Monday 30 May 2011

Huge iphone

Jazz's big big iphone arrived! That's what she calls her ipad, from Daddy to her. Yipee, she's gonna stop kidnapping my iphone. I'm jealous, her gadget is bigger than mine..

Big Big iphone

It's not an introduction to the world of digital, but for the occasional viewing of images and videos on the ipad instead of our iphone. Feels more gentle to the eyes this way. Definitely one of my emergency parenting pacifier. How fortunate are these new age kids. Anything for new age wives? I don't mind gifts.

Saturday 28 May 2011

Who bite?

At about 5:30pm today, Jazz teacher called to inform that she was bitten by her school mate over a slide play. In my heart, I knew it was alright and of no major concern. However, it just prompted me to pick her, and it was about time anyway, so off to her school I drove.

I saw her teacher and casually asked who bit her. Well, it is a teacher's due diligence to keep mum about it. I smiled cheekily and told her,"it's ok, I'll ask her." I'm confident that Jazz could tell me who the culprit is. When I saw Jazz at the playground, she ran towards me, showed me her right arm with those pout lips and said, "pain." An expression that requires my immediate sympathy.

I asked her, who bit her, she gave me a name, but I didn't know who this kid was, perhaps a new kid who just joined school. Well, it doesn't really matter, I was just trying her out, whether she could relate something about the incident and identify the things or people who harmed her. I understand kids do have their times of rough play and have no control over their emotions. But upon seeing her bruise, I was so tempted to tell her, "If your friend bites you, bite him back." What a thing to teach. But isn't that the reality of life? Too innocent for the little ones perhaps. So well, I told her,"That's ok, Mummy kiss, no more pain."

Teacher explained that they were 'fighting' over their turns to slide. Jazz got to the slide before the boy, so I guess she wasn't at fault. I was very concern about her attitude and behaviour towards toys sharing and playing. I hope she'll never play rough. Moreover, the word 'share' and 'take turns' has always been my most used vocabulary. Hope to get them into Jare as well.

Bruise mark

For leaving such bruise, I could tell the bite was painful at that moment. And she was so cute when we were on the way home. She told me she wanted to show daddy and grandma her bruise. Trying to earn more hugs, I guess.

Car ride

I had fun today, all because I was on leave. The man left the car for my usage, and I brought Jare to Sembawang for some meet up. It was a long drive! I've all praises to sing about Jare. He was so good throughout the car journey, to and fro. He self entertained and slept by himself, not even letting out some noise to distract my driving. I'm quite a speedo when it comes to driving. Today, I was really slow, forgoing the right most lane just to keep ourselves safe. It is my first attempt driving him alone for such long distance. It feels great to acheive this. 
A shot while waiting for the light to turn green
Thank you little Jare for being so easy today. 

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Back to Work

My pause in updating explains how challenging it was to find time for myself after settling the day. I was back to work last week and on my first work day, after a 'long' three months break, I was so sweetly welcomed by my office mates... 
They made that morning smile. Thank you!

Seriously, being a full time working mum is no joke. It tires every single part of my body. I feed and milk the kids, shower them, get them to sleep, read and sing for them. One was still alright, two is tiring, I can't imagine three yet. Let the future worry for itself. 
I do miss Jare terribly much when I'm at work. Perhaps because Jazz has been set into my routine, seeing her before and after work is my norm. Jare is still new to me, it takes more time perhaps. Moreover, I was with Jazz for about seven months before getting to work. With Jare, I could only afford three months. If only I could be a SAHM, if only I could work full time from home, if only and if only...

Sunday 15 May 2011

Thumb sucking

Jare found his thumb! And he's conveniently sucking it as and when he likes. I'm hoping he doesn't follow after Jazz's fingers sucking habit. I've then decided to introduce another great invention, called the 'pacifier'. I've no idea how reliant he's going to be on the pacifier, but I know it helps to ease sleeping frustrations in the night. And he won't have any chance to fist, fingers or thumb suck. Tentatively, this 'weapon' is only used for night sleep. At least, I won't have to carry or pat him, the pacifier is my proxy. 
Caught in action
I thought he looked cute with the pacifier. Denotes a baby!

I didn't introduce a pacifier to Jazz because I was afraid of weaning her off. Now, to think of it, pacifier seems easier to wean off than her fingers. I hope Jare doesn't stay too long or reliant on pacifier. Walking toddlers are not too cute with pacifiers in their mouth all the time.

Saturday 14 May 2011

My freezer...

My expressed milk is now resident in my freezer, I can hardly squeeze in any more. I even contemplated with the idea of getting a chest freezer. Since I'm back to work, the older dated milk will be moving out and making way for newer dated milk. 
In fact, I've two refrigerators in my home! One for frozen food and the other for frozen milk. Just so that the smell of the food isn't breathed into the milk. I'm proud of my milking achievement, but I'm not sure how long my breastfeeding career will continue. I don't find it conducive to express milk in my office, as there's no proper room. It's also quite a hassle transporting pump and milk to and fro everyday. More importantly, I quite dislike washing my pump many times a day. 

Milk, not vanilla ice-cream

Many say breast milk is the best graded milk, it gives the best immunity, nutrients and etc. Different researches give different analysis, I don't read them too seriously anyway. The experiments are always evolving. To me, the best about breastmilk is the huge savings on formula milk, and latching gives me great bonding too. I missed this bonding badly when I stopped nursing Jazz. I'm glad to have the feel back with Jare again. I love having him close to me and combing my palms over his hair whenever he milks.

Wednesday 11 May 2011

My loot!

They've arrvied!!! My shipment of carters and oshkosh loot has landed in my home! While I was unpacking and sorting them, I was in shocked and fear. Shocked that my online clicks gave me such outcome unknowingly. In fear of my bill when it arrives. This is intense damage done to my pocket. It's okay, I love the damage that has been done.  
Pretty clothings for my Js - Jazz's on left, Jareth's on right
Jazz's wardrobe is really packed!

Their clothes are spilling out of the wardrobe, I've problem squeezing these in. It's time to do some archiving again. Having kids of different gender means having to buy more. Wardrobes of different colours and clothes of girl and boy.   
Still some space for Jareth's wardrobe. Collection in progress.
There's now a long queue of clothes waiting for the Js to wear. After sorting out these clothes, I entertained the thought of having a number three! Can't believe it. Just so that these clothes don't go to waste, maximising their life span and making my purchase worth. Just a thought, don't take it too seriously.


I was craving for some chocolate cake, so I called and reserved a cake for collection. The lady asked me over the phone, "Any wordings for the cake?" Here's what I told her:

Jazz loves candle and cake
When I collected the cake, my man laughed when the lady opened the box for me to check the wordings. And even louder when I asked for a candle. A mother buying a mother's day cake for herself.

I merely wanted a cake for munch, and because I was asked for wordings, I thought it would be nice to have a belated mother's day cake for me and my mum.

My dual role as a mother and a daughter
The cake was yumz!! Oh, and my belated gift from Jazz, made in school. Her hand prints were rolled up to make up a flower.

My belated gift

Belated is better than nothing.

Monday 9 May 2011

Baby signing

Some time ago, I was invited to a friend's place for dinner, she has a pair of twin daughters. I saw them communicating in sign language throughout their play. They were about four months younger than Jazz. I was all curious, and so I asked her about their signing. She said they were on it since six months and started to sign when they were about eight to nine months. That week, I got my man to source out on this baby signing DVD. 
It is no different from what the deaf and mute learn. Beyond that, it is also catered for babies who have yet to develop their verbal skill. Babies develop hands and eyes coordination much faster than verbal. Signing helps them to communicate their wants and needs without much crying. I got so interested that I started watching them last week with both Js. I told Jazz that didi has yet to talk, so we need to sign to him. She watched and did some signs together. Jare paid attention to the images too, but I think it's more appropriate to start him when he's about six months. 
I was first doubtful about signing, whether it'll slow their speech development and become reluctant to talk. But looking at my friend's daughters, I don't think so. They are both younger than Jazz and have already started talking much. They sign and speak at the same time! A baby crawls before walking, but he doesn't crawl again once he starts walking. Similarly, I believe signing will be taken over by speech once they've more vocabulary choices. 
I have a huge problem here. I'm going back to work next week, yes... reality is setting in. Huge sigh! And I won't be 24/7 with Jare to practice signing. My mum would definitely not help on this part of training. So you see why it's still best to be a SAHM or maybe give Mums a one year maternity leave. At least we can be around for that important first year. I'm not sure how to begin with Jare when I'm only home on weekday evenings and weekend. Will that few hours of signing help? Signing is definitely something new to introduce. I didn't have the chance to try it out on Jazz, and I couldn't think of any cons about introducing it, so maybe I could give it a try with Jare. Moreover, boys tend to have a slower speech development than girls, so signing will be of more usage for Jare
I'll try a little and see how it gets along. We have to learn together with the little one, so it's lots of memory work for me too.

Sunday 8 May 2011

Mummy's Day

It's Mothers' Day today! My mum brought Jazz to the market this morning and the little girl came back with a red carnation for me. Sweet! But the school belated my gift. 
I asked her to hold my carnation for a picture
Prior to Mothers' day, it was the GE yesterday. Sometimes as parents, we tend to overlook the positives of our children and focus on their negatives. Similarly, many voters around me complain endlessly about our government, focusing on the negatives like price hikes, ERP gantries, HDB and the endless dissatisfaction. They might have forgotten their efforts built through the many years to bring us this far. At least as of today, election is peaceful, no fights, no riots and no strikes. We are people governed by the law. Thumbs up for our best port, best airport, low crime society, advanced society, well accessed transport system, beautiful landscape, low unemployment rate, and many to think of if you choose to focus on the positives. 
In short, there is no perfect government, just like us, being imperfect parents and imperfect children. So what do we do with imperfections? Love the imperfect. 
Happy Mothers' day to All!

Friday 6 May 2011


Red isn't just for girls, but ermm, maybe pink is. Anyway, Jare got this bodysuit hands down from Jazz. Instead of dumping it into the archive box, I've decided that red is for Jare too. So here's Jare in his reddy bodysuit.

Jare's on the left and Jazz is sleeping on the right, when she was one month old. How alike they are!

Still, there are so many clothes I've to set aside because of their gender. Dresses and skirts are definitely not for boys. I'm mindful of that.

Painted for Jare

I did it for Jazz, and I've done so for Jare too! Bought new acrylic paint and brushes to help complete my art. I did this last week, while the Js were sleeping. Please say it's nice... 
Jare is the Little Brother
For Jareth

This was done for Jazz, two years ago
I got these plain bodysuits from carters and painted on them. It wasn't too tough on the painting, it was what to draw on it that took me much time to think. At the end, seems like Mr Sun is the icon for little children. I've five more plains to work on. Creativity, please pour on me. 

Thursday 5 May 2011

Play Date

Last weekend, Jazz had a play date with Leo. The parents arranged for them to chill out at Fidgets! It was our first visit there and the both of them had so much fun. We were there for almost 3 hours. While the man was with Jazz, I enjoyed my chocolate milkshake with the little boy and our friends at the cafe. My comfort didn't last long, I was summoned to play with Jazz, and that really sweat me out. Fidgets is so much bigger than any other indoor playgrounds.
Drive drive drive

She's good at climbing

Who's taking the wheel?

Obstacle course again

It's a very huge playground, with many sections divided for the different ages. However, the place doesn't look as vibrant and cosy as the other smaller playgrounds like peek-a-boo or polliwogs. We've only brought Jazz to these few so far. The slides at fidgets were rather steep, and that caught me, I was reluctant to slide it. Snacks wise, thumbs up for its milkshake and unlimited play time. Playgrounds exhaust the kids energy, Jazz fell into sleep mode when we drove off.

We should arrange more play dates!

Wednesday 4 May 2011

New clothes Again!

New clothes for the kids, again! I've promised myself countless times, never to get them more toys or clothes, but just couldn't resist. There was a toy sale last week, and I got Jazz some toys. There was a Gap sale yesterday and I got the Js some clothes. My goodness! Never mind those, I've more shipments arriving either some time this or next week. Online shopping is such an addiction, till debt do us apart!!! While I was choosing their clothes yesterday, I thought how fast has Jazz grown, she can no longer fit into those cutie wears that says 0 to 3mths, 3 to 6mths etc. Soon, the little boy will outgrow these sizes too. They are growing too quickly!

I feel happy when the Js dress well, pretty and confident. Moreover, I'm very particular about the material they wear - whether it's soft and comfy for them to move about and sleep in. That explains why I'm a Gap, carters and Oshkosh fan, their wears are comfy and affordable. Always the best time now to make them wear what we like.

My loot from the Gap sale at Isetan. $8 each!

Much being said, I've two large boxes of clothes that have been archive. They are what Js can no longer fit into. Maybe a number three to justify these clothes. 

Archived clothes

It's now more of the kids clothes, and less of the Mum's!

Back to School

After a month of home stay, Jazz is finally back to school! I was so surprised when her daddy updated that she didn't cry and even received a welcome hug from her classmate. Yes, that same boy, we label him as Jazz's boyfriend. 
I thought after a month break from school, she might have problem adapting again. I have underestimated her. She was all so happy today. And as usual, school must have tire her out with activities, she's in bed by nine. No more late nights. How I wished every weekday night would be like this, so I can have some time for myself after the kids are asleep.
Now that Jazz is back to school, I'm more freed up. I went out for some shopping and lunch, leaving Jare to my mum's care, "forcing' her to bottle train him. My mum had two successful attempts today, both with tough fight though. Hopefully, the boy drinks from the bottle fuss free soon!

Sunday 1 May 2011

No ball games at home

Jazz is getting more adorable each day. She was playing "soccer" with my bro last night and I was afraid that the ball might stray and break something, so I told her, "No ball games at home." Moreover, playing ball games excite Pillow, he'll bark endlessly. And Jare was sleeping.
Jazz told my bro,"Cannot let Mummy see, Mummy will scold." Together with her innocent expression, she was such a sweetie. If only I captured that moment on video. Although that sentence seemed to have labelled me as the ever scolding "devil" to her, I'm glad that she took me seriously. But she's cheeky, if I didn't see, does it mean she would be playing ball at home? Most likely.