Sunday 24 June 2012

Plane Viewing

It's another plane viewing day out. This evening, we went to the Changi beach park, carpark 5, to view the planes' belly button, as what the man described to the kids. We went to a different location from the previous, which was equally good. We caught the landing view this time and frequency was as good. Landing view is preferred because the view gets closer as it lands.

For landing view, Changi Beach Park is good for the months from March to October due to seasonal wind changes. And from October to February, Changi Business Park would give landing view. We haven't viewed from there though. I suspect views might be obstructed due to more built up areas. 

We went plane viewing at about 6pm today, and was pretty warm. A better timing would be 6:30pm onwards, when it's more cooling and looking into various sky directions won't pain our eyes from the evening sun. We also spotted an ice cream man, so the kids had a treat. Interesting evening, licking ice cream beneath planes.
It's coming!
Welcome to Singapore, passengers
The sea transport - Ship
Sharing an ice cream
After planes viewing, we headed to T3 for dinner, some slide and playground fun before we headed home. It was an extremely demanding evening for us. Both kids didn't want to walk and wanted to be carried all time, except during play. "Spare our arms, kids!"

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