Monday, 27 December 2010

Post Christmas - Birdpark

It was boxing day yesterday! We were all ready to visit the Jurong birdpark, a place in the faraway land. Still within reach by car though. The day was bright and sunny, there was a long queue just to get tickets. Dad and Mum were unable to get corporate passes for that day, and it was the last day of the Penguin Wonderland, so they paid for their entrances. Nonetheless, not wasting time, Mummy fed me my home prepared lunch, and Daddy queued for the tickets. Timing was just perfect, I finished my lunch and Daddy got the tickets.

We love penguins
Holding penguin's 'hand' for picture
Penguin mascots and Santa!
Santa gave me a penguin mask
Halfway through the penguin party, I got bored by the magic show. Simply too young to appreciate, so we left to see the various bird species.

Ostrich upclose. Almost pecked my fingers.
Along the way, Mum and Dad would tell me, this is ostrich, this is swan, this is duck, this is owl and eventually, they went this is bird, that is bird, all are birds. So all birds look about the same, and they mostly fly. I conclude that the zoo is much more fun and interesting.

While I was sleeping, it began to drizzle and rain a little. Thank God, the rain wasn't too heavy. When I got up from my nap, we watched some shows and visited the children's play area. I got excited upon seeing the water play. My blur Mummy prepared my swimwear, but forgot my towel! We used her jacket to wipe me dry after bath. Brr.... the water and weather was cold. Short play for me...

Bird shows were crowded with people, but I have a tall Daddy!
I get excited when I see water sprouts.
The best and amazing part about this park trip was that I sat in my car seat throughout my journeys in the car. Not a single noise I made. It was a long day, after birdpark, we met uncle E and Auntie PT for Spanish dinner. I wasn't too well-behaved throughout dinner, because I rejected food. After dinner, we went home, with me in my car seat again. Despite unpleasant dinner, I was such a darling with my acceptance to the car seat, this was pleasing for Dad and Mum. It means I can share Mummy with didi when we're all in the car. Now, whenever we hop onto the car, I would say, "Jazzelle 前面,Mummy 后面, Daddy drive drive." Aww, such a cutie! It really takes patience for kids to reach the different stages of acceptance.

Exhuasted and dozed off in my car seat.
Oh oh, another highlight of the day... Mummy bought me a pair of Elmo shoes at the birdpark, one of the places that would sell polliwalks, sesame series. I'm so in love with my new pair of shoes, beginning to lose sight of my old pair now. Oops!
Putting on my new shoes.
Thank you Mummy for those shoes and thank you Daddy and Mummy for the wonderful day out. I'm looking forward to going to the zoo next month, Daddy said he could get his corporate zoo passes.
Singing "We're going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you, you can come too too too!"

On Christmas

The season that's widely celebrated by all races and religions, Christmas, is now over. Mummy told me, it is the day Jesus was birth. As a little kid, I could only relate Christmas to presents, Santa and carols. In short, I love Christmas!

On the eve, we had steamboat at home, and hmm... that's so like Chinese New Year. Like most, we have enjoyed the season - A time of giving and receiving. I couldn't wait for boxing day, so I opened all my presents on Christmas. I love opening pressies, it's really exciting. Mummy too, she was away from her office for almost a week, and went back on the eve to find many pressies on her desk. Nice!

Helping Mummy to unwrap all pressies from her colleagues...

My pressies from Grandparents and parents... Thank you Gong gong, Po po, Daddy and Mummy!

I love ALL my pressies. Thank you Auntie Claud, Auntie Esther and Berry Jie jie.

After unwrapping of pressies, we all had a good afternoon nap before proceeding to vivo for dinner. It was also when we decided to abandon the car, and go public. A little part for the environment, or rather to avoid the Christmas jam. Haha. I've never really been on the MRT, so I was really curious when I boarded it. I went "Choo choo" when we were on the train. Mummy said, this train doesn't make the 'choo choo..." sound. Aww, what a cutie me...

Vivo was crowded, so was the MRT station. We caught glimpse of the crane dance. It was suppose to start at 9pm, but began 15 minutes late. By then, there was already a huge crowd waiting from drizzle to rain. I got a little impatient and when we were about to leave, it finally started. From vivo's view, it was a pretty boring and silent show. Only the last few seconds of fireworks impressed me. Then, we swept off 2 boxes of pampers from giant, and headed home by the train again. Those, together with me were heavy load...

A priority on the reserved seat because of me and my preggy mummy...

After this Christmas, Mum and Dad think Ive been so overwhelmed by toys. My home is flooded with toys! It will shock you if I were to show you my collection some day. These shall be enough for a long long time. Didi will have to share some of my toys too...

Well, it's a Goodbye to Christmas and in days time, to 2010. And then, get ready for the CNY mood. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Shoes and me

I can put on my shoes now! Although, still a little challenge to putting my left shoe on my left foot, I can do it. It's just a matter of time and patience.

Taking a longer time for left foot...


I can't really tell which shoe is for left and which is for right, Dad or Mum will tell me if I got them wrong. I'm still learning...

Friday, 17 December 2010

Party in School

School held a Christmas party for us yesterday. We were supposed to be dressed up to the theme, bring some food and a gift for exchange. Gift budget was $20, even more expensive than Mummy's office gift exchange, haha. But the budget was just perfect to allow us to find suitable toy as gift, nice!

All dressed up that morning!

I sure know how to pose!

The previous night, mummy was still cracking her head on what food item I should contribute. Trying to stay away from sweets and chocolates, she then decided on the gingerbread man. The commercial ones outside are huge and expensive, so mummy decided to bake her own, small and cute, just of hand and bite size for my classmates. And when Daddy saw, he laughed, he said they looked like alien gingerbread men. Hmm, blame it on the mould.

Although Mummy thinks that the taste of her self baked men were only so so, or perhaps a matter of preference, because of the ginger and cinamon taste, some don't like it. What mattered most was her main consumer, me, was in love with it. I couldn't stop eating!

Edible Aliens!

Aliens packed for school party.

Specified ingredients. Some children might be allergic to the ingredients, better to disclaim.

Mummy tried asking me if everyone finished the gingerbread men, I just said 'run run run'. Quoted from a story Mummy told me about baking gingerbread man, and the man ran out of the house after being baked. Well, she supposed everyone finished it, because there were no leftovers in my bag. Or let's call it self comfort. Haha. She really deserved to be comforted though, baked till 2 a.m. the previous night, and still made it to work the next day. Her back and legs are still aching from the baking. Thank you Mummy!

Other food contributed by by classmates...

Socks! Present from the school to us...

Opening my exchanged gift with excitement!

Woah, A frog! How did one know I was on excessive letter factory...

A Hand puppet... I love!

Finally, brought my artwork home...

Parties are fun, I had party hat and balloon to bring home too! Next year, I'm gonna bid goodbye to my teachers and friends, moving out of familarity to another class. It was like a happy closure today. Teachers and classmates will no more be familiar, or maybe I'll be seeing some familiar classmates who were there earlier than me. Hopefully, we'll still remember each other.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Downward Or Upward

On most nights, I would pat my 'plushies' to sleep, my fury 'friends' I meant. We'll all be in bed, and I would arrange each of them side by side, lying downward and then pat them on their bums. If anyone else is talking loudly in the room, I would put a finger on my lips and go "shhhh..." Daddy and Mummy would then lower their volume.

My 'plushies' are sleeping...

My plushies' sleeping position is causing Mummy some worry, what if she were to ask me to pat didi to sleep, would I want to turn him downward, facing the mattress? Mummy tried explaining that we all sleep upward, but I insisted that all my 'friends' are to face down when sleeping. Perhaps, I love sleeping on my tummy on most times, and that explains.

And next, time-out for them....

On naughty occasions, Mummy will send me to my time-out corner, to do punishment by facing the wall. I'm really fearful of that. When I do it, my plushies have to do it too. One for all and all for one! Haha. Ok, just kidding, I was teaching them letters... they're really good listeners, and they don't fidget is single bit.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Santa Claus is...

I made Mum and Dad laughed when they discovered I could complete the lyrics of the Santa Claus song. Mummy would say, 'Santa Claus is...' And I'll go 'coming to town'. Well Mummy, teachers having been singing carols with us!

And when I hear the jingle bell song, I would go 'Hey!' loudly. I love the kids songs apps in Mummy's phone, I would self navigate to find the jingle bell song. I'm now an iphone expert, I can unlock mummy's phone and find the applications I want. Even Grandma thinks I'm better than her. Haha.

This is freaking Mum out, are kids of my generation gonna ask for iphone, ipad or iwhatever before they even reach three? Oh, better not...

I really think I'm quite a cutie here... hee.

I've to do whatever Mummy says, if not, no lappy for me to play. I love tapping and viewing my pictures and videos on her lappy.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Letters make sounds

I'm now an expert of the different sounds every letter makes, I'm a master of A to Z. Mummy got me to do this video by telling me that my 'friends', Carebear, Eeyore and mouse mouse want to learn alphabet, so I've to teach them the sounds.
Here I went, being a good teacher until my concentration got disrupted at letter M, then I distractingly walked through to letter U. Mummy gave up on V,W, X,Y and Z, after all concentration was lost. Well, not bad, I made it almost till finishing.
My letter factory

After having mastered all the letters, Mummy is taking letter factory DVD away from my eyes. I'm relying too much on it during meal times. Now, I'll only get to watch it occassionally, when Mummy's really exhausted to entertain me, the TV will replace.
At least, I've mastered the sounds these letters make. Learning was fun with it, and we all thought I was too young for it, but well, thoughts proven wrong. In fact, Dad and Mum were learning on the sounds too! Haha.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Lift taking

If you take the lift, remember to hold on to the handle. Daddy always tell me so, and that makes it my habit to remind everyone too. Whenever Mum and Dad are in the lift with me, I'll tell them, "Daddy hold, Mummy hold."
Hold on and doors are closing

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Little house

At times, I'll get really bored with my toys or rather I can hardly play alone. Mummy was so tired entertaining me last weekend, when she recalled about this tent given to me by grand aunt. She took it out for me to play, in hope that I can self entertain for at least a while. I love playing in and out of this 'little house', but still asking Mummy and Daddy to join me for play. I'll ask them to 'knock knock' at the entrance before entering and I'll play hide and seek with them. I can really exhaust Mummy to the max, but she thought it was really fulfilling to be part of and to watch me enjoy my play. Great bonding she thought...

Little house filled with colourful balls

Not forgetting to bring my 'friends' in for fun

The tent meant for picnic or camping is now being used for my home fun. Haha. It's easy to open and keep after play. Anyway, I'm not doing the keeping... cheeky thoughts again.

Hello December

My goodness! It's the final month of the year and that's another 30 days to make a better 2010. What should I be doing next to end the year well? Maybe buy presents and celebrate Christmas well. Haha.