy and Daddy, please!