Tuesday 16 April 2013

No to Anger

I'm on an anger management project. One that got me on and off track a few times, but still not giving up till I yield success. I want to yell lesser NOT yell at the kids and get my anger controlled. Easier said than done, but 'try' is the keyword. Let me first set a realistic time frame - No yelling and get anger controlled for at least 2 weeks. After which, I hope I can celebrate success and keep this as an ongoing parenting project.

I've listed 10 things to aid my project and got it pasted at my 'time out' corner, in the kitchen. Out of the kids' sight, so they won't take advantage of my project to get mischievous. Each time they hit my nerve, I'll set off to do my 'time out.'

Seeing is believing

I tried to negotiate a little, how is it possible to not yell after giving the kids so many repeated commands or when they committed an intolerable act? So, I guess, it's alright to bring that regular tone a little stern and down, but not to pitching it higher. Sounds fair huh. 

Past few weeks, while I was attempting this project, I've realized a good way to get Jazz cooperate better in the morning. On her grumpy mornings, she would whine and and sit on the bed till, probably the sun sets again. My hundred times of plea, asking her to brush her teeth and change up never seemed effective. So then, I realized, yelling after the third command doesn't benefit either of us positively. I'll just have to go chirpy in our moody morning - "Good morning Darling!" "It's a bright morning, smile!" "Mummy loves you! You're such a goodie girl." My smiles and praises got her mood lifted and after a while, she's all ready for breakfast and school. Sometimes, she'll ask me to help brush her teeth, which I'll usually not interfere in the routines she's capable of. But fulfilling that request once a while doesn't seem harmful. So sure, I brushed her teeth! It's probably one tantrum less to be avoided. Parenting is sometimes about getting hold of the tricks.

I hope project 'No to anger' will yield success. And to all Mums, welcome to join me... or maybe you have already perfected the skills to anger management. Happy to hear your tips, if any.


  1. This is a great list and a wonderful project to embark on! I'm going to try too! I don't want my kids to remember their childhood with crazy screamy mama :(

  2. Yes Adora, Lets embark on it together!

  3. This post is really great and it serves as a serious 'wake up' call for many mothers. I am trying very very very hard to control my anger and temper. I hope I can achieve my goal soon.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hey Megan, great to hear that we're heading the same goal!

  5. Pauline, I'm still working and re-working on this. Haha!


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