Wednesday 27 December 2017

Leofoo Farm resort and Sanxia

It has been a long hiatus from our blog series of Taiwan adventure. I just had to complete it... 

After Taichung, we moved on to Leofoo resort. We took the train to Hsin Chu and cab over to Leofoo resort. We didn't do the Leofoo village theme park, but only a night stay at the resort. For that, I guess it didn't really excite us much. We only wanted the thrill of staying one night near the 'wild'. No doubt the kids were very excited they were going to sleep near animals, but the euphoria didn't last long before we found out it was an over priced stay with nothing much to do.


We were allocated a room in the Zebra wing where we had occasional visits from the giraffe and Zebra. Other than viewing the animals through our window, we were mostly lazing around till dinner time. 

The resort was  rather secluded, venturing out of the resort wasn't an option in our mind. It wasn't too bad when we only had a night in there. We settled our meals within at additional charges, which breakfast buffet was surprisingly good! Nice spread and great for kids.

Within our less than 24 hours stay, we had to fill the kids with whatever resort activities available before it really gets too bored. Activities were much sparsely scheduled, and there were more to do in the morning than afternoon. Most activities were at a fee.

We did a Chinese Storytelling and origami session on our first evening, where both activities were free. That concluded our first day.

Next day was animal feeding. We paid for the kids to feed lemurs and goats! These were the saving grace that got the kids excited and made a memorable mark.

After a morning of animals feeding, we left swiftly to our next destination - San Xia (三峽)

SanXia (三峽)
About 45 minutes cab ride from Leofoo, we stopped over here because we met some local friends for a catch up. It usually isn't a place that attracts, but it does have a good share of tourists too. Sanxia is a traditional, suburban district in New Taipei City. It is mainly known for its tourism street, known as Sanxia Old Street (三峽老街), and the Qingshui Zushi Temple (清水祖師廟, meaning Divine Ancestor Temple).

Sanxia Old Street (三峽老街) is a nostalgic and culturally rich street that was nice to stroll. It wasn't a very long street, so its one you can cover quite within an hour or two. Shops were interestingly of some old school toys, snacks, 毛笔 making etc.

It was a nice place for us to stop over for lunch. We lunched at 古井餐厅, where the food was good and much lowly priced than at Taipei City. And there really is a well in the restaurant.

After lunch, our friends brought us for some dessert at 三峽阿宗芋冰城 and cow horn buns along the street. We had a taste of their peanut ice cream wrapped in popiah skin. It was sooo good! Do try their famous cow horn buns too, and this is the particular shop that our local friends brought us to. There are a couple of similar cow horn bun shops around, but this was highly recommended. The buns come in different flavours and were really yums to eat. Best eaten when warm.

After all the adventures, we took a train back to Taipei, where we stayed a night before heading home, Singapore. With this, we complete our blog series on Taiwan travel. Perhaps, another one on Taiwan must eat. Not alot, but warrants a post!

New Taipei City

New Taipei City

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