Tuesday 11 April 2017

Empowering the Daughter

Earlier this month, the daughter turned gracefully eight. Being the eldest, she is the constant reminder of my celebration in Motherhood years. The journey that once embarked, never seems to end. The journey that requires deep commitment and willingness to keep going even during tough circumstances. The journey with thrown in the towel umpteen times, but still got back to serve. All these in the name of LOVE.

I am Thankful for my kids, the gifts that were bestowed to me, regardless of how and what they were. I don't really understand how the gender of my children were arranged by God, but I am grateful that I am gifted a daughter. Where we can braid with each other's hair and squeal over princesses together.

Most Thankful that she is a simple girl with no complicated requests. I asked what she would like to do on her birthday, she said a playdate with her favourite friends! That wasn't difficult at all, I thought. We did park with her friends in the morning and dinner with more favourite friends in the evening. These got her really contented.

I gifted a 12 points note to our son, Jare, and to play fair, here are my words gifted to the daughter, to empower her:

1. You are beautiful! Always. Beautiful like we often define is, on the inside and outside. 

2. White lies and over flattery words are not my forte. I believe there's always truth in love! You have to believe in Mama.

3. Between Envy and Jealously. Always choose to envy. With envy there is togetherness, joy and celebration. Jealously often leads to dire consequences.

4. It's alright to fail. It matters how we learn from it and persevere on getting it right. 

5. Always deal people with Sincerity. It melts anyone's heart. 

6. We accept and love you for who you are. We may not agree with your temperament at difficult moments, but we accept the fact that you have a mind of her own. We give space and build respect.

7. Humility. Often, most often, there is a trend of over bragging girls. Sometimes, it's not what we share, but how we share. Sometimes, we can choose to contain achievements within the family. Stay humble. Always. 

8. Remember the animations we watched on Nemo and Dory? They are perfect examples of forgiveness and forgetfulness when it comes to hurt relationships. It helps us move on.

9. There will always be some others who will choose to be jealous or say mean things at us. We can't choose their acts, but we can control our response. Do what feels right to the conscience.

10. Between courage and fear, always choose courage. Speaking up and doing the right thing often involve a mountain of debate between fear and courage. While it may not be easy choosing the latter, it helps in taking the first step out of that comfort zone.

11. No matter how strain or upset our Mother and daughter relationship can be on some days, we will always commit to bridge and smooth whatever frictions we have. Only if we have an open and close relationship, we can have access to the inner thoughts of our hearts and minds.

12. Choose right friends. Friends that encourages and appreciates you for who you are! Nice to always have 1 or 2 confidantes than a whole lot of them. Better to have a quality of wonderful friends than a quantity of them. Be a treasured friend too!

Simplicity and kindness sum you up. May you continue to grow in love, wisdom and gratitude. Happy 8th birthday, Darling!

What are your ways of empowering a daughter?

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