Thursday 6 August 2015

The bliss of parenting in Singapore

It's the National Day weekend and as I look around Singapore in comfort and blessings, I am swarmed by the feeling of gratitude. I am thankful for being comfortably contented.

While some choose to be whiny and grumpy with what's in place, I count my blessings to be building a family and parenting my kids here. I am blessed to be raising my kids in this country that we can call home, anytime.

My blessings!

Dear Singapore, there are just so many things I am grateful for:

1. I am blessed that my kids can do the language of bilingualism in school as a formal education. With English and Mandarin being the top 3 most World widely spoken languages. Speaking of which, they are rather influential languages too. 

2. Many condemn our rigid and results driven education system, but I love how we produce some smart little citizens of this era! Don't be surprised at how our graduates can get quickly snapped up by top firms overseas.

3. I am glad that we are not restricted to any child birth policies as children are true blessings. We choose our comfort family size and multiply fruitfully.

4. Incentive measures for giving births! I sincerely Thank You for that. You didn't have too, but you wanted something to work for the nation. It's an added bonus, not one taken granted for.

5. Subsidies! There are various choices of childcare all around, from the low to high ranging prices. I am just thankful for the subsidies granted to each child. Again, you didn't have to.

6. Transiting to primary schools! I'm thankful it got so much more affordable than preschools, though the application process can be quite intense.

7. I have learnt to live life even more to the fullest when stress comes cascading on us. And with academics pressure all around, we have learnt to enjoy and play harder with the kids. Just so they can engage childhood the meaningful way. 

8. With strict laws, we feel safe raising our kids here. Thank you too, for a World class healthcare hub and a clean and green garden city.

9. There are just so many family activities and places we can do here. We only run out of weekends.

10. Our family and friends are here. It takes a village to raise a child and there's no better reason than this.

I honestly can't think of a better place to raise my kids!

When we start looking at life with gratitude, only do we appreciate what we have. Quality parenting and quality life differ vastly. We do have choices to determine our level of contentment. More often, we should live life wisely and stay wise enough to be grateful.

Let's engage the attitude of gratitude, just so our kids will mirror it and bring it forward.

How blessed are we to be birthed here, in Singapore. A truly small country with an immaculate global reputation. Happy 50th Birthday, we love you, Singapore!

 photo 268be522-688b-4e4a-ae5f-90cec5016984_zpsozdvvqgp.jpg
We are one people, one family!

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