Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I'm the White Rabbit

School will hosting for a mini childrens' day carnival this Thursday. I'll be performing! But Dad and Mum have no idea what they'll be in for. Friday is childrens' day and so school is closed. It's 2 days of leaves they have to take, but it's gona be a great time of bonding, with many activities lined ahead the days.

The upcoming celebration has a theme, that's 'Alice in Wonderland'. Everyone has to be dressed up to the characters. Mummy knew Alice was the easiest for me, but searching for a blue look alike Alice dress was really tough. Costumes at party houses are too big for me. Her sewing wasn't good either, so Alice's out. Next easiest would be the White Rabbit, it was a fast search for those rabbit ears. I would then dress all white with a jacket. What about Mum and Dad? I'm not sure if they'll be enthusiastic about dressing themselves up, but hmm... if so, they might just be Tweedledee and Tweedledum. It seems easy just being in black and white stripes. Here are the characters Mummy goggled, they look interesting.

Invitation by the White Queen
The White Rabbit I'm imitating
Tweedledee and Tweedledum!

That's Alice, the animated one...

 We are all looking forward to the party!!!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dancing Jazzelle

Everyone loves watching me groove to music. Mummy thinks I'm really cute in doing my dance moves. See...

I'm still quite a greedy when it comes to snacks. I'll ask for a bite of food before beginning my routine. Haha.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mid Autumn

It's mid autumn! Mummy and Daddy bought me a mini electric lantern and we went down for a time of celebration. There were many children and adults at the void deck too. Mummy brought some sparklers to liven the mood, that made many children happy. I am too young for sparklers, so mummy forbids. 
Electronic for me, candle lantern for mummy
Sparklers being shared around with the kids.

Daddy and me and the FULL moon

It was a wonderful evening! We love mid autumn, love mooncakes and lanterns. Mummy and Daddy got married on a ε…«ζœˆεδΊ” too!

Sunday, 19 September 2010


I love playing with bubbles, but it will be an affair out of the home. Mummy would bring me to the playground to blow bubbles. That's where other children would also join in the bubbly fun.

Having fun with bubbles

Pillow having fun with me too

Simple bubble fun day!

Tortise discovery

One evening, Daddy wasn't in time to pick me from school, so Mummy picked me instead. After she got me from school, with me in her arms and our bags over her shoulder, she decided to wait for Daddy at a nearby park. Our weight was exhausting Mummy's energy, not forgetting the weight of didi in her tummy. 

We were waiting at the park and Mummy brought me near the pond. We discovered not only catfishes but many tortoises! I was afraid of them, there were so many and when people started giving them bread, they would make their way onto the shore for their food before making a quick 'escape' back. They were almost close to my feet, but I was clinging tight onto Mummy. 
After school on Friday, Mummy decided to bring some bread from home to feed the tortoises. She gave me a piece to feed the tortoises, but I put it in my mouth instead. Mummy almost fainted. She decided to feed them all by herself, and I became a timid watcher in Daddy's arms.
Tortises coming on shore
Am refusing to come down of Daddy's arms

Whenever the word tortise is mentioned to me now, I would put my hand onto my chest and go, "scared scared." If I misbehave, Dad and Mum have nothing to bring up, except tortoises. Till I outgrow that fear, they will have nothing to frighten me with.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Water play

Dad and Mum brought me to great grandparents' place for a time of water fun last sat. As I was seldom brought to the pool, I feared when Daddy brought me in. I only warmed up after having some fun with the water and my toys.       
My toys that were meant for beach ended up in the pool
Push me to the water fountain please
Water splashed onto my face
Daddy left me all alone in the pool to get his drink! Never leave your child unattended in water!

Pouring and re-filling my toy pot...
Now, I love the pool. Mummy hopes to bring me again this week, It's so fun!!!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bath Time

Mummy's disheartened with me today... 
She has not been bathing me for about 3 months, because of her bad morning sickness. This evening she's finally ready to resume that chore. When I was all ready for bath time, I cried for Daddy, who has been taking over this duty while mummy was unwell. Mummy tried to coax me to allow her to this moment of bonding, and I told her, "move move". She was blocking my and Daddy's walkway to the toilet. 
Those words seemed to have hurt her. Of course, the words of this little toddler meant nothing, but sigh, it probably made her upset. After bath time, I played with Mummy as usual. And, that's the amazing thing about little toddlers, coming back into your arms, without considering what happened earlier on. They genuinely do not know what went wrong. Moreover, Mummy knew I wasn't wrong to demand Daddy to bathe me. 
Shall try again tomorrow...

Monday, 6 September 2010

Actions to song

I love action-ing to songs! See my Music Video, directed and choreographed by me!

I learn songs and actions in school and home. They are fun!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Love boxes

I love playing boxes, sitting in and out of it. Daddy bought a huge box from Ikea to 'archive' all my outgrown clothes. The moment Daddy held up the box, I rushed to sit in it. Poor daddy tried to carry me in the box, but we are all too heavy. Daddy could barely last a minute before I ended up in the trolley, with the box...

Box me up

Into the trolley we go

It's the 2nd box of clothes I'm keeping away, that's alot! Moreover, I'm most probably having a didi, so he won't be able to wear them too.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Pretty Poses

I sure know how to pose for the camera now, with my party hat as prop... Like my mummy, vanity runs in the blood.
Trying to smile
Getting it right
Daddy says laugh
Oh, so vain

Big Bump

My forehead
Aww....!!! That was painful! There wasn't school for me on Fri, so Mummy allowed me to sleep and play late the previous night. I was having fun jumping up and down grandma's bed, like the little trampoline in school, when I knocked my forehead into the solid hard wall. After which, I cried for a while before deciding to sleep at a late 12:30am. Not sure why hard boiled eggs are used, but kinda work. My bump subsided the next day... 
Grandma wasn't giving me full attention when I was playing so wildly, she was with me in the room. Mummy gave her a 'yellow card'. Grandpa said, I should have learnt not to jump on the bed after being knocked so hard this time. What a painful way to learn.
Next morning, I'm became a good helper with the laundry.
Door's closing
Pose before the wash
What a humpty dumpty night.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

It's Teachers' Day

It's 01 Sep 10 today, and school will be closed on Friday as the teachers' reward. Mummy's on a 5 days mc this week, she's been resting and avoiding all the heavy duty routines. She could hardly carry me now and I have seemed to draw closer to Daddy. Well, that's ok, Mummy takes care of the little one in her and Daddy takes care of me. Fair and square.

And this was what Mummy prepared on my behalf last night, a little card and some chocolates to pamper my teachers.

Don't laugh at her artwork
A little thought but much expressed to all my teachers. It isn't easy being an infant care teacher, especially having to take care of the many little ones from head to toes. Even mummy dislikes wiping my bum, and the teachers have to do so for every child. Happy teacher's day!