Thursday 14 June 2012

Siblings - The more the merrier

Together with my 2 brothers, we make up 3 of my mum’s children. I encourage the expansion of family, if you can.
Last weekend, my Grandma fractured her ankle. She is now pretty much bed-ridden. She has 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. Both my aunties spent nights in her room, before she was hospitalized on Monday. My elder aunt is still recovering from a slip disc, so she can’t really assist my Grandma’s movements. My mum (daughter in-law) had to be of help when we were there over the weekend. That was when I further affirmed the power of having more than one. The duties are being shared around. This definitely is better than having all duties bagged to one child.  

Assuming we are and we have filial kids, won’t it be nice to have siblings around to help take care of parents when something happens? The daughters helped my Grandma with all her toilet aids. That was sure nice and convenient. If her sons were helping, this might be a little awkward. Like many said, daughters are usually more 贴心. I somehow agree because I spend more quality time with my parents than my bros did.

Old age can be a burden to our kids. We think we brought our children up, went through much and sacrificed lots, in return, they should be filial. But an old man and woman isn’t anyway as adorable as a child. It’s a blessing to have filial kids. This morning, my dad chauffeured my aunt and grandma to the hospital for follow up, while another uncle sent my aunt for her check up on slip disc. It’s heartwarming to see such roles being exemplified within my family. The power of siblings!

My Grandparents are really blessed. They are one of the nicest couples I’ve seen around. They drive around to shop, for food and for strolls, just the two of them! My grandfather has endless stories to share and Grandma has endless ways to show her love. They have 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren (My Js), with another Grandkid arriving in Nov for them. More to come for them! Get well soon, Grandma! 

Is one enough? Frankly, my two don't feel sufficient for me. Whenever I need help, it's my brothers who can avail readily! When I am running late and no one can pick my kids, my bros help upon my call, when my dad needed a check up in the hospital, my bro went with him, when my mum needed help with transport, my bro drove her. The endless reasons to having more than one. Think of long-term benefits. I'm happy to have grew up in three and I hope my two will be of help to each other as they grow along, till old. I do hope I can give them more "helpers," if possible. What's thicker than the blood running in them. It's usually easier to seek help from families than friends.    

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