Thursday 16 March 2017

The Wonderful World of Disney 2017 [Review]

We had a dazzling and magical night with The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice! It was their opening night yesterday.

Last year (read for tips and reasons to watch), it was more skewed towards the little fans of Disney princesses. This year, with some same same and different characters, we are seeing more boys! Together with an audience of squealing and joyful kids, we travelled on an exciting adventure with various characters.

The opening drew its curtains for Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy! Who were the show hosts, and brought us through the stories of that night.

First off, we roared with Simba and his pals on the Prideland, swaying and singing to the songs, Hakuna Matata and Can you feel the love tonight. Oh yes! we felt the love that night.

Then, we cringed on the sight of apples when we met Snow white and her seven dwarf friends. Gave only a sigh of relieved upon a kissed that awakened her from her spell.

More than just one princess, we twirled along and met princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Allowed our imagination to soar as we saw how an old lamp can be a treasure in disguise. "If we had that lamp, we will wish for food!" So says our boy. And nah, I didn't starve him. I was just unwilling to get him popcorn and cotton candy.

We made a splash and went underwater to catch Ariel and Sebastian from Little Mermaid dancing up a storm. For that moment, we thought we had our hands replaced with fins as we clapped along.

We let our hair down together with Rapunzel from Tangled, sang along to I see the light as we admired floating lanterns gleaming over our heads. Somehow, frying pan from my kitchen doesn't feel the same to me anymore.

And Wow! We had a quick preview of all the princesses before the interval. Cinderella, Belle and Mulan and Tiana (as many as I can remember) joined in!

After an interval, we moved on to grab our hats, stomped our boots as Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie sang and danced to their Yeee-Hah! The kids were swept off their seats to join in a great time of singing and dancing that was led by the stars.

The captivation didn't end, we continued to glide, dived deep into the ocean and went swimming to help find Dory's long lost parents. It was such a bliss swimming with our favourite fishes, Dory and Nemo. All we did was to just keep swimming!

Finale is often referred as the best for the last. It has to be Elsa and Anna from Frozen! Witnessed once again their sisterly love, and how it thawed a frozen heart which melted us all!

So these were the dreams we followed in sequence. Compared to last year, there is the inclusion of Lion King, Toy story and Finding Dory characters. And of course, some other princesses have to make way for them. It seems like a better lined up this way, just so non-princess fans have a big share of joy too.

It was a dreamy and beautiful night for us. We sang to the tunes of our favourite songs and watched with amazement how the performers brought so much life to the characters. Did you know each cast member wears 4 to 5 costumes for the show?!! That's so much of a changing parade behind the curtains.

Every piece of costume is classy and every move with it sparkles!

Every scene, story, and character resonated so much with the kids and us, the parents. Bringing these on ice looked like a complex process with much coordination. From costumes to choreography, it's more than just ordinary to bring this on stage with skates. Figure skating, we call it, brings on a whole new definition.

While kids may look much on the costumes and the brought out character, they probably do not know the perseverance and hard work behind each cast. It isn't like in a musical where walking on feet is much easier than on skates. So yes, it deserves awesome applause, and even more generous applause when we see performers fall and recover again. Not all the time, but it does happens. 

Just last month, Jare and I had the privilege to get on an Ice skating Materclass with their casts (who played Simba, Elsa, Jasmine and Aladdin), picked up some skating tips and were extremely wow-ed by their swift and precised stunts. Most of the skaters picked up skating before the age of 12. There's hope in every child!

That's Michael Helgren, who played Simba, imparting some tiny bit of skating skill to Jare. Michael picked up skating when he was 12.

So yeap, there is a high possibility that your kids will ask for a trip to the skating rink after the show. It made skating looked all simple and effortless. Oh well, wait till we put on those skates on the rink and we will go, "How did these people do it?!!" 

It's better off by sitting back, relax and enjoy the show.

We are so Thankful to be at the show. My favourite character of the night will have to be Elsa. I must be insane to not get sick of Let it go. Most memorably, the role was very well played - graceful, elegant and polished! 

The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice will skate on from now till 19 March 2017, for 10 performances. Get your tickets soon, if you have not. It is a World Class show that is bound to create family memories of a lifetime!

While exiting the stadium, I overheard some adult conversations that went, "I enjoyed it more than my kids!" I can testify that.

Tickets can be purchased here

Child below 2 enters free. Just remember to bring baby's milk. Juboy enjoyed the first part of the show very well, after which he decided to fuss a little on us. 

Nonetheless, we survived throughout, with milk.

Other tips:
  • No re-entry once you entered
  • Show starts On Time
  • Show is about 2 hours with 15 minutes interval
  • Front seats are definitely the better seats. If budget fits.
Disney On Ice, Social Media:
Twitter: @DisneyOnIce
Instagram: @DisneyOnIce

Have a magical time!

Disclaimer: We were given a set of tickets of the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are solely ours.

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