Tuesday 9 March 2021

[Review] Blog Stories Into Books

Blogging is a long running journey that I began since the birth of my firstborn. It's been a near 12 years now. Three kids and a stay home mum is my current status. It was with some conceiving thoughts and vision that the kids would one day be reading my words, about their growing adventures. But it was unexpected that I kept the writing sustainable for this long.

For the longest time ever, I've been wanting to turn these virtual blog posts into a book. A total of 1030 posts to date. In today's world of online instability, I've decided to put that thought into action by turning these posts into physical pages. You can imagine the anguish I faced when I lost my Instagram account last year. Having tangible copies of the digital would have soothed an ache in moment like this. Especially when it's something so dear to us. 

So glad to have found intorealpages.com for fulfilling this printing desire of mine.


Journey of Words I and II

It took me some months to edit, remove and re-publish the posts that I wanted to print. intorealpages.com platform was extremely easy to use when flowing the stories into books. All I needed to do was to sign up as a member on their site, and the creation began! I entered my site and  date range of the posts I wanted to print, and it started putting my posts into a book magically! A virtual book for preview before you confirm sending it to print. This is surely one smart and seamless interface for blog printing.

These were the book options:

1. There are 4 formats available in soft or hard covers,  
2. Fancy three column magazine, easy two column or a one column novel
3. 8 wonderful themes. Creative themes suitable for any content. 
4. Design your own book cover. Add your own photos.
5. Customize style and content the way you want! 
Everything was extremely easy and fuss free. The only portion that's time consuming was the editing of my posts, which I did it on blog before flowing the posts in. I edited on the paragraphing, typos, as well as, replacing bad photos with well edited ones. The photos printed in the books are astounding. It's exactly what you see on your blog. So keep them bright and vibrant on blog. It will be exactly what you see in print. 

Two column magazine option

Excerpt from book 2
I opted for a two column magazine layout in the soft cover format, which on a hindsight, we should have opted for hard cover ones. These book were printed and shipped all the way from Australia. The long and arduous journey must have been too much for the books to bear, they had its cover slight folded in some corners. The team from Into Real Pages was really nice to offer replacements, but I felt that it wasn't necessary. It will be a waste of resources. The books were still excellent looking. We will however consider going hard covers for our subsequent books. 
We are not stopping at these two, editing is still in progress for the subsequent books. 
Blog books

It's most wonderful to have the initial part of our blog printed into books and sitting on our shelves. I had Jazz's posts in one book, titled 'Journey of words I.' And upon Jare's arrival, I created a part II of the series, in another book. You have no idea on the expressions Js readily revealed when they saw the books. They stopped whatever they were doing to devour into these books that their Mum had authored. Oh yes, I'm an author now, of these 2 books.
Blog books as Bedtime stories

With this move, I'm ready to delete the online posts that have been printed. It's in plan to not keep these posts online permanently. But this will be another story to tell.
Thankful and grateful for the technology of blog printing by intorealpages.com. It allows the conversion of digital content into books this hassle free. Making them great gift of words to the kids.

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