Friday 20 July 2018

Hoi An, Vietnam - Sunrise Premium Resort

After our stay in Bana Hills, we took a cab over to Hoi An. You can book a cab at the hotel lobby of Bana Hills. It was about a 45 minutes drive before we arrived at our next hotel, Sunrise Premium Resort. The weather changed from a comforting cool to a heating warm as we went down hill. Much like our daily weather here, in Singapore. 

Hoi An is an Ancient Town that is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. Its buildings and its street plan reflect the influences, both indigenous and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique heritage site. It has great scenic views both day and night. 

Day view

After sun view

The town has retained its traditional wooden architecture and townscape in terms of plot size, materials, fa├žade and roof line. Its original street plan, with buildings backing on to the river, with its infrastructure of quays, canals and bridges in its original setting, also remains. The historic landscape setting is also intact, consisting of a coastal environment of river, seashore, dunes and islands. 

Traditional Architecture

Japanese Covered Bridge

DAY 1 - Sunrise Premium Resort
We checked in to Sunrise Premium Resort with welcome drinks for all. A wonderful hotel with great spread of breakfast buffet. We are usually good to fit us all in a room with additional bed when travelling, but the hotel was adamant about having us all in the room we booked. The maximum they allowed in a room was 4. They insisted that we should book 2 rooms. We pleaded and pleaded before they allowed us all to check into that one room. I didn't understand how a 2 year old toddler would make up an exceeded head count?! Thankful we got it through.

Fruits were complimentary in our room. My monkeys went crazy over the bananas. They were not replenished the next day though. 

The hotel had very awesome pools for kids and adults. The main pool is open to all, but lap pool is only for adults, or teens above 12 years old. There is also another toddler pool with toys and floaties within the kids' club. Our kids preferred to play at the main pool though.

The kids' club is a wonderful place to park our kids, while we get some peace to our ears. Pick up a copy of their scheduled activities, just so you know what will interest your kids most. 

There is also an activity schedule for the grown ups like aqua aerobics and yoga. Schedule timing may be found on a chalkboard near the main pool.  

In front of the lap pool is the beach. The beach is partitioned from the ocean by rocks and a cement wall, so it isn't exactly the usual perception we have of beach. The kids spent some time sand playing here. We brought some sand toys from home. 

Don't forget to slap on generous layers of sunscreen! It gets really hot playing out there.

Great sky view, but hot!

Parted beach

Shelter is just so essential!

Most hotels in Hoi An, are not air conditioned at their lobby. It is only upon entering your room, that you get to cool yourself after a warm day out.

After checking in, we took their free mini shuttle bus to Hoi An old town, where the hustle and bustle is. You do need to pre-book your space to get on the bus. For your return as well.
And yes, we highly recommend this hotel if you are visiting. It has all you need for family with young kids. Even if you decide to stay in and not venture out, it is a wonderful place to relax. The food choices offered for their in room dining were delicious too! Its pho was one of the great tasting after having tried around. Great breakfast, free shuttle to town and even to Danang airport! Just remember to pre-book.

We went undercover to bring you our experience during our hotel stay. #notsponsored

Next up, our shopping and eating experience in Hoi An!

Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An,
Au Co, Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

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