Tuesday 27 September 2011

Get well kids!

It's exasperating! Jazz has been sick almost every other week. It got so frequent between these 2 months. It's peak for viruses to spread, and to add on the haze was here to visit. Weather is just bad. There was a day when neither of us could take leaves due to work commitments, and my mum had to handle 2 little ones at home. It was tough! As much as we could, we'll rotate taking leaves to be with her when she's sick, just so that it isn't too taxing for my Mum. 
Our week didn't start well. Jare was down with fever after vaccination last Friday. When he got well, Jazz came down with fever. She got well and Jare is down again. What a marathon! And when Jare is unwell, it's torturing for all of us. We can't sleep well because of his cries, he wakes up every now and then for comfort, and there goes my precious sleep, trying all methods to comfort him. To make things worse, Jazz had diarrhoea last night. The man disrupted her sleep, changed and washed her in the middle of the night. Sweat! 
I hardly bring Js to the doctor whenever they're sick. It's the usual process of quick examination and prescribing of medication. Medical bill doesn't come cheap too. We self medicate them most of the times, unless fever is exceptionally high. In any case, I brought Jazz to the doctor yesterday because she ran out of cough syrup. I asked the doctor for medication to boost her immunity, I'm tired of her getting sick every now and then. Doctor gave, and we're gonna start her on it for 2 weeks continuously. Hopefully it shows improvements. 
She was resistant to fever patch until she saw it on Jare recently
Sleeping and fighting their fever away
Get well soon!
Jazz is now so familiar with the thermometer. She would get it and go to anyone, touch their forehead and say, "You got fever? Let me check." After she's done, she only has one same reading all the time, "ok, got fever, 38.5" 

This morning, Jazz was sent to school by her Daddy. Jare is still recovering and I need to get my ass to work tomorrow! It really isn't easy being a working mum. The demand needed at home and the demand needed at work. What a life! But life is still beautiful when you look at the smiles on their faces. Get well kids!

Saturday 24 September 2011

Healthy Snacks

I'm a snacks person. To refrain the kids from adopting my unhealthy hobby, I've been crazily stocking up healthy snacks. We indulge in these together! Healthy organic snacks means nothing artificial. No artificial flavour, colouring or preservatives. Their ingredients are mostly from real fruits, and because it's for the little ones, there's vitamins, calcium and iron in the snacks. 
Yummies for tummies!
How cute are some of these packaged to attract the little ones. At first, I doubted their taste, after having tried them, they're really yummy! The puffs are a little bland, but Jazz loves them. My love is for the yoghurt melts, they're delicious and I give them to Jare as snacks too. Here's where I shop: www.iherb.com Shipping is more worth if you garner more buys. USD is hiking now. Sobs!

Friday 23 September 2011

Clothes Spree

It's times to replenish their wardrobes again. Jare is quickly outgrowing his wears. Jazz's growth is slow and steady, so not much top ups for her, except for a set of pyjamas. I guess it's gonna be a pause to topping up their collection, hopefully. Most webbies are into winter collection now, not much choices for them. And I seriously dislike getting long sleeves for them, they are so sweaty all the time. And they are not in aircon 24/7.

Pink for Jazz

What's more! We're all ready for Christmas! It's not too far away, we're in September and Christmas is creeping near. Before you realise, it's another new year! OMG, how soon is time ticking away. Hurry through your 2011 resolutions if they've not come to past.

They're just too cute.

Clothes are necessity, you can't go outdoor without clothes. That's self-comfort to the damage done on shopping.

Thursday 15 September 2011

Jare's food journey

It's always exciting when you start introducing semi-solids to a baby, at least to me. It's almost a month since Jare began on it, and I'm ever searching for recipes to create yummies for his little tummy. Here are some food tried and tasted by him:
  • Cereal
  • Butternut squash
  • Carrot
  • Potato
  • Sweet potato
  • Parsnip
  • Pumpkin
  • Peas
  • Sweetcorn
  • Broccoli
  • Bean curd
  • Apple
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Pear
And from here, I do my 'equations' for blending:

Carrot + potato
Pumpkin + Bean curd
Butternut + peas/Spinach
Sweet potato + Carrot
Butternut + Parsnip + Spinach
Apple + Pear
Cereal + Banana
Potato + Sweet Corn + Peas
Potato + Broccoli
Avocado + cereal + milk
Avocado + Banana + milk

As days go by, I do run out of ideas, and the menu repeats. I don't prepare any food for freezing, unless I've much excess. I prefer freshly made meals though. On my work days, I'll tell my mum how and what to cook for Jare. Weekends are when I can explore a little more 'exotic' recipes for him.

Organic food are expensive stuff. Cereal is the only few organic food I could afford for him: 

Colourful food journey:

Carrot puree
Spinach puree

Banana puree

I got this blender on loan from my colleague, it really is convenient to whip up his meals with it. Just steam, flip and blend. Saves time! 
The Verdict? A satisfied customer.

Little Popeye on spinach

Avent blender

Moving onto porridge and meat soon...

Tuesday 13 September 2011


We celebrated mid-autumn with lanterns and mooncakes yesterday, but Mr Full Moon was nowhere to be seen. Even though it was a hazy evening, there were many children celebrating this festival. 
Jazz and her lantern given by my colleague
The kiddos share a ride
Jazz wasn't too keen in lanterns. She was more excited when she saw Shimmer, the beautiful golden retriever living in our block. She loves dogs and can never keep her hands away from them. She had great bonding with Shimmer and when home, she's Pillow's best playmate.
Shimmer and us!
Happy Mid-Autumn to Everyone!

I hope this tradition of mooncakes and lanterns will go on from generation to generation.

Monday 12 September 2011

Mickey's Music Festival

It was the day I've been talking to Jazz about - An evening with mickey and friends. She was very excited about it since morning, kept talking to my mum and bro about her date with mickey.

This evening, we were all dressed in our mickey wears and headed to MBS for dinner before the show. Jazz was all excited when she saw mickey and friends, she went pointing and naming every characters, mickey, minnie, donald duck and goofy. Then she went, 'Pluto is not there.'

Most families were dressed up in mickey wears. It was an interesting fashion of the evening. Parents were as excited as their children. If the kids are happy, then tickets were worth buying, if they're not, then too bad, tickets sold are not refundable. And I still couldn't believe that I brought Jare along. He seemed really young for it, and I wondered how can I coop him in the theatre till the musical ends. But he turned out well, gave 20mins of his attention to the casts before dozing off. I'm glad I didn't have to leave my seat for him.

The show was great, except that when they brought us through the other Disney stories, Jazz got a little bored because I didn't introduce her to Aladdin, Little mermaid and Toy story. She could only identify with mickey and friends. As the casts dance and sing, it was really cute to see little children dancing along the walkway. Parents were bouncing to the rhythm on their seats and for a moment, it felt like zouk for the under 18. So happening!

Minnie and friends

It's usually difficult to get a family portrait when we're out in four

Dad and daughter in mickey wear

Sleeping through despite the loud talking and music

It must be one of my lucky day with both kids relatively well behaved. That made our night easy. After the show, we walked around MBS and had supper at TCC. Our carpark bill was mad, for that few hours, it was $13! We had great time of family bonding though.

Friday 9 September 2011

Mickey Craze!

It's the season for Mickey. Can't believe I could be a mickey fan at this age, thanks to Jazz. I brought her to City Square last weekend to catch a glimpse of mickey and minnie. Don't recall myself going so crazy over F4 or any Korean pop star.

We were all so excited to watch mickey and minnie that evening, but it was such a disappointment, they came out to dance for less than a minute and that was it! Before we could gear up for excitement, it ended. My goodness! I'm thankful we stayed near city square, or else, it's definitely a wasted trip for any mickey fans

Mouse couple dancing


In view of our new love, I bought these for the 2 bigs and 2 smalls! That seems alot to me. We have a family icon now. 

Our tees! And one the grey one from ET.

What's more! I bought tickets to Mickey's music festival. With my partner in crime, Ms Leng, it makes decision quicker. We clicked and clicked and got our tickets online. Expensive buy.

Tickets for us! Jare's entrance is free, if he's going.

I hope Jazz will enjoy this pampering treat. She's ever excited when she sees the commercial on TV, and now, I can tell her we're going this Sunday! I hope the kiddos will behave.

Thursday 1 September 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

It's teacher's day! All teachers are celebrating, infant and child care teachers deserve their treats too! I've prepared a little something for Jazz's teachers: 
Royce Nutty Bar Choc! Pampering treat.