Wednesday 8 November 2017

Prentend play - Fairy Door from Poppies 'n' Rainbows

We welcomed a new play in our home! A different kind of pretend play that involves fairies, secrets and mysteries...

With a fairy door poppies 'n' rainbows sent us, we indulged in much fantasy fun with the kids. Through this wee door lies a secret passage to an enchanted land, one that is filled with stories of fairies, elves, wonder and adventure. The set, stories and casts will be up to the imagination of both parents and kids! Yes, I had to bring in my imaginative juices to play along.

Poppies 'n' rainbows had also lovingly sent us the miniature steps and mailbox, which are sold separately to accessorize the door and mark up the fun. The mailbox was most useful for kids to leave in little notes of questions and requests. Which they did think fairies are like magic, making desires come through, but they probably don't know behind lies the replies of their parents. 

And these were what the kids requested. Jare asked for a transformer toy, a dragon and a phone! Jazz pried more into the world of fairies, she asked if "we" had a toy factory and a zoo. And she asked to come through the door to meet "us!" Challenging our creative replies.

I know Jazz has gone beyond the stage of believing in fairies but I love it that she gamed along with us! It was a fun breather for her during the exam period. Honestly, I did enjoy this part of play and I tasked our man to pick up and give replies too. It is a good play to get everyone involved. Marvel at each others requests and replies. Which at this moment, I am unable to find where they kept our replies. A sign that they treasure such play.

Or maybe, they will bring them to confront us when they have outgrown such play.

We don't check into the mailbox daily, but when a mail comes in, fairy dust (glitter) will be sprinkled on the steps or mailbox to show that a new mail is in! Yes, fairy dust and a tiny key comes with the door. You can hear the kids' scampering feet, yelling across rooms "Jie jie, the fairy replied!" It is such a joy to witness. 

This whole toy concept is also a good parenting tool to leave notes of affirmation or encouragement for our kids. It is can be good place to surrender their tooth for the 'tooth fairy' to collect. Or whichever fun you can think of within the family.

This fairy door is priced at $39.90 and available in various sweet colours. It is made from wood using non-toxic paint. It is good to go onto our wall with a 3m poster strips or double sided tape. It is tiny-ly measured at 140 x 20.3mm.

Poppies 'n' Rainbows is a children's concept store, showcasing fabulous independent children's brands, many of which are created by mothers themselves, and tried and tested by their own children. Expect to find apparel, toys and items for the nursery. 

Shop Poppies 'n' rainbows with a 15% discount code '15%TODAY' for all first time purchase. Code is valid till 31 December 17. Free gift wrapping and shipping from now till 15 November 17!  Christmas is round the corner. Happy shopping!

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Website: Poppies 'n' rainbows
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Disclaimer: Fairy door, steps and mailbox were given for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was given. 

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