Thursday, 20 August 2015

The little red brick show - SG50 edition

It seemed a little delayed since its launch on 01 August, but we're most glad to have sighted those iconic and nostalgic build ups, made with Lego bricks! The Little Red Brick show is held in conjunction with Singapore's jubilee birthday as part of the Singapore Memory Project. It presents 50 memories of Singapore's past, and each exhibit unfolds a unique story of its past and present.

In honour of more pictures and less words, this post will be overloaded with pictures. Oh well, beautiful things are ought to be shared!

One of my favourite at the exhibit were these Peranakan heritage shophouses, which are still existing today at Joo Chiat! Discover how meticulous they built every piece of it, even the trash bins.

 photo 79c03c0e-a056-47ec-b0e6-10dc4ea99730_zpsibseaugd.jpg

Our iconic tourist attractions all in a picture!

 photo fdc290c3-90a0-4920-9706-14a89ab4eae4_zpsj9o3pj7w.jpg

PSA Container cranes

 photo 5cf80a6c-b1c8-422c-b9ec-055b18ceb65b_zpsbdsqv0jm.jpg

The scene of a wet market! Spot the interesting bricks of crabs. 

 photo 204c4551-84d8-4843-8fe8-dc8607eaf3d3_zps16jx93lx.jpg

This red house bakery in Katong was very well known for its pastries in the early days. It was however shut down in 2003 when its structure was deemed unsafe.

 photo 25c91772-bd17-4967-876a-f4cfb464b6f7_zpssqog0ylh.jpg

This is still very familiar looking to date. Just how much have we progressed.

 photo a408300d-b161-42c3-9a77-62e2ad32d285_zpsqt1guzoz.jpg

The nostalgic days of my life as a student, mode of transport to and fro school.

 photo e78300e7-b959-4d87-8abb-02927e55624e_zps5puygfsf.jpg

Millennium kitties! Ok, I confess, I had been part of the crowd. I'm definitely not gonna advocate my kids in joining such queues. My buys went into the trash after several years. The past is often a lesson to reflect.

 photo 42033a56-7961-4900-8505-9b465c53ba72_zpsuucxnacf.jpg

Parliament house - Remembering LKY. Flag was on half mast.

 photo 50893867-0eda-4079-a1eb-2e54f9acb06d_zpsu87pw7be.jpg

Great World, the World of cinemas. Nah, I wasn't of that generation. I would guess, instead of popcorns, they had kachang puteh as movie companion.

 photo ba4c33ec-27f3-4f37-85ff-1ed24826cb3d_zps2dpop7ke.jpg

The first National day parade in 1966. Also the first largest National event since independence. How vast has time changed.

 photo 398293e2-3619-4772-9e7f-a429ffb929e8_zpslcxg7tjb.jpg

A red riot truck of the 1950s. Definitely one we won't wish to see it being deployed.

 photo 535008d2-959b-40a2-a1ca-429142ddd0a0_zpszo8jefhn.jpg

Another of my favourite exhibit is this! That tingkat and biscuit tin filled with icing biscuits are just too lovely. Love too, how they dated the calendar to independence day.

 photo a5cd3911-66eb-4f8a-8c4b-c835c187673f_zpsypx1wifw.jpg

Childhood playgrounds! Looking familiar with the 1970s and 80s.

 photo eb8389f0-ee81-4921-92ad-8b801217bbbd_zpsfoqsoqkh.jpg

The dragon playground is one still standing firm at Toa Payoh.

 photo f7ee0be7-34d6-4555-9b89-a404aea21085_zpslwqimdfi.jpg

While these pictures are just some I've snapped for teaser and memory, I don't think I'm doing justice to the live exhibit itself. You may get a good glance of them by making a trip down. There are much more on site for viewing and appreciation. This Little Red Brick show is made happened by a group of local Lego enthusiasts, the AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) club. Maybe I'm considered one too!

Exhibit is free for everyone, from 01 Aug to 28 Aug 2015, at Central Public Library (outdoor foyer). After which, you may bring your little ones into the library for some cool down moment with books. We did just that on a lazy weekend.

Address: 100 Victoria St, 188064

And of course, if our little ones can't focus or appreciate those nostalgic exhibits like we do, you may park them here to play some bricks.

 photo f98e79be-dc8b-49b0-8aaa-075ef45f8409_zpsn1uiuxpk.jpg

Have a great weekend ahead!


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