Tuesday 3 October 2017

Pigmentation Lightening with Dr Calvin Chan

Since junior days, freckles and pigmentation have found their places on my face. I was a rather outdoor person and had never really bother too much about skin care. It could also be my genetic misfortune that I became an easy victim for pigmentation. Sunscreen was never in my routine until I discovered vanity, which was probably in my early twenties. By then, pigmentation has invaded quite a bit and it became so annoying especially after embracing Motherhood. Having gone through 3 pregnancies and riding on hormonal changes, I greeted even more pigmentation.

Youth is gone and beauty is passing. No more waiting game, I was determined to rid them. I embarked on a couple of laser toning sessions with Dr Chan at Dr Calvin Chan Aesthetic and Laser Clinic to lighten them. Laser was my first choice of treatment for it being quick and effective. It does take a couple of sessions to clear them almost completely, even though it was significantly lightened after the first session.

Before on left and After on right

Laser-ing may not be a permanent solution and it can make a come back if you do not stay rigorous in your skin protection regime, especially during and after pregnancy. That's a big part of reason on why I chose to act upon it only after I'm done with childbirths.

My first session was IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), followed by Medlite (Q-switched Nd:YAG laser) 4 weeks later. Dr Chan recommended 10 sessions of treatment to lighten my pigmentation. Though I'm no where near the 10th, I must testify that I am already very much impressed and satisfied with the results this far. IPL may be more for diffused spots while Medlite seems more for targeted spots. I must have given him a hard time with my very diffused spots. 

Having said that, different faces require a tailored treatment plan. You do need to swing into his clinic for a Free consultation on the best treatment plan.

Photo credit: Dr Calvin Chan Aesthetic and Laser clinic

Before every session, a photo of your front and side profiles will be taken for results comparison. It is a good track of the treatment progression. IPL is done by Dr Chan's clinic assistant and Medlite is done by Dr Chan personally. Medlite is an FDA approved procedure for skin rejuvenation that does not thin your skin. It offers a no-downtime option to treat problems like active breakouts, acne scarring, oily skin, large pores, fine wrinkles and pigmentation. I love the many overlapping problems it covers for my face. Medlite works by delivering thermal energy into the skin and breaks down the pigments into mini-pigments, which is absorbed by the skin, and then destroyed by the body’s lymphatic system. 

In short it is one clinically safe procedure to go through with no side effects.

The procedure is rather swift, about 15 minutes. The laser energy feels like many tiny hot dots on your skin, similar to the discomfort of rubberband snaps at each spot. It is however very tolerable. I opted to do it without numbing cream just so I can relate my experience here. Heh. Alright, I teared a little. Numbing cream can be opted for a charge of $20 and applied 30 minutes before the procedure. If not, it really is tolerable. The pain is reduced by a stream of cold air directed at the spots during the procedure.

Procedure of Medlite

After the Medlite procedure, my face felt burning and there was some red flush on my face, seemingly like mossie bites. It went off within an hour. Subsequently, the spots darken to become crust-like scabs, and the best part was witnessing these scabs fall off within the next 3 to 5 days. Pigments get lighter! It is therefore wiser to schedule a major date or function 5 days after your treatment. Where your face glows and probably presents its best.

If you have very diffused pigmentation like mine, the initial days after treatment may not look appealing with darkened scabs sitting significantly. It is most crucial that you continue your skin protection routine faithfully and stay away from the sun. Gear up with hats, umbrella and sunscreen wherever you go. I know, it's tough to avoid the outdoor when you have kids. I do school runs with hats, shades and even a cardigan to protect my arms. It's crazy how pigments get onto my arms too!

All geared up!

I am loving my skin and embracing my identity with more confidence. Motherhood is never an end to looking good.

And the best part about walking into an aesthetic clinics is that they do not hard sell like beauty salons, you are at ease of having full trust in the hands of a professional doctor. No frills. Dr Chan has been in the practice of aesthetic medicine since 2002. That's a whopping 15 years of experience! I say experience counts when it comes to the essence of face!

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