Saturday 2 November 2013

Halloween celebration (II)

Big kids and little kids had a wonderful Halloween time around our neighbourhood. It was exciting that our SG community gathered and trooped off for trick or treats. You have no idea how adorable the little ones were, when donned in their costumes! Jare was his Sulley, and Jazz successfully convinced us to buy a new set of costume, she was Jessie from Toy Story. I decided not to spare myself by doing up as a nerd. I love nerds, intelligent and simple minded is my definition. And my man is quite like this. Haha.

We are the Nerd couple!

While we're out, we left a box of treats out of home. Little kids can come by for their treats, without walking off disappointed. I wised up this Halloween, bought no candies. Instead, 'recycled' the candies Js collected from the earlier events. And some of which, ET flown over from SG. Oops! But, that's because they're just too much for us.

Our self made treat box

We went trick or treating from door to door. If I were a child, I would just be as excited. Imagine countless of candies being dropped into the buckets, unconditionally! And heard some kids went:

"Trick or Treat,
Smell my Feet,
Give me something good to eat."

The little ones were totally adorable! It was definitely an exciting and interesting evening. Costumes of all kinds, the horrifying, the friendly and the out of the world! Houses were adorned impressively and some, horrifically! 
The views I took while on a morning jog

Blending myself for Trick or treat!
With Mr Frakenstein

"Our Mummy's a nerd!"
After collecting treats, we had a mini Halloween dinner with JO and his mum. It was a pumpkin night. Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin bread and pumpkin bread pudding! Sounds like the only time of the year when we'll use pumpkins excessively in the menu. We had a great time feasting! With some candies too. 
Halloween in the west is definitely an occasion we'll truly miss. In time to come, do we have to farewell such fun?!! For now, we are just so trouble about the excessive sugar collected.
Just too much!
And for fun, I pranked the kids on the, "I ate your candies test". I had such a great time laughing at Jazz's reactions. Jare on the other hand was nonchalant about his candies. This certainly is another memorable Halloween experience. Happy Halloween everyone!

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