Wednesday 18 September 2013

Home Made Carpark

Got our hands to craft again. Together with Js, we made a little car park to shelter Jare's cars. I had this project in mind for months. After collecting some good amount of toilet paper rolls, we're finally ready for action.

Materials needed:
  • 14 toilet paper rolls
  • coloured paper
  • Foam stickers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Materials needed. I prefer using hot glue gun.

1. Glue all rolls together to form a pyramid. The largest base with 5 rolls, and 1 less as you build to the top.

2. Get a coloured paper. Jare chose purple. Cut it to the length of the roll and wrapped it around the outer sides of the rolls. I used a sheet and cut it into half, which was almost the exact length. 

Pyramid formed and wrapped

3. Almost there! Get the kids to decorate the outer sides. I had foam stickers, so the kids had a wild time of random pasting.


See what random means

 4. Ready! House the cars in!

Happy with his new made toy

14 rolls gave us 28 parking spaces. One roll can hold 2 cars, back and front. Cars are Jare's all time love. Although they seemed to have taken a back seat because of the introduction of planes, I have no intention of making him an airport.

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