Friday 26 July 2019

Aladdin Musical is Genie-us

Aladdin is a childhood classic story that most of us grew up with. Not only was it written in stories, directed in films, it is also adapted to a musical in the recent years. We are so thankful to have caught the hit Broadway musical, Disney Aladdin at Marina Bay Sands last evening. Always magical to catch a timeless story coming to live on stage. And this is not one ordinary production, it is a shining, shimmering and dazzling show that will bring you into a Whole New World of magic and colours.

Photo credit: Base entertainment

This production of Disney's Aladdin opened in Sydney in 2016 and has travelled to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland and Adelaide before making its way to Singapore. It will play in Singapore as its only and final stop for this tour. Witness it with fans flying in from our neighbouring countries just for this musical.


We love this adaption of story for the stage. Great story with brilliant choreography and acts. We heart each and every of its casts, specially the Genie played by Gareth Jacobs. If I can say, he was the hit of the show! It was the perfect role for him, and we hope to catch him back on stage some day. He cracked up our night with funny acts and jokes. Part of his jokes were scripted to our local audience where you will spot the Genie showing our iconic Merlion out of his huge pocket, which he said was from his pre-show shopping. As well as talking endlessly about the chilli crab he ate. The Merlion was too small to see from where we were far seated. The front audience got the joke and I knew what it was because I attended its media call explaining some parts of the show. For that, I could tell the kids what it was. So in case you wondered, it is a white Merlion figurine. Maybe from a souvenir store at MBS.

Photo credit: Base entertainment


Exclusively, this musical includes new characters, Jafar's lackey, Lago and Aladdin's friends and fellow thieves, in replace of Abu the monkey I guess. Putting them together brings forth a whole new level of humour.

From left to right, the casts are Iago (Jafar's lackey), Jafar, Sultan (Jasmine's father), Kassim, Omar and Babkak (Aladdin's friends and fellow thieves).

Hardcore fans may be disappointed to not spot Abu the monkey and Jasmine's pet tiger, Rajah. All is saved when a special Disney montage of fan favourite songs was put together by the Genie. That was a fantastic treat that I didn't want it to end.


Songs from the musical were serenading. In addition to the five songs that appeared in the 1992 film, this musical show includes four new songs and three songs that were written for the film, but not included due to running time. It will be a special opportunity to hear them live at this musical. Other than our all time favourite, 'A whole New World', I specially love the song, 'Proud of your boy'. One of the songs that is not featured in film, but only in musical. The song was sung by Aladdin about his unnamed mother. He acknowledges his bad ways and promises he will make things right. Motherhood ingrained, it just touches me about children learning from their mistakes and making them right.

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Other than keeping our eyes fixed on the singing and dancing, costumes were equally captivating. The crystals on their costumes were shining bright through to where we were seated. Glad I had a backstage tour to look into the designs and details (Sharing more towards the end). Pay special attention too, to the Sultan's costume. It is the only piece made and beaded in middle east, while the other costumes are made in Australia. Knowing its story is set in the middle east, props, sets and costumes are beautifully put together with hints of Arabia.

Cave of wonder was absolutely amazing too! 120 pieces of gold came together to form it. Same gold finish as C-3PO in the Star Wars films. And you know its gold because it blings and shimmers genuinely the moment they are all put together.

There are a total of 500 sets and props in this production. That being said, Aladdin's sets may be scant compared to other Disney musicals with extensive and denser stage sets. It is assuredly, still magnificent and gorgeous! 

Photo credit: Base entertainment

Photo credit: Base entertainment

Parts of the show had cleverly weaved in magic to impress. They were some tricks that will keep your mind working, but most impressively, I enjoyed the part when Jafar made his three wishes. He had 3 sets of clothes changed out in that short segment, and each change was within a split second. Right before our eyes.

Magical sums it all!


The awesome part, the highlight and the attraction of the night was none other than witnessing the couple tour the world in their magic carpet. This segment of the show really wowed us. It was astounding, and I wished they would tarry longer on there. The kids gasped in awed and went, "how did they do that?!!" I have no idea, and the production did not reveal how the magic carpet flies in the musical. It is part of Disney’s magic! Be amazed with this breathtaking flight.

Delighted too, that the magic carpet made appearance again in the final act.

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We very much enjoyed the show that was collectively put together, specially the comedy that kept us laughing and songs that almost got us up dancing and doing waltz at the A Whole New World moment. It was a weekday night that had the kids bedtime stretched. A well worth delayed sleep for the theatre, which the kids and us enjoyed tremendously.

A colourful night for us indeed

A spectacular and Genie-us musical!

We went on an insightful backstage tour to bring you some sights and facts behind this spectacular production. The production boasts a cast of 34 and a staggering 337 glittering costumes which feature 1225 different fabrics, 712 different styles of beads and almost 500,000 Swarovski crystals. 40 tonnes of exotic flying scenery and 60 tonnes of automation and staging has been transferred to Singapore in more than 30, 40' sea container to recreate the fantasy city of Agrabah including the colourful marketplace, the lush palace of the Sultan and his princess daughter Jasmine and the legendary Cave of Wonders.


The ensemble outfit, first from left has got microphones in its pants! Can you make a guess before the reveal? Just so the audience can hear the clear feet tapping sound during the tap dance segment. So much about sound effects eh.


This purple costume which I recalled was what Jasmine's servants wore, weighed quite a ton! Imagine all the movements and dancing with it.

The hats are also meticulous to the top, where it's beaded and crystal-ed with designs. We know how theatres are architecture of not only front, side to side stage view, but a top down view as well.

This pattern here on the middle piece costume is the smoke pattern when the Genie comes out in the original animated film feature. It’s a little recognition back to the film. I wonder if the 1992 film is still around for watch. 

Here, a closer look.

There are 108 costume changes that take places in less than a minute, and 58 costume changes that take place in less than 30 seconds. Every costume piece is a pride. It is detailed to the seam and even if a costume appears for only a few seconds on stage, it is one that was given an equal amount of effort. And shoes, there are 161 pairs of custom made shoes in the show. Who said shoes are insignificant on stage?!!


A closer peep into a portion of the cave of wonder and other props.


50 shows! That's how much the sets, props and costumes need to withstand to be away from its base to Singapore. Touching up and durability are important elements to keeping their props beautiful for showtime. There is just so much about the story of being behind the scenes. 

May your wishes come true!

Aladdin is a popular story with a strong fan base. It will be very much enjoyed by every young and old. And if you didn't know, Agrabah is a mythical city. Not a real city, a fictional place. This Broadway sensation, Aladdin is now playing at Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands until 01 September 2019 to a limited season of 50 performances.

Tickets are available from $68* (exlcude booking fee) and a matinee performance has been added to celebrate National Day on August 9. Buy four tickets and save 10% when purchasing via Marina Bay Sands ticketing and Sistic

Event Date
Sun, 21 Jul - Sun, 1 Sep 2019 
Tue - Fri: 7.30pm

Sat: 2pm and 7.30pm
Sun: 1pm and 6.30pm
Friday 9 Aug performance will be a matinee at 2pm.

Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands
Ticket Pricing
(Excludes Booking Fee)

Tue - Thu

VIP Reserve : S$208
A Reserve : S$178
B Reserve : S$148
C Reserve : S$128
D Reserve : S$98
E Reserve : S$78
F Reserve : S$68
VIP Box (4 seats) : S$832
A Reserve Box (4 seats) : S$712
B Reserve Box (4 seats) : S$592
Restricted View: S$90

Fri - Sun
VIP Reserve : S$228
A Reserve : S$198
B Reserve : S$168
C Reserve : S$138
D Reserve : S$108
E Reserve : S$88
F Reserve : S$68
VIP Box (4 seats) : S$912
A Res Box (4 seats) : S$792
B Res Box (4 seats) : S$672
Restricted View: S$100

Disclaimer: Media invite. Thank you Base entertainment for having us at the show.

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