Tuesday 20 December 2016

Our first wakeboarding experience!

There's always a first try to everything. We had our first cable skiing experience at the Singapore Wake Park. It's very much similar to wakeboarding. So how exactly is wakeboarding different from cable skiing? The stark difference between riding on a cable and behind a boat is the use of motorized towers and system versus a motorboat.

We are no enthusiasts in any water sports, and I was really doubtful about trying something that doesn't define me. A big part of me was really about the opportunity the kids could get on to try a new sport. We decided to go ahead with a decision to get into the water with the kids, rather than just chilling by the cafe. The man didn't escape.

We made arrangements for Juboy, just so we could all play together.

It must be age. Trying something new sends me much into the state of being apprehensive. I had no idea what I would be in for, especially coming from zero background on wakeboarding. It was most natural that we all started off with the easiest board, which is kneeboard. Really easy, no skill required, except to sit and relax.

Knee boarding

The only trait you need is being confident in water. A life float was attached to us and the only swimming, or if not, leg paddling we had need to do was to swim towards our board after each ride. Hang onto it and swim towards the walkway. 

Never too young or old, as long as you think you can do it. A recommended age for kids would be 6 year old and above. Jare is 5 and he wooshed it off well.

Easy up board for me

After trying the kneeboard, it was the next challenge to move onto wakeboarding. This, I've to say requires a couple of tries to discover the right balance between our body and the board. It wasn't too difficult and I'm pleased that I got it on the third attempt. Having no flare in sports, if I can do it, anyone can.

Be assured that the friendly instructors on site will guide and help you along. For the little kids, a crew will await for them at the end point if they are too little to handle.

Js had a tougher time staying balanced on the wakeboard. It may not be easy, but it isn't difficult either. Kids' sized wakeboards are available. Jare clocked the most number of attempts among us and I admired his 'Never give up' attitude and his desire to 'Keep trying.' He really loved it and wanted to get it all up and balanced! Good training on that perseverance.


All these being only possible with the Park's beginner-friendly systems called the System 2.0. This cable system is great for anyone, adult or child learning to kneeboard or stand on the wakeboard.
The speed of this cable is adjustable, which makes learning how to stand on a wakeboard easier.

After which if the adult is confident enough to go steadily fast, he may graduate to ski on the full size cable, where there's greater tension and smoother ride. We conservatively stayed on system 2.0, with the kids.

Apart from the sporty experience, I had really love these cute little life float on the kids! Friendly walking sharks they are.
Beware of sharks!

So yeap! It was great fun for everyone of us, and there was much contentment and happiness with the experience and bond we had in venturing this new sport as a family. You do need to give it a try with the kids! Whether or not we mastered the skill, it was a nice day out for us. Or if you prefer to stay away from the shine, you may opt for night water ski! So cool.

Full shower facilities available. Lockers are also available, except that you need to bring a lock along, if not, you may purchase one from their store. After all the exhausted energy, it was most comforting to fill our tummies by their cafe and bar, Coastal Rhythm.

Clock in your visit soon. Friendly warning: It can be extremely addictive!

Singapore Wake Park
Opening hours
Mondays to Fridays: 10am to 10pm;
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays: 9am to 10pm.

1206A East Coast Parkway,
Singapore 449891

Located between:
East Coast Park Lagoon
Food Village and
East Coast Seafood Centre.
Carpark E1

Disclaimer: Sponsored wakeboarding experience. All opinions and photos are solely ours. 

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