Thursday 4 May 2017

Poultry Tales [Review]

Poultry Tales is the weaving in of 3 tales - Chicken Licken, The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs and The Little Red Hen together. It was a 3-in-1 deal for us, as itheatre brought us into the Farmyard interestingly by introducing the backstage secrets as the stories flow along. 

The opening introduced us to the many scenes and terms actors, actresses and crew would use at work. There were many takeaway terms for us, as these were not what we see in our everyday lives. We learnt things like flybar, legs (not those on ours), different kind of scenes (flat or 3D), props being prop-erty of the actor and actresses, as well as many other takeaways. 

The first story played was Chicken Licken. It was delivered with the clever use of masks as we know the many characters needed in Chicken Licken. If there isn't enough casts, there would be an interchangeable or multiple roles played by one actor. It was especially faster and easier when masks are used. 

We loved that every story comes with a value. From Chicken Licken, we learnt that rumour doesn't has it all, and we should learn to discern. The casts sang too, a song about not following blindly and don't jump into conclusions. So true!

Second story told was The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg. We witnessed how the stage was quickly turned over for another scene and how the actors quickly got their costumes and changeover for the next scene.

The story was humorously brought forth by the casts and props. They made Goose innards out of ribbons! That scene sent the audience into stitches.

Again, we love the value taught. It reminded us to be careful in who to trust. 

Final story lands with The Little Red Hen. Little Red Hen sought help for various tasks and her friends who promised to help would always withdraw at the very last minute with some reasons, leaving her stranded with no help. Oh well, excuse or reason given? We learnt to stay true and keep our promises whenever our word is given. 

This play is a very brilliant combination of bringing 3 stories on stage. It wasn't at all disconnected considering they revolved around feathered birds in the farm. This brand new, interactive and fun musical production is bound to engage every young and old, with the bonus of bringing home valuable wisdom. The tunes sang were also very entertaining and catchy. Props and songs seemed livelier and better this time! 

This play is recommended for 3 years old and above. Juboy was however, clapping and bouncing happily with the songs. Like us, he appreciates the good stuff.

Poultry Tales
Date: 29 Apr to 14 May 2017
Timing: 10.30am and 2pm
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
100 Victoria Street
National Library Building
Singapore 188064
Ticket price: $32 (Excluding booking fees)
Get tickets here

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