Tuesday 18 December 2012

Happy holidays, happy bonding!

Just concluded a 5 days fun at DisneyWorld, Florida, Orlando. We watched parades after parades, took fun rides, watched musicals, live shows and had great fun beyond words. It felt like a happy land with dreams coming true. So memorable. 

What kept running in my mind during the days weren't really the parades, rides or shows, but how a little girl responded to the host during an interactive show. She was asked "What's the best part you like about Disneyworld?" The 4 or 5 year old look alike girl replied, "playing with my daddy!" And the crowd went, "Awww..."

I was so touched. I thought Mickey or Donald would make her best day. But nah. We know kids are usually honest. Doing rides, watching shows and meeting characters with her daddy must have made her really happy! It simply means that kids want our time, to play with them. Anytime and anywhere. That's probably the most memorable part for any childhood, to carry and bring into adulthood.

As 2012 comes near to a closure, let's take time to bond and build our family to greater heights.While blogging takes a sabbatical break (family bonding), my man, myself and two little kids wana wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have great holiday fun!

Back next year with updates of our year end vacation. If 211212 doesn't come true.

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