Saturday 31 December 2011

On the last day of 2011

It's the last day of 2011, I'm more excited about the long weekend than anything else. In addition, I'm on leave the on the first day of Jazz's school, just in case she needs my immediate attention. Excessive crying causes Mummy to heartache. 

We had good feast at home today, drove past Huber's butchery for an exploration, ended up with some beef for steak and a pork knuckle. Good beef is an expensive treat, having it on the last day of the year sounds proper and pampering. 
Jazz posing in front of the shop
Extra huge pork knuckle and my hoegarden
The Ribeye and Wagyu ribeye
My creation
The wagyu beef was shiokness, definitely not to be eaten daily or weekly, I'm no millionaire for such delicacy. Jazz had chicken wings and Jare had his porridge. Our simple New year eve menu. Being the last day of the year, I do have much more thoughts than just food. I don't know where to begin or end. I've not pen my 2012 resolutions, and before I know it, it's 31st Dec 2011. Time waits no man, move on!

From us to you, "Happy New Year and have a smooth sailing 2012, wishing you and your family good health and plenty of happiness!"

School Orientation

Brought Jazz to her new school premise for an orientation today. Her teachers and ourselves have been talking to her about moving onto a new school with bigger playground, the only thing that made her look forward to. And she's beginning this new class next week. I'm pretty nervous for her. I seriously hope she'll do fine with the new environment and new routines:

I got a little worried when the school mentioned that dinner will not be served, because she usually takes her dinner 430pm at the toddler's class. We would pick her from 630pm onward and by the time we get home, it will be a very late dinner for her. I hope this is will work fine for her tummy. 

Breakfast starts at 8:30am, when it was 9am previously. We need to send her in earlier, if not, she'll be hungry till lunch! Changes affects parents too. Gonna try waking up earlier and no more late night sleeps for her.  
The big big playground
Her classroom with all chairs labelled with child's name
She's having great fun with the slide!

And she met a friend, they laughed so much while playing together!

Mummy to you:  
"Zelle, you've grown and progressed so much! It feels like a more serious environment you've got into. I wonder if playgroup is really all about play. I know you'll re-visit letterland and revise some familiar lessons u did previously. Learning through play is what the school focuses and I hope you'll fill yourself with good fun everyday. I saw you smiling widely and saying 'hi' to familiar faces today, I sensed your friendliness and enjoyment. You could even open your usually tight sealed lips to tell the teachers your name when they asked you! I was impressed. It's 4 years of time you could be spending in there, till you're 6! Things may change, we might re-locate residence locally or even globally, and yikes, I dislike changes especially with you and didi being at such tender age, but bear with us, it's still the best we will give to you both."
Still, I must say this "Play hard and study hard!" 

Thursday 29 December 2011

Reaching 11th month

Little boy is moving towards his 11th month-er mark, about another half more months to be exact. And soon a year! He can now do little actions - bye, blow you a flying kiss, nod his head and going xi (trained for CNY). He's a very good walker now and taking things away from him, makes him cries loudly. Really loud! His hair has grown, and I've attempted to trim once for him. Waiting for a chance to execute my second attempt.

Insist on chewing his candy cane with wrapper on

Has he got the mischievous look with those toys lying all over?
He started walking earlier than Jazz, but learned to sign slower than Jazz. He babbles proper words earlier than Jazz, and some of his first words include 'Jie jie' and 'Daddy.' Everyone, but me!

And today, he had a little fall, he tried to climb onto me while I was sitting on the floor, his hand slipped and smacked his face onto the floor. His nose bled! I got a shocked and almost wanted to rush him to KKH. Then I saw my man smiling at him, wiping the blood away, I think I overacted. Salute all men who are always cool and calm. Looking that he was fine, still smiley and playful, I calmed down a little. I remembered, babies' nose lining contains tiny blood vessels that causes them to bleed easily at the slightest hurt, so chill. 

Little boy is really so much more active than big sis, I wouldn't think too hard about putting him on helmet at all times, except during sleep.

Moving beyond toddlerhood

Today marks Jazz's last day in school before 'promoting' into a new class, at a new place. I'm already beginning to miss the children I see almost everyday when we send her to and fro school. Last week, we met up with her teacher for a short meet the parents session. As usual, her teacher's ever sharing the positives of Jazz, as well as some class jokes they had. Not that she's very well behaved in school, but educators are always encouraging.

We were also given her scrapbooks, which upon seeing, I do feel a little short changed for Jare. He's missing out so much, compared to when Jazz was at his age. Time time, more time please, I want to home school him. We were given two scrapbooks of her 2.5 years school journey, from 2009 to 2011. I thought it was only 1.5 years, until I recently realised, it was more than 2 solid years in there.

 Some excerpts from her scrapbooks:
Her prints have grown
Her infant days - She was my little baby
Little things amazes her
Her toddler days
Her musically inclined moments
Her various emotions
Her artworks! Wow, she's really doing something in school.
My favourite creation of all, because it looked real!

Farewell friends, teachers and principal. These little children's path may or may not cross again, but it was a wonderful journey for Jazz and us. I wish every child the best and may they all grow to be the best seed planted in their parents' life.

Sunday 25 December 2011

Christmas time

Similar to the previous year, I brought the kids to my company's Christmas party on Thursday. Of course, Jare joined only this year, and this was Jazz's second time. There was Santa Claus, balloon sculptor and face painter. All the kids enjoyed!

I've bought presents earlier for Santa to give to the Js. While many kids and colleagues were waiting for their turn to receive their presents, Jazz asked me where was hers. She waited and waited for her name to be called, but Jare's name was before hers. Seeing that little brother has a present, she wondered where was hers. With disappointment, she told me, "I don't have." I said, "soon soon, you've been good right?" She nodded. 
Love her expression when she saw her wished toy
She's infatuated with Barney!
Jareth fell asleep while playing with Daddy's phone
Picture with Santa - My colleague
Jare kept occupied with his balloon
After the party, we strolled down orchard for some good view of Christmas decos and absorbed the Christmas atmosphere. Jare is ever fuss free when it comes to sight seeing or shopping in my carrier. Jazz took seat in the stroller, and that made our night easy.
Stroller and carrier are necessities!
Christmas story stroll
Merry Christmas!
Christmas seems to get mundane as years go by, or rather as I age. No late nights, no parties, no feasts and I slept before 12 on eve, not bothered to even countdown. Yet times like these are precious with our little ones since they're young and home bound with us. As years and decades go by, they would start celebrating such occasions with friends and lovers. I don't know how parents will ever be ranked by them. Oh my gosh! A far far thought, but before you know it, it comes to past. Have you not realised time flies once you reached 20s, then faster at 30s and even faster at 40s and perhaps, pace slows down again at 60s or 70s. Thinking of wrinkles now... Whatever the future, enjoy the present!

Saturday 24 December 2011

Farewell Chirstmas pressies

To advocate the art of giving this Christmas, I've prepared little pressies for Jazz's classmates and teachers. On her behalf, thanking each and everyone of them for playing, eating, sleeping, showering and learning with her for the past one year. It's much memories accumulated for her and through her, I've also learned to know ALL of her classmates. She talks endlessly about them almost everyday. 

In 2012, they'll all be dispersed into different schools and classes, except for 1 or 2 existing classmates who'll be in the same class as her. Jazz is graduating from Baby Haven to playgroup, which will be a whole new environment in a different premise. Changes are challenging to me, not to mention for kids. Yet with changes comes progression, It's necessary in due time. I hope she copes well.

Jazz helped packed the gifts for her teachers and friends

I appreciate her teachers, and I thank them for the great partnership in the past 1.5 years. I've also witnessed how much knowledge and maturity my girl has achieved.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Head dance

My boy has a different dance sense from Jazz. Jazz imitates him and that made it fun to watch both of them do their head dance. When the dancing gets too violent, Jare hit his head onto the ipad and cried. That was funny! If only there's Singapore Funniest Home video, I would submit this:

Dancing to Jingle Bell!

Sunday 18 December 2011

Baby's First Christmas Party - 2011

Jare's First Chirstmas party - 2011 ended with a blast! Js enjoyed themselves at the party. Just a pity that I couldn't play and spend time with them because I was so occupied with the programme. I'm just relieved that everything's over and it's back to spending more time with the kids. 

Man's bow tied for picture only
I bought matching bow ties for both my man and boy, but the man was not bold to wear it for the party. Jare was shortlisted for the best dressed baby, but was defeated by the really best. Isn't his outfit cool? At least, his mummy thinks it's awesome.

While waiting for the contests to begin, the kids and babies roamed around to play:

Did he eye this little princess? That's baby Char


Jare loves ball pool

After free play, it was the crawling contest followed by the fastest diaper changing Daddy contest. Prior to the party, I've already pre-empted my man about bucking up his diaper changing skill. Well, I must agree that our boy has grown beyond staying still for a diaper change. Know what, our team came in last for this segment. While other babies stayed still, he got up and crawled away!

See! Tough boy! Picture courtesy of: SG East photography
Never mind that we lost the diaper changing contest, Jare came in 3rd for his crawling contest. Not too bad huh! It was really funny when we put the babies together for such a contest, when the timer started counting, all babies sat still at the start point and parents had to strategize to bring their baby to the finishing line, which is about 5 to 6 meters away. It wasn't too tough for Jare when we used a toy to lure him, and he was really fast! I've trained him for this... if you believe. He won himself a pair of kneekers sponsored by pupsik studio, a bottle of puffs and melts sponsored by mummy Jes. Jare won't be using it, he's gonna start walking soon.
That toy that enticed him to crawl. Picture courtesy of: SG East photography
Prize presentation! Picture courtesy of: SG East photography

The tots and my sponsored pinata
I love pinatas, don't know why. It's like a game of mystery, not knowing which string will trigger the door to open. Candies fell and the kids swept them off the floor. One thing about party, kids are ever overdosed with sugar. To add on, it's Christmas! I tried to neutralize the contents by including some stationery. 


Can I be proud for a moment - "My boy is handsome!"
The party ended well, except for some parts being disorganized. Many mummies came forward to tell me how much they have enjoyed and how appreciative they are in putting together this bash. Compliments are really encouraging, thanks mummies! Compliments are free and makes people happy, no harm using them abundantly.

It seemed like a long evening for us, all efforts were worthy. I thank my kids for releasing me to make the party happen. Looking forward to plan Jare's Big One!

Saturday 17 December 2011

Chirstmas Party planned

My days have been busy with Jare's first Christmas Party, which is happening later! I had to organise everything from zero to what will be happening later. There will be 71 adults, 35 babies and 8 toddlers!

Baby's First Christmas Party
I emailed for sponsors, designed programme and prepared their goodie bags. The party is self funded by the participants, with some very nice mummies who sponsored items and cash. Throughout the planning, I had fun and realized I could do so much for a party! Hint: Consider engaging me as a party planner. Although, I'm not sure if everything will turn out fine later, I just hope all the babies, tots and parents will have great fun.
Jare's goodie bag with some items sponsored
Hair Clips sponsored by Hip Kids Boutique
Bow ties bought
Bibs for the girls
Bibs for the boys
Goodie bags packed
All ready and packed for the bash later. I've transported them to the venue yesterday so we can travel light today. Sponsored prizes packed and their gifts for exchange wrapped. My Js are all ready for the big event later. I hope they'll enjoy with no fuss.         

Jare's outfit

Love this cute little outfit I got for him. Christmas outfits are expensive and can only be worn once before they outgrow, I thought we shouldn't invest in one.

Scared Face

As much as we're all excited about the party later, this boy gave himself a scratch on his face this morning. Argh, doesn't he know that he's gonna meet some cute little girls later?!!

Looking forward!

My boy is 10 months

Jare is 10 months young today. He's getting really mischievous and extremely adventurous. He fell from our high bed, not once but twice! He's too swift for us now. Actually, our bad for not being cautious about him. He is much more active than Jazz, I recall. He would climb chairs, tables and any high steps, but Jazz wouldn't. My goodness!
Climbing on rocker!

Climbing on chair

Attempt to stand on chair!!!
To date, he has taken more than 5 walking steps. Slowly but surely. He has 4 teeth, 2 upper front and 2 bottom front. Sometimes, when he leans over my shoulder, he would bite me, ouchy. He has also depleted my most natural form of milk - breast milk. There's just only one last pack of reserve in my freezer. My breastfeeding career is officially over. 
Love that smile!
Looking at his growth, 2 more months to his Big One, I've realised how fast time has flown past. Tiny baby is growing to become a little toddler, and soon chatty like his big sister. Looking at them, there's this constant comforting thought that my 2 are just nice. I'm so indecisive about getting rid of all their outgrown books, toys and clothes, till now I'm not sure if they need another playmate to grow along.