Wednesday 11 September 2013

Creating Memories

Brought two little Js for an unusual treat on a lazy Monday. It's usually on road trips or vacations that we indulge on ice-cream, but yesterday seemed so out of the norm. Something seemed to be protruding in my heart that we ought to have Mondays out of the usual, with just their Mummy. The man gets to enjoy peace, while I brought noise out of home. I was excited to bring them out on my own, knowing it was an exclusive afternoon of bonding. 

As we arrived at cold stone, they started exclaiming the flavours they wanted. Colour choice for Jare, as he only recognizes colours, he chose green pistachio. Jazz could read her desired, she wanted chocolate. I had every attempt to hint them about sharing a cup of ice-cream, but I guess they each have a mind of their own. I respected. And that treat came with bonus, I asked if they wanted anything to top off their delights. You guessed it, they chose M and M. Again, my attempt to suggest the better choices like nuts were not of any favour.  

Totally in love with their expressions!
Instead of getting all finicky about finishing that cup of ice-cream, I actually enjoyed watching them lick the ice-cream off their spoons and searching for chocs within their ice-cream. In fact, I was enjoying myself as much as they did. Right from the moment we stepped into the shop, I blended with their every expressions.

In midst of watching them, I had a sudden flash back of my childhood, when my dad brought us to Swensens for ice cream. Sticky Chewy Chocolate, I remember. It was nothing but happiness and yayness. Enjoying our favourite treats with no time constraint, seems to have greater effect on that emotion of delight.

I realised, it wasn't about that over concerning of tooth decay or unhealthy treats, it wasn't about the inconvenience of towing two out alone, it wasn't about anything else. But, simply creating memories! The fond memories I want them to store and recall with a smile years down the road. I hope they'll remember me, not just as a disciplinary role, but a mother figurine with those happy moments. We all have different ways of creating memories, I hope you have found your special moments, too.


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