Monday 31 January 2011

Music and Dance

I'm hooked onto the dances shown in Club Magic, a pre-school programme shown on okto every week. Hmm, I think I've great flair for music and dance, see...

This really is the definition of adorable! Some moments aren't captured in just pictures, we need videos to playback and re-fresh cuteness.

Thursday 20 January 2011

Zoo Again

Last Sunday, I visited the zoo with grandparents, dad and mum. The weather was more than perfect! It was my second trip to the zoo, and I'm still loving it. I know many animals and everything kept me so occupied. I only napped 20mins, woke up in the midst of the elephant show. We were strolling the zoo from 1030am to 6pm! Long walking day for all of us.
I was amazed by something... can't remember what it was
I kept telling daddy, "picture picture" then I posed with hippo with my victory signs...
I was feeding baby goat...
The next moment, it was 'chewing' my fingers. Goodness! I've no fear for it at all
The highlight was - Waterplay! I love it!
Daddy says kids have no fear in nature, it's the adults who instill fear in them, sounds true. It was a fun time for everyone. Grandma and Grandpa said they haven't been to the zoo since Mummy has grown, so mummy said, it's her turn to bring them to the zoo that day. 
We have a fantastic zoo, with not just animals, but a fun friendly park for all kiddos.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

My school fees

This was extracted from the Straits Times last month, it really is awakening when you total my school fees into an annual amount. With no caretakers available from start, I went to an Infant Care at a tender age of 7 months. My school is pricey, but it was our last resort. Infant care and childcare centres within our area has a long waiting list. Despite having my name put on the wait list for some schools, there was no reply. It really is ridiculous having to queue and wait for preschool entries. That was how I ended in my current school.
Preschool being cheaper than Uni
So when mummy read, "parents willing to pay to give kids a good start in education...", her response was, "Erm, I don't have much choices, do I?"
Figures at a zoomed view

I think the kindergartens figures here do not reflect the government subsidy. This comparison is gonna frighten many mummies-to-be. Hmm, why not more childcare support and subsidies? If birth rate is threatening the nation, it's worth every effort to achieve results.

Although my mum does feel pinches at times, I'm sure she has never regretted starting me school early. A solution she thought would be temporary became a long-term solution.

With my little sibling coming along, it's definitely a 'No' to Infant Care Centre. This is gonna wipe out dad and mum's pockets. We had a hard time persuading Grandma to help care for didi when he's out, she has agreed and I hope she doesn't play us out.

Writing in hope for a more affordable and family friendly society to live in.

Thursday 13 January 2011

Mummy's huge tummy

Mummy visited the gynae today, her final few visits before didi pops. Time flew, her tummy grew and soon I'll have a playmate. But what, we've not got a name for didi yet! Mummy suggests, Daddy rejects, and the process goes on and on... sigh! We hope to get a name for didi soon.

Today's checkup was a wake up call for Mummy, she's been eating too much and didi's weight is now slightly above average. Goodness! Her appetite has been so good, eating and snacking a lot. Alright, time to do away with the unhealthy snacks! No more bubble tea and desserts! Erm, CNY is coming, maybe an exception on the bak kwa. Being a Mum comes with sacrifices, and the risk of putting those extra pounds after birth.

After the gynae's visit, Dad and Mum had lunch and then they ran errand to stock up wipes and some other supplies before didi arrives next month. I'm aware of didi in Mummy's tummy, perhaps, not too sure how it's coming into life or I might even thought that didi stays in her tummy throughout. Mummy wonders...

I've been very sticky to mummy these weeks, always wanting to be carried. Even rejecting daddy at times. Jealousy must have kicked in upon knowing my sibling's near arrival. Well, I will be happy to receive him. This evening, I brought a book to mummy's tummy and asked her to read for didi. Aww... what an adorable moment. I look forward to his arrival, Jie jie loves you!

It's threesome! Mummy, didi and me!

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Daddy's Birthday - 2011

"It's Daddy's birthday today. We had crab feast with my ah-ma, after which we went home for a simple celebration. I sang and clapped along with the birthday song, as if it was my birthday.
Baked by aunt Ros. Same cake every year.

I love celebrating birthdays. It will be Da jiu's birthdAy tomorrow! Another cake and song to go..."

Monday 10 January 2011

A little Surprise

For the past few weekday evenings, mum has been home alone with me. The weather has no mercy on us, she would pick me by cab, from her workplace to my school and then home. I've been such a friendly kid, saying bye bye to the cabbyuncles before alighting and thanking them for the change they gave mummy.

When we're home, I'm so much of a sticky chewing chocolate to Mummy. Always wanting to be carried and played with. I would tug mummy to play my toys and read me books, making her sit up and down, walk down and up. These are really tough on Mummy now, her tummy is so huge. Well, Daddy's on reservist, and there's no one at home to help us. Even Mummy's shower time was with me in the bathroom. Goodness!

This evening, having been such a good girl over meal, I finished my porridge quick and fuss free. Mummy bathed me and we had much time left for fun and anything else before bed. Mummy asked, "Do you want to make a birthday card for Daddy?" I said,"yes!" enthusiastically, with those eyes widely opened. This tells mummy, she has to follow through her words. Next moment, mummy search through the study room for resources to make Daddy's card. It's his birthday tomorrow, 11.1.11. Nice date of the year. Just a pity that Daddy's celebrating his birthday in camp. Well, still hope he can make it back early tomorrow.

Together with Mummy's help, we did this: 
Much of trouble than of help, messing with crayons!
Mummy asked me to decorate the 'cake'
Here's the little something we completed

Back of the card... I kinda destroyed it. Mummy put her hand over mine to write 'Daddy'. And then I doodled with the word 'love'...

That imperfectness showed my innocence, sincerity and creativity. Card is being safe kept till tomorrow. I hope to give Daddy before I sleep. It will be a little surprise with cake and song tomorrow!

Drum Making

Together with mummy, we made a drum yesterday morning. An activity that took us about 30mins to complete. I love playing with drums in school, instead of buying me one, Mummy decided to make one with me. Hmm, ok, Mummy did the bulk of the job. I was much of hindering the processes, didn't help much.

Materials to get started

Choosing colours
Helping to decorate the drum
Completed! Used the drum sticks from my xylophone to play.

Art and craft is fun. This is some activity to keep me occupied.

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Little bed

I should get a little bed soon...

Yesterday, I was at mothercare with Dad and Mum. I saw this bed, and pounced on it excitedly, as if I was doing a bed test before buying. Goodness! I invited stares and laughter when passersby saw how comfortable I was in it. It was a pretty funny and adorable sight. The bed was cute and cosy, it gave mummy thoughts about buying it. Just that I'm quite a wriggler when I sleep, although the height is low, it might still be painful falling off it. Till I'm older perhaps...

Comfy Blanket
Good Night!
Make bed and say goodbye

I hope to get a little bed soon!

On a separate note, Grandpa sent me to school today, and I cried again... Sigh!

Tuesday 4 January 2011

New class - Day 2

I cried in school today, again. Mummy felt a little painful to have left me crying in teacher's arms. But teacher commented that I only cried when Mummy left, after which I was enjoying the day as per normal. Well, hoping it will be a better day tomorrow.
Daddy will be leaving home very early and coming home very late for the next 1 week. He'll be on reservist. Mummy needs to up her capacity in the morning and night. Sending and fetching me from school will be challenging, hopefully Grandpa or Jiu Jiu can help. Sigh, the nation has many men, but the home has only one daddy, one husband. The family needs him more.

Monday 3 January 2011

First school day of the year

I'm into a whole new class today! I had a little hard time settling in this morning, because it was a total new environment. My classroom is new, some teachers are new and so are some of my classmates. Though I've met most of my classmates before, and some of them are 'promoted' to this class with me, I'm still a little resistant. Only when teachers were distracting me, then Mum and Dad sneaked off. Mummy's on leave today, it's called the 'first day of school' leave. What an interesting entitlement. 
Slightly near noon, teacher called to ask about my milk feed, so Mummy asked about me. She told her that I cried a little when they left. In the evening, teacher called Mummy to update on me again, because she was going off for the day. She said I adapted well to meals, sleep and play. Cried a little again when teacher was about to leave. She mentioned that I'm having fun at the playground during their conversation call. That was also about time Dad and Mum pick me ...
When Dad and Mum arrived, and for being new in the place, they navigated their way to find me. They saw my classmate's Dad and he said, "Jazzelle's there, the only one not crying." Indeed, changes can be rather difficult for young children. A few of the tots were crying while waiting for their parents to come. I had my time of tears too, but the playground helped me focused on play. 
Having fun, till I saw Dad and Mum
Continued with play, showing Dad and Mum the playhouse
This is unbelievable! Instead of wanting to get out of school, I brought Dad and Mum to my classroom. I'm excited about the flight of stairs that I've to now climb everyday for meals, sleep and play. I went up and down the stairs, not wanting to go home.
My classroom - Part B
My classroom - Part A

It's a whole new progression for me. For Mum, it's tiring because there's now no space in school to hold my diapers, wipes, cream, bottle and milk powder. It means packing more things in my bag and washing my bottles and canister every evening. Can be quite dreadful. 
Well, just a little negative about this new class - Mummy found out that none of my classmates are potty trained. And so, if I were to begin, not only will it be troublesome for the teachers, I'm also not too motivated if none of my classmates does it. Mummy was quite surprised to hear that they don't help to potty train till next year, and even more surprised that none of the current classmates are trained. It means sticking to my mobile toilet for a longer time. Although teacher did mention that they can help reinforce the training if we have already began at home. Gauging at the situation, it's probably tough to follow through.
Anyway, I've been excited about my new experiences today. I was talking and singing non-stop when Dad and Mum picked me. I showed no signs of tiredness and I was a hyper kid. Looks like, I'm adapting well and soaking in lots of fun! 

Sunday 2 January 2011

On New Year Day

It was the first day of 2011. A simple day for us. Along with Dad and Mum, we made our way to East Coast Park for breakfast at McDonald, and then to the beach. McDonald was so crowded! I love the sand play after breakfast, but we couldn't stay long because it was scorching hot! Even though a short play, I enjoyed it. I got really particular when sand went into my shoes.

Shared Daddy's Mc Muffin

Had my favourite apple juice

Fun at the outdoor playground

At the sandy beach

After fun at the park, we headed to the airport, T3 for cool air. I had loads of fun with the indoor playgrounds. I also tried the slide that was really really long. I played on it with Daddy. So fun!

At the mini playground

Another part of play in T3

Long long slides
Playing on it with Daddy
It was so difficult to get me out of fun. Dad and Mum had to threaten umpteen times to leave without me. I eventually abandoned play when I lost sight of them, after a few minutes. We then left T3 and headed to great-grandparents' home for visit. We were so tired that we napped there.

To conclude, airport is fun! Or rather, anywhere is fun as long as it's with our love ones. Nice start to the year!

Saturday 1 January 2011

Welcoming 2011

We've just walked into a new year, it's 1/1/11! School was on half day on the eve, and when I got home, I slept all the way into late evening. The 3 pigs, Daddy, Mummy and me were all sleeping. Mummy woke up before me to cook dinner. I woke up just in time, after she's done with all the cooking and washing. She cooked udon and I was so in love with it, finished my portion without any fuss. After dinner, we had fondue before counting into the new year. I brightened up when mummy mentioned the word 'chocolate.'
Our fondue party

Licking the choc off my lips
It seems like the best way to celebrate such occasions would be staying home. We dislike crowd and traffic. After fondue, we watched fireworks from my window. They were beautifully popping for a good 10 minutes. I love them so much. I'm also on alert whenever I hear the song, firework on TV or radio. It makes me want to sing together. 
View from my window

After fireworks, I knocked out within 5 minutes on bed. Even though I spent a good amount of time sleeping in the afternoon.

Happy 2011 to you!