Monday, 6 June 2011

What is Daddy talking about?

At times, I wonder why can't the Dad be in serious business with the kids. As in, teach and learn with them in proper. Many times, I hear "interesting" conversations between them:

At mcdonalds
Dad: There's no more apple juice.
Jazz: No more apple juice?
Dad: Ya, because the apple never fall off the tree, so no apples to make apple juice, you know?
Jazz: (Nodding her head). Apple never fall.

Jazz was on my iphone at home
Dad: Jazzelle, come here and play. It's very dark there, the yang qi no good. You know the yin yang qi? Come here!

In the car

Dad: Jazzelle, why do you need to cry and stamp your feet? Who taught you? Issit Tin Pei Ling?

Eating watermelon
Jazz: I don't want the seed.
Dad: Ya, don't eat the seeds, otherwise a tree will grow from your head.

Still collating more conversations...

I wonder why most Dads leave the academics to the Mums. Maybe when the kids don't do well in school, they can blame the Mum. And if they do well, they forgot to credit the Mum.

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