Friday 17 February 2017

Things I want my son to know

The second born, Jare turns 6! In no time, it's another P1 registration phase for us. This boy being our first son, surfaced the many differences between parenting a little girl and a little boy. It really isn't quite the same. Apart from their individual characters, we know vastly boys are into trucks and girls are into tutus. It takes a load of tolerance to fully understand why he has got ants in his pants while sister is cool still when it comes to any waiting game.

We knew there can't be the same expectations, there can't be equal results and milestones are different. 

Along the years, he has matured much in words, thoughts and acts. I knew he was getting more reliable as I saw how he cared for his little brother, ensuring his baby moves are well taken care of.

I thought, perhaps, it's time that we can have some sensible advises. And here are mine to him: 

1. Don't be afraid of insects! Your Dad complemented me because he would rid roaches and other creepy crawlies without a tinge of fear. That makes him a hero easily.

2. Be Magnanimous! Leave the pretty petty to the girls, while you exhibit the noble and generous mind. Only with generous minds, you can achieve greater things. This trait makes up a man.

3. Don't be a hoarder of things! Always clean and clear out whatever stuff that has been categorized as useless. A clean and tidy man appeals.

4. In case you are not keen in further developing other skills, then Grades matter! If not, bring on those big dreams in mind. 

5. It alright to drink, but Don't get drunk! It gets you all messed up and No! It doesn't impress.

6. Perspiration is inevitable. Don't be afraid of the heat and sweat, we are birthed in the tropics. 

7. Read maps well. You have no idea how important it is for a man to lead.

8. Respect girls. Keep your hands to yourself! You should not do what you wouldn't like anyone to do unto your sister.

9. It's alright to cry. Just make sure you are alone or with Mama.

10. Be prudent, but don't be stingy. Generosity is an opportunity to bless. 

11. Don't be a male chauvinist. We are always in one or more ways co-partners with the girls around us. There are girls who can inspire and empower your life.

12.  Always love your family. You will meet new people and eye candies, but always keep Family in mind. Don't let anyone put your family down, stand up for them.

Yeap, 12 wonderful word gifts for the boy. One to meditate on each month. Oh wait, my son turned 6 not 16 eh? That's ok, it's good to have an early start.

Happy 6th Birthday!
Happy 6th Birthday, Jare! We love you so so so much, more than you will ever know. Thank you for always inspiring us to stay happy and positive. You do have a very contagious laughter that no one else has. Go on and spread that good cheer.


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