Saturday 31 March 2012

Interesting conversations

Interesting conversation 1
Dad: Jazzelle, can you get a tissue for me?
Jazz: Why?
Dad: I got a runny nose
Jazz: Where where? I see
Dad: Here, see, runny nose
Jazz: Ok, take yourself

After all the questions, she refused to help.

Interesting conversation 2
On the road to a destination
Mum: Where are we, daddy?
Jazz: Singapore

Interesting conversation 3
Jazz: Mummy, I want godilocks story
Mum: Ok. Once upon a time, there was a girl with curly golden hair...
Jazz: Then she throw her ipad away
Mum: Huh?
Jazz: Daddy said goldilocks throw the ipad
Mum: Ok, that's daddy's version
Jazz: Daddy, godilocks threw the ipad away right?
Dad: Yes. What else she did? You tell mummy.
Jazz: Then she eat bee tai mak and kway teow...

With such interesting bedtime story, I wonder how to get a kid to sleep.

Interesting conversation 4
Jazz: I need space mummy
Mum: ok, here
Jazz: No, I want to sit to the right
Mum: Wow, you know your right and left. Where's your right hand?
Jazz: Here. *Lifting her right arm
Mum: Where's your left hand?
Jazz: Here. *Lifting her left arm
Mum: Right foot? Left foot? (She got both right)
Mum: Right nose, left nose?
Jazz: I don't have. Only got one.

Ok, I think she passed the test well.

Interesting conversation 5
Mum: Ouch! Your stub!
Dad: This is very useful, can make your kids laugh. See, every part of the body is useful.
Mum: No, you told me appendicitis are useless
Dad: Ya. Err, no. It's useful, for doctors to cut.

To keep doctors on job.

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