Saturday 26 May 2012

Discovery on Barney's cast

Jazz loves watching Barney! Some day, while she was watching, my man made an interesting discovery. He kept commenting that this young girl looked like Selena Gomez, the now turned singer. I didn't buy him because I don't think the Barney series was that old school that the casts were all grown up. And well, he googled and he is right, this indeed was her. One thing for sure, children songs never out dates along the decades.

Snapped this from the TV Jazz was watching
In America, it is common for singers to have exposed themselves to the entertainment industry since childhood. So if you're keen in becoming a young star's mummy, sign up for local drama and singing classes.

I'm loving Barney! Especially the love and hug song he sings towards every end. The kids will kiss and hug each other, and I'll get my share too.

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