Friday 14 March 2014

Pretty Poppies

It's been weeks of intensive packing, and in midst of consuming our possessions into boxes, we're glad to have welcomed spring. Our barren backyard that only bore green grass last spring, flourished with a pleasant surprise. We are now greeted by beautiful California poppies each morning! These poppies unfold an interesting life of theirs.

Beautifully bloomed in the day

Sleeping poppies as the sun is setting

Their petals unfurl with daylight and close tightly at night. A life pretty much like humans, shut down in the night and opened beautifully when the day brightens. Along the days, I've also realised that daylight is not the only prerequisite for it's opening. The petals remained shut even near late morning, and seem to only unfurl when its surrounding is of a certain temperature. Cloudy days don't get warm enough for it to bloom open. Interesting find. A sight we don't see in the tropical.

These poppies are so therapeutic to gaze at. A beautiful nature we'll definitely miss after leaving a place that we have called home for 18 months. How could time creep by us just like that?!!! Oh well, there's a due time for everything. These poppies will farewell too, in time to come, when the season crosses.

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