Tuesday 30 November 2010

Monday no Blue

It was a little longer weekend for Dad and Mum this Monday, at the expense of their one day leave. School's close, so they are on leave to care for me. We had a great time of bonding. Dad and Mum started their day at Suntec with a good lunch at Astons. Lunch was good because I was sleeping - the best a mummy could ask for over a meal.
I woke up only when they were about to finish their meal, but that was good enough. From then, it was all fun for me. I wasn't using my pram for sleep or sit, I played with it around the mall. I visited toys r us, but came out empty handed. I've too much toys, Mummy commented. Or rather, Dad and Mum could not agree on something to buy for me. I couldn't decide much, I would only hold onto some toy and say, 'buy buy', whether or not it was relevant to me. 
Gave up my pram for care bear
Pushing my only passenger on board - care bear

After Suntec, we went on to Marina Barrage. Everything seemed raw in there, rather unfurnished. Regardless of that, we recharged ourselves with the huge space, great views and fresh air. I love watching the kites fly too!

Fun with Mummy!

Daddy uploaded this pic and told mummy that I've grown. Indeed!

Honey stars made me happy!
Want some?
In the exhibition area
Our 'smiley' part for the environment

Mummy removed my dress and all I had was my tee and diaper

I'm in love with water fountain... trying to catch water!

Water play was last because I didn't bring my swim wear or my towel or whatever gear needed for getting wet. All mummy had was extra clothing, which was good enough. So here I went, excitedly into the water splashing area.

Again, I whined a little when Daddy pulled me out of the water. It was time to stop before I get really soaked. Moreover, the floor in the water area was concrete rough, I had a few reddish rubs on my knees while playing, and a little fall when we were about to leave. The floor on the dry area was rough too, I abraded my left knee while Mummy tried to put on my dress. Ouchie! It's outdoor after all, so it's play rough. After water play, We went Wisma, food republic for our dinner. I shared Daddy's ramen and a little of Mummy's rice.

"Erm Mummy, you sure sushi and wassabi's for me?

Daddy asked for a cute face and here's what he got...

Bagged off Mummy's Famous Amos cookies!
So you see, Monday's no blue if there's no work. Yawn, it's back to school for me tomorrow and back to work for Dad and Mum. Well, school is play to me, I enjoy my everyday in there, so it's still fun for me everyday. That's a tot's life.

Monday 29 November 2010

Fruitful weekend

Weekends are really short, if only they could be longer, I'll have extended fun! This weekend, Dad and Mum brought me almost anywhere and everywhere. I'm feeling Christmas in the air! On Saturday, Mummy brought me to meet Santa and Santarina, and listened to the carollers at Ritz Carlton. I got myself so involved, clapping after each song they sang. We met Aunt Claud and I got an early Christmas gift from her. Thank you! And, Mummy says to open only on boxing day, I shall wait. 
We then went on to Marina Square for dinner. I seemed to have lost my appetite that night after gazing at all the glittery decorations everywhere. 
Glimpse of the carolers behind us
The tree lit up, and it was beautiful
So glittery at Marina Square
And here's my Sunday, I went for a swim or rather, it was water play at great-grandaparents home. Now, I'm so in love with the pool and water! So much so that it takes some time to coax me out of the pool. I had dinner at their home before heading to Parkway Parade for some strolling. 
Decorated to the toy story 3 theme
Me on dino ride
Love the slide alot!
It's really fun to visit the malls near this season. The malls look so beautiful and colourful with the different Christmas decos!

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Thunderous Laughter

My laughter is getting so thunderous these days. It can be occasionally high pitched too! I get specially excited and laugh aloud when it's blanket time with Daddy...

It's blanket fun with Daddy!

Oh, that last part of laughter was Daddy's... not mine. haha.

Sunday 21 November 2010

Fun with 'friends'

I love this time of play when Mum and Dad would ask me to cook for all my 'friends'. I would bring each and everyone of them out of my bed, and into the living room for a feast. I'll have fun cooking and feeding all of them! 
Laughing and feasting with all my 'friends'
The tough part of this play was the need to keep my toys. \Whether I would keep my toys after play depends on my mood. If not, Mum or Dad would exercise on my behalf.

Pencil holding

Sometimes at meals, Dad and Mum would give me a pencil and paper to keep me occupied. I love to scribble. Dad realised that I could hold the pencil correctly, Mum was surprised too. She didn't recall teaching me how to hold a pencil right. It was in school perhaps. 
Scribbling on the paper
Nicely positioned pencil between my fingers

Daddy tried giving the pencil to my left hand, I couldn't hold it well on my left. That concludes me being a right-hander. Different from you, Daddy.

Saturday 20 November 2010

Adorable and Happy pictures!

Mummy went through the pictures she took in Spain, of all I guess these were her favourites - Pictures taken with me before they went on board, I looked so adorable and happy! Or perhaps, I thought I was going onto the plane too.
A shot with Mummy
Then I tried to struggle away
And we coordinated cuteness! Awww....
The airport is a fun place, I love the huge running space (ok, not a place to run) and there's Mr McDonald. I want to go again!

Saturday 13 November 2010

They are back home!

Yes! My parents are home with me! I'm so happy, plunged forward to hug them at the airport earlier this evening. Just a week of separation, they commented that I looked different, my hair's longer. Time for cut soon. It's lots of shopping they did for everyone of us. Food and shopping isn't cheap there, but to get time for stroll, shop, sleep and slack is something difficult to acheive in our hectic lifestyle.
Helping Daddy to unpack, or rather creating mess
Bath toy flown from Spain... I love them!
Not forgetting clothes. Mine on left and didi's on right and my little penguin in the middle.
In hope of pleasant meals, check out my forks and spoons from Zara home, don't think we've this range of home collection in Singapore.
Mummy has never been away from me for a single night, and when she was away this time, she realised it was really carefree to be walking and waking up without me. Not having to worry what's for my meals, the long travelling time as well as, the change in weather and time zone. Nevertheless, Mummy kept asking Daddy where should they bring the kids for holiday, referring to me and didi. What a bold thought. Anyway, it's wonderful to be back home, nothing beats the warmth at home... 

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Greetings from Mummy!

Greetings from Mummy, from Barcelona... 
"I'm missing you so badly!!! Everyday, I would talk to daddy about you, the things you would do and the things to buy for you. I called home twice so far, but you did not know how to take my calls. Good thing you behaved, Grandma reported your good conducts. Mummy and Daddy love you! You know, I'm counting down the days to see you, little Jazz... Brrrrr, it's so cold here, we can't wait to be back home for the warmth."

Thursday 4 November 2010

See you all soon!

In hours time, Dad and Mum will be leaving home and me for Spain. It feels like a 'business' trip for Mummy, rather obligated. She really wants to be home with me! 
Well Dad and Mum, have an enjoyable and safe trip. I'll be counting down the days and looking forward to see you all next Saturday again. Daddy, do take care of Mummy, and Mummy do take care of didi. I will miss you all... See you! 
Till Mummy's back for updates...

Wednesday 3 November 2010

I know my letters!

I know my alphabets! Ok, most of them, not all. For numbers, I’m more familiar with 1 to 3. Last week, I was home bound for 2 days, forbidden to school because of my fever. Those days, I was hooked onto the TV most of the times. Every meal or even non-meal time, I would ask to watch, ‘Move it, move it ’or ‘Frog’. They are the Madagascar cartoon and my leapfrog, letter factory DVD. This week, I was on them almost every day! Ok, I know too much TV isn’t good… but educational DVDs really make learning and teaching easy for parents and kids.
The outcome - I know the sounds of most of the letters, doing my best from A to H! And I love dancing to my style of ‘move it, move it!’ Mummy would test me by asking, “the A says, the B says” etc, and I could answer her almost effortlessly. Now, mummy’s trying to catch these moments on video, but it was just difficult to do one, with me being distracted most of the times. I look really adorable and stylo dancing to the ‘move it’ song you know.

Monday 1 November 2010

Daddy's lappy

I'm a tired girl today, took a shorter than usual nap in school. I was playing with Daddy, and Mummy in the shower. When she came out, she saw me lazing on Daddy's lap and the next moment, I dozed off. Mummy wondered if Daddy's arm and lap were that comfy. 
Daddy's tired girl