Monday 6 June 2011

What is Daddy talking about?

At times, I wonder why can't the Dad be in serious business with the kids. As in, teach and learn with them in proper. Many times, I hear "interesting" conversations between them:
At mcdonalds
Dad: There's no more apple juice. 
Jazz: No more apple juice?  
Dad: Ya, because the apple never fall off the tree, so no apples to make apple juice, you know? 
Jazz: (Nodding her head). Apple never fall. 
Jazz was on my iphone at home 
Dad: Jazz, come here and play. It's very dark there, the yang qi no good. You know the yin yang qi? Come here! 
In the car  
Dad: Jazz, why do you need to cry and stomp your feet? Who taught you? Issit Tin Pei Ling?  
Eating watermelon   
Jazz: I don't want the seed.  
Dad: Ya, don't eat the seeds, otherwise a tree will grow from your head. 
Still collating more conversations. This is why most Dads leave the academics to the Mums.

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