Sunday 10 October 2010

Emo Daddy

My Daddy got a little emotional today. He was in tears, but we were in laughter.

I was playing kinda rough with my minnie mouse today, so much so that I got its ribbon pulled out. Mummy and Daddy then went fingers pointing at me, doing the typical 'orh...' Not soon, Jiu jiu and berry jie jie came into the room and they joined in the finger pointing session. I started to feel and pout my lips, soon I cried. It's either I'm upset over mouse mouse's dropped ribbon or I'm fearful that everyone's giving me the finger pointing attention.

Trust me, it was an emotional and innocent sight. Mummy got a little teary too, but she held it back because jiu jiu and jie jie were there. It was Daddy who couldn't hold back his tears. Jiu Jiu even embarrassed Daddy by asking, "why you cry ah?" Everyone's eyes rolled over to Daddy, he was wiping his tears! Not trying to be rude, but it was really funny to see Daddy cry.

Mummy then ask why he cried, he said I looked really upset over minnie mouse's dropped ribbon and that I looked really helpless when it happened. Everything looked so genuine and innocent. It was really emotional!

After the crying, I gazed into 'mouse mouse's' ribbon

Daddy sew the ribbon back...

Mouse mouse is one of my favourite companion, I'll be looking for her when it's bedtime. That's why I'm really upset that I've hurt it. Unintentionally. And since Mummy got married to Daddy, she has never seen him picked up the needle and thread. Today was all for his little girl, Jazz. I need to remember this, it's a good write up for my composition when I talk about 'My Daddy' in school next time.

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